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15 Adorable DIY Baby Shower Decorations that Will Make You Smile

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-03-05

If you’re looking for the best DIY baby shower decorations, you’ve come to the right place. Baby showers are a wonderful celebration of new life and a great excuse and opportunity to have some fun. It’s highly fulfilling to have beautiful decorations that help commemorate the occasion so that you can always look back on the moment and remember it fondly.

15 DIY Baby Shower Decorations that Expecting Moms Will Love

No matter what, your decorations have to start with inspiration. Once you’ve found something that inspires you, catches your eye stylistically, and gets you thinking of ideas of your own, there’s no knowing where you’ll go – or where it’ll lead you.

Here are some cool homemade baby shower decor ideas to add a unique flair to your next baby shower that anyone can do themselves.

1. Moms Need Mimosas: Shower Bar

Moms Need Mimosas: Shower Bar

No party is complete without the “mom”-osas. Although, obviously, the expecting mother can’t be imbibing that doesn’t mean her guests can’t. And for the mother-to-be, it’s easy to make a virgin mimosa with a variety of carbonated beverages. This is a great way to make it so the mother of honor and any other pregnant guests – or ones who simply don’t want to drink – won’t be left out of the fun.

It’s always nice to have a beverage station, making it so everyone knows where to get their cups and get them filled. You can also put napkins, garnishes, and other drink accessories here. Also, a few decorative accents like flowers or natural wood coasters make a big difference. A design that’s well thought out and has a cohesive theme gives guests a sense that their drinks are all the fancier.

2. Big Baby Blocks Corner Sign

Big Baby Blocks Corner Sign

These are great for putting anywhere around the house. They fit neatly into most corners, yet they always manage to catch the eye and give a clear message. These are incredibly easy to make with items you already have on hand, like empty boxes, construction paper, or shipping paper. With the addition of some stencils, you can have these blocks say whatever you want them to. Finding the perfect little accent pieces, like a simple rustic lantern and balloon, does a lot to pull the piece together. You can choose whatever fits best with the theme of the rest of the party to create a custom appearance that blends with everything else.

3. Letter Block Flower Pot Centerpiece

Letter Block Flower Pot Centerpiece

For many people, nothing hearkens back to the years of childhood like playing with blocks. Blocks of all kinds are one of the most basic and fundamentally important toys for children to play with. They are quite literally the “building blocks” of human psychological development.

It’s easy to mix and match letters, numbers, or even symbols if you’re feeling unique. Adding a little color always helps to give the centerpiece a more childlike feel, and it’s a fun way to add some personality and flowers to the tables at your showers. This doesn’t have to be just flowers, either. You can use a variety of succulents or any other aesthetically pleasing plant that fits your shower’s theme.
Since there are letters involved with these block-shaped flower pots, you might consider spelling out messages. You can use a combination of blocks to spell out the baby’s initials or mark guests’ places at tables.

4. The Flight of the Bumbloons

The Flight of the Bumbloons

Source: hwtm.com

Besides being 100% adorable, these clever baby shower decorations are a great pick because they’re highly customizable. You and your guests can make your own unique faces, which are easy to draw on with a Sharpie or other type of marker. Few things are more thrilling than having balloons that actually float at your party, and this project gives them an adorable twist. If you do use helium, you’ll need to make sure to create your adorable striped friends the day of the event to ensure that they fly the whole time.

5. A Baby Message in Sprinkles

A Baby Message in Sprinkles

You can make any message better with sprinkles, and you can say anything you want with them. This is a great idea for a shower that’s sprinkle-themed, which is fun because they’re not only delicious, they also look festive and exciting.

Anyone who has experienced pregnancy knows that cravings come in all forms, and for those who have a natural sweet tooth, this is a great approach for your baby shower. It’s nice to have something sweet to eat that also looks fun and festive, and you can put sprinkles on practically anything.

One trend that’s emerging in baby shower culture is the “sprinkle,” which is what some call a miniature baby shower. These tend to be more minimalistic, but it’s still an excellent celebration of the mother-child relationship that’s soon to come, and it’s still definitely an opportunity to make your own homemade baby shower decor ideas to help celebrate.

6. Balloon Garland and Backdrop Combo

Balloon Garland and Backdrop Combo

If you want something that’s going to pop out of the walls, adding life and color to your shower, while also hanging down and covering as much surface area as possible, this is one of the best DIY baby shower decorations. Using simple streamers makes it easy to combine colors, or you can mix and match different patterns.

One of the fun things about having a baby shower – or any other type of party, for that matter – is the opportunity to transform your home or other space into a festive, celebratory place. By covering up the walls with this colorful backdrop, topped off with an interesting balloon garland, you might have a hard time recognizing your own house.

7. Rubber Ducky Diaper Door Wreath

Rubber Ducky Diaper Door Wreath

What better way to greet your guests than with items that represent the very essence of babyhood arranged into a delightful door decoration? You can add whatever items you like. Travel-sized bottles of baby oil and moisturizers work perfectly, and cute little bath toys are ideal for catching the eye. One might not think that diapers would make the best decoration, but arranged in this way, it’s not only fun to look at – once you look closely, it’s also good for a laugh.

It’s fun to adorn the wreath with bows ribbons to give it a prettier look. The awesome thing about this decoration is that the mom takes it home after the party. She’s definitely going to need every item on that wreath, and they’re still in perfectly usable condition so nothing goes to waste.

