50 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas that Will Transform Your Backyard


33. Burning Bowl of Fire

Burning Bowl of Fire

Source: diynetwork.com

As you and your friends sit around this unique outdoor fireplace, you might feel like you’re a witch or wizard working on a special spell. The cauldron-like fireplace keeps the fire contained and looks beautiful. The wooden Adirondack chairs are a classic choice for relaxing on the beach or around the fire. The wider arm rests on this type of chair make it an easy place to rest a drink so you don’t have to hold it all night. Small tables, though, provide space for drinks or snacks, so it’s smart to have a few around.

34. Elegant Garden Fireplace

Elegant Garden Fireplace

Source: decowans.com

You don’t need a lot of planning to have an elegant place to relax by the fire. For instance, with this idea, all you need to do is buy a firepit and a few extra chairs, then set them into a small area of your patio. Both the pit and the chairs feature the same X-shaped design with a circle in the middle, so you know they’re a part of a set. This idea works well when you already have a well-designed patio or backyard area that just needs a little something extra. Keep an eye out for outdoor fireplaces that come with matching furniture and you won’t have to worry much about doing the designing yourself.

35. Rustic Campfire

Rustic Campfire

When you have a nice home set in the woods, you want to take advantage of that natural setting. This outdoor fireplace design does this beautifully. The circle of large rocks defines the fire space and gravel helps prevent fire from spreading. In a wooded area, this is a good safety precaution. The wooden benches use tree trunks to give the area a real rustic feel. With the large bowl, you contain the fire but are still able to make it a real campfire, perfect for roasting marshmallows or hot dogs. Bowls of candles provide additional ambient lighting that really sets a nice mood.

36. Brilliant Burst of Fire

Brilliant Burst of Fire

The homeowners who chose this patio firepit certainly aren’t afraid to make a statement. This pit allows the flames to go high while still being safe. The extra barrier around the fire on the side where people sit provides that extra level of protection needed to keep guests out of the way of danger. The foliage growing in the planter by the windows mimics the height of the flames. This height also helps give the inside of the home a bit of privacy. The patio design features large, smooth slabs of concrete, which is practical, but is spaced far apart with a bit of green growing between the slabs. This adds just a splash of color to the area.

37. Marble Madness

Marble Madness

Source: muyani.us

What better way to make use of a rooftop patio than to add a great outdoor fireplace? This sleek design in white marble definitely has an elegant feel that’s perfect for a long night entertaining or a quiet night with your family. The long bench mimics the length of the fireplace, allowing everyone to have a seat by the fire. Cushions and pillows in neutral colors help keep the focus on the beauty of the fire and the sunset. Tall plants behind the bench add just a bit of greenery to the design.

38. Fire for Two

Fire for Two

Source: hgtv.com

If you don’t plan to do a lot of entertaining, there’s no sense in looking at outdoor firepit ideas that are oversized. This L-shaped pit fits nicely on the corner of the patio, and the two chairs make it perfect for a quiet night when it’s just the two of you. Even if you do have a small gathering, a fire this size offers a fun atmosphere. It doesn’t have to be all about everyone sitting around the fire.

39. Rock the Night Away

Rock the Night Away

Source: bitdecor.com

The unique black rocking chairs in this outdoor fireplace idea provide a nice contrast with the large white firepit. You’ll love the relaxing feel of rocking back and forth as you gaze into the hypnotic flickering of the flames, which seem to dance on top of the rocks in the bowl. This idea is clean and simple without a lot to distract you. Tall plants in the background provide a natural source of privacy and look as though they grow this way naturally. Since the patio itself is fairly open, you can simply bring more chairs in to accommodate guests if you’re having a large gathering.

40. Tucked Away in the Garden

Tucked Away in the Garden

Source: diynetwork.com

This creative firepit design isn’t front and center. It blends in so nicely with the other aspects of the garden that you might even miss the pit altogether if you didn’t know to look for it. The touches of reddish brown in the brick for the fireplace and benches look great with the fence in the background and the color of the mulch. A fun hammock with an interesting shape sets this area apart from many of the others. It’s definitely a unique element to add to the space. Everyone who comes over will want to take a turn in the hammock.

41. Wonderful Wicker

Wonderful Wicker

Source: slidetag.com

As much as you might like wicker patio furniture, wicker certainly isn’t the first type of material that comes to mind when you think of outdoor fireplace design. Yet you can see here how well it actually works. The fire is set in a metal bowl and the black glass prevents the fire from touching the wicker. As an added bonus, the glass reflects the glow of the flames, creating a unique look. This is an ideal setup for someone with a smaller patio who still wants to set up something that’s cozy.

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