50 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas that Will Transform Your Backyard


15. A Study in Contrasts

A Study in Contrasts

Source: photos.hgtv.com

This outdoor fireplace area is made with a lot of different textures. There’s the smooth concrete of the benches and the top of the pit, the woven wicker of the chair, the bricks making up the pit, the rocks on the ground, the cushions and pillows on the bench, the horizontally placed dark wood that provides the back of the bench and the vertically placed lighter wood in the fence and arbor. However, it all works nicely together because they’re in the same color family. By backing right up to the fence instead of being in a large, open space, you can see how you could still have a fire area in a smaller backyard.

16. Turn Up the Elegance

Turn Up the Elegance

With its sleek, elegant lines, this fire area will appeal to anyone who loves modern home designs. The use of wood and the trees planted nearby gives it a real natural feel. What’s slightly unusual about this look is the additional lighting from the tree spotlight and the intricate lanterns. This will cast fun shadows about, especially when combined with the flickering flames of the fire. The glass around the fire offers a protective layer, but it also acts as a mirror, reflecting the fire’s light in many different directions.

17. Having a Bowl By the Fire

Having a Bowl By the Fire

Source: artlogus.com

This outdoor firepit idea can work well for someone on a budget. While the pit itself could cost some money, it’s set on a simple floating deck with basic wooden benches. You could probably even make something like this with pallets or reclaimed wood. The green cushions are a simple DIY project and this color choice ties in with the greenery surrounding the area and the green cushions on the other seating area across from the pool. This homeowner has transformed a very small backyard into one that contains all the basics – a fire area, a pool, and a simple patio eating area.

18. Cerulean Skies

Cerulean Skies

Source: lamidge.net

The bright blue cushions in this area certainly draw your attention. On many days, they’ll match the color of the sky. Less noticeable, though, is the brick pattern used for the benches, the fireplace, and the grill area in the background. It ties everything together without being too pushy. Using a gas fire in your firepit design is so nice because you have so many options to set yourself apart. For instance, the stacked balls in this pit are something you couldn’t have if you had a wood-burning pit.

19. Fire and Water

Fire and Water

If your family loves the pool, you’re definitely going to love this outdoor fireplace idea. While most gas fire tables use boring black or gray rocks in the design, this one makes use of pretty blue rocks that match the color of the water in the pool. But the fire table alone isn’t the only place to enjoy the fire here. There are also the large bowls of water that flank the pool, adding interesting lighting for a nighttime swim. If you’re going to have your pit by the pool, take care to use waterproof fabric on the covers.

20. English Garden

English Garden

With the rock wall and rock patio firepit along with the brightly colored flowers, this patio idea makes you feel like you’re sitting in a garden in the English countryside. Set close to the home, it’s a nice spot for entertaining, and the expansive yard on the other side of the wall is perfect for children playing outdoor games while the adults enjoy conversation around the fire. If your backyard looks like this, get ready to be a frequent party host.

21. Flaming Backdrop

Flaming Backdrop

Source: sea-green.com

An outdoor fireplace doesn’t necessarily need to be the focal point of your patio space, as you can see in this picture. Rather than gathering around it, the fire burns quietly in the background, adding ambiance while allowing guests to focus more on food and company. Warm lighting along the patio wall and on the tables sets the mood as well. Of course, it’s still a real fire that you can use when the desire for s’mores pops up. Let your fire serve as a functional piece of home decor.

22. Back to the Basics Pit

Back to the Basics Pit

Source: kingcho.cl

Simple, small, and functional, this outdoor firepit has everything you need. The brick design blends in with the patio, and the seats on the curved bench are wide enough to double as a table space for placing dishes of food or playing a game. To round out the seating options in the space by the fire without the bench, those basket-like stools are an interesting and flexible design choice. You can easily tuck them away to the side when you don’t have guests around. Putting drinks in a basket, as you can see on the right side of the bench is a great alternative to using a cooler.

23. Backyard Beach Pit

Backyard Beach Pit

The rocks on the ground in this firepit area, coupled with the low table and chairs, give this backyard space a real beachy feel. Having a waterfall in the pool produces a tranquil sound that can help you relax. A gravel backyard just makes sense for anyone living in an area that doesn’t get a lot of rain. No grass means you won’t have to waste water. However, proper hardscaping like you see here makes things feel more planned and less sparse.

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