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27 Beautiful Neutral Holiday Decor Ideas to Create an Inviting Christmas Setting

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-03-17

With the holiday season coming, it’s time to start decorating by using some of the best neutral Christmas decor ideas to ensure your home is ready to go.

Many of us who love decorating our homes to suit the season jump for joy when it comes to the holidays. There are numerous ways you can go about fixing up your home so that you are always in the Christmas spirit. Decorate the banisters and fireplace with garland, adorn the walls with various wall art, and of course, we can’t forget the tree. Whether you decorate one large tree or a handful of tiny ones, a tree makes all the difference as that gives you even more room to put up additional decorations.

27 Neutral Christmas Decor Ideas to Celebrate the Holidays in Style

You can feel free to decorate any room in the home too so that everywhere you go feels joyful and full of life. Figuring out where you want to decorate is only the beginning as you need to decide what theme you wish to go for. There is the obvious green and red or even silver and gold, but if you want your Christmas decor to blend with the rest of the look to your home, then going for more neutral coloring is ideal.

Neutral color Christmas decorations can still stand out on their own without completely overwhelming the space. These items designed in this style can have a timeless appeal to them that makes them so attractive and inviting to look at. If you don’t know where to start, then hopefully our list of some of our favorite neutral Christmas decorations will help you get an idea of how to start dressing your house for the holidays.

1. Stunning Neutral Christmas Tree Decor

Stunning Neutral Christmas Tree Decor

A cool way to decorate for the holidays using a neutral theme is to use the natural color of your Christmas tree as a starting point. Green is already a wonderful color in its own right that helps reign in the spirit of the holiday, and it is also a good theme to add to using warmer colors like shades of beige. There are many ways you can go about this too, expanding the green using garland to give the area a bit of an outdoorsy feel to it that works well with the season. Brightening up the tree with some beige beads or tan ornaments is another quality route to go down to break up the coloring a bit.

2. Adorable Miniature Yarn Tree Decorations

Adorable Miniature Yarn Tree Decorations

If you have some table space whether, on a coffee table or a console table, it certainly deserves some love and attention when it comes to decorating for the holidays. The yarn is such a creative way to make something that is both cool and beautiful. A light color such as white works out well too as the trees you build-up will be attention-grabbers right away. You can always add to the scene as well to bring even more life to it all, throwing in some more miniature decorative items that fit with the holiday. Creating trees in different sizes is another good way to differentiate between them all so each one gets the attention it deserves.

3. A Neutral White Christmas Tree

A Neutral White Christmas Tree

Sometimes white can be one of the best ways to capture that neutral theme. Rather than get a white tree, however, there are gorgeous Christmas trees you can find that have a lovely wintery frost applied to them. It is an easy way to build up a winter wonderland within your home without going too bold with the coloring style. Instead, the white stands out more than anything else, making a Christmas tree like this work out effortlessly inside of a more contemporary home. If you have a fireplace mantle or anywhere else to hang up stockings, consider going for white with those too with some green garland for an extra pop of color.

4. Relaxing Christmas Living Room Design

Relaxing Christmas Living Room Design

If you don’t have a light-colored couch, then you can always find some fitting throw pillows to add to the couch instead. Consider going for pillows with different patterns as that can make each one of them stand out. For those of you with a coffee table, it can help you further cement your theme. There are plenty of neutral holiday candles you can find to help add some more ambiance to the room. Decorating the wall is useful as well to throw in some more holiday spirit to the setting as there are many Christmas-centered arts you can find to hang up.

5. Simple Neutral Christmas Corner Decorations

Simple Neutral Christmas Corner Decorations

With your Christmas tree in the corner, you can use that as a jumping-off point to build up your holiday decorations. A good way to stay neutral with your tree is by using simple tones of beige and perhaps adding in some touches of gold within the ornaments. Even white will look well in this case as there is plenty of flow to the decorations that let your eyes travel from top to bottom. You can add on to the decorations around it too if you want it all to blend together. Sticking with green and gold works out well in this case as well as some more light-colored items.

