23 Creative Decoupage Ideas that the Whole Family will Adore


Are you in the mood for a new crafting project? Then perhaps you should try your hand at decoupage. If you haven’t heard of it before, the decoupage is a centuries-old art technique that requires decorating objects using paper cutouts and other decorative effects. Whether you have done this in the past or not, if you feel fresh out of inspiration, the following list of the best decoupage ideas should keep your hands and mind busy.

23 Gorgeous Decoupage Ideas for Your Next Crafting Project

Decoupage Ideas

Decoupage is a fun art style to tackle as a DIY project for numerous reasons. One of the most prominent reasoning is that you don’t need a certain set of skills to do it. Those of you new to this art technique can still create beautiful pieces to decorate your home with or give to friends and loved ones. In fact, the decoupage is a type of art project that can be fun for the whole family.

Another exciting aspect of decoupage crafts is that the opportunities for what you can make are near-endless. Do you have an old table or chair that is in desperate need of an upgrade? Decoupage is a wonderful way for you to add new life without resorting to tablecloths or other coverings bought from the store. Or perhaps you want to liven up those blank dresser drawers with something more pleasing to look at? The decoupage can do that as well. You can even use the art style for coasters, storage boxes, and much more.

With how many avenues you can travel down with decoupage, it is understandable if the ideas become too overwhelming. Below are 23 ideas that should help you find the right decoupage projects for your next crafting session.

1. Artistic Decoupage Storage Box Organizers

Artistic Decoupage Storage Box Organizers

It isn’t uncommon to use storage boxes to get a handle on clutter or stash various supplies, toys, and whatever else you have lying around. Those can still look a bit bland, however. Using decoupage techniques on wooden storage boxes is an awesome idea to elevate common organization into artistic wonders. With a white gesso base and acrylic paints of your choice, you can create a solid foundation for your chosen paper cutouts. This project gives you plenty of room to mix and match different colors and patterns. You can even choose different types of boxes if you want to get more creative.

2. Beautiful Decorative Decoupage Pencil Holder

Beautiful Decorative Decoupage Pencil Holder

Larger, bold projects are commonplace, but you don’t need to resort to such crafting to take advantage of decoupage techniques. Instead, why don’t you opt for something more low-key, yet still effective like a pencil holder? Some of the best decoupage projects are smaller in scale, and this wooden box pencil holder is no different. Whether you have an office space or an art area for sketching and drawing, you need something to contain all those pens and pencils. Why not make the box more unique with decoupage artwork? With the right paper cutout design and paint to go along with it, you don’t have to limit yourself with such a small workspace.

3. Cool Elegant Decoupage Drawer Liners

Cool Elegant Decoupage Drawer Liners

You can easily resort to buying a fancy liner for your drawer so you’re not staring at blank wood, but it’s far more fun to create something truly unique through decoupage. This is an art project that you can widen further if you already plan on decorating or painting the dresser or shelf in question. With decoupage, you can give your furniture a more thorough transformation from head to toe. This is a process that can make an older dresser look new. It can even be a great way to liven up the décor in a kid’s bedroom depending on the color and design choices you use.

4. Floral Rustic Decoupage Candle Coasters

Floral Rustic Decoupage Candle Coasters

Candles are not only good for their smells, but they can do wonders for general home decoration. Whether you keep them yourself or give them out as gifts around the holidays, candles need a place to rest. The right holder or coaster can bring more attention to the candles themselves, especially if they are holiday-based as they can blend in with the rest of the home’s décor. This is why a candle coaster makes for an exciting decoupage project. By combining the rural feel of wooden slabs with elegant floral artwork, you can create a beautiful rustic display to proudly show off your favorite candles.

5. DIY Decoupage Planter Drawer Project

DIY Decoupage Planter Drawer Project

If you have a love of crafting, then you may know by now how stimulating it can be to combine various techniques to create a single, unified piece of work. That is what makes this DIY planter such a fun task to tackle. It effectively brings together the joys of upcycling with the creative decoupage art style. All it takes is a small, antique drawer and you can put together a distinctive planter for your faux succulents or if you have a green thumb, a fancy home for your real plants to grow in. Don’t forget to put the handle back on when you’re finished so that the planter still has that classic feel from the original drawer design.

6. Autumn Decoupage Floral Wreath Décor

Autumn Decoupage Floral Wreath Décor

Some of the best decoupage ideas are rather extravagant, so if you have the patience and time to create a wreath, this project might be an excellent way for you to stretch your creativity and skills. There’s no better way to find inspiration than during the holiday seasons, and autumn provides numerous avenues to go down. It’s a season filled with warm colors, leaves, and festive foods like apples, and this wreath highlights all of that and more. The decoupage letter is the main focal point as it quickly captures the attention of anyone who comes to your home while still blending effortlessly with the rest of the wreath.

