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25 Home Office Ideas to Create a Fun Working Space

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-03-13

When you have the best home office ideas at your disposal, you can feel more like yourself and at ease even on the toughest days at work. The world we find ourselves in today lends to many people staying home more on a permanent or semi-permanent basis when it comes to working. It’s easy enough to settle for a simple office whether your room is small or big, or even if you just section off a corner in your home to serve as your work area. No matter the case, there’s no need to leave it plain. Some may worry about bringing in distractions, but there are ways to decorate around that factor. Office space can be equal parts exciting and professional.

25 Incredible Home Office Ideas to Breathe Life into Your Work

If you’re unsure what approach you want to take with this, simply consider starting with the theme you already have in your home. For instance, if you have a farmhouse theme, then head in that direction for your office. Alternatively, you can always aim for modern, contemporary, or even some vintage items to spruce up the area. Once you know the theme, then you can begin focusing on the exact decorative items you wish to add to the office.

Now, here is where things get more interesting. There seems to be an endless supply of great decorations you can place in your home office. You can add things along with the desk, hang up some beautiful or even encouraging wall art, or place your focus on the atmosphere by adding a cool light setup that makes the office seem brighter. With so many paths to travel down, it is simple for anyone to find themselves overwhelmed with the options. In this case, we put together an extensive list of our favorite home office ideas for work to help give you some ideas to go off of.

1. Warm and Neutral Tone Office Design

Warm and Neutral Tone Office Design

A warm office environment is always a comforting one to work in. This design captures that feeling effectively by focusing on neutral colors. The various shades of browns fit well with the white as well the occasional splash of green. It is a great way to capture a relaxing vibe in your homework office while maintaining an image of class that your job deserves.

2. Light and Airy Office Pinboard

Light and Airy Office Pinboard

You can never go wrong with a pinboard, especially when hung up inside your home office. From important documents to decorative images of art or photos, a pinboard is a versatile tool. Hang up the right images, and you can ensure that this one, in particular, turns out to be a pretty one to look at as well. The color scheme is light and gentle, making this a wonderful decorative item when you want something simple and low-key that will benefit your work mind.

3. Farmhouse Style Upcycled Door Desk

Farmhouse Style Upcycled Door Desk

If you want to push your creative skills and recycle at the same time, consider tackling this upcycling project that uses an old door to turn into a desk. The old door is fitting when you want to blend with a farmhouse-style room. Thanks to the aged wood, your future desk will have a lovely rural touch to it as well that gives it far more personality. Perhaps you’ll even leave the wood as-is without painting over it, further emphasizing those aged spots to stress the theme you’re pushing for. It is a nice way to transform your office in a way that looks effortless and natural.

4. Hidden Vintage Inspired Home Office Ideas

Hidden Vintage Inspired Home Office

In many cases, not everyone has a separate room in their home to dedicate to an entire work office. That doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy all there is about working from home. This design takes small spaces into account and creates a little hidden area to work in. The curtains are incredible in place of an actual door. This is a wonderful way to conceal the area if need be, or you can simply leave it open. There is a nice vintage look about this design that gives it a more unique feel that deserves to be admired even when you’re not using the desk.

5. Cute and Feminine Home Office Makeover

Cute and Feminine Home Office Makeover

Sometimes all you want is something cute and sweet to work in. If this sounds like you, then take a look at this beautiful home office makeover. There are plenty of pastel colors used throughout from the desk to the images on the wall. Pastels are always nice when you want something calming and charming at the same time. They also make for a wonderful addition to any modern-themed room. In terms of an office environment, these colors don’t tend to be distracting either so that you can still have your level of professionalism on top of expressing yourself.

6. Multi-Color Home Office Design Setup

Multi-Color Home Office Design Setup

Many of you may need some vibrant coloring in your home office area. In fact, this design may be among the best home office ideas for those seeking a more artistic space to work in. The colors are bold and bright, making your design instantly noticeable the second you enter the room. There is no single color used too. Instead, the multi-color approach makes things far more exciting and joyful, allowing this to fit well when you are in desperate need of a more laidback office environment to complete your creative work in.

7. Sleek Contemporary Home Office Makeover

Sleek Contemporary Home Office Makeover

You can expand your desire to have a contemporary room in your office with a few elegant design choices. For instance, a lovely high chair can look stunning in your office space. This isn’t your typical work chair either, so it has that layer of uniqueness given to it as well. There is some wonderful contrast with the darkness of the desk found too that will further aid in how well the office comes together as a cohesive and stylish centerpiece in your home. The gold accents work well too as they aren’t too over the top. Instead, just adding in hints like a golden frame for your wall art or photos is enough to get your point across.

8. Incredible Small Space Office Setup

Incredible Small Space Office Setup

Space doesn’t need to factor in how you decorate your homework office. If you only have a corner to work with or just a closet, you can add the right amount of decorative items to transform the area into a stylish section of your home. A black and white theme is an amazing choice in this instance as it sells the modernized look of your petite office. If you wish, you can always toss in some colors with some of your favorite small plants, real or otherwise.

