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20 DIY Santa Ornaments to Personalize Your Tree this Christmas

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-03-18

When you want personal décor for your Christmas tree, the best DIY Santa ornaments are an excellent route to down. Christmas is looming on the horizon. So, you know what that means. It’s time to whip out all the decorations from items to hang on the wall to décor for the tree. Ornaments are incredible to work with when you decorate thanks to their versatility in theme, shape, and size. You aren’t stuck just buying them from the store either as sometimes it can be tough finding exactly what you want. In this case, you can try your hand at homemade ornaments.

Fun Homemade Santa Ornaments to Make with the Family

With homemade ornaments, you can provide a fun personal touch to your Christmas décor. There are many ways to approach this, but Santa is always a cool theme to work with. It may be an obvious theme, but it is one that works thanks to the various ways you can decorate with Santa. He makes for key handmade paper Christmas decorations the whole family can enjoy making.

So, where do you want to begin? Do you want to craft something to show off Santa entirely? There is obviously a lot of creativity in making a piece like that. Or maybe you want to just focus on the head? Santa is a perfect theme to work with when you only want to use the head. It is a common decorative feature, one you can craft all on your own when you make homemade Santa ornaments. If you are still feeling a bit stuck, you can check out our list of our favorite best DIY Santa ornaments. We hope that these serve as the perfect inspiration you need to start crafting some stunning Santa decorations for your tree.

1. Charming Santa Cam Ornament Design

Charming Santa Cam Ornament Design

Put a spin on the traditional Santa ornament decoration with these cute Santa Cam creations. The project takes an ordinary ornament and transforms it into something that leaves a bigger impact on your holiday decorations. It is a fun way to tell kids that Santa is always watching, so they should remain on their best behavior. You can easily align this with the rest of your tree’s decorations as you can color the ornament as you see fit. Cute and funny, it is a great way to kick off the season.

2. Paper Santa Clause Head Ornament

Paper Santa Clause Head Ornament

Give a fun project for the kids to keep them busy this holiday season when they make these sweet paper Santa Clause crafts. They can go all out when creating the beard and the puff around the hat. This project can give them all the freedom in the world to build up something fun to hang up on the Christmas tree. You can opt for any size that will work for your tree too depending on the size of the paper that you use. No matter what, the kids will enjoy themselves and appreciate hanging up their work for all to see.

3. Exciting Pom Pom Santa Gnome Ornaments

Exciting Pom Pom Santa Gnome Ornaments

Do you want several ornaments to hang around the tree to blend in with the rest of your décor? Well, you can do so with these mini Santa gnome ornaments. These are based off a gnome design, so they already stand out. The pom poms are perfect for the Santa beard as they come across as thick and full of life. They also help you make the ideal shape for hanging up several of these little gnome fellas all around the tree. Consider going for different colors beyond the traditional red too if you want something to stand out even more.

4. Salt Dough Handprint Santa Ornament

Salt Dough Handprint Santa Ornament

Salt dough designs are a fun way to bring kids in on holiday decorating, plus they can get their hands a little dirty. A handprint is a great shape when it comes to creating a distinctive Santa head. Fingers look like adorable stand-ins for the beard, and the rest of the hand with the thumb makes for a wonderful Santa hat. Once you slap on some paint, you will see how it all comes together and how Santa comes to life. Depending on everyone in your household, you can easily have some of these handprint Santa designs in various sizes.

5. Craft Sticks Santa Clause Ornament

Craft Sticks Santa Clause Ornament

With some craft sticks, you can throw together incredible handmade Santa crafts using craft sticks as a solid base. This gives you plenty of space to experiment with creating a distinctive-looking Santa face and head. It balances simplicity and creativity with how much a piece like this can stand out. There isn’t too much going on, but it has enough from the full beard to the adorable red nose to snatch the attention of anyone who walks by the tree. So, consider creating several of these cute Santa Clause ornaments as they blend well with any style.

