Find your serenity with these 50 White Bedroom Ideas


The bedroom should be a place of serenity and peace. When you come home from a long, crazy day at work or you’ve been running around with the family all afternoon, you should be able to walk into your bedroom and instantly relax. Having the right bedroom decor can go a long way in turning your room into your private sanctuary and these bedrooms with white furniture are the perfect inspiration. White bedrooms are the latest trend because your bedroom should be your serene retreat. The decor should be soothing and colors should blend well to create an atmosphere that is comforting and assuring.

Get Inspired by the Latest Bedroom Trend: White Furniture

Bedrooms With White Furniture

One of the best parts about adding white furniture to your bedroom is that you can still incorporate your own personal style to the room. If you prefer a rustic look or a modern design, white furniture is always the perfect compliment. Blue, green and brown hues are the most popular accent colors, but there is no reason you can’t mix it up with some bright pink or royal purple if that’s your style. These bedroom designs are all about you and building your dream sanctuary room. Check out these 50 bedroom decorating ideas for motivation!

1. Turquoise and White

Turquoise and White


The pure white furniture with the turquoise walls create a sense of relaxation, while still giving the room a very modern, edgy style. Turquoise is known to promote a state of calm since it is commonly found in nature and it is easy to see why this bright, marine color is such a great choice. White and turquoise are a great combination as the white really lets the turquoise shine through and the bright color balances the neutral tone of the white furniture. This pairing gives the room a serene look, while the headboard and chandelier portray a subtle elegance.

2. A Modern Look at Neutral Colors

A Modern Look at Neutral Colors

This room contains a warm blend of white, brown and beige. The hardwood floors give a rustic feel to an otherwise very modern bedroom design. The high ceilings with lights pouring in add an additional touch of brightness. The combination of these soft, neutral colors and the minimal decor make the room look larger. The bright painting really brings the room together with just a pop of color. This room is fantastic inspiration for a modern bedroom design idea.

3. Elegant and Refined in Teal

Elegant and Refined in Teal

This set up is another excellent example of how to incorporate teal into a white bedroom. This color is more soothing and reminiscent of nature giving an overall feel of serenity and relaxation. The large floor to ceiling windows with minimal curtains are a gorgeous way to let natural sunlight in and flood this peaceful room with warmth. The unique lighting fixtures add just the right amount of color to offset the all white bedroom decor. The one of a kind upholstered headboard creates a distinctive look to the bed. Modern bedroom designs that are simple and bright with a teal accent are great inspiration.

4. Coastal Calmness White Bedroom Decroation

Coastal Calmness White Bedroom Decroation

The all white bedroom furniture gives this room a look of purity and tranquility. Incorporating a large bed and chair to the room offers a lot of options to sit, lay down and just relax. The patterns and soft colors on the rugs add a little bit of variety to this room. The grey tint of the walls contributes a hint of subtle color to offset the white. Adding lamps and other accessories both in color and in white make the room really stand out. This room has all the essentials to create your dream home decor.

5. Shabby Chic in White

Shabby Chic in White


This room is the perfect inspiration for a shabby chic design with white furniture accents. The dresser and picture frame give off a re-purposed antique feel and the white wood floors add to the rustic look. Adorable accessories such as fresh flowers and antique knick knacks make this room feel welcoming and homey. The matching bed spread and curtains with the fresh flowers are a great combination to offset the white furniture. This is an amazing bedroom idea for those who have a rustic or shabby chic style.

6. Deep Blue Dreaming

Deep Blue Dreaming


Deep blue is a soothing and calming color so this is perfect for your home sanctuary. One thing to be aware of when using a dark color for your bedroom interior design is that it will make the room look smaller. However, this deep blue ocean themed room makes this color work so well. There are so many little details in this room that bring it together. The white bedspread, headboard and coral accents really lighten the room up and offset the darker walls. The combination colors of the pillow and rug are the perfect finishing touches.

