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50 Creative & Classy DIY Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-03-01

Why do people decorate their dinner tables for Christmas? What are some of the best ways to do this? Christmas is one of the few times every year that allows us to take time to make something crafty and beautiful in terms of DIY Christmas ideas. Creating a special type of Christmas table decoration is a great way to welcome guests into your home in a loving and caring way this holiday season. Tables are one of the few places in today’s world where we gather together to share time, stories, laughter and create memories.

50 Affordable & Artsy Christmas Table Decor Ideas

We know that Christmas is busy, money is tight and time is sparse. But trust us, taking just a few moments to create a table display that you can enjoy all season long is totally worth it. Ge ready to browse 50 of the most creative and crafty ways to dress the table and impress your family and friends this holiday season.

1. Birch Box Centerpiece

Birch Box Centerpiece

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

This recycled birch wood Christmas table decoration is a classic and simple edition to your dining room table. Wooden boxes are available in a variety of sizes from your local arts and crafts store, votives create a gentle and warm glow and you can get creative with the greens and reds that you add. For a longer table, try using 3 smaller rectangular boxes and spacing them out to create a fuller and more elegant effect. Experimenting with different paint colors, like a cheery red or calm cream, will change the mood and let you have some fun while doing it.

2. Starry Branches

Starry Branches

DIY Project Details: thebudgetdecorator.com

Can plain old sticks be starry and bright? A simple string of lights, a trip into the woods (or into the backyard) to collect a few sticks, and an elegant glass jar. That’s all you’ll need to make this beautiful piece happen. Add some pine cones or some natural greens to the base of a transparent glass jar for a natural, earthy effect and enjoy Christmas in all of its natural beauty. Setting a few candles around the bases of the vases will pull the piece together and tie in the lights on the branches quite nicely.

3. Silverware Stockings

Silverware Stockings

DIY Project Details: designrulz.com

Spice up the place settings this year and bring the stockings to the table. Know a knitter? This is a fairly simple project that can be accomplished throughout the course of an afternoon, if you’re wanting a DIY Christmas, that is. Classic Christmas tradition says stick with red and white stockings, but we think it’s super fun to spice it up and add some texture to the table by using different colors, zigzags, polkadots and stripes! Have even more fun with it and make a game out of it, putting stockings that match each person’s personality around the table and have them try to guess where they are sitting! Don’t want to make them? Google “small stockings” and you’re all set to buy them.

4. Snowman Table Settings

Snowman Table Settings

DIY Project Details: stagerlinda.blogspot.com

This is one of the easier Christmas table decorating ideas that you can do without having to go out in search of unique crafty items. This is as basic as it gets and that’s what makes it so darn good. White plates, black olives, mini carrots, white placemats, black and red napkins, silverware and… voila! You are good to go! If you’re looking for some great decor ideas and a fun way to get the kids involved this Christmas and have them help out by setting the table this is a great way to do it. Good luck trying to get them to clean up; we’re not making any promises on that end.

5. Miniature White Christmas

Miniature White Christmas

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

It is all quite white and that is precisely the magic of this miniature wonderland. Even if there is no snow on the ground and no snow falling outside of the window, this elegant Christmas decor is sure to turn heads and spark conversation surrounding its simple beauty. Candles, a few stems of baby’s breath and a few white coffee cups make this magic come alive. Add a string of white lights (your choice!) and a few simple greens to contrast the delicate white and you’ll be surprised at how much they’ll both “pop” to create a calming Christmas glow.

6. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

DIY Project Details: publix.com

Who knew that folding a few green napkins could create a fun Christmas tree on your plate? This is a Christmas staple and one to put in the cue for future decor ideas. You can get crafty and use jello instead of napkins, yellow starburst for stars and pretzel sticks for the base of the tree. This is a super fun DIY Christmas idea that leaves a lot of room for improvisation and is a great project for families or for kids. All you need is something yellow, green and brown. What you use is up to you!

