The 50 Best Pumpkin Decoration and Carving Ideas for Halloween


33. Abundant Color Mini’s

Abundant Color Mini’s

Mini pumpkins not only handle well, but they are easy to paint and make perfect Halloween pumpkin gifts. The bright colors and patterns used to enhance these minis provide a bright, fresh and playful look that makes them irresistible. Use chalk paint and stencils to get the results seen in the pictured pumpkins as the paint holds fast to most anything and doesn’t require prepping or priming. Stencils or free hand painting with sponge brushes, daubers and other paint brushes adds to the dimension of the pumpkins, and once the paint is dried, stenciled or free-hand designs can be added.

34. Beaded Bling Swirl

Beaded Bling Swirl

What a quick, fun and almost effortless way to create a one-of-a-kind yet elegantly simple pumpkin. A faux white pumpkin can be instantaneously transformed with just a few black jewel stickers that take a white pumpkin up a notch or two from the back closet shelf to the front foyer. Simply affix the black jewel flourishes in the desired pattern on the pumpkin and you’re good to go. Various other swirls and similar patterns and designs are available, which can easily be used on the same type of pumpkin as well as provide the same type of embellishment.

35. Trick or Treat Ombre Twist

Trick or Treat Ombre Twist

The trick with this pumpkin decoration idea is its subtle ombre paint presentation and the bold lettering that immediately sends the message that Halloween is here. The paint process begins with a white faux pumpkin and progresses with the use of three similar colors of craft paint to create the ombre look. Initiate the paint process by painting the lightest of the three colors on the upper part of the pumpkin. While the upper part is still wet, paint the medium shade paint color on the mid section of the pumpkin. Finally, move on to the bottom of the pumpkin and use the darkest color for that portion. Finish by brushing over the painted sections to blend the colors. Let the paint completely dry before applying the lettering. Cut out the Trick or Treat lettering from a stencil or use adhesive-backed lettering that is ready for application.

36. Polka Dot Bouquet

Polka Dot Bouquet

A pretty polka dot pumpkin vase is the perfect addition to a Halloween decoration inventory. Its decorative look is bright, cheerful and adds to the beauty of fall flower arrangements, dried weeds, leaves, short stemmed Halloween decorations and much more. It also makes a perfect centerpiece for parties and can serve as an accessory accent piece for shelves, niches, vanities, end tables and other areas of a home. Use gold acrylic metallic paint to cover a white faux craft pumpkin. Remove the stem and top layer for an opening before painting. Apply enough coats for sufficient coverage. Once dried, use a white paint pen to add polka dots to the pumpkin. Let the dots dry and reapply until the necessary coverage is reached. Add a vase insert for use with fresh flowers.

37. Pumpkin Votive Glow

Pumpkin Votive Glow


Votive candles illuminate table place settings, sideboards, nightstands, niches and other small spaces. When they are dipped in gold glitter, they provide a soft glow that brings warmth and joy to a holiday setting. They are useful not only on Halloween but for any winter holiday where glimmer and glisten add ambiance to a gathering. Use small styrofoam pumpkins for this project and determine the size of the opening for the votive candles chosen for use. Drill out the center of the pumpkin to the required candle depth and remove any excess foam with a knife. After the hole is cut, cover the outside of the pumpkin in craft glue. Take the gold glitter and generously sprinkle it on the pumpkin and let it dry. Use a shot of hairspray on the finished product to prevent glitter flaking.

38. Halloween Medley

Halloween Medley

The Halloween crew pictured here are ready to crash any Halloween gathering and make their presence known. They are serious partiers. The variety of this group is well balanced and adds diversity, height, depth, texture and whimsy to a Halloween mantle, party table, front porch or yard area. Use pumpkins in varying sizes, real or faux, and gather up an assortment of costume pieces and accessories to complete the look of the group. Use your handy craft knife and your pumpkin carving expertise to create expressions for a few in the group, and find the right facial features for the others. A snowman, pumpkin person, pirate, bat, witch, and mummy are all welcome Halloween guests.

39. Address my Pumpkin

Address my Pumpkin

Personalizing an address is great for party goers and trick-or-treaters and using pumpkins as an address backdrop is a practical and decorative idea for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. Even the mailman and package delivery services will appreciate the effort. The project is a simple one and is just a matter of gathering together the pumpkins and other materials to complete the look. Real pumpkins are more stable, particularly when the weather is bad, but heavier or stuffed faux pumpkins can be used as well. All that is needed are three large pumpkins, wooden or metal numbers, some burlap for bows and a little glue. Affix the house numbers with glue or screws that penetrate the pumpkins and tie the burlap around the stem areas. Voila, a personalized pumpkin address label is ready for placement on a curb or front stoop.

40. Snail ‘in Pumpkin

Snail ‘in Pumpkin

Kids love unusual and slimy critters like snails, and one that has a lighted pumpkin shell is even more interesting. It’s a fun project for kids and looks great in a garden or yard area on Halloween and beyond. The project is simple and requires some spiral pumpkin carving on the top of the pumpkin with a piece chopped off the side of the pumpkin to keep it upright. Use the top of a butternut squash for the snail’s head and add wooden skewers to mount and glue the ping-pong balls for eyes. Use a black marker to fill in the eyes and make a mouth. To light the pumpkin area, add a tea candle in the spiral of the pumpkin.

41. Pumpkin Lady

Pumpkin Lady

No carve pumpkin people is a cute way to represent family members, friends, co-workers, executives, and others in the form of a simple white or cream pumpkin that contains some added accessories to identify just who is who. The black and white look is a popular pumpkin decoration idea and is a quick and easy way to assemble decorative pumpkins for a family oriented Halloween party. Just gather the number of craft pumpkins needed, some black felt, scissors, glue and a selection of accessories like hats, wigs, glasses, and flowers. Make mustaches, eyes, ears, noses, bows, and other facial features and accessories from the black felt. Simply cut them out and hot glue them directly on the pumpkins.

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