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18 Extravagant Birdhouses and Bird Feeders to Bring Birds Flocking to Your Garden

By Victoria Carter • Updated on 2023-10-19

Finding the best unique bird feeders and houses can make it possible to attract birds to your yard. Matching the perfect bird feeder or birdhouse for you means finding one that matches your lifestyle and decor. To be successful on your bird-watching journey, it helps to do a little research on the birds you hope to attract to your outdoor space.

18 Amazingly Unique Birdhouses and Bird Feeders Perfect for Cultivating a Harmonious Landscape

To prevent disappointment, choose a bird feeder with a maintenance level right for your lifestyle. While they are not right for everyone, bird feeders that have complicated refilling routines can be relaxing. Easily breakable bird feeders can be absolutely stunning, but may not be right for those with small children. Some bird feeders are optimized to thwart thieves like ants and squirrels, but not everyone requires those features. Birdhouses are the same — the best birdhouses have just the right amount of maintenance for your lifestyle.

Beyond the practicalities, how a birdhouse or bird feeder will blend with your landscape’s decor is another deciding factor. Some bird feeders and birdhouses are attractive enough to be sculptures in their own right. If you plan on feeding birds only during a certain time of year, this is definitely an aspect to consider when choosing the best bird feeders for you. As semi-permanent landscape installments, you will want to take the design into consideration. Unique birdhouses and bird feeders can be conversation starters and even serve as the focal points of your landscape. Choose bird feeders and birdhouses that reflect your personality.

Of course, you can always take birdhouses (or, in some cases, bird feeders) indoors to spice up your indoor decor. This works especially well for farmhouse, rustic, or eclectic styles. However, because most species of birds only nest during a short time of the year, birdhouses could be incorporated into minimalist, Scandinavian, and Japanese decor during at least a portion of the year.

1. Bird Feeder and Lantern 3-D Wood Puzzle

Bird Feeder and Lantern 3-D Wood Puzzle

This craftsman-style bird feeder starts its life as a craft and even doubles as a lantern at night. You can choose whether you prefer the kit without lights, with solar-powered lights, or with battery-powered lights. Made from laser-cut wood, the intricate details are a conversation-starting showstopper. However, because the wood is unfinished, it will need to be painted or varnished before being hung outdoors. This opens up lots of possibilities to best complement your space’s decor. Add some layers of paint to give it a faux-weathered look or add some gold paint and rhinestones to give it a glam appearance.

2. Cobalt Blue Bottle Bird Feeder with Copper Trim

Cobalt Blue Bottle Bird Feeder with Copper Trim

A graceful silhouette and shiny copper trim give this cobalt bluebird feeder a sophisticated ambiance. In addition to being beautiful, this bird feeder is practical. The T-shaped cork is easy to pull off to refill the birdfeeder. This cobalt bluebird feeder would fit perfectly in a modern-themed or eclectic garden. Swirls of copper wire give this bird feeder enough whimsy to blend with a Bohemian landscape. If you are after a coastal theme, try adding some seashells with outdoor-grade adhesive. Versatile enough to go in any home decor theme, this bird feeder will add elegance, maturity, and a bright pop of cobalt blue to any landscape.

3. Copper Wire and Suction Cup Hummingbird Feeder

Copper Wire and Suction Cup Hummingbird Feeder

Made from high-quality materials, this minimalist hummingbird feeder is a great way to attract delicate hummingbirds right to your windows. Copper complements almost any surroundings meaning that this hummingbird feeder is compatible with a wide range of decor themes. Straight lines energize while wire coils soften to create a balanced effect. The best bird feeders are easy to refill, and this bird feeder features a modular tube system that makes refills a breeze. Because it is constructed from solid copper wire, the copper will change color over time as it is exposed to the elements.

4. Fun Handcrafted Cardinal Bird Feeder

Fun Handcrafted Cardinal Bird Feeder

A playful addition to any landscape, this cardinal bird feeder is handmade by an Amish craftsman. Bright red stands out, making this cardinal bird feeder a fantastic focal point. This is one of the best bird feeders for children or for anyone who is young at heart. Because it is sturdy and will not shatter, kids can help refill it. Painted wood needs relatively little maintenance, which means more time for bird watching. Few moving parts mean that, if needed, repairs will be easy. While unique bird feeders can be difficult to find, this vibrant red cardinal is a hidden gem.

5. Unique Natural Moss Yurt-Style Birdhouse

Unique Natural Moss Yurt-Style Birdhouse

Perfect for a fairy garden or a Scandinavian landscape, this yurt-style birdhouse is made from natural materials and hung with a metal chain. For easy cleanup, the bottom of the birdhouse is removable. While the colors are simple, the textures offer delicious complexity and visual interest. Excellent craftsmanship and natural materials make this birdhouse perfect to bring the outdoors into your home decor. Whether you spell it “fairy” or “faerie,” this is one of the best birdhouses for your wee folk’s village. If you do not like how it looks hanging, simply detach the chain for a fairy hut!

