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22 Fun DIY Chalkboard Paint Projects that will Freshen Up your Home Décor

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-03-18

When it comes to home crafts, the best chalkboard paint projects can help you personalize your décor and highlight your creativity. There are plenty of mediums to use for decorating your home, but chalkboard paint stands the test of time. It is wonderfully versatile, giving you a great deal of freedom to create whatever project you have in mind. This way, you can push your creativity and your imagination as far as possible. Create an entire chalkboard wall for everyone in the home or visitors to draw on. Or go more small-scale and carve out just a section on the wall or on a dresser with still enough room to create some artwork on.

22 Incredible Chalkboard Paint Ideas to Liven Up your Home in New Ways

You can make signs to hang up on the door or the walls, using them to indicate different things such as the food menus, chores, or upcoming appointments. This is perfect in the case of applying chalkboard paint to a refrigerator, keeping it where everyone in the house can see it and write on it at all times. Otherwise, the chalkboard paint can be a surface to just house cute sayings. With this amount of versatility in mind, there is no limit as to where you can set up your remarkable homemade chalkboard paint crafts. Set it up in the kitchen, apply it somewhere in the living room or dining room, and even use it in the bedrooms or bathroom areas. Anywhere in your home that seems to be in need of some sprucing up can benefit from the chalkboard paint décor.

Now that you know you want to use it, it’s time to think about exactly what you’re going to do. We understand your thoughts are racing with millions of ideas. So, we compiled our favorite best chalkboard paint projects into one list to help you decide.

1. Unique Chalkboard Paint Window Project

Unique Chalkboard Paint Window Project

An old window is a cool way to decorate in a farmhouse-themed room, and you can elevate this further with the use of chalkboard paint. The strategic placement of the paint makes it stand out even further as it keeps your attention with its sense of movement. You also have more room to add on drawings or sayings, a helpful feature if there are multiple people in the home so everyone can have space to express themselves or write down important notes. This looks well whether you decide to hang it on the wall or have it rest leaning against it as you set it up on a dresser or console table.

2. Vase Filled Chalkboard Painted Rocks

Vase Filled Chalkboard Painted Rocks

Some of the best chalkboard paint projects are more distinctive than others, and this is one of them. This stands out because it isn’t your typical board or wall you’re painting. Rather, you’re painting rocks. It is a wonderful way to decorate as the chalk-painted rocks have an instant appeal to them. You can write all kinds of sayings on them or different drawings too. Once they are all stacked up in the vase, they have a lovely bit of contrast to them. These will look wonderful as a centerpiece in the dining room or set up on a coffee or console table.

3. Framed Chalkboard Paint Mirror Design

Framed Chalkboard Paint Mirror Design

Do you have a mirror lying around that you may not like anymore or perhaps the glass is broken? You can still salvage it with this beautiful upcycle project. This is a project that just about anyone can do whether you’ve worked with home crafts before or not. Once the chalkboard paint is applied, you can leave the black as-is. It looks elegant alongside the frame, allowing you to set this up to accent any other décor that you have set up around so that it fits with a modern or contemporary theme. You can always add an artistic touch to the surface later on if you wish, but it looks just as good in its plain, natural setting.

4. Filing Cabinet Chalkboard Paint Makeover

Filing Cabinet Chalkboard Paint Makeover

With the right touch, a filing cabinet no longer needs a bland and basic look. Instead, it can have more flare to it thanks to chalkboard paint. Feel free to cover the entire filing cabinet with this paint too. This way, you have more surface area to cover with your designs. Additionally, this is a fun way for you to label each drawer of your filing cabinet, organizing things in a more unique fashion rather than with the standard labels. This will look wonderful in your crafting space, but it can also work well adorning your closet or office area.

5. Homemade Chalkboard Paint Mirror Design

Homemade Chalkboard Paint Mirror Design

You don’t have to buy chalkboard paint to decorate with if you have the means to make it right at home instead. It’s simple enough, and it offers you a more affordable way to decorate with this style if purchasing it is out of the question. Once you have it made, you can simply paint over whatever surface you wish. In this case, an old mirror that isn’t getting any love can get a fresh overhaul. Whatever type of frame your mirror has will determine the theme you’ll get with your chalkboard painted design too. No matter, you can hang it up in almost any room you’d like to give it a refreshing look.

6. Chalkboard Paint Fridge Makeover Project

Chalkboard Paint Fridge Makeover Project

A cool way to incorporate chalkboard paint into your kitchen is to makeover the refrigerator. The darkness granted by the paint can work well depending on the overall theme to your kitchen, offering a nice deal of contrast to the room. Besides improving the overall aesthetic, the chalkboard paint gives you room to express yourself in a large setting based on the size of your fridge. You can freely draw or write anything you wish. Use it if you need it to remind you of things you need to get or upcoming appointments or use it to show off those incredible artistic skills.

