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50 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas that Will Transform Your Backyard

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-02-29

24. Fire with a Twist

Fire with a Twist

Source: diynetwork.com

This is yet another example of how choose a gas fireplace lets you make use of more interesting shapes. Here, fire sprouts out of the metal spiral reaching up, creating a creative and beautiful look that doesn’t take up much space. Small outdoor fireplaces like this one are also portable, so you can easily move it to a different space in your yard to accommodate different types of parties. A small bench and table provides a bit of seating, and the nice pops of orange make it stand out.

25. Classy Fire Table

Classy Fire Table

Source: uccca.com

A sleek black table holds the fire in this outdoor fireplace design, and the shininess of the table reflects the light from the fire, creating a compelling ambiance. Large chairs look like they belong in the living room rather than on the patio, but this just helps create a nice, cozy feel, perfect for relaxing with friends. Note how there are other sections of the patio, like an eating area and another small chatting area that all use the same type of furniture, linking all areas into one cohesive space even while they are obviously separate spaces.

26. Digging This Firepit

Digging This Firepit

Source: gta-az.com

Unlike the other examples that have had a fire area a few steps down from the rest of the patio, this one is interesting because the deck pathway around the fire doubles as benches for seating. This gives it a nice, casual feel that undoubtedly goes along with the rest of the home design. Simple green plants around the pit offer a nice bit of color in a setting that might otherwise seem a bit bland.

27. A True Outdoor Fireplace

A True Outdoor Fireplace

Source: salsaqu.co

This is a great example of the way that gas fireplaces can be used outside to create a beautiful look outside. Set into the wall, it looks more like a traditional fireplace that a true firepit. That’s the best choice for someone looking for the fire to add ambiance to the background of the space rather than being a true focal point. Couches provide seating for plenty of guests, and the large umbrella gives shade to those who want to stay out of the sun. It’s nice to see the fireplace and the fountain in the background made from the same material, and to have the nice stone path leading from one to the other.

28. High Rise Patio Pit

High Rise Patio Pit

Source: flickr.com

Don’t think that living in a high rise apartment means you have to be excluded from having a great patio space for hanging out. With a specially designed patio firepit like this one, you can safely enjoy relaxing by the fire while appreciating the great view. A small table-for-two is the perfect spot for breakfast, while the sofa offers a comfortable place to read a book by the fire. In a setting like this, though, you want to be sure to choose a firepit that allows you to control how high the fire burns. Being this close to the indoors is a slight risk.

29. Boho Backyard

Boho Backyard

Source: wordyless.com

The elongated firepit design shown here works nicely with the chosen seating. The U-shaped sofa is made from concrete, which is definitely an interesting choice that blends with the patio area. Being shorter than the pit makes it easier for guests to get in and out of the seats. Brightly colored cushions add comfort to those hard seats as well as a classic Bohemian look. Extra chairs provide additional comfortable seating for guests at a party.

30. Star-Studded Fireplace

Star-Studded Fireplace

Source: lubimyidom.com

This outdoor fireplace idea is simple but beautiful. Gas piping allows for the fire to come out in an interesting shape – in this case, a star. The wood-and-iron benches are practical and fit in well with the home design. Since the pit area is so close to the home and the there are such large windows looking in on the living space, it’s important to try to match the looks to keep the theme going. Large rocks, like you can see here, are fun to use as improve seating or tables. The natural look almost always works.

31. Creative Concrete Comfort

Creative Concrete Comfort

When you think about concrete, you don’t usually think of comfort, but this hotel’s outdoor fireplace design might make you change your mind about that. It’s set into the ground and fully made of concrete – the pit itself, the ground, the walls, and the benches. It might sound sparse, but it fits nicely with the architectural design of the home. Cushions make the benches softer and there are chairs as an alternative seating option. Take this idea and scale it down to fit with a modern home design look.

32. Bonfire by the Beach

Bonfire by the Beach

Source: rowcdesign.com

When you live on the beach, you want to take advantage of that. This outdoor firepit idea is great because it features space to hold the wood you’ll need to burn. Gravel underground creates a separate fire area in the backyard and provides the safety you need with a wood-burning firepit. Brightly colored cushions give the wooden chairs an updated look while providing a bit of padding. It also helps tie in the fire area with the extra seating area seen in the background.

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