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50 Ways Of Creating An Enchanted Succulent Garden In Your Backyard

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-02-27

If there’s one fast growing trend in plant arrangements, it’s the world of succulent gardens. Getting as popular as the present trend in miniature fairy gardens, we’ll be examining how to grow succulents, how to plant succulents and then give some beautiful examples of succulent arrangements.

Where once a succulent garden was rarely seen, and that as a special cactus arrangement to the side of a ranch-style home, succulent arrangements are today found just about anywhere: indoors patios, office environments, office buildings, by a pool side, front-walk entrances, outdoor patios and even inside homes.

Why their rise in popularity? Well, for one thing, they’re immensely easy to grow and maintain. Frankly speaking, they’re especially attractive to working, career women who have little time to spend on plants, maintaining them and/or regenerating their prized greenery.

Moreover, they are almost impossible to kill. Many people have already named them the “camel” of greenery. Being tolerant of low water levels, they can thrive in dry environments, and they don’t require hardly any water at all. In addition, they are simply beautiful and lend themselves to whatever shape, style or arrangement you may have in mind.

Succulent Gardens 101 and Everything Else In Between

How To Plant Cactus-Like Plants

Planting succulents is easier than you may think; the most important thing of all is getting a fast-draining soil that does well in a container or in a succulent garden bed. Quality, healthy plants are typically found at your local garden center and are normally labeled as such: “for use in planting cactus.”

That said, root-rot may develop; however, having a fast-draining soil helps in preventing the root-rot from taking hold. Typically, the fertilization process when planting succulents should be undertaken during summer months and come to a full stop during the winter.

How To Grow Cactus-Like Plants

Basically, growing succulents is just as simple as planting them: watering these cactus-like plants during the summer months is more than adequate if done on twice a week basis. During the winter, cut-backs are recommended. Basically, give the plants a good water soaking, and then wait until the succulent plant dries out completely.

Succulent Displays

Having a little knowledge of the many varieties commonly found in succulent gardens that come in so many diverse styles, sizes, colors and even succulent flowers, is vitally important. You’ll need that knowledge when deciding what you want to create before planting your succulent garden. Today, via the dynamics of the Internet, you can readily and conveniently see which particular specie is for you and which would work best for whatever your creative urges dictate.

Naturally knowing where you’re going to put your succulent garden arrangements, and what is their intended purpose, helps a great deal in determining the final outcome and visual appeal of their arrangement.

Let’s see now some 50 wonderful examples of succulent displays that will be sure to give you a newly discovered or rediscovered passion for having these particular plants in and around your house.

1. Desert Ice Wonderland

Desert Ice Wonderland

Perfect for an outdoor spot in any season of the year, this succulent design centers on an enchanting floral presentation that highlights giving various shades of blue to help accent a cool, inspiring arrangement. Comprised mainly of blue-tinged Echeveria peacockii plants, this alluring display can best be realized as it’s placed in upward spiraling two-tier fountain dish structure when growing plants in a succulent garden setting.

Multi-colored, this collection of succulent plants becomes the perfect stage for the many shapes, sizes and species of plants readily found in one place. Moreover, a focal point may be just what is needed to help create an interesting, yet high impact center for your garden setting.

2. Highway To Heaven

Highway To Heaven

If you have a tree trunk in your yard, then it behooves you to put it to good use as a showcase for your succulent plant of whatever kind and color. While you are of course free to use whatever specie and size succulent you wish, keeping them small may be the best way to go. In fact, having various color schemes will give the illusion of motion, ever reaching towards heaven on a very natural wooden ladder.

If no tree is available, then leaning a single piece of tree trunk, or bark, against a solid wall structure will just as easily serve the purpose of creating the tranquil effect you so desire.

3. Living Waters

Living Waters

One imaginative use of large or medium-sized clay planters is this design giving the illusion of cascading water flowing out of the planter’s entrance. Perfect for an outdoor, ranch-like desert setting, this display arrangement can be easily created by having just one kind of succulent plant. When the entire display is carefully placed within another garden bed, the effect is even more enchanting as you could almost swear the succulent display has come to life in streams of living waters. While a multi-color pattern is of course possible, one color scheme may be best to convey streams of waters flowing out of the terracotta container.

