50+ Exciting Bathroom Decor Ideas to Take Yours from Functional to Fantastic


Every design begins with a mood that the designer wishes to create. The mood may be one that inspires creativity, one that brings peace and relaxation, or one that brings pleasant memories to mind. Many creators find a common theme surfacing in every design they create. When you consider the design for your home, what mood are you hoping to create for your guests? What about for your bathroom specifically?

Personalize Your Bathroom with these Exciting Decoration Ideas

Best Bathroom Decor Ideas

While the bathroom is probably the smallest room in your house, it is also the room that most guests will see when they visit. You have invested hours of effort in designing the arrangements, colors, and textures that make the rest of your house a home. With limited space, a bathroom can be a difficult place to bring your design vision to life. So while your bathroom must remain functional, there is certainly no need to sacrifice style and comfort.

This is why we bring you the fresh, modern bathroom decor ideas that you have been searching for. These ideas incorporate a variety of themes with unique ways to weave utility and design together to create a beautiful space. Whether you are just getting started with your design or are just looking for the finishing touches, you fill find inspirational decor ideas to create the bathroom of your dreams.

1. Repurposed and Reclaimed Barn Wood Bath Tub Relaxation Tray

Repurposed and Reclaimed Barn Wood Bath Tub Relaxation Tray

What better way to unwind after a long day than with a warm bath? Create this charming spa-like feeling in the comfort of your own bathroom by having all of your relaxation essentials within reach. From a good book to an aromatic candle, this reclaimed barn wood tray does the trick as your go-to relaxation essentials organizer. It takes up minimal space, yet delivers in a big way in terms of style.

2. Sleek and Simple Natural Wood Slab Candle Tray

Sleek and Simple Natural Wood Slab Candle Tray

The bathroom is one of the last places to receive the decorator’s hand in most homes, but a few simple touches can go a long way. Check out this natural wood slab that works wonderfully as a sleek and simple candle tray. Tuck this grainy goody into the corner of your jetted tub shelf to enjoy while you plunge into a deep soak or set it in between your double sink vanity where it can serve as a hub for organizing some of your everyday necessities. This piece of nature within your bathroom adds a fun and charming interesting decoration that doubles as a gorgeous design piece.

3. Modern Industrial Black and White Wash Room

Modern Industrial Black and White Wash Room

It’s never too late to update your washroom and a little money will go a long way in this smallest of the rooms in your home. Slap on a fresh coat of your favorite shade in the white family of paint to make a clean and fresh backdrop to start your update. Next, you’ll delight in some vintage signs to identify the space and a plant or two. Add an industrial hook to hang your hand towel then finish off the look by framing your mirror with reclaimed rustic wood. The combination of textures along with the black and white color combination will make any homeowner or guest make the most of the moment when they have to go.

4. Old World Meets Modern in this Masterpiece Bathroom Decor

Old World Meets Modern in this Masterpiece Bathroom

All white is always in style and this large bathroom space is a perfect example of why. From floor to ceiling, the crisp white brightens up the space and draws your eye to the featured elements like the vintage-contemporary tribal print rug, unique brass lighting fixtures, and the blanket ladder that would be the ideal place to hang your towel. The bronze cabinet hardware ties in the lighting fixtures quite nicely. Top it off with a circular black framed mirror above your sink and you have a total overhaul and amazing new bathroom space.

5. Plant Lady’s Potty Paradise Palace

Plant Lady's Potty Paradise Palace

Any plant lady will enjoy the seclusion of this plant paradise. Be the queen of your palace as you breathe in the purified air and delight in the tranquility of this leafy serenity joined by candles and some organization to put your mind at ease. The shelving unit provides an abundance of storage for cotton balls and daily items as well as fun decorating pieces like jars filled with seashells.

6. Clean Lines White Shelf for Modern Bathroom Decor Update

Clean Lines White Shelf for Modern Bathroom Update

Any modern bathroom will welcome this clean line white shelf. The perfect place to keep bath salts out of reach from little hands, this rectangular resting place is just the right size to fulfill its purpose with a little space for some style too. Punch it up with a bold sign sharing one of your favorite movie quotes in a black and white motif. A small woven basket and a glass bottle turned mini vase finish off the ledge without overcrowding the space.

