21 Wood Signs to Add Rustic Glam to your Decor


Rustic wood signs are a hot new decorating trend, and it’s easy to see why they’ve become so popular. They’re versatile, homey works of art that aren’t out of place anywhere in the house, whether you’re looking for kitchen décor or something to spruce up the front porch. At the local home goods store, wood sign ideas can run for hundreds of dollars, but you can make DIY versions very inexpensively, with only a few hand tools (or, in some cases, none at all). One of the most popular materials for these wood decorations is old shipping pallets, which are often available for free from local businesses trying to get rid of them.

21 Ways to Decorate with Wood Signs

Wood Sign Ideas

Disassembling pallets is tricky, though, so for a simpler option, hit up a local lumberyard or home improvement store. Many of these will even cut your lumber to size for you, which is great if you don’t have power tools handy. To give your shiny new lumber an aged, weathered look, use wood stains, diluted paint, or the old steel wool trick: soak steel wool in plain white vinegar until it begins to rust (about 24 hours), then paint the wood you want to age with strong black tea, following up with the rust-infused vinegar. The wood will darken to an aged patina and you’re ready to use it to create your masterpiece. Not sure what your sign should say? Here are some wonderful wood sign decorations to get you started.

1. Recycled Pallet Family Rules Wood Sign Décor

Recycled Pallet Family Rules Wood Sign Décor

This faux distressed, repurposed pallet sign combines the warmth of a true primitive with wise words for the whole family. If Christian values come first in your home, then this beautiful piece of rustic décor is a must-have.

2. Whitewashed Romantic Wall Hanging

Whitewashed Romantic Wall Hanging

What better way to bless a new home than with this ode to lifelong love? It makes a sweet reminder of your commitment when hung above your bed, but it’s equally suitable for use as nursery art.

3. Snarky Humor Wide-plank Sign

Snarky Humor Wide-plank Sign

This humorous wide-plank sign offers a funny twist on a classic quote. It’s the ideal décor for devoted moms. Just put a plant in front of the bottom half when you want to look like the perfect family in front of company.

4. Rough Edged Wall Sign with Script and Dark Stain

Rough Edged Wall Sign with Script and Dark Stain

Sometimes coffee just isn’t enough. When you need a shot of true strength, this elegant dark stained sign reminds you of where you can turn. Pretty white script and a staggered silhouette elevate the simple design.

5. Reclaimed Wood “Life is Beautiful” Living Room Decor

Reclaimed Wood “Life is Beautiful” Living Room Decor

Any time you’re unwinding in your beautiful living room, this reclaimed barn wood sign reminds you of all your blessings. Life really is beautiful, and so is this simple but meaningful sign.

6. Bathroom Sign Trio

Bathroom Sign Trio

This trio of distressed signs looks like remnants of a 1950s advertising billboard. It’s a classy way to add some whimsy to your bathroom design without disrupting an otherwise soothing farmhouse aesthetic.

7. Wedding Date Inspired Romantic Wall Sign

Wedding Date Inspired Romantic Wall Sign

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, but sometimes three words are all you need. This sweet plank sign pays homage to the day you said, “I Do.” It also pairs wonderfully with cherished photos from that day.

8. Simple Stenciled Holiday Panel

Simple Stenciled Holiday Panel

If you’re tired of holiday kitsch, then this homey woodland sign offers some welcome respite. It combines the warm patina of real barn wood with rustic twine and the freshness of winter white script.

9. Song Lyric Sign with Vinyl Decal Text

Song Lyric Sign with Vinyl Decal Text

Why not create a relatable but one-of-a-kind sign by using a favorite song lyric? This one uses vinyl decals in two sizes and scripts to give a chalk-painted board a hand-stenciled look. Displaying it outside exposes it to gradual weathering which only adds to its charm.

10. Hand-lettered Headboard Sign

Hand-lettered Headboard Sign

Make your bedroom picture perfect with a romantic sign that mixes stencils for a bespoke look that’s especially fitting for this fairytale quote. A darker stain sets off classic white script and also keeps the sign from being too matchy with white walls and bedroom furniture.

11. Whitewashed Door Panel Marriage Quote

Whitewashed Door Panel Marriage Quote

Cupboard doors are an appealing medium for wood signs. They’re just the right size for hanging horizontally, and keeping the hardware on gives them an industrial look. This repurposed door panel adds cozy character to the master bedroom with a poignant Bible verse.

12. Stenciled Front Door “Welcome” Sign

Stenciled Front Door “Welcome” Sign

If you’re tired of the traditional welcome mat, why not try a welcome sign? This slim, vertically displayed barnwood accent fits perfectly into the corner of a doorway. White stenciling coordinates well with existing white trim and makes seasonal displays more cohesive.

13. Rustic Twine “Love” Sign

Rustic Twine “Love” Sign

This standout rustic wood sign is deceptively simple to make yourself. Just find your ideal piece of wood, decide how you want to lay out your script, and then secure the twine with a glue gun.

14. Easy Hand-lettered Bathroom Reminders

Easy Hand-lettered Bathroom Reminders

This stacking bathroom to-do list is more than a cute wall accent. It’s also a convenient tool for little guests. You might even find yourself flossing more often with this friendly reminder.

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