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17 Amazing DIY Orange Ornaments for that Perfect Splash of Color

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-03-18

By having some of the best orange ornaments, you can spice up your holiday décor, adding just the right amount of color to help everything stand out.

17 Vibrant DIY Orange Ornaments to Spruce Up Your DĂ©cor

Who doesn’t love decorating the tree or various places around the house with ornaments? As far as items go, they are among the most versatile to use, especially the ones that are more unique. That’s where oranges come in. Oranges are great tools to use to create ornaments that are distinct and fun to look at. There is a certain amount of charm that this fruit gives off that allows them to instantly capture attention.

Another wonderful reason for experimenting with homemade ornaments using oranges is the versatility they give you. You can use the slices, thick or thin, and even add on some more decorations to make them match the rest of the décor. Alternatively, you can opt for just letting the slices speak for themselves or even the entire orange cut into halves or other individual shapes. The opportunities are just about endless. More so, you can use oranges or the fall season or for the winter holidays. They can fit right in either way you go about it.

Because of the many ways you can turn an orange into an ornament, you may not know exactly where to begin. They can work well when used for a garland, hanging effortlessly anywhere you wish it to in the home. Oranges can also do wonders when used on a wreath, creating an especially appealing contrast against darker colorings typically seen around the autumn season.

There are many ways to go about handling oranges for ornament decorations. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran at DIY projects, our list of some of our favorite handmade orange decorations should put you on the right path.

1. Dried Orange Rustic Holiday Wreath

Dried Orange Rustic Holiday Wreath

Those rural holiday wreaths are such a gem to hang up. They easily remind you of the outdoors, and when used around the interior of your home, can blend with ease if you have other rustic décor surrounding it. What is better about this is that you can readily use a store-bought wreath that isn’t completely filled up, simply adding the dried orange slices to the other side so that both the greenery and the orange coloring equally stand out. This can be a handy and fun project for those of you perhaps new to creating homemade crafts.

2. Dried Orange and Clove Garland

Dried Orange and Clove Garland

Dehydrating oranges can not only ensure that your home smells great, but also that your decorations will last through multiple seasons as long as you store them safely. This project goes beyond just using orange slices, however, to create a garland. Adding in whole cloves to the oranges is such a perfect way to separate the usual coloring of the orange and instead provide an incredible distinction that allows the eye to travel freely across the entire decoration. Speaking of the rest of the garland, the use of greenery like rosemary is another fun way to provide additional coloring to the piece.

3. Charming Hanging Orange Bird Feeders

Charming Hanging Orange Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are such a treat to see, especially homemade ones. You can make them even more appealing and fitting for the season when you use oranges as your base for the feeders. Sliced in half and hollowed out, the orange will work especially well. There is more than enough room to add in the food for the birds, and you can make several of them to string up around the trees outside your home. From there, you are able to have bird feeders that look good, smell good, and are simply cool to watch birds feed off of.

4. Exciting DIY Citrus Peel Garland

Exciting DIY Citrus Peel Garland

Some of the best orange ornaments can completely transform the orange into something that is far more distinctive instead. This particular project does not just use the orange slice. Rather, it has you utilizing the peels in such a grand way that it makes it even easier to completely personalize your holiday décor. You can take letter stencils to better create whatever saying you’d like to be on your garland. Make it as festive or as personal to your family as you wish. Better yet, this is something that kids can help out with if you have them. It makes for a treat too seeing as you can simply eat the leftover oranges afterward.

5. Cool Orange Slice Christmas DĂ©cor

Cool Orange Slice Christmas DĂ©cor

If you are looking to bring in some nostalgia to your holiday décor, this orange slice project will help you do it. It’s completely simple to handle too, making it a quick craft once the orange slices are done drying out. You don’t even have to just use these on your main Christmas tree. These orange ornaments also work well being hung up on smaller holiday décor such as mini trees. You can make up something to hang them by such as a string of various colors, or you can go the even simpler route and use the hooks you would typically hang your usual ornaments up by as they can hold well.

6. Holiday Decorative Dried Orange Decorations

Holiday Decorative Dried Orange Decorations

A cute way to dress up your home or the holidays is not just by using oranges to create a garland, but to use a mixture of oranges and blood oranges. This blend will provide such an interesting contrast of coloring that will make the end decoration such excitement to look at. The garland also uses plenty of holiday-themed items that further brings it to life once you hang it up. From the leaves to the wooden balls, and especially to the tassels whether bought or made, everything about this garland speaks of the season. The oranges are the glue that holds it all together.

7. Elegant Dried Orange Garland DĂ©cor

Elegant Dried Orange Garland DĂ©cor

You don’t need to do much to create a decorative garland that is a thrill to look at. It turns simplicity into something that is still elegant. The dried orange slices provide the coloring, of course, while adding a touch of texture to the garland. You can simply use string to hang it all up too without adding anything extra that may detract from the oranges themselves. For more texture, utilize various size wooden beads for support at either end of the garland. Throwing in some tassels can further emphasize the holiday theme.

8. Adorable DIY Orange Peel Ornaments

Adorable DIY Orange Peel Ornaments

To create these beautiful and adorable ornaments, all you need are some orange peels and some strong food stencils. You can use anything you’d like from stars to hearts. The smaller ones are useful if you are looking to create something that has a bit more uniqueness to it. Plus, by opting for something smaller, you can make plenty of these to string up all around the tree. This size also makes it easier to hang with some simple string. It’s especially cute for kids, but this project also creates some of the best orange ornaments that all ages can love creating and looking at afterward.

