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29 Home Meditation Space Design and Decor ideas to Make Your Own Relaxing Atmosphere

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2021-07-31

Do you constantly feel worn out? No matter how much sleep you receive, what foods you eat, and how much you exercise, it may seem as though your energy levels just won’t improve. Perhaps the problem doesn’t rest with the body. It may just rest with the mind. When was the last time you just sat around and did nothing but breathe? It’s likely been awhile. One of the best ways that you can improve your mental and emotional health–and thus your overall health–is to meditate.

29 Soothing Home Meditation Space Decorations to Bring Peace Back to Your Life

Home Meditation Space Decor Ideas

However, meditating properly can be difficult, especially for those who consider themselves busy. One method to help improve your meditative state is to create a meditation space. This area is reserved just for you and can be filled with whatever soothing and relaxing decorations that you need to improve your focus and calm. By combining sight, scent, touch, and sound, you can create the perfect space for your meditative needs. Through controlling your senses, you can learn how to increase your focus and fall into that state of nirvana easily. It begins by creating the right soothing space. For those just starting out, here are twenty-nine decorations you can use to stimulate your meditation.

1. Soft Whites with Comfortable Pillows

Soft Whites with Comfortable Pillows

Your meditative space can be simply allocated to any corner of the house provided you use the right decorative set. First, you need comfort. Some throw pillows and a soft rug in neutral tones can be the perfect solution for this. Next, you need something to focus your gaze. You can use a small foot ladder as a shelf with focus items atop it.

2. Buddha with Beautiful Lantern and Flowers

Buddha with Beautiful Lantern and Flowers

As mentioned before, Buddha is a frequent motif in meditation. His wisdom and preference for rational thinking without emotion is something his followers aspire to utilize. Having a large and beautiful Buddha statue could be the focal point you need to focus your calm. You should also add a lantern with a candle and flowers to add a soothing scent.

3. Simple Wall Moon Mobile

Simple Wall Moon Mobile

If space is tight in your abode, you can easily create a meditative area by hanging up a moon mobile wall display. The phases of the moon act as a flow of passage that can help you slip into the stream of meditation. This decoration is perfect for those who have a difficult time claiming a room for their own.

4. Candles and Focus Crystals

Candles and Focus Crystals

For many meditators, scent is the biggest tool for entering their nirvana. You can try this for yourself by using the following display. A few candles that are joined together with a focus crystal and two jars filled with used matches or other focus crystals, if you wish. All of them can rest in a beautiful dish that brings it all together.

5. Aroma Box Atop Wooden Slab

Aroma Box Atop Wooden Slab

Once more, scent plays a key role in this decorative set. Using an aroma box filled with scents you find soothing, you can also make it a focal point for meditation. This is done by displaying it on an earthy wooden slab with a fresh set of flowers. The flowers, in particular, help to make the box part of the space rather than just a tool.

6. Indoor Swing with Meaningful Pictures

Indoor Swing with Meaningful Pictures

Source: bytezza.com

In this extremely unique decorative set, you have an indoor swing which can be used to just relax and sway slowly. The swaying motion is a powerful method of loosening and relaxing. Your focal point can be objects or pictures that hold meaning to you and displayed on the wall. However, make sure they invoke feelings of relaxation.

7. Wool Pillows, Flowers, and Bright Colors

 Wool Pillows, Flowers, and Bright Colors

For an entire meditative space, you should focus on maximum comfort. Wool and soft pillows can keep you warm and comfy and act as the perfect resting point for your body. Bright colors that remain in the neutral color scheme should be used to ensure focus. Finally, flowers and a candle are the perfect tools for invoking relaxing scents.

8. Comfy Padding and Soft Lights

Comfy Padding and Soft Lights

If you ever built a fort as a child, then you likely remember how safe you felt in them. You can bring that concept to your meditation area, too. Have a big and soft padding mat to rest upon and surround yourself with soft lights. This can create an intimate and soothing atmosphere that’s perfect for slipping into nirvana.

9. All the Soft Pillows

All the Soft Pillows

Sometimes all you need for a great meditation room is a lot of comfy pillows. That’s the idea with this decorative set. By using an abundance of differently sized and colored pillows, you can create a space that is comfortable for you and speaks to your personality. Essentially, the area becomes your own and thus is perfect for meditation.

10. An Elegant and Soft Pillow

An Elegant and Soft Pillow

Besides just being incredibly soft and comfortable, your pillow can also look elegant and beautiful. Take this example from Etsy. The pillow is large and perfect for resting upon and yet doesn’t look out of place. This is because the design etched into the pillow is beautiful enough to easily fit into any space rather than looking out of place.

11. Comfy Chair with a Beautiful Tree

Comfy Chair with a Beautiful Tree

By bringing in a large and comfy chair, you have your texture and touch satisfied. You can also provide a relaxing atmosphere by including a small tree into the area. This tree can act as a link between you and nature. Many meditators find connecting with nature the easiest way to access their state of nirvana.

12. Simple Lantern with Decorative Design

Simple Lantern with Decorative Design

Another method you may want to utilize to create the perfect meditation space for your home is simply turn out the lights and use this decorative lantern. With a soothing candle inside of it, you can weave your gaze over the intricate designs cast on the wall. This can allow you to slowly slip into a warm and relaxing state.

13. Hanging Threads and Soft Pillows

Hanging Threads and Soft Pillows

One extremely cool decorative idea to consider is hanging long threads to create a design. The flowing motion of the fabric as it sways in the wind can create a beautiful image to focus on when meditating. Couple this with some comfortable pillows and you have an excellent meditative area. An antique lantern can also bring in beauty and elegance.

