Find your serenity with these 50 White Bedroom Ideas


15. Classic Chic

Classic Chic

This classic room just radiates elegance and style. Black and white home decor is so crisp and timeless that it can really work in any room. The photos in black and white are such a great complement to the room. Notice how the subtle red accessories accent the black and white walls flawlessly. The white bed and white trim are the perfect choice to lighten up the room and offset the darkness from the black walls. The bedside table and chandelier are wonderfully unique features that bring the room together.

16. Modern Skyline Style

Modern Skyline Style


This sleek, modern design is perfect for city girls looking for incredible bedroom decor. The skyline wallpaper is such an original and unique way to incorporate a breathtaking view into your room. The intricate designs on the lamp and bedside table add just the right amount of glamour. The lighting makes the room appear larger and brighter. Notice how the white furniture really adds an elegant simplicity that balances all of the different patterns and designs in this room. There are so many ways to integrate a city skyline into your bedroom ideas.

17. Luxury and Simplicity

Luxury and Simplicity

There are so many great all white bedroom ideas and this is another perfect example. This look creates such a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The rug is an amazing feature to change up the texture. This room also has a gorgeous vanity and mirror so you can really pamper yourself in the comfort of your own room. It is really important to note once again how large and bright an all white room can look with the lights shining down. Incorporating white furniture and walls into your home decoration can really change the entire look of a room.

18. A Pop of Color

A Pop of Color


A black and white bedroom design is consistently trendy and chic. Adding a pop of red is an amazing way to elevate that decor. It is important to only add small accents of red to ensure the focus is still on the black and white theme. The chandelier and candelabra have a very gothic chic feel and are absolutely stunning in this atmosphere. The subtle touches of red really stand out in contrast to the white furniture. Red roses on the bedside table complete the look.

19. Minimal Masterpiece

Minimal Masterpiece

Minimizing clutter can make your bedroom feel so much more relaxing and peaceful. The wall art is a fun and unique way to make the bedroom really stand out. This bedroom design is perfect for those who have a low-key style and are looking for a spacious room with modern decor. The low-hanging lights will change the entire atmosphere of the room when they are shining bright. The brown accents add a little bit of diversity in color, but the room still exudes a feeling of peace and relaxation. Adding a few personal effects really brings an individual sense of style to the room.

20. Mellow Out in Blue and Yellow

Mellow Out in Blue and Yellow


It’s clear from several of the previous designs that blue and white are a great combination, but adding yellow into the mix makes the room even trendier. The color yellow is associated with happiness and joy which is actually how you should feel when walking into your bedroom after a long, hard day. The refurbished antique look of the bedside table really stands out and adds a rustic feel to the design. The yellow walls blend perfectly with the white furniture and the blue patterned accessories tie the whole look together.

21. Luxury Lifestyle

Luxury Lifestyle

This bedroom has such a luxurious feel to it and it would be a place to come home and really pamper yourself. The circular theme is a very modern style that really elevates the whole look of the room. The different lighting changes the atmosphere of the room and creates a very calming effect. It is easy to imagine laying down in that huge, gorgeous bed. The black circles on the rug add a touch of darkness and color but the sleekness of the white look still remains. This is a great bedroom idea for those who really want a luxurious, modern look.

22. Striped Walls

Striped Walls

Striped walls can be a very strong statement, but stripes in this light blue color create a very appealing and soothing atmosphere. The low hanging chandelier adds elegance and class to the room. The slightly different shades of blue blend so well together with the white furniture, while the subtle touches of grey in some of the accessories brings the whole look together. Adding fresh flowers in different colors can be a fun way to add vibrancy and diversity to the room without making it a permanent fixture. The quilt like texture of the bedspread is the perfect complement to this homey and relaxing room.

23. Exposed Brick

Exposed Brick

The painted white brick walls with the large windows look so amazing in this room. Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a home with exposed brick, but there are several ways to create this look. Some options are to purchase brick wallpaper or brick paneling. It is even possible to paint on a brick look with a stencil and paint! Another great thing about this room is how the layered blankets and large bed make it look so comfortable and cozy.

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