50 Best Bathroom Design Ideas


15. A Touch of Gold

A Touch of Gold

The simple, clean lines of Scandinavian design are one of this year’s hottest home decoration trends. This bathroom combines the sleek modernism associated with the Scandinavian look with a few quirky touches that help personalize the space. The stark white walls, floor and tub make for a relaxing and rejuvenating room where you can meditate or enjoy a good book. The gold fixtures, especially the quirky seahorse handles, add a personalized touch to the room. The unique chandelier with its gold embellishment and unusual design ties the entire space together.

16. An Artistic Statement

An Artistic Statement

Another recent home decoration trend is adding a large piece of artwork as a statement piece. This bathroom features a painting from naturalist J.J. Audubon, but you can use any large piece of artwork from an Andy Warhol inspired graphic print to a vintage photo of 1950’s New York. Although the painting is the centerpiece of the room, that doesn’t mean the rest of the bathroom decor was neglected. The cast-iron tub is placed near a large window so you can enjoy a beautiful outdoors view while you soak. The long vanity and sink basin are also an elegant and functional option for the narrow space.

17. Back in Black

Back in Black

Black used to be considered a big no-no for bathroom decorating ideas, but that’s all changed this year. Black is one of this year’s hottest colors, and it works especially well in small spaces. There isn’t a whole lot of space in this room, but the black stone floors and black tile walls give this room an elegant edge. The rich wood accents and candles warm up the space and create a sharp contrast with the silver fixtures. The niches are another innovative design idea for small bathrooms. They give you plenty of storage options without taking up any extra space.

18. Jazzing Up a Small Space

Jazzing Up a Small Space

One of the best ways to add a design element to small bathrooms is to bring in a pop of color or add a touch of nature. These bathroom decor ideas do both. The Japanese inspired floral arrangements make this extremely tiny bathroom feel warm and refreshing while the Kerry green towels and washcloths add a bright pop of color. The rich wood also bring a warm glow into the interior space. The innovative design of the vanity and sink basin are ideal for small spaces because they provide extra storage.

19. A Vintage Classic

A Vintage Classic

Of course, one of the easiest ways to rejuvenate a bathroom is to add a fresh coat of paint. One of the hottest trends this year is wall color inspired by the Victorian era. This lovely shade of violet adds just the right amount of vintage charm, which is heightened by the wrought iron mirror and the antique accessories. The warm wood of the vanity and cabinets and the black tile floor are also a nice complement to the bold color choice. The state-of-the-art floating design of the vanity and toilet is another flawless design choice. It gives the retro space a bit of an unexpected sci-fi twist.

20. Form Meets Function

Form Meets Function

Source: houzz.com

These bathroom design ideas are a marvel of both utility and style. The long, narrow sink provides plenty of space for your morning hygiene routine while the wooden stool will help children get to hard to reach places. The funky lamp is not only a great example of recycling, it’s also a great accessory that is ideal for getting a little extra light when you’re putting on cosmetics or doing a beauty treatment. The stark white cabinets give plenty of storage while also adding a much needed strong lines to the room’s design. The soft gray floors and walls provide a rich contrast with the pine paneling.

21. A Seashell Delight

A Seashell Delight

Source: homcy.com

If you have a quirky collection you want to display, why not add it to your home decor. The interesting collection of seashells makes this rather small bathroom a warm and inviting space where you can soak in the tub or indulge in a manicure. The pale blue wall color makes the seashells the star of the room, and the antique shower head and burnished brass fixtures add a retro vibe without taking your attention away from the seashells. The antique glass doorknob finishes the room off with a whimsical touch. Hint: if you don’t have quite as a large of a collection as this, the funky niches still make great storage space.

22. Space Age Comfort Bathroom Idea

Space Age Comfort

If fun and funky describe your design aesthetic, then this space-age bathroom with all of the modern comforts is for you. The exposed air ducts and the sheet metal sink and bathtub add an industrial feel to the room, but that doesn’t mean you are sacrificing any of the creature comforts. The tan walls and pine ceilings invite you to spend time in this space with a relaxing soak in the tub no matter the weather. The electric fireplace will warm you up during a February snowstorm while the deluxe ceiling fan will cool you down on a hot July afternoon. These bathroom ideas are also highly functional. The vanity and medicine cabinet provide plenty of sink and storage space.

23. Old World Glamour

Old World Glamour

Source: yoenna.com

The star of this bathroom is the deep pink floral wallpaper that evokes French country designs favored by Marie Antoinette. The large gilt mirror and the ornate chandelier would have been right at home in 18th century France, but they also look great in a modern bathroom. The porcelain tub and sink basin work perfectly within this small space and the recessed white walls and wood floors add a warm glow. This bathroom also showcases some funky design ideas for small bathrooms. The sink includes an elegant towel rack, while you can store your soap and shampoo on a special rack in the tub. Also, don’t forget the little touches, like the small bouquet of roses, that make this bathroom so inviting.

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