20 Smart Craft Organization Ideas for Making the Most out of Your Space


Gathering supplies are part of the crafting fun, but having those tools and materials stay organized is key to an enjoyable experience. It is time to put those creative juices into organizational ideas that not only help find what you need when you need it but will add a crafty decorative element to your home. Make a list of the crafting supplies you would like to have organized and ready when in the mood to create.

20 Tidy and Clever Craft Organization Ideas that will Help You Save Space

Craft Organization Ideas

Repurposing is an inexpensive way to create solutions to keeping all your supplies at your fingertips. Common items around the house may just be the answer to storing supplies in one place for easy access. Something as simple as a plastic or glass jar can solve many storage issues from buttons to crayons. Having similar material storage units that are portable, creates a dual purpose convenience at its best.

Best of all, being ingenious with those organizing touches showcases your talent as a wildly creative person that stays on top of things. Organizational skills, which are a plus added to the fact that you have made the items yourself, will impress anyone who knows you. Presenting these ideas will hopefully inspire you while allowing for your personal crafting touch.

1. A Whirl of Colors Lazy Susan

A Whirl of Colors Lazy Susan

Pens, pencils, markers, and brushes can get scattered very easily, never to be seen again. This slotted Lazy Susan will keep them all together in one place. Creatively label the slots for each group of items, giving the organizer your very special touch. Now your elusive rolling items will be upright, easy to find, and store.

2. Whisk Away Craft Organization Cart

Whisk Away Craft Organization Cart

This sweet idea is for those who may be using their dining table as a work surface, or perhaps, live in a small space. Here is one of those craft organization ideas that will keep your supplies together on wheels. Everything has a place and can be whisked away if you need your work surface for another use. Add your personal touch just for fun.

3. Serving Up Layers Of Color Metal Caddie

Serving Up Layers Of Color Metal Caddie

Think of different size used cake pans and repurposed glass jars when creating this multilayered tool holder. Glass or plastic repurposed bud vases can be used as the center post. You probably have your own ideas for this assembling this space-saving tool unit. Scrapbookers, you can have your writing supplies ready and waiting.

4. Plumb Happy Ribbon Storage Center

Plumb Happy Ribbon Storage Center

Who knew that a trip to the plumbing section of your hardware store could solve your ribbon storage issue. This PVC idea not only solves the storage issue but makes for the perfect cutting center. The scissors are hanging in an attached plastic sleeve ready to use. This easy-peasy solution is a great way to solve a ribbon storage and usage issue for little money.

5. Let’s Get Sewing Center Organizer

Let's Get Sewing Center Organizer

Sewing materials have a mysterious way of traveling around the room when you are delving deep into a project. This cabinet will be the ideal solution to reduce a whole sewing room into a small space keeping your material contained. The unit is great for shared room space. Personalized touches, such as fun drawer labels, can make this unit idea your own.

6. Hardware Copper Pipping Ribbon Trees

Hardware Copper Pipping Ribbon Trees

Use your ribbon supplies for decorating fun as well as practical crafting. Copper plumbing pipes can be the core of your ribbon tree. Cutting your ribbon is easy by keeping both of your hands available for use. Having several trees allows you to organize ribbons by types such as fabric, Mylar, paper, or patterns.

7. Sewing Fabric File Organizing Drawer

Sewing Fabric File Organizing Drawer

Don’t throw out that filing cabinet when updating your office. What a great use of a hanging file drawer, to not only organize but also allows quick and easy access to your fabrics. This is an innovative use of hanging file folders that show great craft organization ideas while focusing on repurposing. A storage idea that leaves your cutting as well as sewing surface free of materials not needed.

8. Repurposed Crafting Wall Organizing Unit

Repurposed Crafting Wall Organizing Unit

A trip to your local thrift store, yard sale, or flea market may be all you need to create a cozy crafting storage wall organizer. Use your creative talents to bring together items that will lend themselves to inventive ways of storing your supplies and tools. You will be amazed at how a little money can go a long way to having everything you need handy when you are ready to craft.