6. Hanging Glazed Stoneware Bird Feeder

Hanging Glazed Stoneware Bird Feeder

Cool blues dance in this bird feeder’s glossy glaze. The base is wheel-thrown, but the details are carved by hand to create an utterly unique bird feeder. To best coordinate with your landscape, color options range from rich royal blue to a sandy tan. The design is simple and requires no parts to be removed to refill the birdseed. However, the string included hanging the bird feeder is biodegradable and would need to be replaced after the first season. Of course, you could hang this bird feeder using whatever medium you like — as long as it is sturdy enough to support a ceramic bird feeder.

7. Minimalist Copper Wire & Cup Hummingbird Feeders

Minimalist Copper Wire & Cup Hummingbird Feeders

Chic and simple, these hummingbird feeders are easy to hang, easy to refill, and easy on the eyes. These wire cups are the best bird feeders to prevent bees, ants, and wasps from stealing food from any visiting hummingbirds. Because the containers are small enough to prevent non-hummingbird consumption, you will need to change these out every day. Two feeding cups are included. One awesome idea is to use these to upgrade your hummingbird feeder into a hummingbird restaurant. Practicalities aside, these hummingbird feeders are graceful and will look great in any landscape. Delightfully delicate with a minimalist approach, these unique bird feeders look at home wherever they are placed.

8. Spacious Victorian Birdhouse with Distressed Finish

Spacious Victorian Birdhouse with Distressed Finish

Handmade from Eastern white pine, this birdhouse is available with four roof color options. While the paint is rated for outdoor use, this birdhouse would look great with interior decor as well. The relatively simple design opens up lots of possibilities for customization — if you are comfortable adding to it. If you are artistic, you could paint flowers or designs on the side. To make this birdhouse fit with a fairy garden, try adding glitter to the roof. Of course, if the distressed look matches your space, keep this birdhouse exactly how it is. If you decide to place it outdoors, birds will think it is an awesome idea to move in right away.

9. Rustic Red Barn Birdhouse with Metal Roof

Rustic Red Barn Birdhouse with Metal Roof

Patches of rust and a sturdy wire coil perch give this rustic birdhouse plenty of ruggedly rural character. Although a thick coat of red paint is applied, the rough wood still makes this one of the most unique birdhouses available. Exuding authenticity, the roof on this birdhouse is actually repurposed from a chicken house. When it is not a nesting season, add this birdhouse to your indoor decor for a fun rustic vibe. While this birdhouse was made for farmhouse decor themes, you could add some creative embellishments to make it work in eclectic or coastal themes.

10. Teacup, Saucer, and Bent Spoon Bird Feeder

Teacup, Saucer, and Bent Spoon Bird Feeder

With a spoon stamped with “here birdie,” this is one of the most unique bird feeder ideas. For maximum eclectic effect, you can select whether you would like the cup and saucer to be matched or mismatched. Anyone with a whimsical streak or a princess-themed garden will love these unique bird feeders. The open design makes them easy to refill. Although this bird feeder is highly breakable, a few chips would only give it more character. Offering a creative mix of sophistication and capriciousness, these teacup bird feeders are elegant enough for French cottage decor while being ridiculous enough for Bohemian spaces.

11. Eco-Friendly Bird Feeder for Fruit

Eco-Friendly Bird Feeder for Fruit

Made from repurposed plant pots, this bird feeder helps prevent plastic from going into landfills and waterways. Instead of using birdseed, you can use old fruit that would otherwise be thrown away or composted. However, pesky squirrels have been known to steal the fruit. Because it is shaped like a whole note, it is an awesome idea for anyone who loves music. When it is not loaded with fruit, it looks like a sculpture. The clean construction makes this bird feeder suitable for modern, minimalist, and industrial decor. Use twine for hanging, and it would look great in a farmhouse theme.

12. Hand-Blown Kennedy Style Hummingbird Feeder

Hand-Blown Kennedy Style Hummingbird Feeder

Although these hummingbird feeders are small, they guarantee fresh nectar for any fluttering friends. Smaller capacity does mean that they will need to be refilled more often. They are designed to reduce drips, which means fewer thieving wasps, bees, and ants. Unlike other glass garden decorations, these bird feeders are made from Pyrex-grade glass to help promote sturdiness. When the sun catches these hummingbird feeders, they look like jewels suspended in the air. Each Kennedy Style Hummingbird Feeder is a work of art in its own right. Because they are both versatile and beautiful, these are the best bird feeders for any landscape theme.

