20 Small Bathtubs That Make Big Statements


What is the Purpose of Having a Small Bathtub?

It seems that homes are designed with smaller and smaller bathrooms these days. While this home design technique helps to utilize space in other areas of the house, small bathrooms can be difficult to design and decorate. This is why small bathtubs have gained popularity lately. Due to their compact size, small bathtubs can easily be used to transform a small, half-bath into a full bathroom. Small bathtubs also help free up space, and allow home owners to have a tub rather than just a shower in their smaller bathrooms. Small bathtubs can also be used to help free up space in larger bathrooms. If you are interested in using a small bathtub as part of your home decor, this guide will help you explore the best options, give you home design tips and small bathroom ideas to create the bathroom oasis you’ve always dreamed of.

Small Bathtubs That Make Big Statements

Small Bathtubs

1. Jester 54” x 30” AcraStone Traditional Bathtub from American Bath Factory

Small Bathtub Ideas

This traditional looking small bathtub is white and just about 2 feet deep and about 4 ½ feet long. It has a very clean look, with a chrome finish on the feet and no faucet holes, meaning that your faucet will be installed behind the tub and stand up over the top of the tub. This also allows you to pick any faucet that you want and not worry about it fitting the faucet holes of the tub. It has predrilled overflow and drain holes, meaning less work for you and less chance of flooding your bathroom. The 36-gallon capacity allows you to enjoy a deep, relaxing bath every time. [Around: $2,107.34]

2. K-745-0 Seaforth Bath from Kohler

Small Bathtub Ideas

For another small bathroom idea, try this rectangular-shaped, white bathtub. It is also about 4 ½ feet long, and is just over a foot deep. This depth makes it safe for use in a children’s bathroom, and the short length makes it perfect for all bathrooms. The strong, durable Kohler cast iron this tub is made from and the shallow depth makes it a great option for a kid’s bathroom. The short length and the durability makes it a good, permanent home decor option. This small bathtub features a left-hand drain and customers have raved about how simple it is to install, even in the smallest of places. [Around: $1,242.18]

3. T070F-OB Melinda 60 inch White Acrastone Bath Tub from American Bath Factory

Small Bathtub Ideas

A Victorian-style small bathtub, complete with claw feet and an Old Word bronze finish on the hardware that perfectly complements the white exterior and interior of the tub. This tub comes with an attractive faucet that perfectly accents the tub, making it a great home design option. It is double ended, 5 feet long, about 2 feet deep and has a 30-gallon capacity. This tub would be a great, romantic home decor option for a master bathroom. The Victorian style will add elegance and beauty to your bathroom space, and will make a great focal point for any bathroom. [Around: $2,266.85]

4. 5′ Japanese Style Soaking Bath Tub from Symbolic Spas

Small Bathtub Ideas

This Japanese-style soaking tub is circular in shape and incredibly unique. It is white with chrome-plated fixtures, making it simple yet attractive. It has a 57” outer diameter and a 53” inner diameter, and is about 2 feet deep. Japanese style tubs are great for soaking, and whether you are looking at a tub for the sake of bathing or for looks, this tub is a great option. It is made from a mixture of acrylic and fiber glass reinforcements, and has a stainless steel frame that adds strength and durability. There are adjustable stainless steel legs included, and a chrome-plated floor faucet that looks very elegant. [Around: $1,384.00]

5. BTR45DB Japanese Style Soaking Hand Hammered Copper Bath Tub from Premier Copper Products

Small Bathtub Ideas

Different from the tubs we have reviewed thus far, this bath tub is handmade from 99.7% recycled copper, and is bronze in color. It is 45 inches in diameter on the outside and has a small seat or step for ultimate comfort while soaking. This bathtub just begs you to sit down with a glass of wine and a good book and soak your problems away. The drain and faucet are sold separately, allowing you to pick from your choice of colors and styles to meet your home decor needs. With a 54-gallon capacity, this tub allows for a relaxing, whole body soak, and its beautiful design will leave friends and family in awe. [Around: $5,732.00]

6. 48” by 48” Soaker Corner Bathtub from American Acrylic

Small Bathtub Ideas

With a 70-gallon capacity, this bathtub is 48” wide, 42” long, 19” deep. A great small bathroom idea is to place your tub in a corner. This allows you to fully utilize the space in your bathroom, and it looks unique. Although this tub is made to be placed in a corner, the inside is still oval-shaped, which adds to the comfort of the bather. The large ledges make a great space to place a drink or book while you enjoy your bath. Another great feature of this bath is that it can have doors installed to turn it from just a bathtub into a bath and shower combo. [Around: $759.99]