4. Over Finnian’s Rainbow

Over Finnian's Rainbow

A virtual three dimensional effect with a myriad of color schemes can be easily designed and planted in a garden bed or a large container. An enchanting concept in plant decoration, vibrant succulents are augmented with other broad leaf plants surrounding the succulent array. You can let your imagination run with this pleasing aesthetic design with virtually no limitation as to where you can place it in your home or outside in your garden. Especially appropriate for garden events or Ladies Club meetings, this is one display that’ll receive compliments galore as you proudly display the arrangement.

5. Rolling Along With My Wheelbarrow

Rolling Along With My Wheelbarrow

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Here’s one project you can really sink your teeth into, so to speak. Almost any backyard, or shed, has an old wheelbarrow lying around somewhere just gathering dust or rusting away. Why not put it to good use as you make a colorful garden center made up of cacti plants and a little bit of everything else? All you’ll really need are the following supplies: one old wheelbarrow, some medium-size pea gravel or river stones, a piece of screen or mesh material that fits right into the bottom of the wheelbarrow and some cactus soil. If you have some miniature furniture and a really small succulent or two, you then have the makings of a unique and charming miniature garden.

6. By The Wayside

By The Wayside

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

A truly creative way to put a side border to good use is this side succulent display presentation. There’s no watering needed here, but a ground cover of smooth stones or coral rock will do just fine. Pleasing to the sight and a practical way to use up space along a garden or house wall, your selection of various plants is dictated only by your taste in size and colors. This design particularly lends itself to either a multi-colored approach or a single color scheme design.

7. A Florentine Delight

A Florentine Delight

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Having an old fountain dish on a pedestal can be the makings of an antique Florentine floral arrangement. Adding to it just a few succulent plants, hanging plants and some vividly colored cacti will give it a distinctive look found no where else in your garden. Perfect for an afternoon tea, this is one piece that looks distinctly from another era; moreover, it is so inviting. A pink, blue and silver rosebud succulent placed strategically throughout the fountain dish adds a charming, elegant touch.

8. Caged But Wonderfully Free

Caged But Wonderfully Free

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

This is one unusual display that catches one’s imagination in an enchanting manner. A bird cage, or any cage-like wire work, hanging succulent plants and even dried succulent flowers all serve to compliment each other in this delightful outdoor or indoor decor accessory. The cage lends itself to being painted in metallic or rustic colors or just left as is. For an enchanting side touch, place a tiny sensor-driven bird mounted on its swing. It’ll be sure to catch anyone’s attention as they walk on by your caged, but wonderfully free succulent garden display.

9. Cinder Block Garden

Cinder Block Garden

Source: liptalk.com

If you’re like most homeowners, then you might have some old concrete cinder blocks in your backyard. Left untouched, they can be an eye-sore. However, using a little imagination with your succulent planting endeavors, you’ll create something that’ll become the talk of the town among your lady friends for sure. Placing the blocks several tiers deep, add soil and place your cactus or succulent on a one per cinder block hole basis. Surround the blocks with small growing aloes, and don’t forget to get some plants that’ll hang down for a better visual effect. For even better results, try painting the blocks with glitter spray paint before setting up your choice succulent garden arrangement.

10. By The Old Water Trough

By The Old Water Trough

When you look for a rustic, natural setting, consider using wood. Inexpensive, visually pleasing and great for outdoor projects, you’ll especially appreciate their low-maintenance features when coupled with your selection of succulent flowers and plants of almost any style and color. In addition, using an old tree trunk or wooden board with cacti plants inserted in the soil inside guarantees a long, healthy life for your many plants.

11. My Hanging Garden

My Hanging Garden

Vertical gardens are now coming of age and their versatility is well appreciated in balcony areas, walled areas and basically anywhere there’s a wall to hang this design. When hung from a painted wall backdrop, and planted with contrasting colored cacti plants, you’ll be the talk of your neighborhood as others grab hold of this innovative concept in both cactus gardens and vertical gardens.