7. Rustic Cabin Lantern Centerpiece

Rustic Cabin Lantern Centerpiece

DIY Project Details: pinterest.com

This is a great centerpiece for that cozy, country cabin. It’s easy to make and can be as simple as putting a packet of potpourri in a wooden basket and adding a few small ornaments as well as a handful of your favorite dried flowers. Find a rustic looking lantern or oil lamp to match the woodsy Christmas theme and there you have it! To change things up a bit, try putting a red, cinnamon scented candle at the center for a cheery aesthetic and a warming smell and this piece is sure to bring great joy.

8. Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls

DIY Project Details: goodhousekeeping.com

This cheery little place setting stands alone and is sharp enough to allow each individual setting to speak for itself. The key to creating the perfect Christmas table decoration here is to find a great white gel pen that will write well and boldly on your black paper place settings. Of course there are other tiny details that help make this look super classy like gold silverware and the quirky, yet energetic, combo of polka dots and stripes on your dinner plate. Don’t worry, though, you can use any type of plate and spice it up however you’d like. If you really want to go the extra mile, get some fresh greens from your local florist and spruce up the table.

9. Old Fashioned Holiday Season

Old Fashioned Holiday Season

DIY Project Details: countryliving.com

These dried leaves and seedling dishes are creative and crafty ways to serve up your snacks this holiday season. This DIY Christmas idea is a festive way to spruce up your happy hour without going all out and preparing a slew of table settings for dinner. Keep the colors neutral, bronze and gold to create a striking accent to the dark bourbon or whiskey that will compliment your dried fruits and nuts (almonds, cashews, pecans, popcorn) so very well. This warming display sets the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and chill conversation to destress and enjoy life with family and friends. Add some dried figs or goat cheese appetizers to take it up a notch. Yum!

10. Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

DIY Project Details: goodhousekeeping.com

White, white, white! Brighten up the dreary days of December with this all white Christmas table decoration. You’ll want to get some fresh and full bodied white hydrangeas from your local florist to dine with a delightful smell and give the impression that little snowballs are sitting on your table. Then, add some candles and go for the gold with the cutlery if you can (silver works great as well). While this photo displays everything white we know that what really makes this white wonderland come alive is the greens and reds that you will plate. Try serving up a delicious cranberry and kale salad or some asparagus with beets and carrots.

11. Tiny Box Forest

Tiny Box Forest

DIY Project Details: thenorthendloft.com

Create a tiny forest and place it on the center of your table with this simple Christmas table decorating idea. Get your hands on some cranberry garland, a basic wooden box and fill it with styrofoam so that you can stick some tiny little trees in it. It’s probably easier to buy three little trees from the store, but it’d also look great if you ventured out to the forest and cut some tiny branches off of a few pines for a fresh forest smell. To make this tiny box forest pop out, place a contrasting color of a table mat beneath it.

12. Candy Cane Name Holders

Candy Cane Name Holders

DIY Project Details: villahov.blogspot.com

This is a simple Christmas table decoration that you can whip up in no time. We know the holidays have you busy, slightly more stressed out than usual and you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off. We all are! If you’re looking for some great decor ideas and something festive but still want to save on time this holiday season, this is a great option for you. Pick up some festive ribbon, add a little glue to hold 3 candy canes in place and print off (or hand write) the names of your guests on little cards. Easy, elegant and effective. What more could you ask for?

13. Country Christmas Table Topper

Country Christmas Table Topper

DIY Project Details: priscillas2000.blogspot.com

Painted mason jars and all of your favorite Christmas decorations. This centerpiece is sure to be the center of attention amongst your guests. It’s definitely got an “Over the hills and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go” country vibe going for it. Grab a few ornaments, get some fresh (or fake) greens, some of your favorite holiday trinkets (even ornaments) and start placing them in this 3 tier table topper. There’s no wrong or right way to create this one. Just have fun!