8. Wooden Toilet Topper Catchall for Your Bathroom Extras

Wooden Toilet Topper Catchall for Your Bathroom Extras

Plain and pretty is what you get with this wooden catchall tray. It feels right at home as it rests on top of the toilet and serves as a collection platter for your little restroom extras. It’s the ideal spot to light that invigorating scented candle to keep stinky odors at bay and continually welcome guests. A single fern frond in a glass vase and a jar of ear swabs are additional pieces that wish to call this catchall home.

9. Slip into Serenity with Natural Light and Perfect Plants

Slip into Serenity with Natural Light and Perfect Plants

Serenity now, insanity later can become your new mantra as you indulge in the soothing comfort of your plant-lined bathroom decor. With bright, natural light cascading into the room, the plants flourish and fresh air extends to you as you unwind with your tub tray of goodies. Let the serenity and solitude become part of your weekly or daily routine in this tiny forest bathroom.

10. Bold Black Ceiling and Pop of Color Shower Curtain Modern Bathroom

Bold Black Ceiling and Pop of Color Shower Curtain Modern Bathroom

From the bold black ceiling to the white and black tilework, this modern bathroom checks all the boxes. For a playful take on the contemporary color combo, the shower curtain displays a homemade bright and cheery print with nearly all the colors of the rainbow. The lively and vibrant colors draw in your eye, yet the pattern demands attention all of its own. Together, the classic combo of black and white along with the powerful and pretty printed shower curtain, this update can fill up any size space and make a statement at the same time.

11. Mixed Motifs in this Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Mixed Motifs in this Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

Don’t be afraid to mix up your interior design, especially in the bathroom. While it may be the smallest room in your home, it can be the biggest in terms of style. You can stay on-trend with the modern farmhouse design by infusing some natural elements like the rustic wooden framed mirrors and the large glass vase filled with flowers as seen here. Try on a little industrial flair with concrete counters and tie it all together with some dark bronze light fixtures and faucets. The clean white cabinets and white and grey tilework are the perfect little extra touch.

12. Clean and Cozy Gender Neutral Bathroom Decor

Clean and Cozy Gender Neutral Bathroom

Create a universally appealing space by steering clear of feminine and masculine design and hit the ground running with a look that appeals to both sexes. This fresh and crisp white bathroom looks clean and effortless. A deep wooden slab warms up the otherwise sterile space and is the ideal shelf to house some of your personal decorations. A trio of sleek silver hooks are great towel hangers and give a much needed modern feel from the tired towel rings of the past. Complete the look with a mostly white shower curtain and you are sure to make everyone in the family happy.

13. Full of Love and Character Wooden Bath Shelves Nook

Full of Love and Character Wooden Bath Shelves Nook

Utilize every square inch of your square footage in a tight space by capitalizing on the unused room above your toilet or in a small corner. These rich and earthy wooden slabs are full of character showcasing their grainy lines and knots for added appeal. Their sturdy nature is capable of handling most any item you choose to rest there. Stick a mirror behind some of your decorations to catch some light and make space seem even bigger. Storage meets style with this pair of wooden shelves to make the most of your bathroom space.

14. Picture this Textile Wall in your New Bathroom

Picture this Textile Wall in your New Bathroom

Textiles in the form of baskets and placemats find new purposes as they become works of art in your new bathroom. A tribal print shower curtain and a vintage-feel rug add just a touch of color and pattern to this streamlined and contemporary space. The black and white with the grey cabinet never looked better. Now your bathroom is a seamless transition from your living space as the sleek design can be carried throughout your entire home.

15. Just Peachy Keen Shower Curtain

Just Peachy Keen Shower Curtain

Channel some happy and peachy keen vibes by adding this bright and bubbly fruity shower curtain to your existing bathroom decor. This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to update your bathroom and give it a fresh, new look. Think California Cool when you step into this friendly and fun space.

16. Navy, White, and Gold Greetings

Navy, White, and Gold Greetings

For a dramatic update to your restroom, a bold splash of navy blue really pops with the right accessories. The picture-perfect white subway tiled shower rinse the space with coolness as the gold fixtures work their magic to tie the look together. Have a little fun with the unique signs to help the masters of the space face the day head-on.

17. Simple and To the Point Bathroom Decor Signs

Simple and To the Point Bathroom Signs

Three isn’t a crowd when it comes to these cute and fun bathroom decor signs. With three straightforward and simple commands: get naked, relax, and unwind, channeling your inner comfort is easy. You could buy these at most any crafter’s market or create them yourself as a quick DIY project. Arrange them together on your wall space or spread them out for a different look. Either way, this triple threat is sure to feel right at home.