8. Party Balloon Garland Shower Arch

Party Balloon Garland Shower Arch

Garland arches are an exciting twist on what you can do with balloons. They’re easy and effective, whether you just have one to enter the main room or several, marking the different sections of the party. A balloon arch creates that particular sense of fun and excitement, often associated with carnivals or birthdays, which only colorful balloons can provide. You might combine different colors, shapes, and sizes of balloons as well as garland arch designs.

It’s easy to experiment with different techniques – and it’s always fun to have a few loose balloons to play with if you’re learning by trial and error. Kids love them, and it’s easy to replace popped balloons. Just make sure to have more balloons than you think you’ll need. It might surprise you how many are actually required to complete this project. It may seem daunting at first, but once you get going, it’s incredibly simple.

9. Polka Dot Milk Bottle Flower Vase

Polka Dot Milk Bottle Flower Vase

Using basic materials, this is a simple yet effective way to decorate the tables at your party. It’s easy to color coordinate between the dots and the flowers. The glass milk bottles give a rustic and homemade feel, hearkening back to simpler times while repurposing them for a more elegant use.

These fragrant table decorations are exceptionally fun, and the fact that you can see through the glass bottles only makes them more visually appealing. Scattering polka dots along the middle of the table keeps the baby shower decorations out of guests’ way while keeping every inch of the table’s surface area colorful and festive.

10. Rainbow-Handled Flower Cloud Basket

Rainbow-Handled Flower Cloud Basket

This ingenious little design makes the most out of white roses and different colors of pipe cleaners, making a great centerpiece for tables. And you don’t have to follow the exact rules of physics, either – feel free to make your own rainbow. Match it with your flowers of choice to create a wholly unique phenomenon of refracted light.

Something cool about this design is that you can plant the flowers in your garden when you’re done, and invite guests to take them home to plant them in their own yards, spreading the love. On the other hand, you can easily replace real flowers with artificial ones. It can still look quite realistic, makes it easy to reuse, and you don’t have to worry about them being wilted or damaged. You can also add artificial fragrance to incorporate as many senses as possible.

11. Lighted Flower Backdrop Photoshoot Set

Lighted Flower Backdrop Photoshoot Set

With a veil-like curtain to provide a delicate, gorgeous, elegant vibe, you can create a magical corner for your baby shower. This is an easy project for beginners to make on a minimalistic budget. With simple and inexpensive lights, it might seem like there are stars or fireflies visible through this backdrop. LED lights are quite bright and last a long time, and you can find ones that shine different colors, flash different patterns. This setup is perfect for photos so everyone can remember the fun they had.

Flowers do a lot to create a sense of elegance and beauty. Roses work perfectly, but you can also try whatever flower seems best to you. By adding a few inexpensive accessories, you can make the photoshoot all the more unique.

12. My Baby’s First Outfit Ever

My Baby's First Outfit Ever

Here’s an irresistible cute way to display a baby’s perfect little outfit. Everything is cuter when it’s small, and outfits for young ones are no exception. This is an excellent opportunity to color coordinate between the flowers, dress, and shoes. It also adds a lot to use an adorable little hanger to help showcase the outfit. Using glass beads or other decorative pieces laid out on the table, you can fill out the exhibit from top to bottom. Guests love seeing something like this at the shower because it gives you a clear visual idea of the baby that’s to come by showing the precious little clothes they’ll be wearing.

13. Build Your Own Flower Crown Station

Build Your Own Flower Crown Station

Sometimes it takes clear signage to sufficiently encourage your guests to grab a crown.
Some attendees may be hesitant to take part in the activities, unsure whether they’re supposed to put on the crown or if they’re just for decoration. This sign will leave nothing to question, ensuring that everyone is adorning their heads with their very own crown while conveying the information in the prettiest way possible.

You can choose the combination of colors and fonts that best fit your overall theme,
and you might even try an erasable blackboard or whiteboard so you can reuse the same sign for different occasions. It might be fun to try doing a build-your-own crown workstation so everyone can represent the queenship that they feel in their hearts.

14. Paper Garland Over Flowery Feast

Paper Garland Over Flowery Feast

Here’s a table full of sweet treats and floral delight.
It’s a fun way to display cupcakes, cookies, fruit cups, punch, ice cream, and any other refreshments. It’s also a great method of presentation for games items.

Any flowers you have on hand will help to bring the look together in a way that’s fragrant, natural, and aesthetically pleasing. It only takes a small table to pull off this design, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space. And these compact yet effective baby shower decorations are made even more fun with the addition of paper garlands – a multipurpose decoration that’s as flexible in application as it is simple to create.

15. Hang The Bear Up to Dry

Hang The Bear Up to Dry

This is a fun clothesline-themed idea that’s highly customizable since you can add anything you want to the line. All it takes is plenty of clothespins and as many adorable baby-related things as you can think of. With the clothesline appearance, it can give your party a simple, unique touch. This is also often ideal for gender-neutral baby celebrations since you can choose items that aren’t gender-specific. It’s an interesting way to make your walls decorative and cute for the big event.

15 Best DIY Baby Shower Decorations to Add Personality to Your Party

There’s no better way to celebrate new life than with a fun party. And the best way to decorate it is with your own homemade baby shower decor ideas rather than simply buying ones you find in the store. This shows that you truly put your heart into the event, and expresses your unique tastes and artistic talent. It gives everyone something fun to look back on for the start of this new baby’s journey through life.

Best DIY Baby Shower Decorations

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