9. Bold and Bright Office Makeover

Bold and Bright Office Makeover

Sometimes, an open and bright work area at home can make all that work go by much smoother with less stress involved. In this case, the brightness relies on the absence of color rather than anything overwhelming. The use of the color white throughout is a wonderful way to pull in that lightness all the same whether you have natural lighting in the room or not. From there, you can easily add on some accent colors via the wall art, the chairs, and more. Consider opting for an l-shaped desk or pushing two close together if you have the space and the need for such room as this gives you plenty of areas not just to work on, but to further decorate as well.

10. Joyfully Bright Home Office Layout

Joyfully Bright Home Office Layout

Source: 204park.com

One of the many freedoms that come with having a home office is that you can always make up a little break area for yourself that doesn’t require you to leave the room. This little corner nook is the perfect spot to add your colorful decorations. There is some liveliness granted that makes the space even more inviting. Also, if you go for that pink theme, offsetting it all with darker seating is a useful idea so things have that lovely contrast and depth.

11. Adorable Small Golden Desk Accessories

Adorable Small Golden Desk Accessories

Sometimes all you need is some simple accessories to adorn your desk to make your home office feel more like you without going too far with the decorations. Just take a look at this fun golden flamingo. It has a bold look about it, but thanks to its size, it doesn’t take over the entire desk. Rather, it serves to add just a hint of your personality and some fun to the office. This way, your entire time spent in this room or this nook in your home isn’t filled with just plain stress and work. Instead, there’s a little lightheartedness found.

12. Beautiful Faceted Gold Office Lamp

Beautiful Faceted Gold Office Lamp

You don’t have to spend an absurd amount of money to get a flashy and chic-looking lamp. Instead, just get yourself some good paint and you’re able to transform any lamp into a stunning, gold piece that looks more expensive than what it actually is. Going with this style of lamp is a perfect choice, considering that the design has that rich look about it already, and the gold does a splendid job at elevating all that. Aim for simplicity with the lampshade as to not take away from the lamp itself, and you got yourself a gorgeous decorative item in your office to brighten up the place.

13. Cute and Chic Home Office Decorations

Cute and Chic Home Office Decorations

If you love all things chic, then why not highlight that in your office? There are many ways to do this too from setting up a nice cozy and fluffy chair (even if you don’t use it), to adding some little decorative items around your desk. This style still has a level of sophistication to it that gives your office that professional appearance. Even so, there is your personality seen throughout with the nice pops of color that show up here and there. This will look even better if you decide to use the decorative items alongside a white desk as this gives them more room to shine.

14. Unique Hanging Ceiling Office Light

Unique Hanging Ceiling Office Light

A distinctive way to decorate your home office without adding too much is with simple light sources. Natural lighting is wonderful, but when you can’t (or simply don’t want) have it, the next best thing is adding in some awesome lighting to the office. For those that like ceiling lights or who need to save some space on the floor or desks, this hanging light is ideal. It stays out of the way, yet does an amazing job at lighting up the entire room in a way that best serves you and your work. Also, it’s easy to find an abstract-looking lamp too if you want this to have more personality rather than just be a source of light.

15. Lovely Abstract Wall Art Decor

Lovely Abstract Wall Art Decor

For many of you, the best way to decorate your home office is to just focus on adding some wall art to fill up those large, empty spaces. Consider thinking about the contrast in your office when you do this too. If you have a bold color on the wall, some art that contains splashes of color rather than something loud and vibrant may better serve your decorations. This way, nothing is overwhelmed or pushed to the side by something else, which can quickly distract you while at work. It is more like a minimalist approach to decorating in a unique and appealing way.

16. Home Office Ideas with Modern and Elegant Wall Storage

Modern and Elegant Wall Storage

Anyone who works from home will quickly realize just how important storage starts to be, and not just for the small items. Sometimes, you need places to tuck away those big items too whether you use them at work or simply for decorative purposes. In any case, this wall storage is fitting. You can easily set up books on the shelves, some artwork that may encourage you as you work, or even some family photos. Such a design frees you to an endless amount of opportunities on what you wish to place on each shelf, which is why it is a worthwhile project to tackle for any office space that puts you close to the wall while you work.

17. Shabby Chic Jar Desk Organization

Shabby Chic Jar Desk Organization

Desk organization will always come in handy, especially if there are a lot of small things you need to use while you work. If this is the case, then you can benefit from some of these jars that are repurposed into storage containers of sorts for those small items. The jars get a stunning makeover, leaving them with this fun shabby chic appearance that may be that bit of color you had been missing from your office this entire time. Perhaps this design will fit the most with the more artistic workspaces, but it can blend well in just about any theme or purpose.