14. Reindeer Coffee Table Centerpiece

Reindeer Coffee Table Centerpiece

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

It’s easy to forget about the little details that make a home that much warm during all of the hustle and bustle surrounding the cold and crazed Christmas season. These coffee table decor ideas are a great way to tie in the Christmas spirit throughout the whole house. Use tiny reindeer figurines and matching ornaments to create a uniform and enjoyable centerpiece. Then add some pinecones and greens to the project as you see fit, light a few different sized candles at the center and before you know it, you have created something really enjoyable for an affordable price and in very little time. These are also great gifts to give to friends.

15. Candy Cane Candles

Candy Cane Candles

DIY Project Details: casa.abril.com.br

Your kids don’t have to be the only people enjoying candy canes this holiday season. Turn your candles into candy canes by swirling a simple strip of red fabric around them with a simple type of adhesive. Scrapbooking adhesive glue dots or even a hot glue gun will work well here, but stay away from Elmer’s; it won’t adhere to the wax. Get something sparkly and red for an added twinkle and use some simple accent pieces, like small ornaments or dried or wax flowers, to fill out the base.

16. Fresh Fern Centerpiece

Fresh Fern Centerpiece

DIY Project Details: brides.com

Mmm. Your guests will want to pause and inhale deeply around this centerpiece. This DIY Christmas project puts the fresh back into the forest, or perhaps it is more accurate to say that it brings the freshness of the forest to you. This piece will last a week or more if you use floral foam (available at any craft store) and stick little pieces of fresh greens into its base. Floral foam allows you to water the stems and keep them hydrated and healthy for longer. Without floral foam your piece will likely only last 2 or 3 days before it begins to wither. Stop in to your local florist and ask for ferns, pines, holly and other types of deep, dark greens.

17. Going Go with Lighting

Going Go with Lighting

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Imagine an entire night of candles instead of light bulbs. This Christmas table decoration is a simple and natural way to bring a little life to your table for under $5. This is one of the greatest decor ideas that is also an inexpensive and affordable idea to bring a little green into your house. You’ll save money, save on electricity and literally, allow the greens to lighten up the mood and let you breathe a little easier. Top it off with a see-through and lacy ribbon. We recommend buying extra tall candles so that you can enjoy a longer burning time without worrying about starting a “forest fire.”

18. Cinnamon Stick Servilletas

Cinnamon Stick Servilletas

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Tieing in a cinnamon stick to this simple white cloth napkin is a festive way to spice up your table settings (quite literally!) Use a strand of rustic twine to add texture to your napkin and table setting, and garnish the cloth napkin with a sprig of fresh cranberries or dried berries to add some color and contrast. This DIY project is proof that you don’t need a whole lot of time or money to make the little details speak volumes and stand for themselves. If you’re inviting guests, consider adding a cinnamon stick recipe for German mulled wine or cinnamon sugar cookies so that the napkin doubles in purpose and also serves as a “take away” gift and table favor.

19. Candied Candles

Candied Candles

DIY Project Details: christmas.snydle.com

This Christmas table decoration has a lot going for it. A simple monotone color scheme sets the theme into motion and animates the white plates around it. Everything is red, red, red and Christmas is here with this candied display. Candy canes turned upside down create a playfulness and a lightness while adding a touch of holiday cheer. Tie it together with a bright and playful ribbon and allow the focus to be drawn to a lushly fresh and bright green wreath which will decorate the center of the table. Once the table is set we know that you’ll have a lot of people wanting to sit around it and the glasses will be ready to be filled. Enjoy!

20. Tiny Little Tea Lights

Tiny Little Tea Lights

DIY Project Details: bhg.com

Tiny little green, red and cream colored tea lights, fresh red and purple cranberries and a few sprigs of your favorite green creates a bright and cheery ambiance and a festive Christmas table decoration. Plating the cranberries on something red draws an even deeper attention to the richness and freshness of what’s on the plate. This table decoration is small enough to decorate the food, dessert or punch table or works well as a coffee table Christmas decor.