7. COTDRN31-AC-AC Picasso Double Roll Top Copper Tub from Barclay

Small Bathtub Ideas

With an antique copper finish, this oval shaped, free standing bathtub is a great addition to any bathroom. It has a drain but has no overflow, meaning that you can fill this tub to the very top, but it also means you can flood the bathroom, so be careful! Each tub is handcrafted and hand polished, meaning that each tub is also totally unique. Your guests, families and friends will love this tub and be asking you about it for years to come! It is under 3 feet long and 14 inches deep, making it truly a small bathtub that will fit perfectly in any bathroom. [Around: $675.01]

8. Freestanding 55″ Bathtub, “Howard” from The Tub Connection

Small Bathtub Ideas

A therapeutic option, this tub is contoured to help you have a long, relaxing bath in the comfort of your own home. The white and bronze colors will fit perfectly with any décor style and the rolled rim provides a unique look. There are no faucet holes, meaning that you are allowed to pick out your dream faucet without regard to faucet hole size. The bottom of this tub is nonslip, which means that there is no chance of it sliding around when the children bathe in it, no matter how rowdy they get! The tub can be filled about 16” deep before hitting the overflow drain, making it safe for young children. This is a versatile tub for any bathroom. [Around: $1,059.00]

9. 54″ Cast Iron Swedish Tub, “Gentry” from The Tub Connection

Small Bathtub Ideas

Cast iron tubs are great because they help your baths stay warmer for longer, trapping in heat and allowing for a hot bath that stays hot as long as you need. The interior is simple to clean since it is made from a white porcelain. The Swedish design, along with the 18” depth, makes it perfect for those who love deep baths. Freestanding tubs like this one are great since they can be installed and placed virtually anywhere within your bathroom. The claw feet are nickel-colored, which looks great with the white porcelain coating on the tub. [Around: $1,384.00]

10. HLFLPD53FPK 53″ Double Walled Classic CoreAcryl Acrylic Pedestal Tub from Hotel Connection

Small Bathtub Ideas

A highly glossed interior and exterior make this tub a beautiful addition to your bathroom. This tub is also freestanding, and gives you the option of either a detachable base or chrome plated claw feet. It comes with an Edwardian faucet that has a handheld shower, making it great for bathing children or even pets. Having a tub with a handheld shower is great because it allows for easy rinsing off after the bath without needing a full-size shower. It has a double wall heat-loss barrier that helps retain heat while bathing, and the manufacturer states that this barrier retains heat longer than even a cast iron tub! [Around: $1,289.00]

11. ECR54BORB Traditional 54-Inch Cast Iron Roll Top Tub from Elizabethan Classics

Small Bathtub Ideas

Capable of holding up to 29 gallons of water and 22 inches deep, this tub is great for small bathrooms because it is only 55 ½ inches long and 30 inches wide. This is a freestanding tub is meant to be installed up against a wall and has predrilled holes to be used with any wall mounted faucet that you choose. The tub has a white exterior and interior, but the exterior is actually paintable. This allows you to paint this tub any color you would like, making it a great choice for those who want a more unique look. The nonslip interior bottom makes it safe and a great choice for households who may have young children or elderly adults bathing in this tub. [Around: $1,357.33]

12. Deluxe 54″ x 30″ Soaking Bathtub from Lyons Industries

Small Bathtub Ideas

A bright white, rectangular tub that is 54” by 30” and that will easily fit in any bathroom. It can be installed directly to the wall without a need for drilling. This tub has been designed to provide ultimate comfort and lumbar support, making it great for those looking to rid themselves of back or shoulder pain in the bath. Customers say that the tub comes exactly as it looks, is easy to install and is “perfect”. It is a very sturdy tub that doesn’t flex, even for those who are a bit heavier. The highly glossed exterior and interior are easy to clean and will stay looking good for a long time. [Around: $1,080.94]

13. EZWT-3054 Soaker R Walk in Bathtub from Ariel Bath

Small Bathtub Ideas

This tub is made from reinforced fiberglass and is a bright white color and has a triple gel coat that leaves the tub looking highly polished and makes it easy to clean. It also has a stainless steel frame and adjustable feet, making it strong and sure to last you for years. Since it is a walk-in tub, and has a safety bar, a seat and a highly textured, slip-resistant floor, it is a great option for the elderly or people living with disabilities. You can choose either a left hand or right hand drain, just make sure to specify which one when ordering. The shower has a reinforced door and a handheld shower, making it both hygienic and relaxing. [Around: $1,999.00]