9. No Whining About Twining Storage Jar

No Whining About Twining Storage Jar

What a great idea to show just how organized you can be using just a few pennies. No more tangled twine or cord. This idea would be awesome for any materials that you purchase on spools such as jewelry chain, raffia, cord, and trim. Most of the objects for this storage jar can be found around the house. Any wide mouth jar with a metal twist cap will do the trick.

10. Knitting And Crocheting Needle Glass Jar Organizers

Knitting And Crocheting Needle Glass Jar Organizers

What could be more simple than using glass jars to keep your crafting needles where you can find them at a moments notice. Use yarn, raffia or twine loosely stuffed in the bottom of the jar to give the needles stability. Group your needles in sizes using different colors in the bottom of the jar to color code. Why not add stickers to decorate the jars. Make this easy idea a lot of creative fun.

11. A Simple Ribbon Wall Organizer

A Simple Ribbon Wall Organizer

This concept can be used on any wall, even in areas behind doors. The removable sticky back hooks and simple wooden dowels allow for easy access as well as great storage. Adding and removing spools is a no-brainer. Having several of these spool racks will let you organize your spools by color, material, or design.

12. Plastic Tub Hanging Sewing Accessories Storage

Plastic Tub Hanging Sewing Accessories Storage

A plastic tub with lid, cardboard, and wooden skewer sticks are all you need to store your spooled and carded sewing supplies. An easy project that will keep all of these type items together, easy to tote, as well as being protected from dust. What an ingenious way to organize materials that seem to scatter quickly.

13. Hackable See-Thru Stackable Plastic Shoe Boxes

Hackable See-Thru Stackable Plastic Shoe Boxes

Projects change and so do the materials. Having see-thru shoe boxes with a removable label allows for reuse. Out with the old and in with the new, you can change out your supplies while containing them in a small storage space with easy access. It helps to be able to see what’s inside.

14. Frame It And Hang It Spool Organizer

Frame It And Hang It Spool Organizer

Making handy use of wall space is a part of the creative process. This framed spool wall organizer lets you have access to the thread you need without having to hunt. This idea solves taking up valuable working space. It is also transportable if you lay it flat. Give the frame an uplift with some fun decorating touches.

15. Ring A Lings Of Hanging Color

Ring A Lings Of Hanging Color

Grouping materials by color give your creative eye a quick inventory of what is available for your next project. These nifty hanging rings let you know what you have at a glance. They also free up surface and storage space for more room to do your project construction. What a fun way to display your threads so they look like wall decor. Buttons and beads could be stored in a similar way.

16. Let’s Hang Out With Fabric

Let's Hang Out With Fabric

Using wall space to create fabric storage makes a decorative statement of an otherwise unused area. These types of craft ideas can bring color and pattern to a blank canvas. Focusing on a stairwell wall to showcase your fabrics is a great space saving idea, especially if you have to conserve on storage.

17. Creating A Craft Pantry Closet

Creating A Craft Pantry Closet

Out of sight, out of mind does not apply when you use see-thru containers that are perfectly labeled in your shelved craft closet pantry. Now, all you have to do is open the door to know what supplies you have available. You can spend more time crafting with this quick way to gather and stash.

18. Crates And Ribbons Easy Access Storage

Crates And Ribbons Easy Access Storage

Don’t throw out that old wooden crate. Put it to good use by creating a craft ribbon storage and cutting wall unit. Using a repurposed box lends itself perfectly to the spools of ribbon that you need in your projects. Don’t you just love the vintage door knobs for function as well as an accent?

19. Hold That Paint Brush Wood Organizer

Hold That Paint Brush Wood Organizer

Spare plywood combined with someone handy using a drill is all that it takes to create this handy-dandy paint brush holder. It is the perfect solution to storing all of your paintbrushes while protecting the hairs. You can add your finishing, creative touch by painting or staining the plywood.

20. Repurposed Muffin Tin Craft Organizer

Repurposed Muffin Tin Craft Organizer

Don’t think that a rustic used muffin tin has seen it’s last days. Crafters can see the value of those cups that help keep things straight. Odds and ends are where you want them to be while creating in your craft zone. Repurposing is all a part of crafting.

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