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21 Inspiring DIY Coastal Wall Art Ideas to Spruce up Every Room

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-03-13

Are you looking for the best DIY coastal wall art ideas for your home? Well, you are in luck because we have prepared a list of incredible coastal wall art ideas that you can make on your own to decorate your home. If you enjoy the ocean’s view, the cool breeze, the adventurous sailboats, the spectacular ocean creatures, and everything else connected to the ocean, then it’s about time you introduced some of that marvel of nature into your home. These coastal wall art ideas will allow you to add more of your personality to your home and transform it into your favorite place on earth.

21 Unique Coastal Decor Ideas that will Make Your Walls Unforgettable

Before we get started on the wall art ideas, here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to decorate your home with coastal wall art today. Most coastal or beach wall arts have shades of blue because the ocean is often associated with the color. This means that you will most likely introduce the color blue into your home e.g. by adding blue ocean prints on the wall, which can shift your home’s atmosphere significantly.

Over the years, experts have found that the color blue has a gentle calming effect on people, and is, therefore, suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. If you want to feel more relaxed and peaceful at home, bluish homemade coastal wall decor may be just what your home needs. Beach wall ideas are fantastic for your home because the décor will never become obsolete. The ocean is one of the most appealing things about nature, and therefore beach decor will always be in style. In fact, when most people think of taking a vacation, they imagine going to a sunny warm beach where they can relax and enjoy the ocean. Therefore, if you want to decorate your home with items that will always be relevant despite the season or your location, then beach wall décor is the way to go.

Let’s get to the good stuff! The great news about DIY beach décor ideas is that you are spoilt for choice. All you need is a little creativity and a few items from Etsy to get started. Since we are here to make your life easier, here are several coastal wall décor ideas to get you started. Check them out below.

1. Round Coastal Mantel Made of Threads

Round Coastal Mantel Made of Threads

A great homemade coastal wall decor idea to try out is a mantel. The beach-inspired coastal mantel will add elegance to your home and you can style it to suit your taste, whether contemporary, modern, rustic, or vintage. All you need to create this look is a thick rope to make a wreath and hang it on the wall. You can then hang ribbons or scarf off the mantel to make it more stylish. Additionally, you can add extra coastal décor items e.g. starfish or shells around the mantle to create an attractive look.

2. Lovely Brown Leaf Wall Art

Lovely Brown Leaf Wall Art

Leaf wall art is another great way to introduce a beach-themed décor into your home. You can hang the framed leaf wall art on your wall to display different types of leaves found on trees along the coast. As you can see in the image above, the leaves are brown so that they can blend in with the majority of color schemes in different homes. This is the perfect statement piece of art for your home during the fall season.

3. Heart Shells On A Wooden Surface

Heart Shells On A Wooden Surface

Another great way to use shells for interior décor is by arranging them on a wooden surface. Since the heart is the most popular shape; you can arrange the shells in a love shape to make the art stand out. Shells are a good way to add seaside charm to your home and show off your adventurous personality. Also, if you decide to go to the beach to collect the shells, ensure that the shells are empty to avoid bringing back creatures like mollusks and hermit craps into your home. You can get the shells on online stores like Etsy as well. This type of handmade beach wall art will look good in your kitchen or living room.

4. Magnificent Single Starfish on Embroidery Hook

Magnificent Single Starfish on Embroidery Hook

If you have spent a few warm days by the beach, then you have probably come across beautiful starfish. You can bring these unique sea creatures into your living room by decorating them on a circular embroidery hook as seen in the image above. To achieve this look, you can use real starfish that have been dried for the purpose of decoration or buy artificial starfish on Etsy. Once you have the starfish, you will need clear tape or adhesive, a clean white material, and the embroidery hook. The starfish will add a delicate touch to your décor and help express your love for the coast.

5. Alluring Coral Reef in Wooden Frame

Alluring Coral Reef in Wooden Frame

Brighten up your home with this soothing coral reef on wood art. This is one of the best DIY coastal wall art ideas because it is already built-in. Installing it is very easy since all you have to do is hang it on your favorite spot. This is the perfect coastal art for you if you enjoy deep sea diving to marvel at the marine life below the sea. It will remind you of those wonderful moments you had underwater and help to uplift your spirits. Additionally, the frame has several pieces of wood to add a rustic vintage touch to the art. You can hang it in your bedroom, living room, or above the fireplace to a natural yet vintage style to your home.

6. Alluring Shell Hangings on Wood

Alluring Shell Hangings on Wood

Another creative way to display your shell collection is by hanging them from a wooden branch to show off their beauty. You can hang the shells with differently sized strings to create a shape or pattern at the base of the shells. Shells represent sea life and they will bring the alluring refreshing atmosphere of the beach into your home. You can hang the coastal décor against any plain white or grey wall so that the beauty of the shells can pop out and be seen from across the room. To add more color to the set, you can attach some synthetic green leaves to the piece of wood.

