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13 Incredible DIY Teepee Tent for Kids to Bring Outdoor Fun Inside

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2023-09-01

The best DIY teepee tent ideas can give you a good project to tackle on a lazy day that will delight the kids. Teepees are all the rage these days when it comes to kids. It gives them a space that is theirs, somewhere they can hide away in or play in. Depending on the size of the teepee, they can have various items inside too such as pillows, blankets, and their favorite toys. Some of these tents are made exclusively for use indoors, but there are many that can be used outside as well. When you build your own handmade teepee tent, you have better control over the material so that the tent will best serve your needs.

13 Cool DIY Teepee Tent Projects to Delight Your Kids

Best DIY Teepee Tent Ideas

So, just how do you go about creating a teepee tent? No matter which way you go, the builds all have the same idea considering the general shape of a teepee. With some reliable wood and material to tie it all up, the biggest decision comes with what you want to use for the fabric. This is where your creativity truly shines. Do you want something more traditional? Then opting for white fabric material will work out best. Also, it gives you plenty of room to decorate it with accent colors through the likes of pillows. Or perhaps you want something better fitting your child’s personality? This may mean it’s filled with vibrant and loud coloring.

Just how distinctive your homemade teepee tent for kids can be is what makes it so appealing to create. If you’re in need of some guidance though, we’ve got a list of some of our favorite DIY designs. These should help steer you in a good starting direction so that you can build a fun and cool place for the kids to hang out in. Or perhaps you can make one large enough for yourself so that you have a personal little nook to relax inside.

1. Simple DIY Kid Teepee Tent

Simple DIY Kid Teepee Tent

Need an affordable DIY project? Then you should do tackle this homemade teepee tent for kids project. It’s an easy way to liven up space from the family room to their bedroom. There is such brightness found with this tent that you may not ever want to take it down once it’s finished. You can go for the nautical design too to help with that bright feeling. Also, using PVC pipes is a good way to save money on this project as well.

2. Cute Toddler Teepee Tent Design

Cute Toddler Teepee Tent Design

Sometimes, all toddlers need is something simple and cute to fulfill their desire to have a tent of their own. This teepee tent layout is fitting for use off in the corner of the bedroom, playroom, or living room. It attracts attention without overwhelming the area too as it simply blends in. Also, it works out well just using white or off-white fabric since you can easily pile on accent colors with any other extra decorations you want to add.

3. Boho Camping Teepee Tent Design

Boho Camping Teepee Tent Design

Do you need a camping tent for your child to hang around in on your next outing? This teepee is perfect for the job. Not only does it have a vintage look, but there is a touch of a bohemian design to this tent as well. This makes it more than suitable for use outdoors. It is so simple too, but this simplicity is what helps this stand out even more. Just add some comfy blankets and pillows, and you have yourself a wonderful area for the kids to hang out in and relax.

4. Classic Leather Rope Teepee Tent

Classic Leather Rope Teepee Tent

If you want a teepee design that is more old-school and classic in appearance, this teepee project will work out best. The use of the sticks really helps to emphasize the rustic, outdoorsy feel. It is fitting for a child’s bedroom or playroom that boasts a similar decorative theme, especially if you are leaving this tent up at all times. The use of a leather rope is the right material to bring this theme together too, and it is certainly distinctive to anything that you can simply buy in the store.

5. Fun and Bright No Sew Teepee Tent

Fun and Bright No Sew Teepee Tent

This colorful teepee tent offers plenty of space to play and relax inside. There is more than enough room for you to slip into the tent with your kid for some epic playtime or simply to wind down at night with a good book. Also, the wide and tall appearance of the tent can also serve to leave you room to decorate it as you wish. Get some brightly colored fabric, perhaps even different colors, to make a more appealing design so that the tent will capture attention the moment anyone enters the room to see it. It can serve as a great fit inside a bedroom or the playroom.

6. Quick and Simple Teepee Tent

Quick and Simple Teepee Tent

Just because teepee tents are used largely for kids as a play area, they also work out well for your pets. Just take this drop-cloth teepee tent for example. With all the right materials, you can possibly have this tent thrown up in ten minutes or so. This is a good option if your furry companion just can’t wait to have their own space to hang out in whether you place this in the family room or the bedroom. If you want to add a bit more to this classic teepee, you can always string up some lights around it.

