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15 Stunning DIY Wedding Centerpieces that are Perfect for the Big Occasion

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2023-08-25

The wedding centerpiece is an important piece of decoration that can have a huge impact on your big day. It is also a piece that needs to be considered as you come up with ideas for your wedding decoration. With many of the guests likely sitting the majority of the time, they will enjoy talking and looking at the centerpieces while everyone is making speeches during the reception.

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Best DIY Wedding Centerpieces

With the table centerpieces placed strategically in the middle, they are able to draw the necessary attention from the onlooker. Plus, when the centerpiece looks cool and unique, they could even inspire your guests to come up with their own homemade wedding centerpiece ideas.

With the majority of wedding centerpieces being created professionally, there are many ideas where you can come up with the best DIY wedding centerpieces. By creating your own, you will love being creative and incorporating what you have lying around the house. From lanterns, rustic material, and candles, the handmade wedding centerpiece ideas can seem endless and even be able to save you money in the process.

Of course, the way you have your best DIY wedding centerpieces decorated is up to you, but basically the materials often used involve the following:

  • Table linen – This needs to be as decorative as the entire setting and gives the centerpiece a good foundation.
  • Chairs – Cover the chairs with matching linen to make an elegant addition to the table.
  • Place settings – Having the wedding cutlery and plates with equal design and color can make a fantastic impression.
  • Stationary – The table numbers and name cards can have edge colors matching the venue colors.
  • Party Favors – Party favors can be optional, but can include confetti and other party trinkets suitable for weddings.

While these materials are all perfect ideas to have on or around your wedding centerpiece, there are so many other ideas of what can be used to create the best DIY wedding centerpieces.

1. The Faux Flower Wedding Centerpiece

The Faux Flower Wedding Centerpiece

When you have metal cans lying around, you can get the best use out of them by incorporating them into your wedding centerpiece. Throw in a couple of candle sticks in holders and they can provide the table with a rustic feel. While both cans are able to contain flowers, they can contain one single type for each and add some greenery to change it up a bit or contain different flowers for each to create different color patterns for the centerpiece.

2. Gold Geometric Centerpiece Stand

Gold Geometric Centerpiece Stand

When you want to add a bit of geometric design into your wedding centerpiece, then this DIY gold geometric centerpiece stand will be an attention grabber. This centerpiece involves your favorite flowers being layered across the top and bottom to allow a square geometric shape to come about. Having this geometric centerpiece makes a great stand that can easily incorporate the place setting and individual candles. You can take it up a notch and add greenery to the stand itself for a bit more body and without taking away from other details.

3. White Orchid Wreath Wedding Centerpiece

White Orchid Wreath Wedding Centerpiece

Having this handmade wedding centerpiece allows the orchid to be the star of the table. As a wreath, it is able to combine everything and easily hold a candle in the center. With the hint of green foliage, the color is a good mix for a white wedding. Lay this centerpiece on white linen and you get an elegant table setting that guests will enjoy sitting among. Plus, the orchid wreath is able to provide sophistication and grace with orchids that are open and those that have not bloomed.

4. Incorporate a Bit of Fall

Incorporate a Bit of Fall

When you love a full centerpiece of beautiful flowers, it is able to offer the table with freshness and color. With an array of orchids and lilies making up the majority of the centerpiece, the rose around the center can add some function and depth. With the rose gold utensils matching the base of the centerpiece, the entire arrangement comes together with the red decor draping from above. The rose gold wishbone adds some additional decoration as if to make a wish.

5. The Garland Wedding Table Centerpiece

The Garland Wedding Table Centerpiece

When you think about a wedding centerpiece, you have many options that include more than just flowers. This centerpiece involves garland that is a simple green that works wonders for a table that has minimal space. When you plan to have your guests feel surrounded by the freshness of a garden, the garland can be strewn all around the tables and throughout the wedding reception space. The good thing about garland is that it is no longer just a holiday decoration. By incorporating it into the wedding reception as a table centerpiece, you bring about an ample amount of greenery.

6. Vases Dipped in Pink Dye

Vases Dipped in Pink Dye

When you have an itch to make the perfect DIY wedding centerpieces for not a lot of money, then this centerpiece idea is great for you. The clear flower vases can be dipped in the color scheme of your choice. Once dry, the vases can be filled with flowers that also match your wedding colors, the color of the vases, and even the table itself and its place settings. Overall, these color-dipped vases allow you to create a unique wedding centerpiece that you and your guests will enjoy without taking up much room.

7. The Homemade Votive Candle Holder Wedding Centerpiece

The Homemade Votive Candle Holder Wedding Centerpiece

Using candle holders that you make yourself, can be an enjoyable craft that pays off big. Although these are gold colored, you can substitute the color to match the wedding colors or have it remain traditional white. With the candle topping them off, you will be able to create a romantic ambiance that is perfect for the occasion. The number of candle holders you want to have on the table can vary depending on the size of the table and the amount of candlelight you wish to incorporate for the guests.

