50 Best Bathroom Design Ideas


24. Homespun Charm

Homespun Charm

If you avidly knit or crochet, why not bring your passion into your bathroom decorating ideas. This country space has lots of homespun charm with the crocheted rug and stool and knitted towel. The beige walls with their homemade stencil pattern and the stone floors also add a homey touch while the sleek lighting fixture and wooden vanity provide a more modern contrast in the room. The windows, which bring in plenty of light, are another important design element. This bathroom’s decor is also a good use of recycling. The coat rack, which is doubling here as a towel rack, is a sleek and funky way to reuse an accessory that otherwise might have been thrown away.

25. Mixing Metals

Mixing Metals

The received wisdom in home design used to be that you didn’t mix and match design fixtures, but home decoration trends are showing that, if you do it right, mixing metals makes for a bold design statement. The burnished gold of the sink basin, the bronze shower fixtures, and the silver towel rack work together to create a sleek modern space that would fit right in at any luxury hotel. The dark wood vanity adds a touch of warmth to the space, while the luxurious marble floors and walls have a gold vein design that unifies the entire bathroom. The minimalist design also makes the deluxe stand-alone shower the centerpiece of the room.

26. Studio Apartment Style

Studio Apartment Style

Studio apartments have their own special bathroom decorating needs. This sleek, minimalist design makes the most of the brickwork and large shower that dominate the space. This bathroom doesn’t have any windows, so the green-glazed bricks reflect brilliantly off of the recessed lights to add a warm glow to the room. The bathroom’s centerpiece is the luxurious shower, which has a rainwater shower system and a place for sitting down. The wooden stool and the basic fixtures work together to increase this rooms dramatic impact.

27. Calming Elegance Bathroom Idea

Calming Elegance

Source: hupehome.com

Most of us are surrounded by technology all the time, which means we all need a quiet space to get away from the pressures of the outside world. This modern bathroom creates a relaxing environment where you can rejuvenate your mind and body. The taupe and brown color scheme create a soothing color palette, while the tile floors and walls add a touch of visual interest. The arts and crafts style sink basin is the focal point of the room, but this bathroom doesn’t skimp on any modern amenities. The stand-alone shower has a rainwater shower head, and you will have plenty of room to relax in the sunken tub.

28. Second-Story Glory

Second-Story Glory

Source: porch.com

Many older homes have interesting architectural elements, so why not take advantage of the nooks and crannies by creating a second story bathroom. This light, airy space with a striking window niche makes a stylish bathroom. The sunken tub fits perfectly into place and the staggered design of the vanity creates strong, clean lines that complement the home’s architecture while also providing plenty of storage space. The pastel room color and the gleaming silver fixtures complement the room’s strong lines. Minimal decorations like fresh flowers and a few objet d’art are all that is needed to bring this bathroom together.

29. Tiny Space, Big Impact

Tiny Space, Big Impact

Some bathrooms, especially for apartment dwellers, are only the size of the closet but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your bathroom design ideas. This tiny space creates a big impact by putting all of the design focus on one wall. This quirky tile design is a dramatic focal point that will immediately attract admiring looks. The design also elegantly solves the problem of limited space. The sleek vanity provides ample space for hygiene and storage while the unique PVC lamps are a brilliant solution to a distinct lack of headroom.

30. His and Hers

His and Hers

Many of us want to share our lives with our significant others, but not necessarily our bathrooms. This luxurious his and hers master bath design means you’ll never have to fight for space again. The two large stand-alone showers are especially convenient for working couples who both need to get ready in the morning. The soothing gray walls and marble floors are complemented by dramatic black accents in the vanity and divan. The ample recessed lighting will assist you in putting on cosmetics and beauty treatments.

31. Radiant in White

Radiant in White

Source: homebunch.com

The old saying says that everything looks better in white, but that’s especially true for bathrooms. These chic marble tiles on the floors, walls, and shower bring a unified look to this elegant space. The gleaming white marble is especially useful in bathrooms that don’t have much access to sunlight. The understated elegance is enhanced by the niches next to the sunken tub and the gold light fixture. The marble also enhances the elegant crown molding and hardwood door.

32. Aquamarine Dream Bathroom Idea

Aquamarine Dream

Source: pinterest.com

This soothing bathroom ideas brings together several shades of blue to create a dream-like design. The tile wall, with shades of blue ranging from deep navy to pale cornflower, is the focal point of the room. The Victorian style claw-foot tub in robin’s egg blue enhances the space while the wall colors subtly complement the tile. The room’s other design elements bring the whimsy back to down earth, especially the sturdy Colonial wash basin and the simple design of the Shaker chair.

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