50 Best Modern Kitchen Design Ideas


33. The Tight Treasure

The Tight Treasure

Source: Home Adore

Tight spaces and odd shapes can present a challenge when thinking about modern kitchen ideas. In order to make this space appear larger, the designer has used a reflective surface, stainless steel, to provide optical depth and to resonate the existing light. Some spaces can be made to appear larger with the use of mirror glass, but the shape of this space and its unique orientation may have looked like a mirror maze if surfaces were too reflective. Subway tile on the as the backsplash helps the back wall appear wider and grout lines separate the back wall from the white side wall. The use of a jet-black refrigerator keeps the stainless steel look from becoming too overwhelming. Reclaimed barnwood style flooring installed lengthwise contributes to the illusion of depth. The island stools incorporate both copper metal legs and a wood color that has just enough orange tint to provide a nice accent to the room.

34. Glamorous in Gray

Glamorous in Gray

A gorgeous gray combines with pink and fuchsia in this space for a glamorous ambiance. In some instances, the use of gray tones in a space appears more masculine, but a coating of shiny lacquer on the cabinet faces adds just enough femininity to the look to create a glamorous styling. A kitchen island that might otherwise look plain is accented by a pastel pink inlay to cut the plane of gray in half while a frilly fuchsia wallpaper makes the back wall and island front stand out. The hard, clean corners throughout the room are contrasted by the round globe pendant lights above the island counter. Their drop-like shape reminds one of a glowing water balloon filled to the brim. Two crystal mini-chandeliers over the island’s built-in dining space add a bit of elegance and a softer lighting source for a glamorous dining experience.

35. First-Class Forever

First-Class Forever

Source: Decorcology

The jet-setter inspiration is clear in this space. The curved stainless steel cabinet hardware is reminiscent of those on overhead bins in a luxury airliner while the shape and acrylic facing of the deep red upper cabinets evoke memories of a flight attendant’s galley area. Gorgeous lower cabinets finished in a dark veneer draw the eye toward a floor of wood-grain influenced dark gray tile. Under cabinet lighting close to the floor calls to mind the runway lights of a busy airport at landing and takeoff. A unique backsplash wall composed of small rounded bulging tiles shares similarity with the shape of a luxury jet. In modern kitchens inspiration can come from anywhere and this designer’s vision is clear as the clear blue skies.

36. Century 22

Century 22

Source: Architizer

The futuristic architecture of this home becomes a design element used to unite the kitchen and living area in a creative use of space. The color scheme falls closely in line with minimalist standards with white being the prominent color throughout. However, there are clearly other colors in use as well. A large gray shelf separated from the lower cabinetry by a distance of about six inches lines the wall and serves as a countertop. Stainless steel appliances and a black accordion extension light break up the white space as well. A vent hood ahead of its time comes down through the ceiling to keep the area fresh. The most unique aspect of this design is presence of an open room immediately adjacent to the kitchen. This room’s floor is elevated to about half the height of the kitchen walls and is entered by walking up a small set of steps. The table top of the kitchen’s dining area is actually an extension of this second room’s floor uniting the two spaces while still keeping a bit of separation. Lots of natural light provided by large plate glass windows in the living area help to keep both spaces open and well-lit.

37. Fresh Woods

Fresh Woods

Source: Home-Designing

The open floor plan of this design is broken up by a one-of-a-kind kitchen island. The color play between white, chocolate brown, and chartreuse is a very pleasing combination. White wall storage units provide ample storage while keeping the focus on other features in the room. Chartreuse cabinets and backsplash provide a lovely complement to the white storage units and countertops. This same beautiful chartreuse green is included in a small band under the countertops and under the island top to break up some of the whiteness. The true feature of the design is the wood print stencil work on the front of the island and above the range top. The way the chocolaty brown pops out from the chartreuse provides an eye-catching art piece. While most of the room’s light comes from recessed ceiling lighting and backlighting under the cabinets and island, retro-inspired pendant lights hang above the dining table like 1960s space vehicles.

38. Black and White and Red All Over

Black and White and Red All Over

Source: Interiores

Painting a room black was once frowned upon in the design field. However, in modern designs black has become the new black. The dark wall and cabinet color in this space helps to make a large space appear even larger. White roll-out storage cabinets along the back wall break up the darkness of the black while providing superior storage options. Roll-down stainless steel doors in each corner provide additional storage as well as including a design element not typically found in home kitchens. A hot red peninsula area is perfect for entertaining or use as a prep area. The use of high gloss paint on all cabinets, doors, and the peninsula creates a fresh, modern look. Bright lighting from a futuristic range hood provides excellent lighting on one end of the kitchen while an artistic acrylic chandelier over the peninsula provides a stylish source of light on the other.

39. Room With A View

Room With A View

Source: Design Swan

With a full wall of large windows and a gorgeous view, this room is all about openness. Rather than upper cabinets that might restrict the view, the designer has opted for open shelves to keep the open flow. These are hung on a backsplash made of clear acrylic panel to allow the walls original color to show through. Gray Corian countertops sit atop lower cabinets finished in a shade of stain that pulls in elements of the outdoors inside. The kitchen island provides a small prep area, but the majority of the island is reserved for an open, table-like dining area. Light green plastic and wood chairs also bring in some of the green hues seen through the crystal clear windows. With so much natural light, the designer has opted to keep lighting options simple with a strategically-placed set of track lights in the center of the room. Simplicity in this room is what makes the design work without detracting from the outdoor view.

40. The Warm Winter Day

The Warm Winter Day

Source: HGTV

White walls, cabinetry, and shelving create a blizzard of beauty in this fully open kitchen and dining space. The large marble-top island provides an additional luxurious seating option away from the massive 8-person dining table. While the island helps to keep the cooking area separate from the dining space, the openness still allows a flow of conversation between the two. A set of four brass light fixture hang from the ultra-high ceilings to provide an intimate lighting scheme over the dining table. Cubic storage shelving in the dining area grants additional space to display books and decor to personalize the space. Painted and polished concrete floors provide a base upon which the pure, white winter scene is set.

41. The Market

The Market

Source: Rooang

Built-in white cabinets and shelving reach to the high ceilings of this space providing storage and the opportunity to display design accessories. A backsplash made of a fruit and vegetable market chalkboard has been covered in a clear acrylic panel for a fun and unique design element. This same fun element is reflected in the metal bar stools and dining chairs painted in bold colors to match the chalkboard text. The stainless steel island top and countertop keep the market feel going through the entire design. Finally, a light pine floor resembles those on the floor of many old-fashioned fruit markets.

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