8. Eucalyptus and Fresh Rose Wedding Centerpiece

Eucalyptus and Fresh Rose Wedding Centerpiece

When you wish to add a rustic feel to the wedding centerpiece, then this eucalyptus and fresh rose centerpiece will give you the beauty you were searching for. By mixing eucalyptus greenery and fresh rose, you’re able to enjoy it all day. This eucalyptus has fresh roses included to create a sight that is both elegant and outdoorsy. Plus, the freshness will have the entire space smelling good. With the floating candle, the light will be an elegant ambience for the entire table.

9. Colorful Mixed Floral Wedding Centerpiece

Colorful Mixed Floral Wedding Centerpiece

When you have a romantic wedding, the reception’s centerpieces need to look just as romantic. With this vase, you are able to mix up the romantic flower arrangement with roses and sunflowers in one large vase and smaller vases with other flowers such as lilacs, tulips, daffodils, and peonies and other greenery. These can be in a simple clear vase filled with water. This centerpiece is perfect for a spring reception as the flowers can include new blooms that all guests would enjoy and smell. These flowers also present the softest colors.

10. The Beer Bottle Wedding Centerpiece

The Beer Bottle Wedding Centerpiece

Whether you have a four pack or six pack, your empty beer bottles can be an easy and affordable wedding centerpiece. With the beer bottles painted, they can match the wedding color theme and be any color such as these orange flowers. The white painted bottles with red paint sprinkles match well with the beer bottle container and gives the entire centerpiece some depth. The white bottles can also match the centerpiece table linen and the centerpiece placements. This idea also allows you to separate the beer bottles and place them all around using the coasters.

11. The Simple Flower Wedding Centerpiece

The Simple Flower Wedding Centerpiece

When you have many favorite colored flowers, the arrangement ideas can seem endless. With the red, white, and green flower clusters, they are in a thin, metallic holder that can easily be placed either by itself or among others. The flowers themselves can be real or fake, such as faux flowers. Having the tiny leaflets provides a nice addition that can give the centerpiece more body and appear thicker. The great part of the centerpiece being fake is that they can be made and ready months in advance of the wedding day.

12. The Potted Sunflower Wedding Centerpiece

The Potted Sunflower Wedding Centerpiece

A pot of beautiful sunflowers can add a great amount of color and the yellow can be a great appearance for a wedding reception of the ceremony itself. With the sunflowers as the focal point, you can easily build off from it. The sunflowers are small enough so that the guest view is not obscured. The sunflower color will make an instant accent to the centerpiece tables and chairs. Overall, these sunflowers will create an atmosphere that is luxuriant and refreshing.

13. Spray-Painted Wine Bottle Wedding Centerpiece

Spray-Painted Wine Bottle Wedding Centerpiece

Besides the beer bottles above, you can also make a wine bottle a nice wedding centerpiece by spray painting it a color that matches your venue. With this gold colored bottle, it can also fulfill a new purpose and replace the normal vase. You should keep it a single color so that it does not appear ugly and become an eye-sore. This gold paint provides an instant makeover. This gold color makes the entire centerpiece table standout. With the candle, it adds a nice touch and a little bit of greenery and flowers gives a nice touch. With a complement of greenery and flowers, the gold bottle can be taken to the next level.

14. Incorporating Silk into Your Wedding Centerpiece

Incorporating Silk into Your Wedding Centerpiece

Silk flower centerpieces are a great alternative if you are on a budget. They are also an excellent option that affords you with many color options. Although they are artificial, their appearance is quite real. You can obtain any type of flower that has these colors. When you incorporate this floral arrangement into the centerpiece, they can easily resemble the tone of the reception. Another plus of this centerpiece is that you are able to keep the centerpiece as a wedding memento that you can look back on in the future.

15. The Floral Lantern Centerpiece

The Floral Lantern Centerpiece

This wedding centerpiece is handmade using craft material to form a lantern that holds fresh flowers and greenery. Around it is reindeer moss to help an added effect. The white lantern box provides a nice color that matches the white table cloths and red and peach roses with the candle and red napkins. The effect provides an openness that allows it to be enjoyed from all angles. The detail of the lantern also adds its own unique feel and can create a nice ambience if it was a nighttime reception.

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When you think about it, there is a lot of work that goes into creating a homemade wedding centerpiece and with that you should also be able to enjoy your wedding day, but without worrying about the small details. This is why it is important to use your own handmade wedding centerpiece idea. Plus, the last thing that you want to do is have a wedding reception and worry about each centerpiece and if it still looks good. Ultimately, you will rather enjoy this time without having to prepare much or having to stress about centerpieces for the wedding reception.

The day of your wedding needs to be a day full of the most happy memories that will last forever, and a DIY homemade wedding centerpiece is a great way to pull it off. When you need help finding inspiration for your wedding centerpiece, you should be able to get in touch with a great professional. They will be able to provide you with some of the best DIY wedding centerpieces available. With so many great ideas of how to create wedding centerpieces, your dream wedding can become a true reality.

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