50 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas that Will Transform Your Backyard


If you want your home to be a comfortable place where friends and family spend hours enjoying each other’s company, you need an awesome backyard. Whether you love roasting marshmallows or want a bit of warmth during the cool summer nights, nothing quite beats sitting around a fire pit. It’s easy to create some ambiance when you have a fire burning.

Outdoor fire pits may come in many looks and styles, but there are two main types two choose from – wood ones and gas ones. When you choose a fire pit design that uses wood, you get more of a campfire feel, complete with crackling sounds and sparks flying up in the air. Of course, you have to be a bit more careful about not letting it get out of control and making sure the fire’s out before you go to bed. Gas pits allow you to create the beautiful look you want with the ability to shut it off with a flick of a switch.

Naturally, you might wonder whether you can still cook marshmallows over a gas fire. The truth is that you can as long as you are sure to hold the marshmallow above the flames to get it toasty. If it touches the flame, there’s a chance that it will have a lingering gas taste.

No matter which style you prefer, these ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Cozy Up with these 50 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

Cool fire pit ideas

1. Affordable Ideas for a Cozy Look

Affordable Ideas for a Cozy Look

As you look through the pictures in this series, you might think that you need big bucks to really get the look you want. This doesn’t have to be the case. For instance, many home improvement and big box stores sell simple firepits you put together yourself. Though designs vary, many are quite affordable. The seating cushions in this picture even came from the discount store Big Lots. Keep an eye out when you’re shopping and you just might find a great deal.

2. Separate Spaces Fireplace Ideas

Separate Spaces Fireplace Ideas

Source: uccca.com

If you love entertaining and often have large gatherings at your home, creating separate spaces is a good way to maintain some intimacy between guests. The patio in this picture, for example, is very large and open, but there are small defined spaces – around the fire and under the large arbor. This allows your friends and family to really connect with each other. Note the small basket next to the chair on the right holding extra pillows and blankets. Even though the fire can be warming, you’ll always have a few guests that are still cold. Thinking of their comfort is a small way to show your hospitality.

3. Drop Down Deck Fireplace Design

Drop Down Deck Fireplace Design

Source: hgtv.com

It’s not uncommon for an outdoor fireplace to be set into the ground. This is a decision often made for safety, as you’re better able to control the fire. What’s interesting here, though, is the way they’ve dropped the entire fireplace and seating area into the ground. Long and wide cushioned benches provide ample seating. People can either sit properly or lounge back with their feet tucked under. While this particular fire table is part of a hotel’s décor, you can easily see how you can take this idea and scale it down for your own home.

4. Indoor-Outdoor Fire Table

Indoor-Outdoor Fire Table

Few homes actually have this sort of indoor-outdoor style of patio, but that doesn’t mean you can’t steal some of their ideas. For instance, it might work well in a home that’s U-shaped with an outdoor patio in the middle of the U. Note how the art on the walls is actually an herb garden – what a fantastically practical solution for artwork. Furthermore, the neutral, simple colors of the cushions around this firepit design allow you to really focus your attention on the fire or on the company you’re sharing.

5. Fit for a Fairy

Fit for a Fairy

Source: uccca.com

This delightfully creative idea can be affordable as well. Mismatched bricks work well together for a shabby chic look. You might even be able to find these for free from local people who have leftovers after taking out or building a new project. The wrought iron around the fire adds a nice touch and conveniently matches the seating around the fire. Since this look allows you to mix and match designs, you shouldn’t feel pressured to purchase the furniture as a set. Pick up a few pieces at thrift stores until you have all the seating you need. Floral landscaping helps give the area an enchanted feel, and using the cart as a drink holder adds a touch of class that the usual cooler wouldn’t.

6. Classic Garden Pit Design

Classic Garden Pit Design

Source: hgtv.com

Sometimes, simple outdoor fireplace ideas are the best. You don’t have to go overboard. This stone pit keeps the fire contained safely, while large, wooden chairs offer comfortable seating to guests. Set in the backyard garden, the choice of brown cushions with green-flecked bolster pillows ties the space in with the natural greenery that surrounds it. This about adding small tables for guests to place drinks, or choose chairs that have arms wide enough to support a drink.