21. Funky Ornamental Place Card Holders

Funky Ornamental Place Card Holders

DIY Project Details: redheadcandecorate.com

These funky place card holders are a great way to put some sparkle on the table. This is a super fun and simple DIY Christmas idea. Buy a quirky and unique set of ornaments that complement each other yet still remain unique. Twist up the wiry ends with a pencil to create a fun spiral that leads up to the personalized (and hopefully handwritten!) name tag holder and glue the bulbs onto a small block of wood for stability. These fun Christmas colors will brighten up those dark and cold winter nights and light up the faces of your guests for sure.

22. Simple and Urban Tabletop Christmas Tree

Simple and Urban Tabletop Christmas Tree

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Live in a tiny flat in the middle of a big urban city so you’re short on space for your Christmas tree? Move it to the table and create a two for one effect: Christmas tree and Christmas table decoration. Keep it simple, though; you won’t need all of those fluffy branches and leaves. Set out to find a few branches and deck their limbs in everything golden and glimmery. Adding some fresh cranberries to the base of the vase is always a great way to bring the Christmas colors onto the table in a natural way.

23. Jingle All the Way

Jingle All the Way

DIY Project Details: digsdigs.com

Big green balls, red Christmas bells and everything fresh and green in between. This nostalgic Christmas decor will take you back to your childhood days when you built snowmen in the backyard and made wish lists for Santa. In fact, in a world where the North Pole really does exist, we imagine it looks something like this. Bring Christmas to your table with these kid-friendly decorations and watch the sparkles in their eyes glimmer. With decorations hanging above you and a table full of decor sitting beneath you, you’ll all set for a holiday season of jingle all the way.

24. Lyrical Table Runner

Lyrical Table Runner

Want the freedom to personalize your Christmas table decor?! This table runner allows you to say what you want on a day-to-day basis by changing the words with the simple swipe of a damp cloth and works great with paint markers or normal chalk. This decor idea allows you to add a personal touch of the words you’d like to say for a low cost. Students, young adults and anyone looking to save a bit of money this holiday season while still remaining classy should seek this idea out. Did we mention that you’ll have extra money for presents for your loved ones? Spice up the table runner with white painted mason jars and add some fresh greens for a delightful glow.

25. Forest of Treats

Forest of Treats

DIY Project Details: itallstartedwithpaint.com

Do you have leftover wrapping paper scraps from last year? Don’t throw them out! Save them and cut them into little triangles while watching your favorite Christmas movie. Glue a toothpick onto the back, stick it into the top of a red wrapped hershey kiss and call it a sweet forest of treats. These are great as party favors or as a simple appetizer before or after the meal. This is one for the whole family; the kids will definitely love it and will have fun making it. You may want to buy a few extra kisses; we’re sure they’ll be sneaking some.

26. Red and White Cheer

Red and White Cheer

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Tired of changing up the decorations from Christmas to New Year’s Eve? This shiny, classy and sparkly red and white theme makes it easy to keep the same decor for both holidays without having to stress about changing it or taking the time to do so. This tall and slender glass vase full of red and silver ornaments fits perfectly for both occasions and looks really nice. Create a joyful and energetic atmosphere with different textures of fresh greens, sparkly ornaments and fresh sprigs of cranberries.

27. Birch Bosque

Birch Bosque

DIY Project Details: thesweetescape.ca

Around November birch trees will start falling in the forest and they’ll be asking you to collect them and put them to good use. Instead of letting them lay dormant on the forest floor, collect them and saw them into small pieces and use them as the bases for this miniature table forest. Little trees, as well as tea lights, are available for purchase at nearly every craft store and complete this Christmas table decoration. Of course, a forest wouldn’t be complete without reindeer; go in search of reindeer figurines and hide them between the trees.