7. Floral Wallpaper in a White Furniture Bedroom

Floral Wallpaper in a White Furniture Bedroom


Floral wallpaper is a great new trend to incorporate flowers into your room and add a fun pattern. Just placing it on one wall ensures the result is not too overwhelming, but still produces the desired effect. Adding simple furniture such as the pure white bed set creates a gorgeous and modern effect. If you want to take a risk and have a fun, playful look in your room, this bedroom decoration style is for you. Adding the black and grey accents with the pillows, lamps and bedside table bring it all together to create this modern bedroom design idea.

8. Royal Beauty in White and Beige

Royal Beauty in White and Beige

This elegant and classic design is stunning and regal. The chandelier and the window drapery add a touch of sophistication and grace. The light, neutral colors create brightness and warmth and make the room look even larger. Even though the room has several furniture pieces, they are all white which really adds consistency to the design. The patterned rug with several colors mixes it up and contributes a bit of fun and flavor to the overall look. The warm colors of beige and cream combined with the classic furniture give the room a natural elegance.

9. White Out

White Out


Most of the bedroom design ideas combine white with other colors, but don’t be afraid to create a completely white look if that is your style. The minimal furniture in white with the metallic accessories create an ultramodern look. Clutter can be very distracting so minimizing furniture and creating a sleek design can be exactly what your modern oasis needs. The white lilies add just the right amount of natural freshness. Bedrooms with white furniture are the latest trend but this calm, clean look takes that idea to the next level.

10. Be Bold with a Reddish Orange Background

Be Bold with a Reddish Orange Background


This exotic paint color symbolizes playfulness and creativity. Although the color is bold and bright, it still gives off a feeling of warmth. The simple, white furniture ensures that the orange is not too overwhelming and still creates a soothing setting. If you’ve always wanted to try a bright color but were fearful of the outcome, accenting with white will blend the colors and balance the room’s atmosphere. The white wall with large windows is necessary to break up the orange color and flood the room with some natural light.

11. Blue and White Just Feels Right

Blue and White Just Feels Right

This shade of blue is calming and reassuring with a very natural feel. The white furniture and white trim are the perfect compliment to this gorgeous shade. The colors and natural light give this room such a cozy feeling and really enlarge the space. There is plenty of sitting room and shelving space making it the perfect sanctuary. The accessories in varying shades of blue are a subtle way to mix up the color scheme. Adding the patterned bedspread and pillows are a great way to break up the simplicity, but it would still look amazing with solid colors.

12. Lovely in Lavender

Lovely in Lavender


This room is perfect for a princess which is fitting since purple is the color of royalty. These gorgeous shades of purple accent the white walls and furniture flawlessly. Large windows and fresh flowers add an earthy, natural touch. The different textures of the pillows, blankets and rug really make this design stand out. The purple adds a boldness to the otherwise neutral design. The colors and textures in this bedroom decor really create a chic femininity for your room without overwhelming the simplicity of the white furniture.

13. Your Personal Oasis

Your Personal Oasis

This simple and elegant bedroom is easy to recreate in your own home. The metal suitcases give the room a very vintage feel that complements the ultra modern look of the closet and the bed. Subtle touches of color such as the grey and beige pillows add a little bit of variety to the design. The canopy gives off a calming effect that makes it seem like you are sleeping in a cloud. The accessories are minimal but are necessary to bring the whole room together. The all white bedroom design gives the room such a large and bright appearance that is perfect for your personal oasis.

14. Bringing Mother Nature into your Modern Home

Bringing Mother Nature into your Modern Home

This is such a creative bedroom idea for nature lovers! The green rug leading up to the tree on the bedspread flows together so well. This is another fantastic example of just one floral wall. Again, just having the wallpaper on one wall ensures the result is not too overwhelming, but still brings a fun pattern and natural setting into the room. The unique lighting structure and tasteful closet gives this room a modern look that complements the earthy elements. Green and white give the room a very springtime feel and pair together just as well as blue and white.

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