14. Designer SOL5430ATO Solo Soaking Acrylic Bath Tub from Hydro Systems

Small Bathtub Ideas

This designer tub from Hydro Systems is available in a wide variety of colors, making it the perfect small bathtub to add a little pop of color to your bathroom. This 40-gallon capacity tub measures 54 inches long, 30 inches wide and 19 inches deep and is designed for one person. It is rectangular in shape and is made from a Lucite-cast acrylic material. This material is easy to clean and gives the tub a nice, glossy look that is very attractive and aesthetically pleasing. This tub is great for bathrooms of any size because of the size and the design. The rectangular shape makes it an easy fit in any bathroom and the depth makes it perfect for adults and children alike. [Around: $1,287.65]

15. Naiture Acrylic Clawfoot Tub from SH

Small Bathtub Ideas

With a classic style, complete with stylish chrome claw feet, this tub will fit in perfectly with any home decor. It is custom painted, giving each tub a unique and classic look. The tub is what is called “specialty” shaped, meaning that the shape is similar to antique claw foot tubs, and makes it a great idea for a bathroom of any size. There are multiple options you can choose from, making this tub perfect for any bathroom. You can choose what types of pre-drilled holes you would like, or you can choose to have no holes at all, and you can choose whether you want the claw feet to have a chrome, bronze, brass or brushed nickel finish. You can also choose whether or not you would like to have an overflow drain or not. The 54” inch tub is perfect for small bathrooms and it has a capacity of 32 gallons without an overflow drain and 25 with the overflow drain. [Around: $1,232.99]

16. T041A-OB-B 54″ Jester Bathtub from American Bath Factory

Small Bathtub Ideas

This tub is designed to be both small and stylish. It is made from AcraStone material that is very durable and backed by a lifetime warranty. Since this tub does not come with a faucet, you are able to choose whatever faucet you would like. It is 4 ½ feet long and 2 feet deep with a 36-gallon capacity, making it deep enough to fully immerse yourself in the water and fall into a deep relaxation. It has large claw feet that are available in an assortment of finishes, giving it a traditional and antique look. One customer raved about how easy it was to install and how perfect it was for their “very small” bathroom! [Around: $2,085.85]

17. COTSN54-CN-AC Oakley Copper Slipper Tub from Barclay

Small Bathtub Ideas

Although the price may seem a little steep, this tub is totally worth the money. Its small size makes it great for any bathroom and the unique, Antique Copper finish makes it memorable and stylish. The interior is nickel plated, which complements the copper exterior nicely and makes for easy cleaning. This tub weight 425 pounds, so you can sure that this tub will not slip or slide around with use. There is an overflow drain so you can bathe without worrying about overflowing your tub and flooding your bathroom. There are not faucet holes, making it a great option for a beautiful, tub mounted or floor faucet. [Around: $7,027.02]

18. 55 Inch Roll Top Clawfoot Tub from Elizabethan Classics

Small Bathtub Ideas

A beautifully classic claw foot tub, this 55 inch roll top tub from Elizabethan Classics will make a great addition to your bathroom. The claw feet are chrome plated and all other accessories, including faucet and drains, are sold separately. However, there are predrilled holes for your convenience when installing the faucet. This tub is fairly lightweight, which means that installing and moving this tub on your own should be breeze, though you will want to make sure that you use coasters or rubber pads under the feet to prevent slipping. Freestanding tubs like this one are perfect for small bathrooms and they create a gorgeous focal point. [Around: $2,279.61]

19. COTSN55-SAC-AC Oreana Copper Slipper Tub by Barclay

Small Bathtub Ideas

Another exceptional tub from Barclay, this copper colored, antiquely shaped tub is sure to wow your friends and family while adding a perfect, classic touch to your bathroom. The heavyweight of this tub means that there is no need to worry about installing hardware to keep it from slipping. This tub is copper colored inside and out and is made from a strong and durable 16-gauge copper, and it is sure to last you for years. Although there are no faucet holes, there is an overflow drain to prevent spillage. This tub looks exactly like something out of an 18th century painting and it is sure to completely transform your bathroom. [Around: $6,670.24]

20. Luxury Highview Collection Tub from Pelham and White

Small Bathtub Ideas

The manufacturer states that it is designed to fit in even the most compact bathrooms, and the classic, traditional look will turn your bathroom into a classy oasis. With an astonishing capacity of 45 gallons, this bath will allow you to soak your problems away while completely immersed in water. There is an overflow to prevent spilling, allowing you to just relax in your bath without worrying about the safety of your floor. The brushed nickel ball and claw feet help stabilize the tub and add a touch of elegance and class. If you are looking for a classy yet small tub, this tub is right for you. [Around: $1,699.95]

Small Bathroom Ideas That Optimize Space and Add Style

Houses are being designed with small bathrooms more and more often lately and people are looking for small bathroom ideas to save space without compromising style. The tubs reviewed in this article are both gorgeous and small, allowing for you to have the best of both worlds. There are a variety of different tub styles and shapes and you are sure to find one that you will love.