28. Frosted Forest

Frosted Forest

DIY Project Details: juliatesta.com

Silvers, whites, crystals and glossy pinecones. This fresh and fashionable DIY Christmas decor is great for the holiday season and will last you through the New Year. Instead of serving up that turkey on a silver platter, plate out some silver ornaments and natural elements of nature to create a fresh atmosphere. Three different levels of candles create a nice texture and add a variety of different dimensions. The table will be enjoyed by all ages and guests as it is appreciated for its simple and elegant beauty.

29. Oh Tannenbaum

Oh Tannenbaum

DIY Project Details: scissorsandspoons.com

This is a great DIY Christmas craft for younger kiddos who want to help out with Christmas decorating in some special way. Spray painting pinecones (in the backyard) is super fun for them. It’s also a great family activity to gather everyone together at such a busy time. When the holiday rush is stressing you out, take some time for this family activity and create little trees together. These will also make some really great and simple gifts as they are affordable. Add an extra spark by putting little rhinestones or sticky gemstones on the pine cone leaves.

30. Painted Leaf Napkin Holders

Painted Leaf Napkin Holders

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Looking for a way to sneak in a little bit of peace and quiet this holiday season? Send the kids out to the woods in search of their favorite leaves and then give them a can of gold spray paint while you enjoy a hot cup of cocoa. The beauty of this DIY Christmas place setting is in it’s sheer simplicity. You don’t need a lot to make something beautiful. A little goes a long way.

31. Christmas Tree Cutlery

Christmas Tree Cutlery

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Cheer up that Chinaware with these fun Christmas tree cutouts. Something more heavy weight and wrinkle proof will work best here. We know that felt is a bit throwback right now, but it could be your best option. Go a bit more rustic and use burlap for the tree cut outs or spice it up with some silver sparkles.

32. Elongated Table Wreath

Elongated Table Wreath

DIY Project Details: poppytalk.com

Who said Christmas wreaths had to be circular? This elongated table wreath is a great way to stretch out the greens and allow it to span the entire length of your table. From a bird’s eye view this looks like a Christmas tree on a table with all of the warm yellow candles glowing at the tips of the branches. Add a bit more intention with cloth napkins instead of paper ones and put a few nice mints or handmade chocolate bars on top of a sweet finish.

33. A Quirky Christmas

A Quirky Christmas

DIY Project Details: goodhousekeeping.com

This is a trendy and slightly minimalistic type of Christmas. Blacks and whites make a bold statement and the only “color” that comes to the eyes is a big of Van Gogh’s yellow from the infamous Starry Night. Christmas is a season for hope and yellows should shine bright like diamonds. Polka dots, stripes, plaid napkins and solid yellow insides of tiny white tea cups ties this all into a few bright stars sitting a top the paper origami trees.

34. Mason Jars on Ice

Mason Jars on Ice

DIY Project Details: yellowblissroad.com

Mason jars will never get old. Their simple beauty allows you to dive into an endless amount of DIY Christmas projects. And this one, we think, is especially charming. Fill up the bottom of the jars with sugar for some Christmas sparkle and alternate what you put on top of them by adding small cream colored tea light votives and fresh red cranberries. The finish touch for everything fresh about Christmas usually comes with a handful of greens.

35. Dine Out In the Forest

Dine Out In the Forest

DIY Project Details: jacquelynnphoto.com

Who said placemats had to be cloth or paper or plastic for that matter? Place mats can be rustic slices of wood for a lumberjack and old school feel for your special holiday party or your Christmas Eve dinner. Run the length of the table with a long line of greens adding in some pinecones and tall white candles for a sharp and breathtaking contrast. This Christmas table decoration will make you feel like you are the royal guest at King Arthur’s table if you add some golden chalices for a special bottle of wine.