7. Inspirational Words on Wooden Pieces

Inspirational Words on Wooden Pieces

Are you the kind of person that likes to surround yourself with positive motivational material? Well, we have a way that you can combine your love of inspiration together with your love for the beach. All you need a several planks of wood, blue and white paint, and a black marker pen to create the homemade coastal wall décor you see above. The dash of blue and white colors represent the colors of the ocean, which are blue for the waters and white for the beach. Write inspirational words on the pieces of wood and arrange them from top to bottom as seen above so that the words can make sense to whoever reads them.

8. Oceanic Blue Wooden Gallery Box

Oceanic Blue Wooden Gallery Box

Do you enjoy spending your time taking in scenic views of the ocean or the beach? There might be a way to bring the beautiful cool ocean view into your living room. All you need is a big wooden gallery box and different shades of blue to create the effect. Paint the gallery box with blue colors and hang it in your living room. If your color scheme is white or grey, then the blue wooden gallery will fit perfectly and attract the right amount of attention. Every time you relax on your couch reading your favorite book or watching your favorite movie, you can glance at the blue piece of art on the wall and imagine yourself back at the beach.

9. Magnificent Single Starfish on Plain Surface

Magnificent Single Starfish on Plain Surface

The perfect way to add a touch of the warm summer days to your home is by using sea creatures like starfish to decorate your home. A starfish is the easiest homemade coastal wall decor that can immediately add a beach theme to your home. You can get a starfish motif online on Etsy and attach it to a surface in your home to draw attention. For instance, you can attach the starfish motif to a picture frame or shadow box so that it can stand out. Place the work of art over your couch or bed and enjoy the tranquil and serene atmosphere that the marine life wall décor will add to your home.

10. Shells of Love in a Frame

Shells of Love in a Frame

Shells are one of the best DIY coastal wall art ideas for coastal lovers. If you have collected a number of unique shells during your beach adventures, this is the perfect way to display them. Just organize the differently shaped shells in a heart pattern inside a shadow box to achieve the above look. If you do not have any shells, you can buy differently colored shells on Etsy to create the look. Additionally, for a perfect heart-shaped look, you can attach the shells within the shadow box with glue so that once you hang the box on the wall, everything remains in place.

11. Spectacular Blue Sea Horse in Frame

Spectacular Blue Sea Horse in Frame

Another unique handmade beach wall art is a sea horse on a grey surface surrounded by a wide frame. Its light shade of blue makes it pop and draw attention. If you have been looking for a way to bring seahorses back with you from your ocean adventures, then this piece of art is a great way to do so. You can order the sea horse online on Etsy and select from a variety of colors depending on your taste. Also, if you are feeling extra creative, you can buy two sea horses and have them face one another inside the frame. You can hang this fascinating wall art over your couch or your bed.

12. Beautiful Modern Shell Display on Wall

Beautiful Modern Shell Display on Wall

Apart from hanging shells or arranging them in different shapes, you can group similar shells together and display each of them separately. This type of wall décor works best for people who collect shells. You can add a frame around each group of shells and add a short description below to describe the shells and the type of sea creatures they house. This will make your home stand out because the shells convey your passion for the beach and the descriptions will show people who visit you that you really know your stuff. Pick a large wall in your home and get to work creating this display of beautifully colored shells.

13. Uniquely Beaded Coastal Mantel with Threads

Uniquely Beaded Coastal Mantel with Threads

This is another handmade beach wall art mantel idea to try out. You will need a rope and some sea shells to achieve the above unique look. As you can see, the beads create an inner frame, while the rest of the rope forms the mantel. The threads on the outside part of the mantel add a dramatic vintage effect to the art. You can get the sea shells and the rope on Etsy. The mantel is a very creative addition to your home because it represents different aspects of the coast. Ropes are commonly used on ships and boats during sailing, while the sea shells represent the homes of various sea creatures. You can place the coastal mantel over the fireplace, above your dresser, in the living room, over the couch, in the kitchen, or any other spacious area in your home.

14. Mysterious White Shell on Blue Surface

Mysterious White Shell on Blue Surface

This is perhaps the simplest way to display a beautiful shell and add a coastal theme to your home. Have you ever come across a uniquely shaped shell while you were at the beach? This is your chance to turn that beautiful mysterious shell into your best piece of wall décor. Place the shell against a blue material or paper for better effect. Hang the piece of art on any wall in the room that receives the most traffic in your home. The mysterious shell attached to a blue surface will definitely stop people in their tracks to admire it.