18. Wash Your Worries Down the Drain Bathroom Decor

Wash Your Worries Down the Drain Bathroom Decor

Put your mind at ease as you wash your worries away and send them down the drain after a relaxing, hot bath. Draw your favorite bubble bath and light a few candles to prepare for your perfect evening of pampering. The old world tilework and classic pottery pieces add to the luxurious spa-like feel of this master bathroom. You deserve some “me” time and what better way to spend it than in the comfort and convenience of your own home?

19. His and Hers Wooden Cut Out Restroom Identification Display

His and Hers Wooden Cut Out Restroom Identification Display

The iconic his and hers symbols prevalent in most public restrooms can be just as fun in your personal bathroom at home. Place them on a shelf as a fun decorative piece or set them separately in your kids’ bathrooms. Freestanding and fun, these pieces are truly unique and provide a cute conversation piece for your guests. They would even make an interesting housewarming gift for a friend. Created in a modern grey color, they are a worthwhile addition to your bath space.

20. Quirky Stone and Wood Unique Bath Hooks

Quirky Stone and Wood Unique Bath Hooks

Hang your towel out to dry in style with these quirky stone and wood bath hooks. They take up minimal space and serve their purpose quite nicely. The grey and black tones in these stones offer an earthy edge to your interior design. Perhaps they will help add to your at-home personal spa styling as they channel your favorite warm rock back massage. Place them in a young guy’s bachelor pad or hang them in the master bath for the convenience of the king and queen of the castle.

21. Don’t Make It Weird Giddy Bathroom Sign

Don't Make It Weird Giddy Bathroom Sign

Give your guests a quick chuckle with this giddy bathroom decor sign. It’s sure to liven up your party or put a smile on the face of your in-laws as they encounter this crazy sign in your shared bath space. Created in a modern farmhouse feel, the addition of some industrial pipe pieces makes for a perfect towel rack. These re-imagined pipe joints feel right at home as your quintessential towel holders. Your new space quickly feels like an extension of the rest of your house with these hip and hilarious touches.

22. Modern Farmhouse Metal and Wood Bathroom with Shiplap

Modern Farmhouse Metal and Wood Bathroom with Shiplap

Shiplap saves the day in your small bathroom space as it lays the foundation for your new modern farmhouse decor. Your wood and metal shelf will rest easy as it offers you style and storage at the same time. The rounded mirror above the sink echoes the round flesh mounted shelf brackets to tie the overall design together. And why not get right to the point with a wooden sign declaring the space “farmhouse” in pretty script.

23. Triangles and Tassels Taking Center Stage in the Bathroom Decor

Triangles and Tassels Taking Center Stage in the Bathroom

Source: walmart.com

Tie all of your bathroom decor pieces together with the common theme of triangles and tassels. Screaming fun and frolic, this pattern is subtly set in a black and white palette to maintain its modern feel. And no piece is left out as this pattern covers the trashcan, rug, shower curtain, hand towel, soap dispenser, and toothbrush holder. Any wall color would work in the background, but the grey shown here keeps the contemporary style alive.

24. Simple Shiplap Love Your Face Bathroom

Simple Shiplap Love Your Face Bathroom

Source: jaxnblvd.com

Make every square inch count in your half bath as you set the background in shiplap and embody the complete modern farmhouse feel. A quaint and cute little sign adds a personal touch while bringing a smile to everyone who enters. The square warm brown sign is a perfect contrast to the white shiplap wall. Keep it simple and essential by placing nice hand soap on your sink and you’ve completed your clean and cozy modern farmhouse bathroom decor.

25. Storage Galore with Woven Baskets and Fun Bathroom Sign

Storage Galore with Woven Baskets and Fun Bathroom Sign

Amp up your storage space by placing woven baskets on the top of the toilet and secured to the wall above it. The rectangular one is a perfect place to stash your extra rolls of toilet paper. Even though it’s apparent no one wants to change it, at least it’s there. Then, the mail letter baskets overhead work wonderfully for extra towels or even a small houseplant. No matter how you fill your storage space, it’s nice to have it on hand when you need it.