7. Cute Floral Napkins Decoupage Wood Furniture

Cute Floral Napkins Decoupage Wood Furniture

When you search for a DIY project, there are seemingly endless ideas and suggestions for how you can transform older furniture into something fresher and attractive. This latest decoupage craft is no less fun, however. Have you accumulated some of those cute floral napkins or noticed them in the store? They’re commonplace, but utilizing them in a decoupage project for your wooden furniture takes them to new heights. Such a pattern can work well throughout your home, but it can look especially appealing in a little girl’s bedroom. Consider combining it with a dresser that’s painted lighter, pastel-like colors to take full advantage of the floral style.

9. Cool Designer Decoupage Table Top

Cool Designer Decoupage Table Top

There is no need to pay a designer price for a tabletop that looks high-end as long as you have the right DIY tools at your disposal. One of the many fun things about decoupage projects is that they can often morph furniture and décor into pieces that look like they came directly from the store rather than created by your hand. All you have to do is find some wallpaper that you have love and get to work on this decoupage craft job. Beyond the results of your work merely looking good and perhaps covering up the marks of an aging table, the wallpaper provides a pleasant barrier against spills and scratches. This way, your artwork may help your furniture hold up to frequent use and abuse over time.

10. Upholstered Fabric Design Decoupage Furniture

Upholstered Fabric Design Decoupage Furniture

Now, this furniture isn’t precisely “upholstered”, but DIY project grants you the ability to create that look without all the expense that comes along with it. The decoupage comes in handy with creating timeless looks. Rather than paper, this project urges you to tackle fabric as it allows your furniture like chairs to feel as good as they look. The use of fabric for your decoupage crafting can make wooden chairs far more comfortable than they initially were. It is a creative way for you to customize furniture around your home without taking up too much time or expenses.

11. Beautiful Vintage Decoupage Dress Form

11. Beautiful Vintage Decoupage Dress Form

There is something undeniably appealing about those classic dress forms, but it’s something that, unfortunately, all of us can’t seem to find. Thankfully, you can add a timeless style to a newer dress form instead of using age-old decoupage techniques. With this project, you can utilize sheet music in an incredibly unique way by printing graphics onto the sheets rather than on plain paper. From there, you can construct a breathtaking dress form that looks like it’s decades-old. This can serve as simple décor for your home, or you can use it to show off clothing and jewelry.

12. Nautical Map Tray Decoupage Décor

Nautical Map Tray Decoupage Décor

Source: kenarry.com

Do you happen to have an old map and a used wooden tray lying around the home? There is no need to get rid of either one of those objects. Instead, these two seemingly unrelated things can come together to form gorgeous décor. Once you prepare the wooden tray, you can get to work on attaching the map. As you paint the tray, it helps if you stick to a nautical theme that closely matches the map. This is an awesome idea if you need décor to stand out in a room that focuses largely on sea life, boats, and exploration.

13. Upcycled Fabric Decoupage Dresser Drawers

Upcycled Fabric Decoupage Dresser Drawers

Some of the greatest decoupage projects stem from the incredible art of upcycling, and these dresser drawers can attest to that. You can accomplish such a stunning art craft using any fabric you desire. However, an intricate design may help a revamped dresser shine in the limelight a little more. When you’re out shopping for fabric, keep in mind the color that the dresser or cabinet is or the hue you wish to paint on it. From there, you’ll have a far easier time choosing the perfect fabric pattern for your decoupage project.

14. Wooden Upcycled Decoupage Wall Art

Wooden Upcycled Decoupage Wall Art

Wooden hanger signs manage the job of holding up your coats, scarves, and jackets well enough, but they aren’t usually much to look at. The joys of decoupage come into play here yet again in this upcycling project. This is an awesome idea that lets you add a touch of fun and style to common hanger signs, transforming them into appealing artwork instead of just something to throw your coat on. There is no real limit to how you can tackle this craft. You can utilize any images you find in magazines, colored paper, or your favorite photos.

15. Tin Can Decoupage Succulent Planters

Tin Can Decoupage Succulent Planters

There are plenty of planters you can find for your succulents, but decoupage crafting can help you create something different and more personal. Succulents are adorable enough on their own, so they deserve a cute place to rest and grow in. Tin cans may not seem like much at first glance, but they offer such a blank canvas that you can take them to incredible decorative levels with simple decoupage. If you don’t have succulents, these planters can make for the perfect gift for friends, teachers, or loved ones.