7. Swinging by the Fire

Swinging by the Fire

Source: woohome.com

Circular patterns in the patio layout draw your attention to the firepit in the middle. By using flat rocks, the homeowner has given the design a DIY feel, and the stones match with some of the stones used throughout the garden. What’s especially fun about this patio, though, is the swing hanging by the curved arbor. Young and old people alike love to spend time in a patio swing like this and placing near the fire is just perfect. If you’re alone, you could even put your feet up on the swing while reading a book. For even more fun, encourage vining flowers to grow overhead. They’ll provide shade as well as beauty.

8. Enjoy the Fire and the View

Enjoy the Fire and the View

In most cases, outdoor fireplace design focuses on creating a round area so that everyone feels like they’re part of the group. If you’ve got an amazing view in your backyard, though – like this homeowner’s view of the ocean – you don’t necessarily want to design your pit that way. Instead, this outdoor fireplace is a semi-circle, with the chairs arranged around it. Guests can enjoy the warmth and entrancing flicker of the flames, but no one has to miss a fantastic sunset. Nearby trees also provide some shade, making this a great place to sit while the sun’s still out as well.

9. Cool Blue Relaxation

Cool Blue Relaxation

Gas fireplaces like this one allow you to spread the fire out a bit. In this outdoor firepit idea, for example, the fire comes out of a long table. Rather than circling guests around a small area, you’re able to set out sprawling couches. The light blue color of these cushions is very relaxing and almost blends in with the sky in some places. While some people prefer brightly colored patterns, choosing solid colors like this give the area a clean look. Choose this type of design if you have the type of mind that finds this simplicity calming.

10. Snap Crackle and Pop of Color

Snap Crackle and Pop of Color

The brick patio design and curved bench act as a natural extension of the round fireplace set in the middle. The high back of the bench not only allows guests to sit more comfortable, it also helps separate the pit area from the other parts of the patio behind it. Bright solid colors on pillows of assorted sizes go nicely with the brightly striped pattern on the seat cushion. This look would go along nicely with anyone who loves the boho look for home decor. It’s large enough that you’ll have plenty of seating, so invite all your friends over.

11. Behind a Glass Wall Outdoor Fireplace Idea

Behind a Glass Wall Outdoor Fireplace Idea

The glass wall that surrounds this outdoor fireplace makes it feel a lot like the ones you might find inside. This glass provides a protective layer around the fire, which can make it a bit safer for children. However, you should take note that the glass can get hot as well. Having the glass there also allows guests to make use of the table that the fire’s on. This could be a convenient place for you to place hors d’oeuvres if you’re having a large gathering. The chairs are large and comfortable, while the ottoman chairs provide a bit more versatility in the seating arrangements.

12. All Around the Firepit

All Around the Firepit

Source: theknot.com

A combination of couches and chairs made in a similar style gives this outdoor firepit idea a way to offer flexible seating for guests while sticking with a single design idea. This particular one is incredibly large – you can see how there’s plenty of seating for nine people and space for more chairs if necessary. That’s because it’s located at a restaurant and party house. If you won’t be entertaining that many people on a regular basis, you can save money by purchasing a smaller firepit and a single patio seating set. You’ll get the same look on a smaller scale.

13. Step Down Into Warmth

Step Down Into Warmth

Source: homened.com

If your backyard has a bit of a slope, consider an outdoor fireplace design like this one, where you step down into a new area. The stone design of the pit itself along with the patio and benches gives the area a crisp, cool feel, while the addition of wood seating on top of the concrete benches adds some warmth. Flowers peek out from the landscaped areas nearby. Adding a small pond area might be a nice contrast to the fire.

14. Fire on the Floor

Fire on the Floor

You shouldn’t feel confined to keeping your fire inside a traditional “pit” area. This homeowner has used a gas fireplace set right into the patio itself. If doing this, you need to make sure that your seating is at a safe distance from the fire, especially when you consider people walking around. Having the fire set into the ground is definitely a creative idea, but if you have children or a daredevil friend who might be tempted to test out his fire-walking skills, you might want to focus on other options.

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