In short, you’ve created a pallet frame that’s today become a growing trend in practical interior designs. Be sure to stock up with succulent plants that’ll fit well within the vertical garden frame, and use other variations of hanging plants that give your frame a beautiful cascading effect as well .

12. A Desert Sphere

A Desert Sphere

An old chain link, either painted or left rustic in appearance, a round, wired shape that’ll hold as much peat moss as you can put inside and miniature succulent plants galore are all you’ll need to give a distinctively unique look to your backyard fence or anywhere else from which you can hang this beautiful design. If you can add some cactus planting soil, then by all means do so; it’ll help you in growing succulents to maturity so much faster and better.

13. Rosebuds In The Desert

Rosebuds In The Desert

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Surrounding desert palms, or any other vertical plants, with a large-sized succulent give an amazing effect to your garden arrangement. The long, vertical-growing San Pedro Cactus and Zanzibar Gem provide an elegant backdrop for your growing, swirling Rosetta succulents encircling their upright vertical plant neighbors. For a stunning effect, you can choose any one of several blue-silver shadings, or give it a multi-color approach using your selection of cacti plants planted in their garden bed.

14. By The Beautiful Sea

By The Beautiful Sea

A trip to your local beach is bound to yield an abundance of treasures such as beautiful, naturally sculpted seashells. Using a glue gun, glue these flat, uniform size shells to a terracotta pot leaving no spot undone. If need be, paint the pots beforehand to cover any exposed terracotta pot areas with the matching seashell color. Then, fill the pots with potting soil and voila! A most unique and beautiful pot, or pots, for your growing succulents. For smaller planter pots, insert only a single, small succulent. For larger pots, you may try several sizes of plants.

15. A Desert-Friendly Oasis

A Desert-Friendly Oasis

In usually dry areas, or regions subject to drought conditions, your outdoor living doesn’t have to suffer where your plant decor is concerned. An outdoor patio area usually has ample side border spaces to plant your ultimate desert-friendly oasis. Not knowing what amount of water to conserve is difficult. However, it’s still possible to have a colorful and green garden area for those casual outdoor events.

Naturally, your best route is using indigenous plants since they are typically best-suited to the climate and possible varying weather conditions. Depending on the size of your space, large-size pincus plants and succulent varieties may be the best choice. You can also use fan-palms and other larger vertical varieties to compliment your outdoor arrangement.

16. Your Victorian Garden Chair

Your Victorian Garden Chair

Just because you have old furniture in your backyard doesn’t mean you can’t still use it as a delightful focal point in your garden. An old wired chair, flat container dish and plenty of plants can easily turn into a delight in your garden setting. Hanging succulents, grounded rosebud succulents and just about everything in between from that piece of furniture creates a most unique and beautiful garden decor. You can even opt to paint the chair before you start to build your garden chair, or you may decide to leave it au natural. Either way, it’ll serve as the perfect piece to gather around as your garden’s most focal center of conversation.

17. Regal Pathways

Regal Pathways

This is one display for those of you who have particular color favorites and designs in mind. Four to five pathways made up of single streams of colors will give the illusion of a winding river, or pathway, fit for royalty. In this particular design, a silver-blue combination is used as a lovely pathway that even a fairy would enjoy taking an afternoon stroll on. Rosebud cacti are bordered by purple, violet, white tiny flowers and greenery to the sides. Enjoy!

18. Wooden Wonderland

Wooden Wonderland

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Having just a touch of Bonsai, this succulent arrangement will draw forth many delightful comments from your garden visitors. Dried out wooden logs, large rock formations and a piece of wooden deck set the stage for this alluring arrangement of succulents in your back or front yard area. There’s no restriction as to the succulent size or color you’ll use with this presentation–nor will you need a plant container. Just insert your cactus in potting soil and water sparingly.

19. By A River Stream

By A River Stream

Another great presentation to use in limited border spaces where you want to enhance your garden visually, you’ll find this streaming river design may fit your hoped for effect quite well. Moreover, using any plant that you’d like, you’ll never be truly limited or restricted as to colors such as purple, pink, light or deeper blue give rosebud plants a third-dimensional succulent garden effect that mesmerizes visitors to your garden. This display can be planted in either a full-sun or a half-shaded area.