6. Wine Cork Santa Head Ornament

Wine Cork Santa Head Ornament

Looking for a way to craft a Santa Clause head on a smaller scale? Well, do you have a wine cork? A wine cork is a wonderful little tool that gives you all the foundation you need to create a Santa Clause head. Pom poms and cotton balls go a long way into creating that classic Santa look with a more modern spin to it. The googly eyes are an added cute factor to this Santa. In the end, you have a gorgeous little Santa to hang up on your tree for all to see.

7. Stylish Santa Clause Cone Gnome

Stylish Santa Clause Cone Gnome

Prepare for the holidays with this gorgeous handmade Christmas gnome. Gnomes are always fun to use when it comes to decorating no matter what holiday it is. With Christmas, you can dress up a gnome in an adorable Santa outfit. Everything stands out about this gnome that will capture anyone’s attention once you hang it up. It is also a great way for you to do a little upcycling considering what this gnome is made from. So, recycle something else and save money while you create a wonderful Santa gnome.

8. Yarn-Themed Santa Ornament Design

Yarn-Themed Santa Ornament Design

Hang up an adorable, smiling Santa on your tree with this cool crafting project. Santa has a lovely distinctive look about him here with a cute smiling face applied. The yarn hat is simple, yet it is bold and vibrant enough to catch attention. Meanwhile, the yarn build looks realistic in a way that helps your eye travel to it. This gives this Santa a captivating appearance that you can enjoy hanging up on the tree year after year. Also, if you hang a few of them up, you can create a cohesive theme on your tree.

9. Stuffed Handmade Felt Santa Ornament

Stuffed Handmade Felt Santa Ornament

Felt material is a material that is typically easy enough to work with. This makes this handmade crafting project that much simpler, more so if you are not used to making things like this in the first place. You can practically make Santa’s entire body here in a compact manner. What gives this Santa craft more life is when you stuff it up. It has more life thanks to its new 3D appearance. It will instantly stand out too among the other ornaments you have hanging up, so feel free to make a few of these felt Santa Clause designs.

10. Sweet Santa Papercraft Puppet Design

Sweet Santa Papercraft Puppet Design

Bring some cuteness into the holidays with this charming Santa papercraft puppet design. Santa couldn’t look happier in this crafted project. Not only can you hang this up as an ornament, but it is a design that can also be played with if you’d like. The kids can put on a mini puppet show with this Santa before hanging him up on the tree. Also, the Santa design is bright, colorful, and attention-grabbing. It is one of the best DIY Santa ornaments that you can make with the whole family.

11. Painted Santa Clause Ornament Stones

Painted Santa Clause Ornament Stones

You can take some standard stones and elevate them into something beautiful through the creation of these incredible Santa stones. Thanks to the interesting shapes that stones already have, you can come away with some awesome handmade Santa crafts. Some of these Santa designs can have longer beards than others or shorter hats. The diversity only serves to improve the look of these stones turned hanging ornaments. These are also cute little gifts to pass around to family and friends so that everyone can have such a charming Santa on display on their tree.

12. Crochet Santa Clause Ornament Design

Crochet Santa Clause Ornament Design

Crocheting is a pleasing way to decorate when it comes to handmade crafts. So, why not bring that along when you want to create a personal Santa Clause ornament? You can go beyond that too when you decide to opt for specific shapes like a heart. The heart gives this crafted Santa a stand-out appearance. This can easily hold its own among the other decorations you will have on the tree. At the same time, Santa is boldly colored enough so that it can draw the eye to it.

13. Fun Paintbrush Handmade Santa Ornament

Fun Paintbrush Handmade Santa Ornament

Let’s think outside the box a bit when it comes to crafting Santa ornaments for the Christmas tree. Get yourself a paintbrush as it will serve as the base for your Santa design. The brushes themselves are ideal when it comes to the beards. You can add more paint beyond the face here too if you need to paint the handle to further connect with the theme in play. When you hang these up, they are an instant eye-catcher to anyone visiting your home. The design is unique, and they are small enough that you can make several of these to hang around.

