50 Best Modern Kitchen Design Ideas


42. Slicked Black

Slicked Black

Source: Odbams

A nearly-full wall of jet black acrylic cabinets and panels and a black acrylic lighting feature gives this space a sexy modern mood. The interplay of white walls and floors against the black adds to the sexiness and kicks up the contrast. Light wood facing on the island tones down the divisiveness of the two colors in the room just enough to help them get along. Zig-zag shaped stools at the thin-lined dining bar add to the seductive nature of the room.

43. Splat


Source: Pinterest

Modern designs can take a basic, plain space and enhance it by adding a simple element. Bold and bright yellow placed here and there in an otherwise white space provides the perfect brush of color on a seemingly blank canvas in this kitchen. Picture the space without the yellow accents and you can quickly see how the simple addition of a bold color has turned the look of this room from basic to daring. This daring move is continued with two fun paint splatter stencils above the cabinets to keep the design from being taken too seriously. A mirror island top and perfectly-placed under cabinet lighting and modern bar stools only serve to give the space even more personality.

44. Fully Exposed

Fully Exposed

Source: Decoist

Exposed brick makes a beautiful backdrop for a modern kitchen. The material works so well with so many colors and textures that it is difficult to go wrong in a brick-lined space. The medium dark stain on the wood pieces in this room play off the dark red in the bricks to make a classic combination look new again. Black trim, countertops, and accessory pieces match the tone and texture of cast iron to remind of days when brick was the building material of choice. Looking at the room with only these elements, it would be hard to tell whether the kitchen was from an old photograph or a modern design. However, the addition of large, black barrel shade light fixtures leaves no question that this design is a 21st century look.

45. Basic Geometry

Basic Geometry

Geometric shapes have been utilized in design for decades coming in and out of fashion. With modern design, they are definitely back in. The plain white cabinets in this space have been enhanced by the addition of random geometric shapes in slightly muted tones. It is a revival of the art deco style of the 1920s, but bold colors have been slightly subdued in modern designs and the patterns have been limited to accent pieces. The chevron shapes of the wood floor add to the classic feel and push the eye to the large open window at the end of the room.

46. The Tasty Two-Tone

The Tasty Two-Tone

Black cabinets throughout this space stand out in contrast from the white walls. But the real eye catcher here is the two-tone cabinet design. A mix of dark and light woods in horizontal lines face the cabinets and part of the kitchen island. The remaining part of the island is composed of stainless steel and is joined by modern stainless bar stools to add to the modern ambiance. A large block light feature protrudes from the ceiling and casts an intimate source of light over the island’s dining area.

47. Puddle Of Steel

Puddle Of Steel

Source: Kitchenoz

Stainless steel cabinets line the entirety of this modern kitchen and a puddle-shaped kitchen island carries the same stainless steel material. The coolness of this steel wonder is enhanced with countertops made of artistic glass. Pollack-inspired paint drips in different shades of blue seem to be frozen inside the icy glass tops. With its chilly feel, this kitchen looks like the perfect place to find cool refreshment on a hot summer day.

48. Perky Paneling

Perky Paneling

Source: Geelong Indy

Faced with a gorgeous multi-tone wood paneling, the large island in this kitchen pulls inspiration from the wood paneling throughout the remainder of the home. A butcher-block style countertop on the island ensures this wood theme continues on every side. Black matte cabinets line the back of the kitchen adding to the modernity and to avoid overdoing the paneled look. A diamond design has been tiled onto the backsplash using tiles with a black and white scribble pattern. The black and white create a modern version of an accent wall to draw the viewer deeper into the long but narrow space.

49. Radioactive Marble

Radioactive Marble

Lighting plays a huge role in designing a modern kitchen and can mean the difference between a basic design and an amazing design. No design demonstrates this more than this space. Stainless steel floor-to-ceiling cabinets cover half of the kitchen’s back wall. A cream and gray marble backsplash covers the remaining wall adding a sophisticated air. This same marble has been used as the top to the large kitchen island and stainless steel edging ensures both materials are used together to add to the look. The real surprise of this design, however, is the backlighting used behind the thin sheet of marble on the front of the island. The blue LED lights shine through the marble casting an eerie but spectacular glow through the room. These same lights are utilized in under cabinet lighting for full effect.

50. Taupeing It Off

Taupeing It Off

Source: Mimaradam

Dark taupe walls provide a dark beauty against the bright white acrylic cabinets. Shiny black countertops and a jet black backsplash pitted against these cabinets and the taupe walls provide a nice gradation of tones. The kitchen island of this home features a one-piece dining bar with rounded corners and bar stools which match the rounded shaping. These rounded corners are carried through the design with the edge of the inside of the island being rounded at the edges and in light fixture above the range top. Stone tile floors add diversity to the textures of the room by straying from the smoothness of other surfaces.

Want a celebrity-style kitchen? Modern design is the key

As seen in these examples, modern kitchen makeovers can run the gamut from basic to complicated. A mixture of textures, materials, colors, and styles can be defined as modern, so don’t feel restricted by rules. These examples show that modern kitchen ideas can be inspired by nearly anything–shapes, objects, colors, and even available light can factor into modern design.

With such a plethora of design materials available on today’s market, designers are not as limited as they once were. Using these materials as the first step is a great way to start a room makeover design.

Many modern design styles are revivals of classic designs that have gone out of style but have returned in a new format or with new materials. Finding inspiration from those classic styles can help you plan something beautiful and original.

One thing that should be clear from these kitchen designs is that lighting can often be the biggest factor in whether a modern design is successful. Today’s lighting options mean an opportunity to truly transform a space with light play.

There is no single color palette or material that fits every design, so feel free to experiment with style and choose what fits best in your space.

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