7. Easy No Sew Teepee Tent

Easy No Sew Teepee Tent

For those of you ready to design a teepee, but don’t want to sew anything, this no-sew design is the perfect project for you to follow. To capture the essence of the no-sew layout, you’ll need a good helping of fabric. You can go for a single color or consider a multi-color approach that gives the teepee tent a much more bohemian-like look. Add in some matching pillows and blankets inside to go along with it to round out this style even more. Also, if you give this teepee tent some good height, it can even stay in your child’s life for years to come.

8. DIY Bedsheet Teepee Tent Design

DIY Bedsheet Teepee Tent Design

Have a bedsheet in the house you no longer need? Or maybe your child has moved onto a new bedroom design? Either way, you can use that bedsheet to create your teepee tent. This is a wonderful way to recycle those old sheets as long as the sheets themselves still look good. Another awesome thing about this tent is that it can easily be used both indoors and outdoors. Save it for that perfect sunny day to bring it out into the backyard for the kids to enjoy a bit of shade and fresh air. In fact, this design may even work out well when you need something special for a birthday party.

9. Vintage Styled DIY Drop-Cloth Teepee

Vintage Styled DIY Drop-Cloth Teepee

A drop cloth has a classic look about it, and it serves well when you’re making a teepee tent. It looks more vintage, more rustic. There is such simplicity to this tent, and the project even has a no-sew style so that those of you who are not familiar with sewing can handle this with ease. The neutral coloring option also provides you with more than enough room to add some color if you wish with decorations around or within the tent. This way, the tent can seamlessly blend in with different room styles well enough. There is some good height to this tent design too so that you can hang out in the tent with your little one.

10. Colorful Lace Design Teepee Tent

Colorful Lace Design Teepee Tent

Lace has never looked better than with this stunning teepee tent design. Going for brightly-colored lace is helpful too considering that it helps the tent stand out and capture attention right away. It honestly comes across more as decoration than just something to play around in. You can easily take this project and make a tent that is a variety of heights to accommodate different kids. Or perhaps you just want a nice little rest area for your furry family member instead? This tent is suitable for that as well, more so when you opt to build it a bit smaller.

11. Distinct Patchwork Kid Teepee Tent

Distinct Patchwork Kid Teepee Tent

When you’re in the market for a more unique teepee tent design, then this project is the right one for you to undertake. Since it goes for a no-sew approach with the patchwork style, you don’t have to create something that is absolutely flawless. Furthermore, the patchwork layout gives you room to use plenty of colors if that’s something your child enjoys. It’s an easy way to make something that is brighter and more vivid for that eccentric child. Also, leaving the opening so wide ensures that this tent will remain in your child’s life for years to come.

12. Easy Small DIY Teepee Tent

Easy Small DIY Teepee Tent

If you need the best DIY teepee tent ideas that are easy and quick, then you should give this project some thought. It makes excellent use of upcycling as the fabric can be anything in your house that you don’t need from a sheet to a dress that’s been sitting in your closet unworn for far too long. Cut and pulled the right way, and it works out remarkably well for a teepee tent. With such simplicity, this tent is most ideal for older babies and tots that need a bit of extra space to play in.

13. Personalized DIY Teepee Tent Design

Personalized DIY Teepee Tent Design

What child doesn’t like having something that they know is just for them? Well, you can ensure your child remains happy with this teepee tent design. Not only does this provide an ample amount of space for your little one to play in, but this project lets you leave a mark that’s theirs: their name. Simply place their name on the front of the tent in bold lettering colored in a way to match whatever style you’re going for, and they will love seeing that this tent will forever be theirs.

13 of the Most Adorable DIY Teepee Tent Ideas to Make Playtime More Fun

It’s easy enough to find a teepee tent, but when you make a child one that’s purely their own, they’ll love having something more unique and personal to play with. Depending on how you go about creating this tent, you can even enlist the kids for help. This is a great way for them and you to let your creative juices fly and have something worth playing with day in and day out.

Furthermore, a handmade teepee tent is a good upcycling project seeing as you can create one using items you already have around the home like a bedsheet. So, we hope that you take our ideas of some of the best DIY teepee tent ideas to heart as you embark on your next project. The kids will thank you for giving them a play area they will always remember.

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