7. Chalkboard Paint Wine Glass Base

Chalkboard Paint Wine Glass Base

Chalkboard paint can do far more than go on the wall or on a refrigerator. If you want something that is smaller in scale while also more distinctive, then you should opt for this awesome wine glass project. It is straightforward in that it simply incorporates the base of a wine glass dipped into chalk paint. Once dried, the wine glass has an interesting contrast to it, one that is more obvious depending on the initial color of the glass itself. This is wonderful for a party too as you can write the name of your guests right on the glass themselves, using them as place markers instead.

8. Fun Chalkboard Painted Hanging Tray Sign

Fun Chalkboard Painted Hanging Tray Sign

This chalkboard tray is a good feature when you need something simple and quick to hang up. It is ideal to cover up some of that empty wall space, especially in your kitchen. Also, there is just enough room for you to write some simple sayings or notes on it. This is what makes it helpful to hang in the kitchen as it works for the menu or the day or to add on things you forgot from your shopping list. It’s even useful to remind the household what time they need to gather for dinner. Overall, the chalk-painted tray is a charming addition to any wall.

9. Chalkboard Paint Hanging Clipboard Signs

Chalkboard Paint Hanging Clipboard Signs

An easy and inexpensive way to decorate with chalkboard paint is to round up some clipboards and get to work. Clipboards are simple enough to elevate with paint and nothing more. From there, you can decorate on the boards as you please or simply use the clips to hold whatever items you have. The dark black on the boards are contrasted well with the silver clips when you hang them up that they don’t really need much else on them. These are an excellent source of functional décor. They not only look well, but they can help out in so many ways depending on where you decide to hang them up at. You can find more of this project here.

10. Sleek Chalkboard Painted Refrigerator Design

Sleek Chalkboard Painted Refrigerator Design

Chalkboard paint looks wonderful even applied to modern refrigerators. This is perfect if you have children in the home too so that they can freely write all over the fridge without you worrying about anything messing up. You can feel secure adding the paint from head to toe, so to speak, on the fridge in this case. Leave behind some elegant drawings, add some much-needed shopping lists, or just use it as a free-for-all doodling surface. The chalk paint does an effortless job of overhauling the entire fridge. This is true even if you decide not to add much or anything at all to it and instead just let the chalkboard paint itself shine.

11. Framed Chalkboard Paint Wall Art

Framed Chalkboard Paint Wall Art

Not all art looks appealing enough to hang on your wall. So, if you happen to come across some cheap, framed artwork, you can always toss it out and create some of your own in its place. With chalkboard paint, you can use this as a means to make some elaborate art or just as a way to show off the menu of the day if you hang it up in your kitchen. Of course, you can also paint the frame to better match with the room you decide to hang it up in too. This way, it comes across as a well-rounded decorative piece that will easily capture the eye.

12. Towering Chalkboard Painted Wall Design

Towering Chalkboard Painted Wall Design

Large empty wall space is ideal for your chalkboard paint project. This gives you a nice decorative area on a specific spot in your home where you can experiment with further creative projects. It is a fun idea for a family environment especially as it gives enough room for everyone to add to it. Set this up more out in the open as well such as in the family room or nearby the stairs. This way, it will always be seen by everyone in the home and anyone who comes to visit.

13. Cool Chalkboard Painted Globe Sign

Cool Chalkboard Painted Globe Sign

Are you a traveler at heart or know someone who is? Then this chalkboard painted globe is a beautiful addition to the home or as a gift. You or that special someone may already own a globe or two, so this one painted over serves as gorgeous décor instead rather than something functional. It is lovely for those who either are eager to travel or have already gone out into the world. This can even work out well as a party setting, working as a centerpiece if you’re having a get-together for yourself or someone else who’s about to go away. This can be a lovely way for everyone to leave encouraging messages for an upcoming adventure.

14. Word Find Chalkboard Painted Wall

Word Find Chalkboard Painted Wall

Out of all the chalkboard paint crafts, this one is one of the more fun ones that you can enjoy time and time again. If you have the wall space for it, you can make this as large as possible. This is a wonderful way to pull out those logic skills and combine them with your creative skills. It is even a fun game to play as a couple or with the whole family. If you wish, you can even allow your guests to join in on the fun whenever they come over to visit. So, make game time something that never ends with this epic, wall-sized word find puzzle.

