Blooming DIY Monogram


Silk flowers and decorations made of them are undoubtedly among the top hits of the summer and spring, so we have come up with one for this season. We wanted to create a versatile, fun and yet elegant decoration, which would probably set your imagination free.

We have picked this easy-to-do blooming monogram in the shape of a letter “K”. We are going to make a unique, personalized book stand that can be hung on a wall or put on a desk.
TIP: When choosing the flowers, listen to your intuitions and to make your book stand truly unique, pick the colours that suit you the best.

We had a lot of fun making this piece and we hope you will, too.

Blooming DIY Monogram


  • Paper mache letter “K”
  • Oasis foam block
  • White spray paint
  • Pliers/scissors
  • Box cutter
  • Small silk flowers (ranunculus, rose, hydrangea, baby’s breath)

Use the Box Cutter

1. Prepare the Letter

Use the box cutter to carefully cut the top of the letter “K” off and remove the cardboard reinforcement from the inside. (If your knife is sharp enough, you can easily cut through the paper mache.)

Spray paint the letter

2. Paint the Letter

Spray paint the letter. Do it outdoors or in a well-ventilated room, if possible. Let it dry for 10 minutes. Repeat this step twice to make sure that both the inside and the outside of the box is properly painted white.

Divide the block into five parts

3. Make the Planter

The flowers will be planted into oasis foam. Take a block and using the box cutter, divide it into five parts. Cut out two 1,2”×4” and two 1,2”×4,3” rectangles and a 1,5”×1,5”×1,5” triangle, all 1” high. (The sizes are calculated to fit a 8” letter ‘K’.)

Insert the cut-outs into the letter

4. Place the Cut-Outs

Insert the cut-outs into the letter and prepare the flowers. Group them based on their colour and kind.

Cut the stems of the flowers

5. Fill the Letter with Flowers

Cut the stems of the flowers, leaving only 2 cm to be able to place them into the foam properly. Fill the letter with flowers after your taste. The remaining empty spaces can be filled with hydrangea and baby’s breath.

Decorate your apartment with it

6. You’re done!

When done, use this beauty to decorate any part of your apartment.

Blooming DIY Monogram Tutorial

Blooming DIY Monogram