20. The Greatest Is Love

The Greatest Is Love

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Monograms have never truly been out of fashion. When you spell a particular word out, your cactus design with its wide selection of multi-colored patterns, will make your succulent flowers presentation all the more lovely. Using wooden alphabet letters spelling whatever sentiment you choose, simply insert your favorite cuttings in sphagnum moss planting medium, and let them take root. If you use wooden blocks, then consider making a delightful vertical succulent garden and turning it into an enchanting decor for that garden wedding or shower event.

21. Slower Than Molasses

Slower Than Molasses

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Whether it’s a baby turtle plant or a full-grown adult plant you’d like to see in your succulent garden, either one will delight your visitors as you display how growing succulents has evolved into a full-scale artistic endeavor. In your local garden supply or hobby craft store you’re bound to find already fashioned turtle-shape wire designs or you can fashion them yourself with a little imagination and effort. Then, filling your wire turtle with moss, you can start inserting your own preferred kind of succulent plant. Just be sure to leave its head and legs uncovered from plants so to create the contrasting features of your “slower than molasses” garden pet turtle.

22. Stand And Deliver!

Stand And Deliver!

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Continuing on with the trending direction of vertical gardens, let’s keep in mind the various purposes for planting succulents as used in interior design concepts today. Using a wide selection of cactus-like plants becomes all the easier when you use vertical planters against a wall to save space. As vertical garden frames come in many sizes and textures, you also have the option of either building or buying a single, double or horizontal frame. Likewise, you can stain any wooden frame in natural or dark wood tones, or give it an overall rustic look. Now, let your imagination run wild with your selection of succulent flowers.

23. Cinder, Cinder On The Wall

Cinder, Cinder On The Wall

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Once again using a decorative variation for those unsightly cinder cement blocks you may have in your future succulent garden scheme, you can opt to build a beautiful retaining wall, or a cinder block wall,for privacy from unwelcomed prying eyes. Simply arrange a straight line with your blocks and build a one, two or three-tier wall with the blocks leaving the top-most tier opened. Next, plant your collection of plants in each opening. A beautiful sight indeed, but it can be made even more appealing if you put a bordered garden space up against the wall. Not everything needs to be a succulent plant: flowers of every color and kind can inhabit and enhance your bordered garden as well.

24. One To A Peg

One To A Peg

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

You don’t need much to create this interesting eclectic design. Just choose the small-sized succulent plant of your liking, have on hand several rectangular or whatever shaped plastic containers of similar size and fill with colored gravel, or sand, of whatever color you choose. Your plants can set a single color scheme or they can be arranged in a multi-color scheme. If you add a pearl or tiny seashell to each container, then you’ll be adding a bit of charm as well. Now, simply arrange your display on a garden bed of whatever kind, or a wooden pallet, and you’ve made a charming succulent garden arrangement.

25. Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Usually a backyard area is full of priceless items that you can use to bring restoration to your lifestyle arrangement. Broken pottery pieces or a broken terracotta planter especially provide a backdrop to creating some exciting designs when planting succulents. Giving an enchanting illusion of being a miniature fairy garden of sorts, this is a design that is sure to make a unique impression on those who see it. Combined with other variations of greenery, and a miniature house or castle, your succulent collection adds the crowning touch to this exterior-friendly garden design.

26. California Dreaming

California Dreaming

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

If you live in a particular region that’s prone to dryness, or even frequent drought conditions, then you might benefit both visually and practically from this self-contained reservoir garden delight. Although it’s not a water guzzler, you’ll still have to give this arrangement a drink every so often. However, overall, it can be considered a “camel” and a must under dry conditions.

27. I Wish I Were A Wishing Well

I Wish I Were A Wishing Well

A quick visit to an online miniature furniture or hobby store will uncover a fascinating collection of treasures you can use in this unique garden display. A tiny wishing well, three miniature fountain dishes on their respective pedestal stands, an almost hidden tiny Bambi and a traditional white picket fence add all the charm in the world to this wonderful collection in a backwoods setting. Now be sure to insert your choice of succulent flowers to make your day in this forest setting complete.

