50 Meditation Room Ideas that Will Improve Your Life


15. Just Say Ohm

Just Say Ohm

The large picture of Buddha on the wall gives serious practicioners something to focus on when it’s time for daily mediation. Built-in shelves in this space provide a place to place meaningful artifacts and books that can help further your spiritual path. The monochromatic meditation room decor helps keep your focus where it needs to be. While this particular room would appeal to a Buddhist, you could easily change the decor to fit other religious practices. Use the ideas here and turn them into your own.

16. Casual Conversation

Casual Conversation

Check out this space if you’re interested in a meditation room idea that allows you to easily gather with your friends. Pillows on the floor make up a comfortable place to sit. Note how the top pillows are balanced on top of two sturdier pillows below, which gives them some support when people lounge back on them. Plants help define the space. The hanging lamp is low, which means that you and your guests will have to watch your heads, but the height is perfect for sitting on the floor. This type of shade will give great ambient lighting for the times when natural lighting isn’t coming through the windows.

17. Sandbox for Adults

Sandbox for Adults

Source: housely.com

Sand gardens are a popular idea when it comes to meditation room design. The idea is that creating lines in the sand helps calm the mind down and build some focus. This design takes it to a whole new level, by placing a large sand pit directly into the floor. The lack of color and decorations helps keep the focus on your own meditation or the people you are sharing the space with. The beige sheer curtains blend well with the room and allow a small glimpse of the outside world without allowing it to dominate the space. However, you can choose to pull the curtains aside to take advantage of the high rise view.

18. Tiny Spaces

Tiny Spaces

Source: wayfair.co.uk

If you thought you didn’t have the space for a meditation room, think again. In this space, a small bench provides the space to house items that help with meditation – a statue of the Buddha, flickering candles, and a running waterfall. The large pillows ensure comfort while sitting, but easily fit underneath the bench when not in use. This picture shows you that your meditation area doesn’t have to be on full display at all times. You can simply take out what you need when you need it.

19. Go with the Flow

Go with the Flow

The energy races around this circular room, yet it somehow feels calming. Perhaps it’s the symmetry found in the floor design or the variety of lighting sources combining to form a gentle glow. This meditation room is obviously designed for someone who takes their religious practice seriously. You’re as apt to find something like this in a temple as in someone’s home. However, if your spiritual practice is something that is incredibly important to you, there’s nothing wrong with planning to incorporate a space like this into your home design. You’ll always appreciate the quiet retreat.

20. Circular Patterns

Circular Patterns

While the room in the previous picture was circular in shape, this one features a wide range of circular patterns throughout the meditation room decor. You see it in the arrangement of the chairs, the circular rug, and the circular bowl in the center of the room. However, there are also subtler circles to be found, such as the circles in the CD player and the circular planters. This room would be great for a teaching session or for book club meetings. The chairs also easily fold flat and stack if you want to put them away and use the room for something else.

21. Island Oasis

Island Oasis

Unlike many of the other mediation rooms on our list, this one clearly serves a variety of purposes. The shelves and drawers provide storage space, while the coach is a comfortable place to sit. However, its unique choice of home decor really sets it apart. Rather than using a normal table, this one is designed to look like a boat. The cushions in the middle of the floor could be great for a meditative space, but they also look like an island. Finally, who wouldn’t want to have a hammock hanging in the home for a quick nap or brainstorming session? This room is whimsical and fun, a great oasis to get away from it all.

22. A Bit of Color

A Bit of Color

Source: cotemaison.fr

The raised platform sets this meditation room apart from the rest of the home design. White brick walls, white curtains, and the white large cushion on the floor set a tranquil tone for the space, but the colorful variety of pillows give it a homey feel. This would be a great space for reading a book, writing in a diary, or having a “girls’ night in” along with being the perfect spot for meditating. If you can feel comfortable in the space, then it’s the right one for you.

23. Picture Perfect View

Picture Perfect View

Source: homeadore.com

What could be a wide hallway connecting one side of the home to the other becomes a beautiful spot for meditating with the simple addition of a comfortable chair and ottoman, along with large houseplants and . The large picture windows allow you to look out into the serene outdoor space. It will be fun to watch the seasons change from the comfort of the inside. The large lamp is an interesting element that everyone will comment on.

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