Find your serenity with these 50 White Bedroom Ideas


42. White and Grey

White and Grey


The grey patterned bed frame and headboard are amazing features of this room because they add diversity in color and pattern that stands out from the white walls and decor. The antique look of the dresser is absolutely gorgeous in this setting, especially on top of the dark wooden floor and white rug. The vase is a great way to add a slight pop of color to the room without outshining the white decor. The green flowers blend well with the white but you can put in different color flowers everyday to change it up. Adding a bit of color to the wall art is another way to have some contrasting brightness if you are looking to add more color.

43. Creative Color

Creative Color

This is such a great way to add a dark color to a white room without overwhelming it. It is possible to use this bedroom decoration with a wide variety of colors from red to black. All other decorations in this room have to stay very minimal to prevent a design that is too chaotic. Having the rug match the wall color works together really well in this design, but having a white rug would also look great if you favor all white decor.

44. Pure White Paradise

Pure White Paradise


This room looks like the epitome of comfort. The huge bed covered in pillows and layered in blankets looks like it would be perfect for sleeping in on your days off. For those who like just a little bit of color in their white rooms, changing the color of the flowers daily is an easy way to achieve that. One thing you might want to add to this room is curtains or drapery. For those who want to keep the simplicity and elegance of the all white look, sheer white curtains are always a great choice. If you prefer to spice it up and add just a touch of color, sheer curtains in a very light color would work too.

45. Back in Black

Back in Black


Some of the great features of this room are the unique hanging chandelier and the modern white furniture. The black wall with the white design is the aspect of this room that really stands out. This look can be created with black paint and white floral wall decals. Another option is to paint the wall with chalkboard paint and draw on the white chalk designs. The bed frame is made of latte wood and has a latte crocodile finish on the headboard which makes it a very original design.

46. Baby Blue

Baby Blue


This is one of the bedrooms with white furniture that incorporates several different colors into the design. The focal points of the room are the white furniture and the light blue walls with white trim. However, the green rug, plants, and personal effects are great additives that nicely complement the main color scheme of the room. A light blue or white rug would probably work as well, but the green really adds the perfect pop of color. This room also lacks curtains so if you were replicating this design adding white curtains would probably be your best choice.

47. Black and White Photo

Black and White Photo

The grey walls blend well with the white furniture and black accents throughout the room. The black, white, and grey sheets reflect nicely with the white headboard and the black and white photo hanging above it. The plants in the room bring a natural freshness as well as a pop of green. The brown lamp and blanket on the bed add just a bit of variety in color. The design of the room is very modern and trendy.

48. Tips for a Narrow Bedroom

Tips for a Narrow Bedroom


If your room is very narrow, there are some narrow bedroom ideas in this room to pull inspiration from. Try not to add too many decorations in the room because this can make the room look cluttered. Light colors such as white and beige will enlarge the look of the room. Place the bed with the headboard pushed up against the lower wall. In a narrow bedroom, create a focus on the shorter side of the room and when the window is on the narrow side, cover it with darker drapes that are wider than the window.

49. Minimalist Chic

Minimalist Chic

This room is definitely meant for those who love the minimalist look. There is very little decoration and clutter in this room to create a completely serene atmosphere. Minimalist rooms prioritize comfort over possession. However, it is still important to express your personal style even when taking a less is more approach. The beige blankets, pillows and rugs add some color to the room but the color is still understated and light so it does not overwhelm the room. You do not want to clutter up the room, but adding a few accessories on the dresser and bedside table such as a book or photo can be a nice personal touch.

50. Country Charm

Country Charm

This adorable, rustic chic bedroom has just the right amount of country charm. The floral patterns on the bedspread and pillows blend perfectly with the fresh, natural flowers. The dresser and bedside table look like antiques and contribute to the enchantment of the room. The black and white tile of the floor add something unexpected. Wood floors might be another option to really emphasize the country chic style.

Find your serenity with these 50 White Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom designs that focus on white furniture should be all about peace, serenity and your own personal style. The bedroom ideas in this list vary from modern to country but they all contain some gorgeous stylistic elements. Although many of these bedroom designs contained light complementary colors, there are definitely examples of how to make a dark color work with white bedroom furniture. Pick which bedroom ideas you like the best and start working on your own personal sanctuary!

Some of the bedroom design ideas you may want to try are an ultra modern minimalist look with sleek furniture or a mostly white room with just pops of color. Chandeliers were a popular bedroom decoration with the rooms in this list and they looked great in every one. Many of the modern bedroom designs did not have a lot of decorations to keep the room from getting too cluttered but adding fresh flowers to your bedroom is always a fantastic idea.

The bedroom design ideas in this list should inspire you to use white furniture and turn your room into the oasis you always wanted. These white bedroom ideas should motivate you but make sure you add your own personal style to the room. After viewing this list, it is easy to see why bedrooms with white furniture are the latest home decoration trend.

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