28. Path Of The Chameleon

Path Of The Chameleon

Yes, it can also be a lizard, but chameleon sounds much more classier. Then again, it can be whatever you want your new succulent garden to have as a lead design pattern. Fill your pattern design with hundreds of Echeveria “Imbricata” embedded in a mounded berm for optimum drainage, and you’ll have something to proudly display and cherish. Easy to maintain, this giant lizard sculpture is the perfect conversation piece for all of your bridge game afternoons.

29. Up Against The Wall

Up Against The Wall

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Elaborating on the ongoing and exploding vertical garden wall phenomenon, let’s have a look at this exquisitely designed succulent garden wall decor. A living piece of botanical art, this wooden main frame has been painted with matching colors to the wide selection of plants and colors appropriate to a vertical garden arrangement. In particular, Dudleyas and Sedums are especially simple to grow from plant cuttings and are even easier to maintain.

30. My Cup Runneth Over

My Cup Runneth Over

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

An old garden watering can, or large canister filled with overflowing succulent flowers, makes one interesting piece in your garden. If your garden’s theme is rustic in nature, this display goes perfectly on an old table or wooden bench. Generous strands of “Silver Falls” Dichondra or another hanging species of the succulent family gives the visual effect of water that flows over from inside the canister or garden can. Naturally, you may opt to leave the canister or garden can just as it is, or you may decide to paint it before planting with brightly colored designs.

31. Square-Peg Pete

Square-Peg Pete

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Especially attractive in a seashore setting, this small and easy to make design is just what you need to accent the mood of the ocean. Adding a few seashells can only make land lovers yearn for the ocean waters when they see this design in your garden setting. A wooden square piece hung on a wall much as you normally would hang a picture frame is all you need for a backdrop. A good assortment of plants embedded into a moss foundation that’s been glued on the wooden board is all you really need to complete this unique and charming display.

32. Sea Of Glass

Sea Of Glass

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Particularly suited for a medium-sized space in a backyard, this arrangement is great for having several paths leading to glass containers. Although this particular scene has only three glass decanters, more can be easily added to make a perfect “sea of glass.” Large-sized rounded river stones form one backdrop, and larger sized coral rocks form other backdrops leading to your glass-accented decor. What plants to insert? Well, basically anything in the cactus or succulent family will do. Blue glass jars and blue colored stones enhance the look of a glassy sea.

33. Going Natural

Going Natural

An old piece from a dried up tree trunk adds the distinctive touch to this rustic-like design. Perfect for display on top of a wooden bench area or pallet, simply fill up the open spaces with specially-formulated cactus soil and insert a succulent plant in each of the openings. Being that the display presentation is rustic in orientation, both a multi-colored approach is used or a simple one-colored theme pattern is appropriate. Crowding your wooden structure with non-thirsty Sedums may be the path to take for many ladies who have little time or water to waste.

34. Blue Strawberry Fields

Blue Strawberry Fields

If you have a large-sized ceramic or terracotta strawberry jar container, and have it glazed or painted blue, then you’re set to display this enchanting design in your succulent garden. Simply fill each opening in your jar with cactus-formulated soil, and insert one or two succulent plants. One large one or two tiny ones would be ideal. Using a cascading foliage of Senecio flowing from some openings and a small aloe rising from the top-tier opening, adds that beautiful touch to your blue, strawberry field–without strawberries.

35. Garden of Life

Garden of Life

Wait, don’t throw away that old rusty barbecue grill! Keeping in line with our concept of utilizing almost any piece of old discarded furniture in the yard, put that grill to good use by adding a plethora of ornamental succulent flowers in your grill. Just fill up the grill with a bed of tiny stones for good drainage and a two to three-inch layer of cactus-formulated soil. Then, insert the plants in at your whim. If you also add a giant-size seashell or two or three candles, the effect is now complete for your charming Garden of Life.

36. A Little Bit Of Heaven

A Little Bit Of Heaven

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

For those with a good size of border space to fill up, an expansive arrangement such as this one is recommended. Simply fill up open, available spaces with various kinds of colorful and less colorful cactus-like plants, and design as if you had a paint brush in your hand. A towering green and white-striped century plant, Agave americana var. medio-picta ‘Alba, is your chosen focal point in this rainbow colored garden setting. Surrounding it with large-size rocks, or small boulders, will give this succulent garden a distinctive border to keep the focal point effect centered.