14. Colorful Hanging Threads and Plants

Colorful Hanging Threads and Plants

For those who like the hanging thread idea but want something a bit more eye-catching, then you may want to consider these threads instead. They weave into a beautiful array of colors. By coupling them with a few well-cared-for plants, you can create your own personal space for meditation. The plants, in particular, can help you commune with nature.

15. Beautiful Decorative Wall Piece

Beautiful Decorative Wall Piece

This absolutely gorgeous wall piece can be the perfect decoration to complete your meditation space. The careful intensification of the colors as it moves to the middle inspires your focus. This piece alone could be all you need to help yourself reach that state of nirvana and peace. It can be easily hung anywhere that you need.

16. A Distressed Buddha Box

A Distressed Buddha Box

For those who need a single focal point to focus their attention and relax their body, this Buddha box could be just what you need. For one, it includes Buddha who can help inspire that meditative state. Second, the box itself is a beautifully distressed decoration that is beautiful and sophisticated all on its own.

17. Intricate Incense Holder with Focus Materials

Intricate Incense Holder with Focus Materials

The use of incense and crystals are quite common in meditation. Incense can provide a soothing scent that can help your mind to relax while the crystals are said to also aid in focusing and grounding. These two materials alone can become a beautiful decorative set for your meditative area. Include a stick of bark and some feathers to complete the aesthetic.

18. Breathtakingly Beautiful Orgone Pyramid

Breathtakingly Beautiful Orgone Pyramid

Another single piece that can complete your meditation area is this absolutely gorgeous orgone pyramid. It is comprised of rose quartz, larimar, ajoite, pink tourmaline, and chrysocolla. Together, this packs a powerful ability for focusing your mind and aiding your entry into nirvana. Outside of meditation, the pyramid just looks beautiful and is something to behold. Guests are sure to love it.

19. Sliced Blue Agate Poster

Sliced Blue Agate Poster

In keeping with the theme of crystals and their potent use for meditation, you can conjure the spirit of grounding stones by including this blue sliced poster of agate. The remarkable blue color against the white background attracts the eye immediately. Your gaze can weave over its intricate shape.

20. Unique Lantern with Focus Crystal

Unique Lantern with Focus Crystal

Another decorative set that you may want to consider for your meditative area is this unique lantern. You can fit whatever relaxing candle you want within it and appreciate its decorative form. Include a focus crystal to help with focus. An opened book with a single flower can complete the aesthetic and make your area look beautiful.

21. Rose Quartz Candle Holder

Rose Quartz Candle Holder

Once more, the powerful use of crystals is displayed with this decoration. A soft and beautiful rose quartz crystal has been carefully carved to fit your choice of a candle within it. This makes the crystal not only functional in helping you to ground yourself and hone your focus, but it also serves a practical purpose by holding your candle.

22. Triangle Frame for Holding Focal Objects

Triangle Frame for Holding Focal Objects

This really cool decorative set uses a triangle frame to fit small and large focal objects for your meditation. You have the onyx Buddha sitting atop it all to help guide you. There are also extremely cool sliced crystals that serve a grounding purpose as well as an aesthetically pleasing one.

23. Hanging Beautiful and Decorative Lamps

Hanging Beautiful and Decorative Lamps

One extremely simple way to transform any space into your meditation space is to cover the lights in a room with these decorative shades. They throw unique and twisting shadows against the walls. It also dims the light enough to create a soothing space. Each shade has a different design on it, so your eye can eagerly follow each one.

24. Wall-Mounted Yoga Mat Holder

Wall-Mounted Yoga Mat Holder

For those who like to use their yoga mats for meditation or perform yoga, you can actually use them to create an interesting decoration for your meditation area with this yoga mat holder. The neutral colors and pleasing shape of the rolled up mats can create an image of focus. The holder itself uses a beautiful wood.

25. Crystal and Wood Chandelier

Crystal and Wood Chandelier

One extremely unique way to make a place your new area for meditation is to hang this chandelier. From the circular wooden frame, dangles numerous focus crystals. This offers you the chance to utilize those crystals for grounding while creating a beautiful display out of them. The wooden frame is wrapped with soft lights to further its beauty and elegance.

26. Wooden Frame with Focus Material

Wooden Frame with Focus Material

This is another take on the wooden frame that you can have mounted on any wall of your choice. It can be filled with focus crystals, Buddhas, little plants, or even messages that can be used to inspire inner calm and peace. The wooden frame alone is the true star here, however, since it inspires you to connect with nature.

27. Decorative Prism and Sun

Decorative Prism and Sun

This interesting decoration showcases the twisting turns of prisms and triangles that make up the sun. The swirling effect of the decoration helps bring your eye to the center. This is to help you reach your own center where peace and stability exist. You can easily use it to inspire your meditative journey.

28. Hammock with Potted Plants

Hammock with Potted Plants

With another emphasis on comfort, this hammock can be the perfect place for you to just relax and enter your meditative state. Add in some plants to surround you in order to call upon the relaxing state of nature. You can run your hand along their leaves and smell their rich aroma to help you ease into a state of relaxation.

29. Bowl of Cupped Hands

Bowl of Cupped Hands

Another decoration to consider is this bowl that displays two hands cupping together. Within their palms rests numerous stones and crystals that are used for grounding and focus. They also just so happen to look quite pleasing to the eye. The bowl itself is beautifully carved and invokes sophisticated elegance.

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