13. Mystical 14-Karat Gold & Stained Glass Wildlife Feeder

Mystical 14-Karat Gold & Stained Glass Wildlife Feeder

Magical wire swirls and copper leaves embellish this enchanting staked bird feeder. You can use over-ripe fruit, birdseed, or simply water to attract different kinds of wildlife. Butterflies may visit if you use water with some pebbles for perching. The dish is made from gold infused with stained glass to give an ethereal appearance. This wildlife feeder can add a shining splash of color to a monochromatic landscape. Perfect for use in a fairy garden, these unique bird feeders look like ephemeral sculptures when not being used as feeders. Because they are reinforced in 14 places, these wildlife feeders are durable.

14. Repurposed Beer Bottle Hummingbird Feeder

Repurposed Beer Bottle Hummingbird Feeder

Textured glass, blue gems, and tinned copper wire come together to elevate an empty beer bottle into something beautiful. Twirling wire softens the piece and gives it rambling energy. Textured glass, smooth beer bottle, and faceted false gems contrast for some textural variety. Cool blues and relaxing greens add vibrant color to any landscape. Pair it with bunches of bright flowers or use it as a focal point in your landscape — whichever works best for you. Depending on what your fluttering friends prefer, you do have the option to include a perch. Because this feeder is larger, you would not need to refill it as often.

15. Chicken Feeder & Mason Jar Farmhouse Bird Feeder

Chicken Feeder & Mason Jar Farmhouse Bird Feeder

With options for finch food or larger seeds, these are some of the best bird feeders for farmhouse-inspired landscapes. To provide even more fun, this bird feeder is a kit that you get to assemble. Unfading UV-resistant sunflower decals are optional upgrades for this bird feeder — if sunflowers work in your space. However, if you are crafty, you could also paint the mason jar to customize them to your space. One awesome idea would be to paint several mason jars for different seasons and holidays. Because of the flat bottom, you could set this bird feeder on the ground and use it as a squirrel feeder.

16. Cedar TARDIS Doctor Who Bird House

Cedar TARDIS Doctor Who Bird House

One of the best birdhouses for fans of the BBC show Doctor Who, this public call box is a fun way to showcase your personality. This iconic blue phone booth includes three entrance sizes to best accommodate the birds you are trying to attract. Because it is decorated with exterior-grade paints and stains, you do not have to worry about fading paint. Cedar is a natural insect repellent. When it is not the nesting season for your favorite avian species, you can always bring it inside for some playful decor. Only one question remains: is this TARDIS birdhouse bigger on the inside?

17. Extra Large Eight-Room Octagon Birdhouse

Extra Large Eight-Room Octagon Birdhouse

Even though this birdhouse does not include a post, this is one of the best birdhouses for large groups of birds. Handcrafted by an Amish artisan, this birdhouse features a removable roof for easy cleaning. Because of the classic architecture, this birdhouse will blend in almost any landscape or garden. It is available in five color options to best meld with the scenery. Made from a poly-cedar material, this birdhouse is designed to stand up to the elements and provide a safe shelter for nesting birds. Although you could bring it indoors during the non-nesting season, this birdhouse might take up too much room.

18. Fancy Gazebo Bird Feeder with Handcrafted Details

Fancy Gazebo Bird Feeder with Handcrafted Details

One of the most unique bird feeders designed for large groups of birds, this gazebo-style bird feeder is both practical and versatile. Although the spindles are a little fancy for Scandinavian decor, the colors are neutral enough to be comfortable with a Scandinavian theme. To achieve an oasis effect, plant big bunches of flowers around the base of this gazebo bird feeder. One inconvenience for this bird feeder is that you will need to purchase the post separately. This bird feeder is made from a poly-cedar material and is handcrafted by Amish artisans.

18 Cool Birdhouses and Bird Feeders that Attract Birds and Look Awesome

Discovering the perfect birdhouse or bird feeder for your landscape means finding a harmonious balance of practicality, appearance, and personality. Often, that means examining birdhouse design, determining what kinds of birds you hope to attract, and identifying the right je ne sais quoi. Do you need the most efficient bird feeder, or are you looking for a decorative garden sculpture that doubles as a wildlife feeder?

You will also need to decide how much time and energy you can devote to this fun and relaxing hobby. Smaller hummingbird feeders require daily maintenance while larger hummingbird feeders can be left alone for long. Some birdhouses can be easily dismantled for cleaning while others require screwdrivers. Of course, this regularly required maintenance can lead to zen reflections as well as relaxation.

Once you have figured out what is right for your lifestyle, you can embark on your own bird-tending adventure. Whether you plan on feeding iridescent hummingbirds or housing playful purple martins, there are unique birdhouses and bird feeders perfect for your landscape. Be careful — it is known that one bird feeder leads to two. Two leads to three. Before long, you may be operating a full bed and breakfast for feathery fluttering friends.

Best Unique Bird Feeders and Houses

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