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17 DIY Cork Board Ideas for All Your Organizing and Decorating Needs

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-03-11

With the best DIY cork board ideas, you can be well on your way to adding stylish and functional wall decor to your home.

You should never underestimate the power behind a corkboard. It is the prime area where you can store all of your important information such as appointment dates. But homemade cork boards move beyond that. They can still be great organizational tools whether you use them for your entire home, in your office, or for a child or teen’s bedroom. However, they can simply look good hanging on the wall. A quality-made cork board comes across more as decors like wall art, which makes creating one a good way to express your creativity and personality. The versatility is what makes going this route so fun too.

17 Amazing Homemade Cork Boards that are Stylish and Practical

If you want just something decorative, you can use a corkboard to create lovely artwork to hang up. This can be a good way to add a pop of color to a room or mix things up a bit among the rest of your decorations. Alternatively, you can lean heavily into the organizational approach to it all. Depending on the size of the corkboard you create, you can store a multitude of necessary items from small post-it notes to larger storage areas for letters.

As you are creating a DIY corkboard, another great part about it all is just how well it can blend with different decorative styles. You can make something that fits seamlessly inside a modern home, or you can opt for a chic approach that is perfect for the contemporary home. Perhaps you want to really stretch your creativity and come up with something artistic using various colors or a different shape to the corkboard like a geometric design?

If you’re stuck on which route to take, our list of some of the best DIY cork board ideas should hopefully give you a good area to start at.

1. DIY Geometric Decorative Cork Boards

DIY Geometric Decorative Cork Boards

When you need a constant reminder of important things to do, yet you want to look at something that has a bit of style, then these geometric cork boards are an excellent way to solve your dilemma. These come across as looking cool without being too loud, which is especially fitting for those of you who don’t like to overwhelm your organizational space. A simple splash of color can make these boards look more distinct, more so when you use the color in such a nice geometric pattern. Such a decorative design may help you actually remember to check your board from time to time so you don’t forget anything.

2. Decorative Handmade Cork Board Decor

Decorative Handmade Cork Board Decor

This DIY cork board is incredible when you need a corkboard to serve as decoration for your wall as well as still be useful beyond appearances. Going for something that has an artistic geometric pattern is a sweet approach too because it provides the whole piece a sense of movement. It also makes it far more eye-catching, especially if you opt for some bold and vibrant coloring. This can help you match the homemade corkboard to the design in the room. In fact, you may be tempted to just leave that corkboard blank to admire it, but it can still be used to fill it up with all your important dates and notes.

3. IKEA Cork Framed Placemat Boards

IKEA Cork Framed Placemat Boards

For all you IKEA hackers out there, this project idea will get your creativity flowing in such a simple way. These placemats come in a pack too so that you can get more than enough by buying just a few packs. Once they are all put together, the right framing technique can ensure that each section stands out. You get a rather large space to command as well depending on just how many boards you elect to use. It can provide an ample amount of space to organize what you need to while also allowing you to fill up some blank wall space.

4. Sectioned Hexagon Cork Board Design

Sectioned Hexagon Cork Board Design

When you want a homemade corkboard project for cheap, consider this idea. It doesn’t cost much, but what you are left with is something that looks expensive instead. It is an artistic approach that does not even rely on any color to get attention. Instead, the hexagon design and how you lay the boards out on the wall are what manage to capture the right amount of attention and keep it for anyone that walks into the room. Plus, it is a good way to make use of some empty wall space while still leaving room around it for additional decorative items.

5. DIY Color Block Cork Board

DIY Color Block Cork Board

This cork board design makes good use of color in a distinctive pattern. By scattering the coloring around the blocks, your corkboard has an artistic and creative look that allows this to work purely as wall decor even if you never actually use the corkboard function of it. Consider using any color that best fits your personality or the room you decide to use the board in so that it is able to blend in even more.

6. Oversized Wall Cork Board Layout

Oversized Wall Cork Board Layout

So, maybe you have a lot that needs organizing or plenty of reminders that a simple corkboard just can’t handle. In this case, you need a cork wall rather than a board. Making this bulletin wall can take time, but it is certainly worth it, in the end, to create a section in your home that will get some good use. Also, anyone can use such a DIY cork wall. So, if you have small children, they can still run up and pin something to the board or look at something you’ve put up with ease.

7. Cool DIY Cork Board Makeover

Cool DIY Cork Board Makeover

This is one of the best DIY cork board ideas that lets you quickly make over a simple bulletin board. Some washi tape can go a long way into transforming this board into something that just screams your personality. And all you do is use the tape to section off portions of the board. This way, you can completely personalize it to suit your specific needs whether you need it in the kitchen or the main family room so that you can organize everyone’s schedule in the house.

8. Elegant Cork Board Basket Design

Elegant Cork Board Basket Design

Source: homeroad.net

A corkboard does not just have to be functional, but this design, proves that it can also add a source of elegance to the room. You can put the corkboard on a lovely frame, painted or otherwise, to emphasize your personality. This even has a vintage style to it that makes it fitting for classic decorations like old pictures. In fact, you can make this a little time capsule if you wish, or you can simply use it as intended. Adding the basket at the bottom provides you with even more room to decorate and organize while allowing the overall piece to stick to the refined mood.

