30 Nifty Bathroom Storage Ideas to Make Use of Every Bit of Space Available


Every bathroom needs storage solutions and this is especially true if you have a large household. Between everyone’s skincare products, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair care products, towels, brushes and other necessities of life, everyone needs somewhere to put it all. That doesn’t mean it has to look ugly, however. With a little bit of creativity, strategic positioning and the right materials, you can transform your bathroom from messy and unkempt to stylish and organized in no time. Just check out these simple ideas we threw together. Below are 30 chic bathroom storage ideas to keep your bathroom organized and looking great.

30 Simple Storage Solutions for Your Bathroom

Bathroom Storage Design Ideas

1. Basket Cases

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Instead of boring old corner shelves in your bathroom, why not try a set of corner baskets instead? Having them right next to your bathtub or shower like this also gives you quick access to towels, scented oils, bath salts, magazines or whatever else you might use to relax and give yourself an in-home spa day. You could also put one between sinks if you don’t have one shared counter and put beauty supplies, shavers, hair dryers and the like instead. It can also conform to just about any style with a little staining or painting. The possibilities are endless.

2. A Shadow Box for Toilet Paper?

Bathroom Storage Ideas

This is one of the most obvious yet creative bathroom storage ideas we have come across. This simple little shadow box keeps the toilet paper holder from sticking out like a sore thumb and has room to accommodate additional rolls in case of emergency. This also keeps the toilet paper holder from being in the way, which is especially welcome in smaller bathrooms. At the same time, the holder isn’t hidden; it’s always in plain sight, so guests have access to what they need at all times without having to ask. It’s a brilliant solution for bathrooms of all sizes.

3. Floating Display Cases

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Here’s another take on the display case idea we mentioned, except this one is a floating display case. A case like this is a great place to display little treasures, exhibit small potted plants or stock necessary supplies. Keep whatever you place inside light, small and simple for the best effect; for example, don’t stick a bottle of bleach in there, because that will instantly kill the look. We suggest using glass, stainless steel, wood or smooth stone containers to store your things in. You could also use a display case like this one to store towels with unique patterns.

4. Slide-Out Simplicity

Bathroom Storage Ideas

This looks like just another shelf at first glance, but do you see that small door handle? This shelf can be hidden at will, making it one of our best bathroom storage ideas for people with smaller homes. Having slide-out storage like this is a mainstay for people without too much room, but that shouldn’t be the only reason you make use of this technique. This idea is great for hiding anything you don’t want on display like spare toilet paper or cleaning chemicals. Since it looks like a closed door when hidden, most guests will think it’s a closet.

5. Simple, Cheap and Effective

Bathroom Storage Ideas

When you think of mason jars, you only think of them for making jam or, if you’re Southern, having a drink. The simple beauty of this idea is that it gives the bathroom a fantastically rustic look, it’s incredibly cheap and the jars themselves are actually quite practical. The jars are also hygienic if you keep the lids; using them will keep whatever’s in the jar neat and clean. The mason jars are quite accommodating, too. You could easily put flowers, seashells and much more inside if you change your mind, making this among our more flexible bathroom storage ideas.

6. The Spa Treatment

Bathroom Storage Ideas

If you think this bathroom cabinetry is lovely, you would be correct. Take a closer look, though: that tall shelf on the far left is not a part of the original cabinetry. In fact, it embodies one of the bathroom storage ideas we just went over: bookshelves. With the right paint color and a change in the handles, this bookshelf has been made to match the rest of the cabinetry in the bathroom so well that you wouldn’t suspect it was not originally part of it. The adjustable shelves give it flexibility, while the cabinet lets you hide anything unsightly.

7. Simple and Subtle

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Now this is a simple bathroom storage hack that is thrifty, functional and stylish all in one. Who would think of sticking pen holders, business card holders and other such holders to the inside of their medicine cabinet? These go especially well with a more modern bathroom since each of them is clear with clean lines and curves. Interestingly, they make whatever is placed in them look a bit classier than it would on its own. Best of all, they give an existing storage unit even more storage capacity without adding a lot of weight or overcrowding the medicine cabinet.