37. Fin-De-Sie-Cle


Want a more elegant touch to your garden? No problem. Go all the way with a Grecian birdbath design. Two fully grown rosebud succulents are all that you’ll need to start off your eloquent arrangement. Surround the area with more fat, juicy succulents of every kind and color, and insert other cuttings according to your taste. Uniquely beautiful, this is a perfect point of interest to have by a coffee table with one or two chairs by the side. Be it a birdbath or fountain dish, decorate to your heart’s content, and forget about watering more than two or three times a month.

38. Meditation Walk

Meditation Walk

A lovely path to take to nowhere especially, this walkway will bring out the inspirational side of all who see it. Large, flat stepping stones add to the effect of this path leading to a secret somewhere. Bordered with large, fully grown large petaled succulents, and larger rock formations, remember to space the stepping stones equally and carefully apart from one another. Feel free to insert other greenery between each stepping stone space to give an overall charmed floating effect.

39. Succulence In A Birdcage

Succulence In A Birdcage

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

One birdcage, one stand to hang it from and a good assortment of plants will give this display a pleasing appearance in almost anywhere you put it–inside or outside of your home. When planting succulents in this cage arrangement, you may use a dish filled with cactus-formulated soil or simple planting moss. Either way you’ll enjoy this swinging presentation. For even better results, try painting the cage over first or leaving it as is.

40. Framed Heirlooms

Framed Heirlooms

If you have an empty wall or wood fence, then we’ve got the perfect decor for showing off your flat-surfaced vertical space. A quick trip to a yard sale or junk dealer may turn up several good old picture frames that you can use in this design. Clean up the frames and paint them over; now line with peat moss. Continue by simply gluing in your succulent cuttings or starting plants with your hobby glue gun–now you’re good to go! If you paint the frames with a smart, contrasting color against the color or texture of the wall or wood fence, your design will look all the smarter yet!

41. Neptune’s Vineyard

Neptune's Vineyard

Now here’s a unique and smart-looking centerpiece for that garden-by-the-sea look. A large conch-like or seashell-like planter dish is all you’ll need for this one. Bunch together as many succulent flowers as you can inside the planter dish, and augment the arrangement with a few hanging vines. Remember to first line with a generous amount of cactus-formulated soil as this is one display that’ll last you for some time to come. Charming, it’s the perfect piece for a side lamp table or center coffee table. If accompanied by a glass of sherry, you’ve made your day.

42. Skyscrapers In The Sun

Skyscrapers In The Sun

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Here’s one display for those of you who simply must have a desert-like theme on your home or business property. With high-rising spiny cacti, a huge rock backdrop, surrounding succulent designs and a few palm-like leaf plants such as arecas, you’ll find that designing a succulent garden is easier than you thought. This is one setting that’s just right for a side walkway or front way too. The best part of all is how little water you’ll use in choosing these skyscrapers in the sun. Just choose the appropriate ground cover as a border from your stepping stones and garden space, and you’ll be all set!

43. Boots On The Ground

Boots On The Ground

Source: flickr.com

Three old walking shoes or marching boots are all you’ll need for this particular design. Stuff with soil, your preferred succulent plant and you’ll have a perfect conversation piece for your next garden club tea. This display presentation runs itself because it doesn’t need too much maintenance–if any at all. Be sure to select succulent cuttings or starting succulents that will snugly fit into your boots or shoes. If you paint the boots beforehand with a bronze-like finish, you may give it an entirely different effect. Simply leave the boots in any space in your garden, and be prepared for the surprised comments.

44. Rack Against A Wall

Rack Against A Wall

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

If you have an old piece of wooden pallet in your yard, don’t throw it out. It could form the perfect backdrop to help decorate a plain ugly wall or plain wood fence in your back or front yard. Holding it up vertically, line with either wax paper or aluminum paper if need be. Now fill with cactus-formulated soil, and hang it up against the wall or fence. Decorate away with your preferred succulent choices, and you have a unique, rustic style decor or accessory for your garden space.