26. Simply Spunky and Fresh Bathroom Decor

Simply Spunky and Fresh Bathroom Decor

Increase the humor as your place a part of your personality in the pit stop of the home. This fun and spunky bathroom “hello sweet cheeks” sign is a fresh way to update the space of your guest or kids’ bathroom. Created in black and white, it continues the modern feel with this classic color combination choice. Set above a plain wooden slab shelf makes it a complete look. Arrange a glass bottle with a sprig of greenery along with a small, colorful candle and you have a streamlined look for your small space.

27. Shabby Chic Repurposed Modern Mason Jar Storage Rack

Shabby Chic Repurposed Modern Mason Jar Storage Rack

Just a scrap piece of wood and a set of four mason jars are the base materials you’ll need to complete this incredibly awesome and easy DIY organizational rack. Pick your favorite stain to get the desired wood color of your choice. Pictured is a rich and warm deep brown that blends into almost any existing decor scheme. The set of mason jars are secured with metal rings to add an industrial feel to the overall look. Although this storage rack doesn’t take up much space, it definitely delivers on its purpose. It is a cool way to house your essential girly goodies like cotton balls, hairbrushes, ponytail elastics, make up brushes, cotton swabs, and any other go-to you use on the daily. These everyday essentials are within reach but off the counter making them a top-notch repurposed modern mason jar storage rack.

28. White Washed and Worn Mason Jar and Toilet Topper Box

White Washed and Worn Mason Jar and Toilet Topper Box

You can’t go wrong with whitewashed decorations for any room of your home and your bathroom is no exception. This classic rectangular box is a standard size that works perfectly resting on top of the toilet or in between a double sink counter space. It features a quirky and fun “nice butt” script that is a perfect phrase for your bathroom space. With its roughed up edges and corners, the box is full of character even before you add your own personal items inside. To make further use of your whitewashing arsenal, you can breathe some new life into an old, unused large mason jar and make it feel right at home inside this toilet topper box. Tie a twine string around the top and fill it with a flower bunch to reuse the traditional canning jar as a vase.

29. The Golden Blend of Modern and Rustic

The Golden Blend of Modern and Rustic

Source: decorszo.com

Shelving above the toilet is a great way to effectively use the space in a small bathroom, but the typical store-bought shelves are a bit flimsy and cheap-looking. This interesting twist on the premise is perfect for those who love rustic bathroom designs. The “shelf” is really more of a frame on which you can hang a towel or a metal basket to hold things. In this case, the wood is weathered and matches the wood in the table used as a vanity. Re-purposing a small desk is a nice touch for making the sink look different, which the basket underneath still provides hidden storage.

30. Floating Pallet Shelves for Storage and Design

Floating Pallet Shelves for Storage and Design

In a small space like this one, you don’t have much room to work with, so choosing floating shelves that completely fill the narrow space is the right choice. Since the shelves don’t have legs that need to sit on the floor, you don’t have to worry about finding space for the cleaning brush and a small trash can. Once you have these shelves, you can fill them with any type of bathroom decor you want. This homeowner has chosen a friendly message along with some practical items like extra towels and flowers to brighten up the look.

31. The Classic Black and White Theme

The Classic Black and White Theme

If you have lovely tiled walls and floors in the bathroom, you want decor ideas that will make them stand out. In this case, the tiles are white, so the dark wood around the mirror and the black faucet and drawer pulls offers a nice contrast. With a large enough sink like you see here, the flowering plant offers an opportunity to add color to the space. A holder for the hand soap and lotion and a cover for the tissue box helps keep things neat and ties these basic items in with the look.

32. Easy Storage with Mason Jars and Pallets

Easy Storage with Mason Jars and Pallets

Some of the best bathroom ideas are the ones that are the most practical. This simple DIY idea allows you to easily contain some of the clutter you typically find in the bathroom while still having the things you regularly need close at hand. Simply attach small mason jars to a board and hang it up by the sink. You can paint the board in different colors to match the style of your bathroom. An added benefit of this is that it gets the clutter off of the sink, giving you more space in the area for other things.

33. Vintage meets Modern Design Theme

Vintage meets Modern Design Theme

This small space also makes use of floating shelves, but since the space is a bit larger than the one in the other photo, the homeowner has chosen to use some shelves that don’t cover the enter width of the nook. This allows you to have extra space to hang photos and to place bathroom decor that’s a bit taller, like the candles you see here. Adding a matching shelf on the back of the toilet tank is an extra-nice touch that pulls the entire look together. This is great when you need bathroom decoration ideas that can incorporate many of your little knick-knacks.

