50 Best Bathroom Design Ideas


42. Nifty Fifties Style

Nifty Fifties Style

This funky bathroom brings the style of a fifties car hop into your decor. The bright red-tile in the stand-alone shower is the room’s centerpiece, and it is perfectly set off with the canary yellow flower tiles. The circular mirrors with neon lights enhance the retro feel, while the bare light bulbs and bare bones fixtures are reminiscent of a fifties gas station. The look is completed by the slate gray floors. Another great feature is the wooden cabinets, which provide plenty of storage space.

43. Master Bathroom Addition

Master Bathroom Addition

Source: houzz.com

This design idea shows you how you can add a bathroom to your master suite without sacrificing any style. This bathroom blends into the white decor of the bedroom through the use of the glass doors and white tile. The bathroom has a luxurious tub with shower attachments, and the vanity provides ample space for hygiene and storage. The recessed lighting is another nice touch that is both functional and a continuation of the winter white theme. The simple tree vase is the finishing touch that ties both of the rooms together.

44. Hollywood Glamour

Hollywood Glamour

Old school stars like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford would be right at home in this glamorous bathroom. The golden color palette, which is offset by the brown and taupe tile pattern, brings to mind the rich glow of an Oscar, which could be perfectly displayed in the dramatic black niche that surrounds the sunken tub. You’ll always be ready for your closeup with the large mirror, which has ample recessed lighting for makeup and beauty treatments. The dramatic color scheme is enhanced by the rich wood cabinets and the white tile floor. The stand-alone shower is another luxurious amenity in this room.

45. Mad Style Bathroom Design

Mad Style

This retro cool bathroom evokes the sixties style popularized in the TV series, Mad Men. The neon sign and large drawing bring to mind vintage advertising campaigns, while the simple elegance of the clear tub is reminiscent of the Mod style that became so popular in the late 1960’s. Other great style elements are the twin sink basins and white brick wall. This bathroom is also very functional with a deluxe shower head attached to the tub and plenty of storage space.

46. Home on the Range

Home on the Range

Source: hupehome.com

You’ll feel like you just stepped into the wild West with this rustic cowgirl bathroom. The cattle barons of the 19th century favored floral patterns and rich colors, which you can see in the wallpaper and burgundy paneling in this bathroom. The bronze shower head and fixtures add to the room’s old-fashioned feel, but the piece de resistance is the stand-alone tub, which can be branded with your initials for an authentic Western feel. The Persian rug, gilt mirror, and wood floors complete the rich design, while the ornate light fixtures could have come straight from the nearest saloon. This bathroom also has plenty of cabinets for storage.

47. Let the Sunshine In

Let the Sunshine In

Source: sweetiefry.com

Dark and dim bathrooms are a common problem, but this light and airy interior solves that issue with an elegant, but simple design. The large bank of windows lets in a maximum amount of light at all times of the day, which is reflected in the two large mirrors above the vanity. The marble floors and walls and pine ceiling are also designed to enhance the brightness of the space. When it’s dark, the large fluorescent lights above the sink and the ample recessed lights bring in more than enough light. This bathroom also has a sleek, avant-garde design with the strong, clean lines of the large vanity and the cabinets dominating the room.

48. A Blue Oasis

A Blue Oasis

Source: houzz.com

Decorating your bathroom in your favorite color scheme is an elegant decor idea. This rich sapphire bathroom with crystal and silver accents is an example of how a vivid color scheme can tie together an entire space. The marble counter tops and white marbled tile floor provide a gentle backdrop, which lets the rich wall color and elegant lighting fixtures become the star of the room. The large window above the sunken tub provides ample light while the stand-alone shower features a luxurious rainwater shower head. The silver gilt chair and cabinet is the perfect place for a manicure after your bath.

49. Urban Outfitted

Urban Outfitted

Source: esteedesign.com

This eclectic bathroom is for anyone whose design aesthetic is street smart and urban. The large, graffiti-style artwork is the room’s centerpiece, which is echoed in the industrial design of the fixtures and appliances. The gleaming gray tile walls are perfectly pair with the gritty vibe, while the simple tile floor brings to mind urban subway train stations. The red accent rug, which is echoed in the artwork, ties the room together. Despite the industrial vibe, this is a modern, luxurious space. The shower/tub combo has a rainwater shower head and a separate shower attachment.

50. Garden State of Mind

Garden State of Mind

Source: hupehome.com

Many homeowners want their living space to flow naturally into the outdoors, which is exactly the case in these tranquil bathroom designs. The soothing brick and concrete design flows naturally into the outdoors where you can gaze at beautiful flowers while soaking in the sunken tub. The large windows bring in plenty of light, but they are screened for privacy by the large fragrant bushes that line the side of the house. The speckled granite walls and the deep color of the wood also enhance the feel of living in a natural setting. This bathroom also has ample amenities including a detachable shower head in the tub and a large, well-lighted vanity.

Your Dream Bathroom Begins Now!

We’ve given you a lot to think about in this article, but the most important part of any bathroom remodeling is to be yourself. Each bathroom presents a particular challenge whether it’s where to put the stand-alone shower or how to update an outdated design. You can start by making a list of your priorities and then letting those flow into your design decision. If a sunken tub is your design priority then make that item the centerpiece of your bathroom design or if you’ve always dreamed of a blue bathroom than plan your space around a color palette.

Your bathroom design also depends on you and your family’s needs. We’ve shown you and array of sophisticated designs, from children’s bathrooms to glamorous master baths, that will inspire you no matter what your stage of life.

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