6. Rustic Pinecone Table Centerpiece Layout

Rustic Pinecone Table Centerpiece Layout

A dining room table is a place where family and friends gather around, especially for the holidays, so it is the perfect place to show off some of your neutral Christmas decorations. Let’s stick with a rural, rustic theme in this case using natural materials like wood for the base. You can keep things simple too with the bowl as the pinecones and candles added to the bowl will take most of the attention. Of course, some pops of color never hurt, so consider using garland or something similar to toss in some shades of green.

7. Whimsical Gold Christmas Mantle Design

Whimsical Gold Christmas Mantle Design

An empty mantle is begging to be outfitted with something stylish for the holidays, and going with shades of green and gold is a stunning approach. The greenery instantly snatches your attention, and from there, your eye travels throughout the rest of the mantle outfitted with accents of gold. The beaded garland blends well with the greenery, and you can always add in some pinecones to further add some color differences to the piece. If you have some stockings hanging up, they will look well if they are a lighter color to further offset the bold green.

8. Cute Winter Miniature Town Table Decoration

Cute Winter Miniature Town Table Decoration

There is much you can do with a serving tray when it comes to creating some incredible neutral color Christmas decorations. The tray provides you with all the room you need to build your adorable winter wonderland town that is small in size. The white houses simply pop, and they contrast perfectly with the larger greenery that surrounds them. You can even consider adding in some Christmas lights on the trees. This way, when the room is dark, you can turn on the lights so that your miniature town can shine throughout the whole day. It is a design that can work in various rooms around the home.

9. Incredible Fireplace Wood Winter Decoration

Incredible Fireplace Wood Winter Decoration

This farmhouse-inspired decorative item is good to have in the living room for your neutral decorations. It, of course, works well when placed near a fireplace as a functional decoration since it can hold small logs well enough. The logs do well at adding that natural style to your design. For it to be creative too, add in some greenery to the bucket as well. It may limit how many logs you can fit inside, but it does allow your fireplace to work well as a decoration too. A fun thing about this project though is that you don’t need a fireplace for it as this design can look well in an entryway too, for instance.

10. Incredible Winter Christmas Mantle Town

Incredible Winter Christmas Mantle Town

A mantle doesn’t just stand out when it is decorated with garland. Rather, you can set up an entire miniature town on the mantle that works with your overall neutral ideal. The town doesn’t need much color to it to truly shine and stand out. Instead, the lightest coloring you can go for can be the houses as that adds to the idea that the town has seen snowfall. Meanwhile, the green trees help further bring life to this piece. It is among the best neutral Christmas decor ideas that will look just as well in the daytime as it will at night thanks to the many Christmas lights you can add to it.

11. Charming Rustic Fireplace Christmas Decorations

Charming Rustic Fireplace Christmas Decorations

Shades of gold and white can really help bring in the Christmas spirit without using those usual bright colors. At the same time, it still looks traditional enough while fitting into a contemporary theme with rustic qualities. Gold serves more as an accent color, in this case, providing some helpful contrast to break up all the white. However, there’s also greenery added to the piece. The garland alone does wonders for the entire setup, adding a lovely festive splash. Consider the signage as well as that provides a slightly artistic flair to help this fireplace décor fit inside a more contemporary setting.

12. Cozy and Rustic Christmas Corner

Cozy and Rustic Christmas Corner

Nothing spells out the holidays like creating a cozy little nook in your home. The use of the decorative ladder to hang a blanket over works out just about perfect here. This blanket shares a few holiday colors, but they are dark enough to still be neutral. It is the wreath that seals the deal here. This wreath isn’t the usual green. Instead, it has a rougher quality to it that brings it closer to nature than anything else. It blends well with the ladder to give it that rustic look. The branches in the background are a nice extra touch to make it more decorative for the holidays.

13. Minimalistic Little Branches Neutral Christmas Design

Minimalistic Little Branches Neutral Christmas Design

This is a wonderful way to utilize a small area while leaving a big impact. The piano here is a wonderful addition that leans heavily into the neutral theme. Its darkness acts to contrast the lighter area all around, allowing it to stand out. There is not much other decoration applied beyond the makeshift bottle vases on top. A single branch inside each one is all that’s needed to decorate in a minimalistic, Scandinavian way. Around the holidays, it’s easy enough to find branches from a Yew tree. This way, you can bring a little bit more Christmas into such simplistic décor.

