50 Best Modern Kitchen Design Ideas


24. The Brick and Mortar

The Brick and Mortar

Source: Improvings

Many modern kitchen ideas make use of materials or styles that have been used for centuries. This design is one example of how these materials can be combined with modern materials to great effect. A beautiful gray brick wall fills the side wall of the kitchen and carries through into the adjacent living area. The back wall, tiled in a mosaic that resembles classic red brick, puts a punch of warm color into the area. The kitchen island’s toasty orange countertop brings together the brick red and gray in a triad of boldness. On their own, the red and gray might have blended into the background, but the orange makes all three seem bold. While the room has many features that mingle into a modern blend, the fireplace shared between the kitchen and living space finishes the room’s look. The wire sculpture in the flame box sets this fireplace apart from others.

25. Posh Polish Modern Kitchen Idea

Posh Polish Modern Kitchen Idea

Smooth, polished surfaces are a big element of modern kitchens and this design is no exception. A fluid-like stainless steel island top begins the look with some cabinet faces carrying the same polished feel. Other cabinet faces have been finished in a smooth, but not shiny slate finish. Concrete floors have been stained a deep brown, coated, and polished until they shine. Appliances have been carefully chosen to match the stainless steel on the island and they blend seamlessly into the space. Ombre pendant lights hang over the island and add a reddish accent to the room.

26. The Cozy Cove

The Cozy Cove

Source: Home Adore

Some kitchens just remind us of home–cozy, comforting, and warm. The designer of this kitchen has invoked that feeling by mixing vintage styles with modern elements. The use of subway tile is a classic element that the designer of this kitchen has used to create a more modern mosaic of different earth tones on the back wall. Utilizing vintage-form cabinetry kept the home’s classic feel, but the stainless steel appliances and vent hood update the look. A modern dropped lighting feature blends old and new styles together for a unique look. The Corian kitchen island top is accentuated by bar stool upholstered in a vintage fabric to keep a homey feeling in the space.

27. Only Slightly Green With Envy

Only Slightly Green With Envy

Source: Arent&Pyke

A kitchen doesn’t have to be extravagant to be modern. Even small spaces can take on a modern look with the right design. This kitchen keeps it simple with white walls, white cabinets, and a white island base. The island’s top is made of a gray granite counter and serves double duty as a prep area and seating area with basic wood and plastic bar stools. A stainless steel countertop and backsplash keep things simple on the back counter. The real strength of this space comes from the deep green color of the single cabinet on the back wall. This combined with the red apple art print provides the simple amount of color needed to turn the space from bland to bold. This design demonstrates that keeping things simple works just as well as creating a complicated design.

28. The Wooded Wonder

The Wooded Wonder

The elegance of light wood in this space combined with the dark island counter and the creamy lightness of the countertop and backsplash make a striking combination. Keeping the wood surfaces unpainted allows the perfect grain of the wood to shine on its own in the cabinets and island face. On its own, the wood surfaces could be from any era of design, but the modern countertops and stainless steel appliances bring the look to the modern era. Ultra-modern bar stools and artful pendant lights fully accessorize the room and ensure a contemporary style.

29. The Cube

The Cube

Originality is a big part of modern kitchen design. The wall paneling used in this design assures a uniqueness that cannot be matched. Three-dimensional cubes jump out from the wall in random orientations for a rare composition. Shiny black cabinets and white countertops keep things simple to avoid any distraction from the geometric feature of the room. For a flit of color the designer has added incandescent pendant lights which hang from bright orange fixtures. The pop of orange has been carried into the room with the upholstery of one of the chairs while the other chair’s golden color complements the palette.

30. A Kitchenette Keeper

A Kitchenette Keeper

It can be difficult to give kitchenette spaces a modern makeover due to their small size. However, two tricks have been utilized by this designer to make a modern small space. First, the most efficient use of space not only ensures there will be enough storage for kitchen gadgets and tools, but also makes the space seem larger. The designer has created as much built-in storage as the space will hold. Extending the cabinetry to the ceiling makes the room look much taller than it actually is while eliminating any wasted space. The second trick used in this space is the use of a bright color and keeping the tones used in the room to a minimum. Utilizing white for the walls and cabinets opens the room while the use of two small areas of accent color adds depth without shrinking the space. The light blue on the front of the island keeps the palette cool. The dark red backsplash wall adds extra dimension to make the room seem as though it recesses deeper into the wall.

31. Modern Mesh

Modern Mesh

Source: Technohaus

It’s rare to find the use of metallic mesh as a design material in a kitchen, but this design shows how when used appropriately it can add an original look to an otherwise plain space. To complement the light wood floor, the designers chose dark cabinetry. Cabinet and island faces have been finished in a granite-style veneer typically used on countertops. The oversize kitchen island provides more than ample seating ability and is topped in a dark marble. Stainless steel mesh is the cabinet face of one set of cabinets and the same style of mesh with a black powder coating plays with the light through the windows while serving as folding window shutters. The combination of materials not normally used in kitchen designs creates a unique look in this space.

32. Totally Jaded Kitchen Idea

Totally Jaded Kitchen Idea

Source: Home-Designing

The black and white elements of this room provide a nice level of contrast as the backdrop to the jade accents. The design begins with a deep black wall color on every wall of the space. This is opposed by white in two areas: the white wall of the inset shelves on the back wall and the smooth white floors. Stainless steel appliances and accenting on the island provide a third texture to the design. However, the true beauty of this kitchen is the jade backlighting and the inclusion of jade accessory pieces on the shelving unit. Jade-green acrylic paneling installed on the back wall, vent hood, and the face of the island are backlit with LED lighting emitting a soft green glow not unlike the tint of antique uranium glass. Asian influence is clear in this design from the color scheme to the choice of accessory pieces on display.

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