14. Toilet Paper Roll Santa Gnomes

Toilet Paper Roll Santa Gnomes

Try out some handmade paper Christmas decorations in a distinctive manner by using toilet paper rolls. An affordable and creative way to have fun this holiday when it comes to crafts, these Santa gnomes look so cute and appealing in the simplest way. There is no whole body with this Santa craft as the hat and the insane beard does it all. The single large nose sticking out is all else one needs to convey the gnome and the fact that this is supposed to be Santa Clause.

15. Fun Santa Paper Lantern Ornaments

Fun Santa Paper Lantern Ornaments

Let the kids design their own personal Santa ornament with these charming paper lanterns. They can play around and doodle on their ornaments, creating any silly or sweet face for Santa. These are incredible handmade paper Christmas decorations to allow you to hang up some compelling and unique ornaments on the tree. They are a wonderful size to grab attention too. Once you hang these up, they can’t be missed. So, kids will love seeing their hard work pay off in the end as you adorn the tree with them.

16. Crafting Sticks Santa Hat Ornaments

Crafting Sticks Santa Hat Ornaments

Sometimes, what you need is a more minimalistic approach when it comes to creating Santa crafts for the holiday. In this case, consider doing something like these crafting sticks Santa hats. It is straightforward in design, but it is the simplicity found in this that makes them so inspiring. The crafting sticks and cotton balls perfectly capture the shape of Santa’s hat so that this cannot be mistaken for anything else. Thanks to this approach, you can also hang these ornaments up around the rest of your tree décor without it overpowering anything.

17. Incredible Felt Christmas Santa Designs

Incredible Felt Christmas Santa Designs

Get yourself a few different Christmas gnomes using felt material. The designs are cute and sweet, and you can make several different ones if you want to create a set of these gnome ornaments to hang up. Feel free to add on some cute designs to the hats too as these can further help the gnomes all stand out from one another. They don’t take up too much space either so you can make and hang up several throughout the tree. Stick to a Santa style with one or opt for Santa all around.

18. Happy Paper Santa Ornament Design

Happy Paper Santa Ornament Design

If you want to bring the kids in on your handmade Santa ornament designs, consider helping them create paper crafts such as this one. After they create Santa via their hand shape, they can set up any Santa expression they want with the googly eyes adding that extra fun touch. This is a nice way for kids to stretch their creativity and show off their artistic skills. Plus, they will enjoy seeing something they have made hanging up on the Christmas tree alongside all the other decorations you have.

19. Simple Santa Clause Cork Ornaments

Simple Santa Clause Cork Ornaments

Did you know just how handy those old corks can be? Well, get yourself some corks to paint some incredible Santa Clause figurines. These charming little men can take over your Christmas tree if you let them. They have sweet little faces and full beards. Hang them up throughout the tree as these handmade ornaments blend effortlessly alongside any other Christmas décor you have on the tree. These can also work out well if you want to give away some simple Christmas treats and gifts to friends and family.

20. Adorable Painted Square Santa Ornament

Adorable Painted Square Santa Ornament

Don’t want the traditional shape when it comes to your ornaments? Well, you can go untraditional here with this square-shaped ornament. It stands out right away thanks to such a varied and dimensional shape. Add on the Santa face and you have yourself an eye-catching handmade ornament. You can paint on any type of Santa face that you want as the square design of the base gives you plenty of room to play around. So, have fun with your design as you create something that is vibrant and colorful.

Beautiful Handmade Santa Crafts in Time for Christmas

It seems like the Christmas tree isn’t complete without ornaments. So, why not make your own? Personal ornaments are something you can keep time and time again and celebrate with the whole family. These handmade Santa crafts are great to make in a group or just to play around with your artistic skills all on your own. No matter your reasonings, you are always left with a conversation starter for anyone who visits your home.

If you are ever unclear about where to start, you can always refer to our list of the best DIY Santa ornaments. Santa may be the theme, but there is plenty of versatility to count on with these crafting projects. Create Santa’s head or his whole body, red suit and all. Or opt for something more unique with a gnome Santa instead. No matter, we know you’ll find something incredible to work with just in time for the holiday season. So, keep our list in mind and get started with the crafts so you can decorate that tree.

DIY Santa Ornaments

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