34. Chalk Peach Makeover for Mason Jars

Chalk Peach Makeover for Mason Jars

Mason jars are an inexpensive solution for storage, and this picture shows how you can take a simple idea and change it up to fit a variety of bathroom designs. By painting the jars, you can have them fit in well with any color palette. It’s also easy to see how different jar sizes can work better for holding different types of objects. A shorter jar, for instance, works better for holding cotton swabs, while taller jars work well for holding makeup brushes. Simply arrange these jars on the bathroom sink or on a shelf in the bathroom.

35. Serene Beach Bathroom Décor

Serene Beach Bathroom Decor Ideas

Most people find the beach relaxing, so it’s common to see elements of this incorporated into different bathroom ideas. Here, light blue paint on the walls creates a relaxing environment, while the sea stars and shells set the beach tone. This pegs on this shelf are particularly nice because they can easily hold towels when you’re in the shower. It’s a small detail, but the shower curtain rod here is obviously a big step above the one you probably had in your first apartment. It costs a bit more, but it makes a big statement.

36. Color Accent Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Color Accent Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Bathroom designs that contrast dark wood with the white porcelain of the toilet and sink area always have a classy look, but they can get a bit boring. When you add a pop of color, like you see here, it can really brighten up the place. This designer has taken the color from the cherry blossoms and incorporated it into the towels and even the soap. You could easily use the colors of another type of flower as inspiration. Think about sunflowers or lilacs. Another interesting element from this bathroom, is the small bucket of grass hanging in between the hand towels. An unexpected detail like this is just the type of thing that can set you apart from others.

37. Modern Gray Comes to Life

Modern Gray Comes to Life

You don’t always need a lot of space to get more organized. This simple shelf might be about the size of a medicine cabinet, but everything is out in the open, giving you more opportunities to use it for decorating. Bathroom decoration ideas like this one are both practical (giving you space to store towels and cotton swabs) and beautiful (with additional space for a few plants). Best of all, you can paint this whatever color you like to fit with your personal style. Remember that a shelf like this will be heavier than floating shelves, so be sure you’re anchoring it into the wall’s studs to be sure that it’s secure.

38. Wall Scrabble Letters as Bathroom Decorations

Wall Scrabble Letters as Bathroom Decorations

Easy DIY bathroom ideas like this one can make a big statement. The letters here form a crossword puzzle-style reminder to anyone who comes into the bathroom. You might imagine that this could work well if you have kids who might forget to do these things, but you could also take the concept and change the words to something more suited to your family. Letters like this are typically available in craft stores, and you can paint them to match your shower curtain or bath rug. The striped shower curtain is another nice touch, adding some interest while still being neutral.

39. Rustic Beach Crate Wall Shelves

Rustic Beach Crate Wall Shelves

Source: soulstyle.ca

Simple boxes from the craft store can be instantly transformed into shelves that will work with all types of bathroom ideas. You can see here how the same box can be turned into a vertical shelf with two shelves or a horizontal one with a divider. Both work equally well whether you’re using the shelves to store items like hand towels or extra rolls of toilet paper or as a place to put your decorations. Here, they’ve chosen a beach design, with shells and drift wood. In a kids’ bathroom, you might choose something more fun and colorful.

41. Chic and Calming Blue Design Theme

Chic and Calming Blue Design Theme

Source: decorszo.com

A darker blue on the walls in this bathroom still has the calming effect that you’re looking for in bathroom decorations, while being a bolder choice. The floor in this picture also stands out. Few people choose wood for the floor in a bathroom because it’s not water-resistant, but here you have the look of a light-colored wood. It’s only a look, though. These days, you can find vinyl and laminate tiles that look like wood while being safe for the bathroom. If you’re replacing a floor, be sure to ask about all of your options.

42. Finishing Touches Beach Candle Decor

Finishing Touches Beach Candle Decor

If you have the space for it, an arrangement like this can be a nice bit of bathroom décor for your room, and it’s easy to make yourself. Simply take an elegant serving dish like this one, fill it half-way with sand and place a few shells inside. The large candle in the middle provides you with mood lighting, and LED versions of candles like this offer a safer alternative. Use sand from the craft store rather than sand from the beach to avoid causing a stink.

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