50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas and Designs for 2023


24. East Meets West

East Meets West

This beautiful kitchen nook is inspired by the serene style of Japanese architecture. The vibe of this space is evocative of the beautiful designs that one would see in a modern Tokyo boutique hotel. The uniform use of the lightly stained wood on the cabinets, floors and walls help to create the peaceful atmosphere. The under-cabinet lighting produces a glow that is almost ethereal. If you want to recreate this zen atmosphere, take a cue from this homeowner and keep decorations to a minimal. The simple vase with flowers is truly all this space needs and doesn’t spoil the peace and serenity that this space provides.

25. Making The Most Of Exposed Brick

Making The Most Of Exposed Brick

In many of the kitchen design images we’ve seen, an accent wall is deliberate. However, in some homes and condos, an accent wall is chosen for us. Many modern designs will feature a room with a single exposed brick wall. Instead of having it covered or trying to conceal it, this homeowner made the smart choice to work with it. Their white color scheme and natural wood countertops compliment the rustic feel of the brick beautifully. The built-in shelves allow for their lovely collection of teapots and accessories to be prominently displayed.

26. A Lit Display Cabinet Becomes The Focal Point

A Lit Display Cabinet Becomes The Focal Point

Source: ikea.com

As you’ve seen many times on this list, many great kitchen designs feature a focal point that really catches the eye. In this case, it’s the lit display cabinet above the sink. This is a perfect way to display one’s china, glassware or tea sets. These cabinets will truly work in just about any design. Here, the cabinet blends beautifully with the country-inspired yet completely modern design. The contrast the olive green walls against the soft ivory backsplash creates a very chic look, while the little touches like the gingham curtain ensure that the atmosphere is cozy.

27. A Kitchen Nook Inspired By Cubism

A Kitchen Nook Inspired By Cubism

This little kitchen design is a great example of why home decoration choices are often very much dependent on the architecture and design that one is already working with. This little cubist kitchen nook might have been difficult for some, but this homeowner made it work by keeping their design light, airy and in neutral colors. The end result ensures that the unique architecture doesn’t look too futuristic or modern. The little touches, such as the books, the artwork and the spices in vintage jars give this kitchen a lovely and welcoming feel.

28. Unique Shapes and Patterns Give Life To This Little Kitchen

Unique Shapes and Patterns Give Life To This Little Kitchen

Source: behance.net

It takes a bold homeowner to want to work with unique shapes and patters. The wallpaper in this kitchen, which features a multi-colored triangular design, could easily result in a design that is “too much.” However, by keeping the cabinets and the countertops simple, the end result is a design that is striking and modern without being overpowering. The rug features a similar but not matching design, complimenting the wallpaper beautifully. Wallpaper can be intimidating to many, but as long as it’s done correctly, the finished result can be truly stunning.

29. A Bold Use Of Black

A Bold Use Of Black

For many people, the idea of painting even a single wall in their kitchen black would be horrific. After all, many of us associate black walls with dreary basements or sullen teenagers’ rooms. However, the use of the black accent wall in this kitchen is bold, but the finished result is sleek and modern. This homeowner avoided a dreary end result but working with a polished tin backsplash and countertop. They kept the drawers, shelves and cabinets light colors to bring some brightness to the space. This kitchen proves that bold design choices can pay off in the long run.

30. An Air of Aztec Charm

An Air of Aztec Charm

This homeowner must have been inspired by the gorgeous older homes of Mexico City when they were dreaming up their small kitchen design. This design is colorful, full of life and cheery. The pale blue of the table legs and the cabinet are complimented wonderfully by the bright pinks, reds and oranges in the tile backsplash and various decorations. This homeowner used the technique of decorating up to create the illusion of more space. The pyramid-shaped shelving unit, filled with beautiful antique accent items, instantly makes this kitchen seem to be double its actual size.

31. Sleek Colors and Geometric Prints

Sleek Colors and Geometric Prints

Source: flodeau.com

If you prefer your kitchen decorating ideas to be more modern than “cozy,” then this is the perfect design scheme for you. This homeowner chose a gray and yellow color scheme that gives the space a somewhat futuristic feel. This is accentuated by the geometric prints found in both the artwork and the area rug. The unique overhead light fixture also adds to the quite futuristic and modern feel. This is a perfect design for anyone who prefers the modern to the cozy and classic.

32. Bright, Blue and Shimmering

Bright, Blue and Shimmering

Blue is such a serene and relaxing choice for a kitchen. In many of the kitchen design images seen on this list, various hues of blue are used to bring a relaxing and peaceful element to the space. This homeowner paired light blue walls with polished silver appliances to create an environment that is incredibly calm and welcoming. The little accents, such as the dragonfly painting and the decor items strategically placed throughout the space, just add to the homey and inviting feel. Take a cue from this homeowner and pick artwork in the same color scheme as the space to create a very relaxed finished look.

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