50 Best Bathroom Design Ideas


33. Half Bath, Total Style

Half Bath, Total Style

Source: houzz.com

A half bath gives you the opportunity to experiment with bold style. The intricate print of this wallpaper, which evokes 18th century paintings, would be overwhelming in a large space, but it makes the perfect statement in this small half bath. The gilt sink basin and fixtures and the marble floors add a further touch of opulence to the already grand design. The large mirror gives the illusion of more space without going over the top. The small bidet in the center of the room is both functional and inconspicuous.

34. DIY Bathroom Design

DIY Design

These bathroom design ideas uses IKEA furniture for a a funky, eclectic vibe. The brick has been whitewashed to lighten the interior, and the IKEA cabinets have been painted in mauve, burgundy, and red, which gives the bathroom a fifties feel. The fun stone walkway that runs from the shower to the toilet is an unforgettable design element that is also a great way to dry your feet. The large window at the far end of the room allows you to soak up some sunlight on the comfortable burgundy divan. The whole space is tied together by the spacious stand-alone shower with a sinuous art deco shower fixture.

35. Stand Alone Style

Stand Alone Style

Sometimes homeowners sacrifice their design aesthetic for the luxury of a stand-alone shower, but that’s not the case in this elegant bathroom. The white tile shower with blue and green accents is perfectly placed within the small space. In fact, every last details of the shower has been well planned. The frosted-glass window lets in light while maintaining privacy, and the large niche is a great place for keeping shampoo and soap. The rest of this bathroom’s design complements the shower, including the grass wall color and the blown glass sink basin.

36. A Song of Fire and Ice

A Song of Fire and Ice

You’ll feel like a snow queen in this luxurious master bath. The frosted glass doors open up to an inviting sunken tub where you can soak while warming yourself by the electric hearth. While you’re relaxing, you can look up at a starry nigh sky, which was made by hundreds of small pinholes of light that are set against a black backdrop. After your bath, you may want to linger for a spot of tea in the fur covered chairs or simply admire the avant-garde chandelier with the winter branch design. The entire bathroom is unified by the gleaming white marble floors that resemble a skating rink.

37. Rock the Casbah

Rock the Casbah

Source: lushome.com

These bathroom decorating ideas will make you feel like you just returned from a Middle Eastern bazaar. The deep greens and translucent blues of the wall tile reflect the stunning colors of the ocean and the beaten bronze tub and sink basin would be right at home in Casablanca or Marrakesh. The Persian rug and ornate stand also appear like they came from an outdoor market, while the coral and deep burgundy towels tie the space together. The light blue tiles on the floor bring an added dimension of light into the bathroom.

38. Polka Dot Pride

Polka Dot Pride

Source: photos.hgtv.com

Many older homes have small rooms with odd angles that are ideal for remodeling into a children’s bathroom. This small space becomes bright and cheerful with the polka dot wallpaper and fuschia accessories. The double vanity makes it possible for more than one person to get ready in the morning or your daughter can have friends over for a slumber party. This bathroom is also very functional. The large cabinets provide plenty of storage space for towels, linens, or even clothes.

39. Historic Home, Modern Style

Historic Home, Modern Style

It can be difficult for owners of historic houses to keep the integrity of their home’s design and have a state-of-the-art amenities. These bathroom ideas combines a colonial style with a luxurious modern bathroom. The spacious stand-alone shower has tiles that are appropriate for the time period while the deep blue wall color and wood floors are historically accurate. The window shutters are a great design element that is appropriate to the Colonial period, but they are also a highly functional way to preserve privacy. The ornate design of the crystal chandelier ties the whole room together.

40. Splish-Splash Style Bathroom Idea

Splish-Splash Style

Source: asid.org

This fun and funky children’s bathroom picks up on the trend for tropical colors. The aqua color of the porcelain sink basin is picked up in the tile pattern and the ceiling, while the canary yellow trim offers an eye-popping contrast color. The large mirror adds a feeling of depth to the narrow space while the frosted glass window adds light without sacrificing any privacy. The entire room is tied together by the sunburst light fixtures. Another useful amenity is the tub/shower combo, which is just the right size for light ones.

41. Tranquil Simplicity

Tranquil Simplicity

If you are looking for a tranquil retreat, these soothing bathroom designs are right for you. The taupe, brown, and beige color scheme immediately brings a sense of calm to the atmosphere that is only heightened by the sunken tub, which is the room’s centerpiece. The artfully placed niches are perfectly designed for candles and the high windows and sunroof bring in light while protecting your privacy. However, the room’s piece de resistance is the waterfall that flows into the tub, which brings an instant sense of tranquility. Other luxurious amenities are the stand-alone shower and the stone floors.

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