14. Cozy Christmas Sitting Area Decorations

Cozy Christmas Sitting Area Decorations

We can’t forget the lounge area when it comes to decorating, and in fact, it can offer a great deal of potential for creating that neutral theme you’re aiming for. This is more helpful if you already have a chair or a couch that has a neutral coloring. From there, you can add similar throw pillows or even some throw blankets to it that are close or just a shade or two off from the coloring found in the chair. This way, they are close enough without getting lost in the background of the sitting area. You can always consider adding in some other seasonal items like pinecones to your decorations too.

15. Beautiful Rural Entryway Christmas Decorations

Beautiful Rural Entryway Christmas Decorations

The entryway is an ideal area to plan out some of the best neutral Christmas decor ideas. It is the first thing that anyone who visits your home will see, so it’s important to make it stand out so that it will be memorable. You can go for a rural theme in this case as all of the green used can instantly bring forth feelings of being outdoors in the beautiful winter weather. Garland is a wonderful tool to use in this case. If you have the room for it, you can opt for decorating the door or the walls with some matching wreaths. The plain style makes enough of an emphasis to bring even more life to the setup.

16. Perfect Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

Perfect Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

Not many neutral color Christmas decorations have such a farmhouse style as this pallet wood tree. This will provide your home with something truly distinctive to allow your personality to shine through. It is also a good way to stick with a minimalistic style as it is a triangle created with pallet wood. The material gives this makeshift Christmas tree a rustic feel fitting for a home with a similar theme. What allows this neutral decorative item to completely make it work with the holiday is the Christmas lights added in the middle to brighten the entire thing up.

17. Woodland Christmas Tree Decorative Setup

Woodland Christmas Tree Decorative Setup

A woodland theme is a great neutral option as it is also rural enough to easily fit with a farmhouse-styled home. The Christmas tree in this case is stunning in the simplest of ways. To make up for the lack of bright coloring, there are many shades of brown and beige throughout the tree that add the right amount of life to this. The silver ornaments can blend just as well with everything else while still maintaining that rustic, outdoor feel. You can fill up the tree too as the neutral coloring option allows everything to work well on its own without being over the top in any way.

18. Gorgeous Winter Woodland Crate Table Decoration

Gorgeous Winter Woodland Crate Table Decoration

Sometimes, we may be at a loss on what to adorn our tables with for our holiday decorations. If you seek something different that utilizes neutral colors well, then this woodland crate is the right choice to make. Plenty is going on within the crate without having the piece being overwhelming or distracting. Everything simply fits well together. The faux Christmas trees are quirky in a way, while the greenery, berries, and pinecones make you reminisce of the outdoors. There is just the right amount of coloring added to this while allowing everything to remain neutral so that this decoration works well with anything else you have around.

19. Beautiful Patio Christmas Tree Design

Beautiful Patio Christmas Tree Design

A Christmas tree doesn’t just belong inside your home. If you have the space for it, a tree works just as well on the front porch. It will be the first thing people see when coming to your home, giving them a great idea of the potential creativity that exists inside. Simple tones of red work well with the green Christmas tree. It fits with the natural outdoor feel the entire thing already has, especially if you add in some pinecones to the tree to fit with the winter theme. You can set the tree to stand on its own or add it to something like a vintage wagon to give your porch a vintage touch.

20. Christmas Santa Vintage Pallet Art

Christmas Santa Vintage Pallet Art

Pallets are always a good go-to choice for that neutral style considering the natural coloring of the wood. You can always paint it, of course, if there is a specific theme you wish to stick to. No matter, it has a way of fitting with any decor you have. It is also a great base to hold such a vintage piece of art. The art itself manages to blend well with the background at hand as they both have that rustic, old-fashioned look that allows them to grab attention regardless of which room you decide to place the art in.