45. Your Hole-In-The-Wall

Your Hole-In-The-Wall

Continuing with our vertical garden designs, wooden pallets that have previously held wine bottles make an outstanding wall design when planted with various plants of various coloring; moreover, the end result will be a virtual rainbow display. Simply fill in the hole openings with potting soil specially formulated for cactus plants, and you’ll have an endurable decor for that place in your yard that you’d rather cover up as aesthetically as possible. You’ll need to know how large will your planting selection grow so choose wisely.

46. Vertical Madness

Vertical Madness

Regardless of what the neighbors may say, intelligently using your old wooden fence as a nursery of sorts is the way to go for many homeowners and apartment dwellers. Lining from top to bottom, all you need is plenty of wood or metal shelves, plastic containers such as you’d find in a garden supply center and any imaginable succulent species you can get your hands on. Not only will this arrangement look inviting, it’ll also save you space for starting other succulent cuttings and other plants as well.

47. A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream

A Mid-Summer Night's Dream

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Actually, you can use this succulent garden arrangement not only during the warmer months but during winter as well. Using an old fountain dish or birdbath dish, you may or may not decide to use solar-infused energy lights to give this piece an enchanting feel and mood. Otherwise, you may also opt to place large pearls in the flowery succulent petal buds and choose a blue-based color scheme in selecting your plants. Another delightful effect results from filling in the empty spaces with frosted marbles.

48. My Uncontained Rainbow Container

My Uncontained Rainbow Container

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

As a centerpiece, this container within another container, your garden, serves its purpose well in whatever place you put it in. On a pedestal, on a picnic table or in a corner by itself, this display piece will draw all eyes to it, especially if used as a fountain dish on a pedestal. Being lined with soil, and using gravel stones as a ground cover of sorts, your succulent collection is bound to last longer than you ever imagined. Really let your imagination go by choosing various colors in your pattern and watering sparingly during the winter months.

49. Out-Of-The Box Garden

Out-Of-The Box Garden

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

An old or new wooden crate that’s been abandoned and discarded by someone can be easily converted into one master garden. Preferably using cactus potting soil, simply line the bottom of the crate with sheets of aluminum paper or old newspapers. Then, filling with the specially formulated soil, plant to your heart’s content whatever variety, color or size succulent plant you desire. Not everything inside your box crate has to be a succulent, any plant will do really. This design is excellent for placing on a table, as a garden bed or arranging several of these outside on your garden grounds.

50. Your Faux-Mount Rushmore

Your Faux-Mount Rushmore

Source: hgtv.com

Almost everyone has one, two or more personalities that they admire the most. Which are yours? Is it a former President of the United States? Perhaps a sports celebrity or motion picture star? Whomever it may be, you can easily fashion a clay and moss mixture made in your most celebrated person’s image. Now, depending on your likes and dislikes, plant your favorite succulent plants in the mixture and exhibit on the top of the head; you’ll easily have a distinctive conversation piece if there ever was one. Place the figures on a flat garden bed, and listen for the comments of those who view your faux-Mount Rushmore display.

Succulent Gardens: Latest Trends in Outdoor Garden Arrangements

Actually, a succulent is so well suited for dry climates and accompanying high temperatures that they’ve become the norm for regions that experience little rainfall. Many people today commonly call them the “camel” of the botanical world as they so readily thrive in coastal regions that have short rainy seasons.

If you’re a career woman, or even a stay-at-home mom with little time to waste during the day, think succulent! They take little effort to grow, and use up little water. Moreover, since they are drought-resistant and have such a grand variety of colors, shapes and sizes, they are the plant of choice for people everywhere.

As they are easily contained in garden beds, planters, vertical gardens and especially in containers of any kind, their growing popularity has now put them on the same level as miniature fairy gardens. Sizes can vary from small rosettes to up to three feet in height. Coming in eye-catching flowery shapes, other varieties of the succulent species can grow to a height resembling a small tree. Which ever size buyers select, there is a size, shape and color best suited for you.

Best designs for succulent gardening

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