8. Space Savers

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Just about anything can become a storage solution for your bathroom with a little imagination. Tiered containers and shelving, compartmentalized drawers and hanging baskets have completely transformed this bathroom cabinet. Under ordinary circumstances, it’s easy to imagine how this would be complete chaos. Just because something isn’t on display in your bathroom doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to organize it. This one example shows how a combination of several bathroom storage ideas can culminate into the perfect solution for storing just about anything in your bathroom neatly. It even manages to look quite nice, despite being out of sight otherwise.

9. Ditch the Medicine Cabinet

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Source: decorszo.com

If you don’t like medicine cabinets, you will love this bathroom storage hack. It’s devilishly simple, too; just get some small floating shelves and install them on the wall by your main bathroom mirror instead of having a medicine cabinet. Mission accomplished! You don’t have to use them for the contents of your medicine cabinet if you don’t want to, either; you can put small plants, bottles and other knickknacks on the shelves as well with the same effect. You may wish to group what you put on your shelves by color, shape or another similarity for the best effect.

10. Double Towel Rods

Bathroom Storage Ideas

As far as bathroom storage idea go, this one is great if your walls lack real estate. A towel rack isn’t exactly small, so putting it on the wall may not always be practical. This is also a great idea to keep his and hers towels separate. You don’t have to restrict yourself to towels, either; try out some netting between the two towel rods with some starfish and seashells glued to it for a nautical look. You could also use a quilt or tapestry to personalize it a bit more, using the towel rods to keep the pattern exposed.

11. Lightweight and Durable

Bathroom Storage Ideas

It’s amazing how many bathroom storage ideas a few metal tracks can generate and these are no exception. The tracks on the door give you the ability to swap out the baskets for a different style, while the tracks on the lowest cabinet give the bathroom a trash or laundry bin that can be hidden in an instant to preserve your bathroom’s look. This limits you to using wire metal baskets, but this is hardly a loss since it’s such a durable material. It also opens the door to let yourself get creative if you happen to be into metalworking.

12. Simple Shelving

Bathroom Storage Ideas

What place does a bookshelf have as far as bathroom storage ideas? Plenty, if you ask us. With a little manipulation, this small bookshelf has been transformed into a practical little storage nook. Both of the original shelves have been used, but a small divider on the top shelf turns it into an excellent little space for bottles, toilet paper or just some small knickknacks. The fact that the shelf matches the wall color and blends well with the drapery also makes it appear more natural in the room so that no one suspects that it truly is a bookshelf.

13. Rough and Rustic

Bathroom Storage Ideas

This floating divided box is quite easy to replicate and its simple practicality is what makes it so clever. We love bathroom storage ideas like these that make you ask yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It’s simple and inexpensive to build yourself if you can’t find your own and, paired with some small pots or jars, has a wide variety of practical uses. You can place lots of things in this shelf. Try putting your bathroom’s odds and ends in the boxes, buy small flower pots and put potted flowers in each box or put flameless candles inside.

14. Creative Crate Shelving

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Looking like it just came out of an Ikea store is this lovely floating crate shelving unit. Crates this size are perfect for if you have a lot of something, like towels or bottles. A piece like this is also highly customizable, making it a snap to tailor to your own style as well as the space you have available to you. These shelves would also be great for displaying large flameless candles, battery-powered lights or even stained glass with lights behind it thanks to their depth. Just imagine seeing such a display in the dark during a relaxing bath.

15. Nooks and Crannies

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Source: avanro.com

Normally you would associate a cubby hole with children’s shoes. Not in this case, though. This is one of the more unusual solutions we found, and we just love the uniqueness of it. Not only does this increase your design options, but it also gives you so much more room than a flat, blank wall ever would, without taking up much more space. For example, you can put this near your shower for storing shampoo and soap, near your toilet for storing toilet paper and other toiletries or near your bathtub for storing candles, oils and bath salts.

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