16. Creative Colorful Decoupage Candle Décor

Creative Colorful Decoupage Candle Décor

Candles are useful to have around as they can adjust a room’s atmosphere with little effort. However, they aren’t much to look at truly. Well, decoupage crafting can switch that around in no time. The best decoupage ideas are ones that can elevate the most common of objects and morph them into something more pleasing to the eye. Colorful, patterned napkins laid against plain candles are all it takes in this case. You can set them up around your home to draw the eye, or you can hand them out as presents on special occasions.

17. Fourth of July Holiday Decoupage Centerpiece

Fourth of July Holiday Decoupage Centerpiece

Just about anyone with a strong interest in crafts understands the bubbling excitement when a holiday rolls around the corner. The Fourth of July is filled with red, white, and blue, so there is not too much you can do in this case. With that said, it’s still possible to make an eye-catching decoration as with this cool centerpiece. It’s simply Styrofoam balls decked out with patriotic napkins, something that should be plentiful when it’s time for the holiday. They can make for a great centerpiece for the next Fourth of July barbeque or cookout party.

18. DIY Burlap Decoupage Coffee Cabinet

DIY Burlap Decoupage Coffee Cabinet

Decoupage is not just about paper or traditional fabric cutouts. You can take something unexpected like burlap and achieve fantastic results as well. If you have an old cabinet or simply want to add more emphasis to your coffee bar, then this sweet decoupage project might be ideal for you. The burlap with old coffee-themed tags designed on it can add a strong vintage and rustic vibe to your home decoration. You’re able to teleport to a classic café without ever having to leave your home.

19. Cute Black and White Decoupage Family Monogram

Cute Black and White Decoupage Family Monogram

Many of us have beloved pictures of our loved ones that never fail to make us smile. Although they look perfectly fine nestled inside a photo album, you can show off your favorite snapshots on a grander scale with this decoupage monogram. Feel free to use your letter of choice for this project. The most important aspect here is discovering which pictures you want to make copies of and print out. You can even enlist the rest of the family in with this so that everyone has a favorite image on the wall. No matter what you choose, this is the type of DIY project that can hold a special place in your heart for years to come.

20. Brightly Colored Decoupage Flower Pots

Brightly Colored Decoupage Flower Pots

Do you know those basic Terracotta plant holders? They might be the most typical pots that you can find as they do the job well enough. These can also serve as great bases for your next decoupage crafting project. Likewise with other decoupage crafts, the sky is the limit when it comes to how you decorate these flower pots. You can work with various pretty napkins, postcards, or other scraps you find around your home or from magazines. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles if you have several plants as this is an exciting way to bring even more life to your plant décor.

21. Decoupage Tissue Paper Sea Glass Vase

Decoupage Tissue Paper Sea Glass Vase

Have you ever seen sea glass before? It’s a gorgeous treasure from the ocean that once started as junk. This beauty is also something not readily accessible to everyone, so we all can’t stare at this wonder every day in the comfort of our homes. It’s amazing then that you can create a similar effect using decoupage techniques and colored tissue paper. Just take a mason jar, and you can make a stunning sea glass vase that serves as beach-themed décor. Alternatively, you can drop a battery tea light candle inside and turn it into a nightlight, which is something that may look beautiful in a young child’s bedroom.

22. Elegant Decoupage Glass Serving Platters

Elegant Decoupage Glass Serving Platters

If you want to test your crafting skills in more than one area, consider this gorgeous glass serving platter project. This technique brings together glass candle holders and clear glass plates to create the perfect serving dishes for your dining room table. It combines the art of decoupage with stencils and spraypaint. This may seem like much at first glance, more so for those of you just beginning your decoupage journey, but the stunning serving platters and compass designs that you wind up with at the end makes the time spent on the project worth it.

23. Floral Patterned Decoupage Wooden Chair

Floral Patterned Decoupage Wooden Chair

Wooden chairs no longer have to be boring if decoupage crafting has anything to say about it. This is a rather extensive piece of work as you are covering the entire chair, but you’ll be pleased by your efforts. Be sure that the napkins layered on the seat of the chair repeat their pattern so that everything will flow seamlessly. Once you get to the rest of the chair, there’s no need to worry much about uniformity. As this craft can take some time, this might be a fun one to recruit extra help from a spouse or the kids.

23 Fun Decoupage Ideas to Liven up Your Home Décor in a New Way

It is remarkably easy to become entranced with the art of decoupage. The technique is exciting, addictive, versatile, and doesn’t require skills built up over the years to create something that looks good. It is such a user-friendly crafting technique that you can enlist the kids and make it a family project.

The best decoupage ideas are ones that you simply have fun with. They allow you to create beautiful décor or useful items out of things you may have thrown out on any other occasion. Your creations can look good around your home or serve well as presents for special occasions and holidays. We hope that our recommendations ignite your imagination and lead you down a creative path.