9. Household Organization Cork Board Design

Household Organization Cork Board Design

Do you have a rather busy household? If so, then you would benefit from creating a large corkboard with everything you need to be located in one place. It is an excellent way to pin up several things to keep your family nice and organized. For instance, you can set up a space to hold important documents like a school, work, or extracurricular activities schedule. This is perhaps a detriment if you have kids involved in after-school programs like sports. A great thing about a handmade corkboard such as this is that you still have room to show off some creative skills in the background of it. You don’t have to look at a plain brown corkboard, and can instead set up something more artistic and fitting for the decor around it.

10. Simple Painted Cork Board Design

Simple Painted Cork Board Design

Sometimes less is more, and this cork board design proves just that. It takes a regular cork board and utilizes some spray paint to make it look more fashionable. This can fit in well when you have more minimalistic decor around as this is not over-the-top in any sort of way. Instead, it is straightforward and focuses on simplicity to leave a lasting impact. You can spray paint using any color that best fits the room or your style, and you are left with a corkboard that stands out with just the right amount of flair. It is still functional so nothing gets in the way of you using it as you need to.

11. Fabric-Covered DIY Cork Bulletin Board

Fabric-Covered DIY Cork Bulletin Board

With this project, you can transform an ordinary classic cork board into something far more inspirational and appealing to the eyes. Feel free to get yourself a nice frame that matches the vibe you are trying to create as well as the proper fabric to go along with it. Also, this is a nice first-time project too considering the artwork is partially done for you thanks to the fabric of your choice. This can be a cool way to decorate a crafting room or to add something a touch more distinctive to other rooms in your home such as the living room or a bedroom.

12. Gorgeous and Bright Chevron Painted Corkboard

Gorgeous and Bright Chevron Painted Corkboard

Keeping all of your appointments, achievements, and special notes and photos on display can be ultra-stylish when you use this chevron-painted corkboard. Choose some of your favorite hues to make the chevron pattern a custom design. Even before you have many items to hang up, you’ll love the look of this beautiful DIY creation. After you place a few things, you’ll still be able to enjoy the beauty of these contrasting and colorful arrow points coursing up and down the board. This is a cool project for a teen and looks amazing and is a practical choice for hanging in his/her room.

13. Thrift Store Painted Cork Board

Thrift Store Painted Cork Board

You can snatch up an inexpensive corkboard and give it a nice painted makeover to fit in with the theme of your room. Going for white is a bold choice as it will definitely stand out depending on the decor you have around it. Plus, an inexpensive cork board is a good choice when you want to test out your DIY skills without doing too much. It’s just enough for you to play around with colors that you enjoy and fill up the board with either useful pins or simply decorative ones.

14. Ombre Glitter Cork Board Design

Ombre Glitter Cork Board Design

Do you have some Martha Stewart crafts you’re just itching to use? Then you can pull them out for these homemade cork boards. They can help you create this stunning ombre glitter corkboard. This is the perfect bulletin board to set up in a crafting room, a child’s room, or a teenager’s room. The glitter makes it literally shine, and the blended colors give it much-needed flow that helps elevate its awesome personality. So, when you do pin things on it, you have something more stylish to look at as well as all the important stuff.

15. Artistic Hexagon Cork Board Design

Artistic Hexagon Cork Board Design

Are you looking for a DIY project that the kids can do and use afterward? Perhaps you should give this project a go. These hexagon cork boards are already attractive in their own right thanks to the unique design. Adding some color to them merely highlights their distinctiveness, more so with how the color is applied rather than coloring the entire board. This will look great in a child’s or teen’s bedroom to help them stay organized in a cooler fashion.

16. Beautiful and Vibrant Cork Board Design

Beautiful and Vibrant Cork Board Design

Need a corkboard design that can just brighten up your day? Then consider going for a design such as this one. You can pick a fabric of your choice, but one that has a lively color can help when aiming for a style such as this. A patterned one helps in the long run as it creates such an appealing look that you’ll instantly feel a mood boost anytime you use it. The extra embellishments help too such as the faux flowers, the oversized letter, and the rhinestones. These can help you better personalize the corkboard.

17. Charming Fabric-Covered DIY Cork Bulletin Board

Charming Fabric-Covered DIY Cork Bulletin Board

If you have a large, blank corkboard, you can use that as your base to create something that has more style and personality to it. The right fabric can permanently set the feel to the room too, considering just how oversized this cork board is. It is big enough to be an instant attention-grabber, so it requires the right fabric to cover it so that it keeps that attention. Make sure the bulletin board you opt for has a frame too. This way, you can paint that to match the fabric too so that the piece looks far more cohesive.

17 Incredible DIY Cork Board Decor Ideas to Add a Unique Touch to Your Room

The best DIY cork board ideas will not only give you a fun project to tackle, but they will also leave you with a lasting decorative item to hang on your walls. Corkboards are enjoyable for a few reasons. They can give you more room to create a decorative wall piece, using the board itself as well as things you pin in it to highlight your personal style. Additionally, they are wonderful to use for hanging up photographs so you can share your memories in a more meaningful and stylish fashion.

Corkboards are, of course, excellent for organizing. With homemade cork boards, you can spice up your organization even more so that it doesn’t look like a standard board you’d find in the stores. Instead, it is something that is unique and easily stands out so that you don’t mind using it as a decoration as well as something that is functional for daily use.

With so many possibilities staring at you, we understand how easy it is to find yourself overwhelmed. So, we hope you take our list of some of our favorite handmade cork board decor ideas to heart as you start your next DIY project.

Best DIY Cork Board Ideas

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