50 Stunning Breakfast Nook Ideas You Have to See ☕️


15. Practical Transformations

Practical Transformations

When you look at this little dining nook, you can see how easy it is to transform an unused pantry or other “weird” space into a space that you’ll use every day. The light blue walls set the nook apart from the rest of the home, while the white table and benches give it a bright look. Circular mirrors on the wall make the space feel a lot bigger than it really is. The fabric of the cushions looks like tile mosaic, but is a lot more comfortable.

16. Tribal Style

Tribal Style

Source: pinterest.com

You may not have a lot of space to work with, but that doesn’t mean you need to skimp on style, as you can see in this tiny corner nook. The benches provide seating for two or three people comfortably, while the storage baskets underneath provide the storage you need when you live in a small space. Simple design elements like the tribal patterns in the pillows and baskets create a uniform look and small dashes of yellow in various pieces tie everything together.

17. Stunning Seaside Décor

Stunning Seaside Décor

You’ll always feel like you’re at the beach when you have a cute breakfast nook like this. The white bench and large sand dollar wall art contrast nicely with the elegant dark walls, and the red stools add even more color. With a long table like the one pictured, you’ll have ample space for eating while not taking up a lot of space in the room. Your guests will love the unique hanging lamp, which will provide the light you need when your nook is in an area that doesn’t get a lot of natural light. Note the metal pole along the bottom of the tall benches, which will provide people with a place to rest their feet.

18. Color Without Paint

Color Without Paint

Breakfast nooks like this one can be the perfect space for developing closeness. The blue panels on the wall show that you can have an accent wall without breaking out your patience. This is smart for those who like the idea of a dark-colored wall, but aren’t sure they want to make the commitment. A large, ornate mirror opens the space, while the long curtain attached to the ceiling is an interesting way to separate the nook from the living area.

19. Vintage Space-Saver

Vintage Space-Saver

Source: purensa.org

This vintage-inspired kitchen breakfast nook shows you that you don’t need to have a large separate space to create a quiet little nook of your own. Shelving going up the walls provides space to store cookbooks, kitchen essentials and knick-knacks. With the low backs on the retro stools, you can easily stash them under the counter and use the counter for food prep when necessary. This means that the space can serve a dual purpose, which is a great solution for those in smaller homes.

20. Sticking with the Basics

Sticking with the Basics

Sometimes simple is best when it comes to kitchen nook ideas. Since this nook is merely an extension of the kitchen, it doesn’t require an elaborate look out of the latest home decor magazine. The comfortable corner bench attached to the other side of the kitchen counter, which saves space. The long wooden table has a classic rustic look, and it’s large enough to accommodate many people. A bowl of fruit as the centerpiece can be both beautiful and practical, especially when the colors of the fruit tie in with the colors of the seat cushions.

21. Private Bistro

Private Bistro

Source: homedit.com

This unique corner breakfast nook mimics the look of an upscale bistro, yet it could be right in your home. Placed next to a large window, you’ll get plenty of natural light, but the lamp shades on the chandelier will provide mood lighting if you’re enjoying the space at night. The heavy glass table looks elegant, but isn’t fragile. While this designer has chosen to write out the menu on the chalkboard to the side, you can easily use that as a space to write meaningful messages for more practical daily use. Set reminders or write love notes.

22. At One with Nature

At One with Nature

The clean lines of this beautiful breakfast nook paired with the large picture windows on all sides is sure to make you feel like you’re sitting on the beach – without risking a sun burn. Note that the designer has chosen to have individual cushions on the benches rather than lining the entire bench. A nook like this would be perfect for candlelit meals during the sunset, but the large, unusual lamp overhead is sure to create the right ambiance no matter what the occasion.

23. Kitchy Tea for Two

Kitchy Tea for Two

Source: pinterest.com

Who wouldn’t love having tea and cakes at this adorable little breakfast nook table. Though the table might only seat two people, it certainly makes up for this with style. Show off your favorite kitchy goods in the built-in hutch. Using a café-style curtain across the open space of the hutch allows you to hide things you need to store but don’t necessarily want people to see. Throwing a tablecloth over the white table adds a quaint feel to the space, and the pink retro phone on the way is certainly eye-catching. This would be a great place to catch up with your favorite girlfriends.

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