36. Candied Apples for Christmas

Candied Apples for Christmas

DIY Project Details: athomearkansas.com

Here’s a great Christmas table decorating idea. Buying a bushel of apples and some pine tree branches for an alternative take on your holiday Christmas tree. In addition to those two main ingredients you’ll need: glue, patience, some geometric brilliance and a styrofoam centerpiece to hold it all together. This piece looks best is sets of three with the center piece being larger than the others.

37. Bling, Bling Christmas!

Bling, Bling Christmas!

DIY Project Details: freshideen.com

Get out the jewels, deck the halls and put on some glitter. This table is high class and glitzy, sporting glassy stones and sexy silvers that make for an elegant and icy Christmas. There’s nothing really “warm” about this Christmas look. This Christmas table decorating idea is fairly simple in that you can use any variety and shape of glass bowl to hold your balance of big and small silver ornaments. Loop a strand of glimmer around the whole thing and sprinkle a few diamonds (fake ones, of course!) around the table for an added touch of brilliance.

38. Holiday Fountain of Elegance

Holiday Fountain of Elegance

DIY Project Details: pinterest.com

This Christmas table decorating idea has a lot going for it. In the foreground we have a 2 tier tray that makes us wonder if we’re at a wedding or in the middle of a 16th century square with a water fountain. A hard silver tray is contrasted with glassy ornaments of gold and red with a small red bird perched on top, drawing our attention to the back of the room where we’ve got lights and tree branches or more birds perched on them. Don’t forget the long, elegant candles! If you’re looking for an entire living room look for the holidays, this could be it.

39. Arctic and Urban Wonderland

Arctic and Urban Wonderland

DIY Project Details: theinspiredroom.net

This arctic and urban wonderland is cute and charming. Little squirrels, polar bears and Christmas fox figurines decorate the tops of different sized birch tree rounds. Small candles sit at the base of the rounds to illuminate them from below and some urban plants are potted in close proximity for a contrasting crisp and clean look that actually complements the display really well. This centerpiece takes a pyramid shape starting smaller at the ends and building to bigger at the center.

40. Holiday Pop!

Holiday Pop!

DIY Project Details: pinterest.com

This DIY Christmas table setting works precisely because it’s got so many different things going for it: gentle and delicate flower inscriptions on Chinaware, bright and bold star-shaped cutouts and a fireplace mantel full of ivy, holly and candles creating a warm glow. This picture is proof that you don’t need to go out and buy a lot of “stuff” to make your holiday decor happen. Use what you have and be creative with it.

41. Who Took the Candles?

Who Took the Candles?

DIY Project Details: thebudgetdecorator.com

Swap the candles for giant ornaments. Why not?! This holiday decorating idea is super fun and is the perfect balance of creative and classy for any holiday brunch when you won’t need the warm glow of actual candles and you have enough natural light coming your way. When night falls, swap out the ornaments for candles and use it again. But don’t forget the matching bowl of red ornaments to match the candle toppers. This table setting only works well when it all works together.

42. Luxury Living Christmas Ideas

Luxury Living Christmas Ideas

DIY Project Details: cotemaison.fr

This cozy stone house is surprisingly warm with its plum purple and golden amber accents and rather bright due to the use of so much white around the house. When it comes to setting the table, keep the placemats neutral and the plates white so that your colors can do all of the hard work for you. Trust us, when the table looks this lovely, you’ll want to let it steal the show. Pop that bottle of champagne, sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your friends.

43. Mason Jar Snow Globes

Mason Jar Snow Globes

DIY Project Details: craftsbyamanda.com

This little winter wonderland comes in a jar and makes a lovely little gift for your co-workers or for your dinner party guests. A little bit of salt or sugar is an affordable way to set the snow into motion. A little white paint on the tips of small pinecones makes it look frosty and right. Add a candle, tie the pine cones around the mouth of the jar with a simple ribbon and then you are set. Christmas comes in a jar at least once a year.