9. Easy DIY Orange Slice Hoop Wreath

Easy DIY Orange Slice Hoop Wreath

Hoop wreaths are an exciting tool for any DIYer to use. They provide plenty of freedom to create whatever vibe you’d like. As such, you can freely add the dried orange slices along with other decorative items that work well with the holidays. This includes tossing in some greenery for a difference in the coloring. Maybe even add some outdoor items like pinecones or even some fun things such as ribbons and anything else you deem festive. The hoop can also help you blend the wreath into the rest of your home’s décor so that it fits better overall.

10. Versatile DIY Orange Slice Garland

Versatile DIY Orange Slice Garland

There’s something to be said about dried orange slices that allow them for use from wreaths, to garland, to simply ornaments on the tree. If you don’t want to use regular oranges, then you can go for blood oranges. They can easily offer a far darker appearance for a wonderful contrast with anything else you have hanging around it. The darker oranges can help bring out the brightness of Christmas or fall decorations, making everything blend just right.

11. Unique Dried Orange Seasonal Wreath

Unique Dried Orange Seasonal Wreath

Hanging up wreaths can help truly cement the holiday into (or outside) your home. When you hang one on the front door, it is the first thing that anyone sees, making it an instant attention snapper. So, if you opt to use one outside, why not make it so appealing that everyone will want to learn where you got it from? Everyone will be appreciative of how you transformed handmade orange decorations into a gorgeous wreath. You can even slice these oranges into various thicknesses since the dehydration process may shrink them anyway, but the differences can help the wreath have more movement and stand out well.

12. Classic Dried Orange Slice Garland

Classic Dried Orange Slice Garland

Adorning your home with colorful garlands will let every guest know exactly how you feel about the holidays. What’s more, is that you don’t have to go too far with it all. Instead, blending the orange with the greenery of a traditional garland will work out well. Opting for pale greenery is especially fitting too. It bounces off well with the coloring of the dried orange slices while not detracting from whatever color theme you’re going for with the rest of your decorations. In fact, this adds a nice classic touch to your décor, one that leans toward something rustic.

13. Awesome Dried Orange Slice and Cinnamon Decorations

Awesome Dried Orange Slice and Cinnamon Decorations

Combining orange slices with cinnamon sticks can help you thoroughly capture the holiday feeling. The brown and orange colors work in sync with each other so effortlessly that they won’t even look like you made them. Once they are all tied together, you can do almost anything with them. Tie them to a wreath if you’d like, hanging them up outside the home or inside on various doors. Otherwise, they can readily work when hanging from the Christmas tree with both the cinnamon and the dried oranges giving off such stunning scents that anyone will get into the holiday mood right away.

14. Sweet Christmas Tree Orange Ornaments

Sweet Christmas Tree Orange Ornaments

Whether you have a green tree or a white one, using orange slices for ornaments will easily capture anyone’s attention as they add a lovely sense of flow throughout the Christmas tree. They are also simply cool to look at and admire, allowing your decorations to stand out more than anything. It can also be a fun and delicious project to do with children, letting them create ornaments that will stand the test of time considering the slices are dry. You can top these slices off with a nice bow that further contributes to just how festive the ornaments will look hanging up.

15. Lovely Scented DIY Orange Ornaments

Lovely Scented DIY Orange Ornaments

Source: 31daily.com

These orange ornaments are just in time for the holidays. They are simple to do and create such a great aroma that will make anyone feel the happy and joyous vibe for the season. The oranges aren’t the only things that will stand out in these decorations either. Rather, you can bake some cloves into them, adding another lovely layer of fragrance and breaking up the coloring a bit for contrast purposes. Further differences can be found depending on what you use to hang the ornaments up with. Some ribbon fitting for the holidays will do just fine in allowing you to stick with a specific theme.

16. Easy and Festive Orange Slice Ornaments

Easy and Festive Orange Slice Ornaments

With this orange ornament project, you can make festive decorations in time for the holiday using items you may already have in your home. If not, they are easy enough to come by. Dehydrating the orange slices allows them to look just as colorful while also filling up your home with such a captivating and delicious scent that will put anyone in the mood for the holidays. As for stringing them up, the use of cinnamon sticks can further help reign in the season. The coloring also provides such beautiful contrast that helps make these DIY orange ornaments even more stunning when they’re hanging up.

17. Amazing DIY Orange Peel Candles

Amazing DIY Orange Peel Candles

You can transform oranges into something more than just your typical ornaments. Rather, they can be used to create décor that’s also functional. These hollowed-out oranges are ideal for mini candles. It’s also a fun task if you’ve never made your own candles before. When lit, they can give off such a pleasant odor that you will want to light them all the time. Consider even adding in some essential oil if you want to create a stronger fragrance to fill your home with.

17 Fun DIY Orange Ornaments to Personalize Your DĂ©cor and Add More Color

Out of everything you can use to create ornaments at home, oranges are among the perfect tools for the season. They have a lowkey excitement about them as they are interesting and unique to work with considering you can mold them in so many ways to create the exact vibe you’re aiming for. It’s a nice way to add a personal touch to your seasonal décor. Additionally, by using real oranges, you can also bring in such a pleasant citrus scent to your home that further blends perfectly with the holidays too.

Best of all: you don’t even need to have any experience with DIY crafts in order to make such wonderful works of artistic décor. The only difficulty you may encounter is choosing what project to do in the first place. Or if you don’t want to settle down on just one, you can make a theme out of your décor with the oranges by utilizing them throughout such as with garland, wreaths, and of course, tree ornaments. So, we hope that our list can help shed some light on what path (or paths) to travel down so that you can adorn your home with some of the best orange ornaments to kick off the holiday season with.

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