21. Mini Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree

Mini Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree

Using some unique Christmas trees is always a fun and exciting way to decorate for the holiday. This handmade fabric tree is an eco-friendly option as it is made from upholstery fabric scraps. The result is nothing short of attractive as the tree has an interesting pattern that allows it to flow and feel more alive. There are three different height options to choose from as well as three different color styles available. Each of the colors is still neutral in terms of the palette so that you can have something fitting for your theme.

22. Fun Bohemian Style Christmas Stockings

Fun Bohemian Style Christmas Stockings

This handmade neutral Christmas decor idea is perfect for the holidays when decorating in a neutral style. They are warm in tone and lean more toward a Scandinavian setup. There is still the right amount of detail provided to the stockings that give them more personality. You can choose from four different designs, allowing you to get the stocking or stockings that you most want to fit with your personality and your decorations at home. No matter which you choose, all of them manage to work with the larger theme at hand, providing your Christmas decorations with a touch of uniqueness that makes them appealing to anyone that visits your home.

23. Wooden Neutral Color Christmas Trees

Wooden Neutral Color Christmas Trees

Going for wooden material is always an ideal route to take when you’re trying to decorate using neutral colors. These trees have a lovely 3D design to them, and they were laser cut with cute designs inside that help them stand out even more. Of course, if you don’t care for the stars, you can always receive the trees in a more natural, plain state instead. Either way, you are left with something that is appealing to set up anywhere in the house.

24. Neutral Color Tassel Christmas Ornaments

Neutral Color Tassel Christmas Ornaments

If you are ready for a more bohemian Christmas, then these tassels are a wonderful choice. These mini macrame decorations look perfect when hung up on anything such as a Christmas tree or your garland. This way, you can take these just about anywhere throughout your home for a modern touch that maintains a neutral style. You can get these aesthetic decorations in a set of three or in a set of five, giving you more than enough to decorate with.

25. Adorable Taupe Tree Wooden Sign

Adorable Taupe Tree Wooden Sign

This wooden sign makes for a great addition to any wall this holiday season. Besides looking appealing for neutral decorations, everything about this sign is distinctive. The frame is crafted from natural wooden material, so each one has individual knicks. This gives the sign an attractive, rustic look. The simplicity of the hand-painted Christmas tree is fitting for this theme too. It is just a simple, light brown color. However, it stands out against the pure white background. Hanging this up makes it easier to decorate around it as well as using more neutral-colored items.

26. Cute Neutral Mantlepiece Christmas Décor

Cute Neutral Mantlepiece Christmas Décor

If you have a mantlepiece, preferably one made from wooden material, then you can build this fun neutral Christmas décor setup. The wood has a natural look about it that allows this to come across as slightly rustic and not out of a place of a farmhouse setting. Using burlap material around the containers for the mini trees further cements that look. Alongside that, the general use of greenery is a good way to stick with the neutral, outdoorsy theme. The “Santa Stop Here” bunting is the perfect final touch to create a more festive vibe without overdoing it.

27. Faux Fireplace Mantle Christmas Setup

Faux Fireplace Mantle Christmas Setup

If you don’t have a real fireplace, then a setup such as this one is a great way to go about decorating for the holidays. There isn’t much to this design though, and that is what helps it stand out so well. It’s bright thanks to the bold white, but there is still neutral coloring applied via the vintage books used as decoration. The small can candelabras help carry that contrast across the mantle. What brings everything into focus is the oversized “Merry Christmas” sign. There is just enough coloring within the picture that it doesn’t detract from the theme.

27 Incredible Neutral Holiday Decor Ideas

The holidays are coming faster than you know it, and when you want to do something a bit more unique with your decorations, then going the route of neutral coloring and style is a fun option. These have a lovely classic feel that makes them so stunning to observe and admire. You can work with this theme in any room throughout your home too, putting out the Christmas spirit at every turn so that your family and your guests can reign in the joy no matter where they go in the home.

Also, neutral decor options are worthwhile when it comes to fixing up the interior of your home without completely overhauling the rest of the style in the room. This is the perfect way to show off your holiday spirit while sticking with your personality. But if you are at a loss for how to begin your setup, our best neutral Christmas decor ideas should help you figure out where to go.

Best Neutral Christmas Decor Ideas

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