44. Candy Cane Cheer!

Candy Cane Cheer!

DIY Project Details: weddingchicks.com

So much playfulness and brightness are yours to enjoy at this table. This DIY Christmas table decorating idea is so upbeat that it could pass for Santa’s Elves workshop. If nothing else, it looks like it arrived straight from the North Pole. Candy canes, beautifully wrapped presents with lots fluff perched on top of candlesticks and a candy apple colored table cloth make this the perfect place setting for an afternoon tea or for appetizers with friends. This table setting is energizing and uplifting.

45. Mini Cranberry Wreath Name Tag Holders

Mini Cranberry Wreath Name Tag Holders

DIY Project Details: sayyes.com

These mini fresh cranberry wreath name tag holders are an adorable and delicate way of inviting your guests to the table. They make for great Christmas decor ideas because they emanate care because your guests will know that you took the time to string each cranberry into the shape of a circle. Glue on a tiny green, brush up on your calligraphy and get to making some name tags. Your guests will be warmed by this tiny but meaningful gesture.

46. Screaming Green!

Screaming Green!

DIY Project Details: pizzazzerie.com

We’re used to seeing so much red and white at Christmas but green usually gets associated with the “Grinch” as therefore gets left out far too often. Green is an energizing and balancing color that actually, so they say, brings people together and dismantles the differences, creating a common ground of peace and friendship. Incorporate it however you can: green candies in a jar, table cloths, ribbons, ornaments, fresh wreaths. It’s all good when it’s all green.

47. Cindy Lou-Who Table Toppers

Cindy Lou-Who Table Toppers

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

This is one of the best Christmas decor ideas because it is simple and striking. The table is set, but not in excess; the theme is intentional and planned, but not short on details. A few crafty items are placed at the center of the table by a short and simple white Christmas tree and some red and white table accents are added for good measure. That’s it, folks. Proof that you can create a beautiful table setting while keeping it affordable.

48. The Three Trees

The Three Trees

DIY Project Details: diyinspired.com

This is one of the most popular Christmas decor ideas because it is charming. Work in sets of three and look for a shiny platter with rounded edges to hold your stones, ornaments and other trinkets that you’ll want to lay the base of your tree. Grab three trees (and stars to top them!) from your local craft store and string a strand of silver around those branches in spirals. This decor idea resembles the story of the three wisemen.

49. Frosted and Bright

Frosted and Bright

DIY Project Details: pinterest.com

This frosty DIY Christmas project features silvers that send shivers down your spine and makes you want to wrap that sweater around your body just a little big tighter. Everything–from the pinecones to the sparkly snowflakes to the plates–is gray, white or silver creating a cold kind of haunting ambiance that makes us yearn for the lit candles. One warm red table runner saves us from freezing and invites us to relax around this farmhouse table for enjoyment.

50. Outdoor Advent Candle Counter

Outdoor Advent Candle Counter

DIY Project Details: bloglovin.com

This is a great advent project that features a candle counting down the 25 days of Christmas. Unless you’re extremely talented at small and fine printing we recommend purchasing this candle. This is a great way to bring the family together every night as you watch a Christmas come closer with the melting of wax into a green and wooded forest. Pine cones, tiny trees and a bit of moss make this display come alive and invite you to breathe as deeply as those trees have been doing for years.

Creative DIY Christmas Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to get decorating. But don’t let the holiday season stress you out so much that you put a fun project like creating a Christmas table decoration on the back burner. Once the project is finished we guarantee that your holiday season will be more enjoyable because of it because you’ll get to relax around the beauty of your craftiness for (at least) an entire month.

DIY Christmas projects don’t have to be time consuming and expensive. We’ve given you plenty of ways to explore classy and creative projects without going over budget. Find a DIY Christmas project that resonates with you and make it a fun afternoon project that you can do with your friends or your family. Happy creating and Merry Christmas!

DIY Christmas Table Decorations

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