15. Brilliant set of Star Fish and Shells

Brilliant set of Star Fish and Shells

There’s no denying how gorgeous starfish can look on your wall. If you have always desired to bring some aquatic life into your home, starfish décor is the way to go. To achieve this look, you will need to get white starfish décor from Etsy, as well as several shell-like items, adhesive or clear tape, and a brown rug or blanket where you will attach the starfish and shells. This is a fantastic beach theme because starfish represent marine life. Did you know that starfish are regenerative creatures and can survive getting damaged by the water? With that in mind, creating this décor will inspire you anytime you have a hard time. If you have a tall wall area in your living room that could use a piece of art, you can hang this masterpiece there.

16. Scenic Corner of Sea Horse and Whale

Scenic Corner of Sea Horse and Whale

One of the best DIY coastal wall art ideas for your home is adding multiple beach-themed items in the same spot. For example, you can place a sea horse structure and a sea plant on an open surface in your living room and add a whale motif on the wall above. This idea is ideal for people who have a great interest in marine life. As you can see in the image above, the ocean items are placed against a plain wall so that they can stand out and allure whoever is looking at them. You can order the whale motif, sea horse structure, and sea plant from Etsy. Additionally, you can add some blue glasses as seen above to represent the color of the water where the sea creatures dwell.

17. Charming Blue Seahorses in Pairs

Charming Blue Seahorses in Pairs

By now you probably get the sense that sea horses are some of the best DIY coastal wall art ideas for your home. You can purchase sea horse motifs on Etsy and hang them or attach them to your wall. This is a great decoration idea for your guest room because it is budget friendly and requires very little work. Once you get the sea horses, you can arrange them to face one another or to face the same direction as seen in the image above. We recommend placing the sea horses in pairs on your wall because they are known to swim in pairs. This will make your work of art more realistic and interesting to those guests who share your love of the ocean.

18. Charming Crab Painting on Wall

Charming Crab Painting on Wall

If you are looking for handmade beach wall art that makes you feel connected with sea life, then this charming crab painting masterpiece is for you. This piece of art will fit uniquely with any other beach-themed decor you may have in your home. If you love crabs, then this is your sign to get a crab-themed painting for your wall. The stunning painting has shades of blue that will add a soothing and relaxing ambiance to your home. The edges of the painting are lined with brown touches and lines in order to make the crab pop out boldly. This is the kind of wall art that will instantly draw the attention of your guests and make them pause. It is perfect for your living room.

19. Mysterious Compass on Vintage Wooden Board

Mysterious Compass on Vintage Wooden Board

Other than the beach, do you enjoy films about pirates and ships? If you do, then a compass wooden board would be the perfect beach-themed wall art for your home. The handmade coastal wall décor has white markings etched on a brown wooden board to attract attention to the art piece. Also, the wooden board appears like half its piece is missing, which will make your guests wonder whether you retrieved it from a shipwreck, giving you an opportunity to tell them about your adventures on the coast. This wooden compass board will add a unique vintage impression to your home.

20. Alluring Frozen Splash of Wave

Alluring Frozen Splash of Wave

Are you looking for a piece of coastal wall art that is not only thoughtful but unique? This piece of art shows a frozen wave captured in a wooden frame. Most beach wall art consists of paintings of the ocean and the waves but you rarely get to witness a detailed frozen wave that shows how the brittle water particles come together and then fall apart. This wall art will remind you of the ocean whenever you look at it. The splash of the frozen wave has shades of blue, brown, and white to make the art blend well with the colors of your home. The thick dark grey frame contrasts with the splash to make the wave more alluring when you set it on the wall.

21. Sea Glass Art as Sun Catcher

Sea Glass Art as Sun Catcher

If you are looking for a way to combine the best DIY coastal wall art ideas into one big statement piece, then this sea glass art is the perfect way to do it. Luckily for you, you do not need to make any of the sea glass art pieces on your own because you can find a complete set on Etsy. This sea art glass consists of several shells, a starfish, and a frozen wave broken into particles. You can hang this beautiful art against a window horizontally or vertically so that it can act as a sun catcher and draw more light into the room.

21 Best DIY Coastal Wall Art Ideas

You now have the best handmade beach wall art ideas to upgrade your home. Choose the wall art that is most meaningful to you so that it can tell your story and help you add more aspects of your personality to your home. For instance, if you love watching the ocean waves, you can add wall décor displaying waves to surround yourself with the things that help you feel more connected to nature. All the unique ideas in the list above are budget friendly and easy to create.

You will not need to bring in an expert to decorate your home and you get to upgrade your home in your free time.
Also, all the ideas we have presented to you, e.g. the sea horses, shells, starfish, leaf motifs, and wave glass art, will positively affect your mental well-being. The art pieces will add an ambiance of calm and excitement to your home, which will benefit your mind by uplifting your spirits. And the best part? Coastal wall décor blends well with any style whether vintage, modern, chic, or contemporary. So pick your best homemade coastal wall decor and turn your home into your favorite coastal haven.

Best DIY Coastal Wall Art Ideas

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