18. Contemporary Home Office Makeover Setup

Contemporary Home Office Makeover Setup

If you’re ready to take your office space to new levels, then consider going for this fun, contemporary design. It looks polished, refined, and comfortable all at the same time. If you have natural lighting in the room, all the better then as it can truly brighten up the space. Otherwise, the right lighting fixtures can completely overhaul the entire mood, putting you in a better state of mind to get to work. Adding a few framed pieces of art on the wall helps too as it covers up much of that empty space, giving you something content to look at when needed.

19. Cool Time Zone Clock Wall Art

Cool Time Zone Clock Wall Art

Do you ever find yourself needing to know the time of a country or city from across the globe? Perhaps this has something to do with future meetings or discussions with clients. If so, then you can always know you’re on the right track with this awesome time zone clock art. Simply create whatever sign you need for the area you wish to know and these on the wall alongside a clock. You can keep things simple with the clock or aim for something flashier. Either way, the point is made. You can glance up with ease and immediately know what time it is in different areas, freeing you from guesswork or researching it some other way. This decoration winds up being more useful than anything.

20. License Plate Pencil Holder Design

License Plate Pencil Holder Design

No home office design idea is complete without your always-useful tool: a pencil holder. If you have an office, there comes a time when you’ll probably write something down that doesn’t require you to be on the computer, tablet, or phone. In this case, a pencil, marker, or pen should always be close by. Rather than have everything rolling around, consider designing this amazing holder made from a license plate. It gives the office a wonderful distinctive quality that will readily set the room apart from any other place in your home. This can fit in with a number of different decorative themes too from vintage to rural.

21. Fun Rustic Office Chair Transformation

Fun Rustic Office Chair Transformation

You don’t need some boring chair in your office that may be just as uncomfortable to sit in as it looks. So, how about you take that old chair and elevate it into something incredible instead? This can work with an old dining room chair if you don’t have an actual office seat. You can make something that feels better to sit in as well, giving yourself just the right amount of cushion that suits your needs. As for looks, the chair will readily add to the overall aesthetic to the room, giving your home office some much-desired personality.

22. Adorable Toilet Paper Tube Storage Box

Adorable Toilet Paper Tube Storage Box

Even the tiniest of items like paper clips need their own place, and you can make that yourself with the right supplies. In this case, a toilet paper tube. It is incredible how some decorating can really elevate what others view to be trash into something beautiful and worthwhile. With this, you can build your storage box for any tiny items you want nearby on your office desk. This doesn’t just help you organize anything loose rolling around, but it does so in a way that doesn’t clog up your work space. With the size of this storage container, you can easily push it aside when it’s not needed.

23. Inspired Home School Office Design

Inspired Home School Office Design

Source: holliday.co

Office space isn’t just for working adults. Rather, the right area can serve kids well too whether they do remote part-time or are full-time home-schooled children. Distractions are even easier to happen in these cases, so an office area set up such as this design is useful in keeping the young ones both focused and content. The wallpaper adds a much-needed pop of color so the area doesn’t appear boring, which is a distraction in itself. From there, the individual lights are more than helpful if there are multiple kids at work here. Making space to hang everything up on the wall in front of them is a great way to keep everything right where they need it to be so they never have to go searching for their supplies.

24. Farmhouse Style Home Office Ideas

Farmhouse Style Home Office Organizer

Source: homeroad.net

What is a home office without the right organizational tools? If you seem to lack that, then we have the perfect idea for you. This office organizer takes a regular wooden toolbox and upgrades it into something fresh. There are just enough spaces for you to arrange your smaller office supplies, allowing everything to be always right within reach. Also, this storage area has a lovely vintage and rustic look about it that allows it to fit right in with a farmhouse-style room. Thanks to it being a toolbox, you can even pick it up and move it around as needed with ease due to the built-in handle design.

25. Homemade Phone and Photo Holder

Homemade Phone and Photo Holder

Even when you are hard at work, sometimes you need to keep the phone close by. Perhaps you’re taking calls for work, meetings, or simply need it for emergency purposes. In any case, this handmade phone holder is the perfect way to keep that within reach without it being in the way. The design isn’t overly large either so it shouldn’t take up much space on your desk or wherever you decide to set it up. Also, the other side serves to hold pictures, so you can further use this as functional décor since you can add some art or your favorite family photo to the spot.

25 Stunning Home Office Decor Ideas for Work to Personalize your Home Area

With so many of us working from home or bringing the work home, it’s important to have a space put aside just for that. The right home office ideas for work can not only help you improve your area, but they can also add a bit more of your personality so that it isn’t so plain. If you’re concerned about distractions, there are easy ways to spruce up your office space without overwhelming yourself or the room in question. You can do this with lights, wall art, and even some smaller decorative items around the desk or an extra table in the room.

Besides that, discovering the right home office design idea can allow you to help the room better fit with the rest of your home. This is especially useful if you want a more cohesive setup, more so if your office is simply a corner within another room in your home like the living room. Even the most minor of decorative items can completely change the look and feel of the area. If you ever find yourself struggling with where to start, our list of some of the best home office decor ideas should help put you on the right path to adding more life and personality to your workspace.

Best Home Office Decor Ideas

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