15. Modern Chalkboard Painted Cabinet Drawers

Modern Chalkboard Painted Cabinet Drawers

Sometimes, all your kitchen needs are some strategically placed chalkboard settings to bring about a different vibe. If you have individual drawers, you can set the chalkboard paint up on them individually. This way, they are granted a nice border by the rest of the drawer and the cabinet itself. You are also free to draw or write anything on the drawers to match the theme of the room, what’s in the drawers, or simply to suit the mood of the day. This isn’t as loud or big as other chalkboard paint designs, but it is a subtle way to gather attention and leave an impression in the kitchen.

16. Rustic Moss Frame Chalkboard Paint Design

Rustic Moss Frame Chalkboard Paint Desig

The versatility in chalkboard paint stretches far in that you can use it alongside any theme. This is true in the case with this cool moss frame design. The moss frame offers an outdoorsy, rustic vibe that works great in a farmhouse style. This has a rough look about it that makes it seem aged and worn down without actually being vintage. It is such a wonderful aesthetic that combines well with the chalkboard paint in the center where you are free to add any extra designs you feel work with your overall theme.

17. Repurposed Chalkboard Silver Platter Wreath

Repurposed Chalkboard Silver Platter Wreath

If you want a more unique wreath whether for the holidays or year-round, then consider repurposing a silver platter with some chalkboard paint. A silver platter alone makes for such lovely décor, but with the chalk paint applied, it has a more updated and fashionable look. You have room to write or draw what you will on it too so that it best fits with whatever season you’re in, making it remarkably easy to create an all-season wreath design. Plus, with the silver platter, you can decorate around it with different items to further match the specific theme and current holiday or season.

18. Beautiful Chalkboard Painted Serving Tray

Beautiful Chalkboard Painted Serving Tray

The flexibility of chalkboard paint is apparent with this beautiful serving tray design. The serving tray alone looks pretty enough, especially if you repurpose and shine it up, but the chalkboard paint applied really sells it as something more distinctive and personal. There’s a wonderful amount of creativity to the tray now, and it even looks nice to write down what you’re serving to impress whoever you’re presenting the tray to. This is a cute way to spoil someone you care for with something fun and interesting, so feel free to bring this out on those special occasions.

19. Modern Designed Chalkboard Paint Wine Bottles

Modern Designed Chalkboard Paint Wine Bottles

Not only can you give new life to old wine bottles, but you can easily add a modern touch to your décor with a bit of chalkboard paint. The paint offers a stunningly bold look that is eye-catching. All that’s left for you to do is write or draw up anything you’d like to give the bottles that creative spin.

20. Chalkboard Painted Hanging Birds Design

Chalkboard Painted Hanging Birds Design

Just in time for spring are these lovely hanging birds on a string. But they don’t rely on color to get the point across about the season at hand. Rather, the outline itself does a splendid job at delivering that idea. Instead, the chalkboard paint leaves a bold impression thanks to its dark coloring. It will look wonderful against lighter décor when you hang it up on the wall. You can leave it as-is or freely add some drawings or other writing on the birds to go along with the design.

21. Charming Chalkboard Painted Fireplace Design

Charming Chalkboard Painted Fireplace Design

Do you have a space for a fireplace but don’t actually have a fireplace? Well, you can make one with chalkboard paint. The solid black of the paint stands in bold contrast to everything else, which instantly takes attention. From there, the chalk drawing will steal the rest of the show. It is a nice way to bring a little charm to your sitting room without using anything electric or a real fire. Of course, you can draw anything on this piece besides the roaring fire to suit the theme at hand.

22. Cute Chalkboard Painted Coaster Set

Cute Chalkboard Painted Coaster Set

Some cute craft projects that the kids can do are making these fun, chalkboard-painted coasters. They can work as lovely gifts or keep them for use at home. There is room to decorate these little features with other things like buttons or anything else to add some pops of color that help these stand out more too. Besides, you are always free to draw on them and erase them as you please. This is what makes the coasters even more appealing for children to make and use. As coasters themselves, they are even easy to keep clean so they should last use after use.

22 Chalkboard Paint Projects Your Home Family will Love

Homemade chalkboard crafts are remarkably popular due to how simple and creative they are. You can do so many interesting things with them whether you are a beginner or a veteran in craft projects. Plus, it’s fun on your own or in a group setting, making them perfect to involve the family or to pass the time on those lazy weekends. They are the prime way to customize a decorative piece to your liking as much as possible, especially if you opt for a large chalkboard design that gives you plenty of drawing or writing room to play around with.

The sheer versatility is another high mark for chalkboard paint crafts. There is an endless number of paths to travel down, and this allows you to easily fit this medium into various decorative styles such as farmhouse and modern looks. You can use them for your parties or set them up year-round as permanent decorations in your home. Place them in your living room, bedroom, or even the kitchen. Don’t let the number of options scare you away though. With the list of our favorite best chalkboard paint projects, you are sure to find an idea worth pursuing.

Best DIY Chalkboard Paint Projects

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