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50 Enchanting Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-02-25

Ever since Walt Disney made fairies even more popular through his creative use of the pixie character, Tinker Bell in “Peter Pan,” there seems to have descended a mesmerizing influence over the dwelling places of women’s homes and apartments with their use of fairy garden designs. Ladies can’t seem to get enough of the little creatures as many women strive to create their own little worlds of make believe within their designed DIY fairy garden.

Using whimsical fairy garden ideas, women create a sense of childlike magic as some even think that these gardens do in fact supernaturally attract the little spirit beings to their abodes. However, knowing that many women simply look at their DIY fairy garden as a decorative touch or as an accessory to the rest of their home design environment, vast numbers of quality online stores have emerged that provide everything the ladies may want to display a mini-fairy garden.

How Do You Create A Fairy Garden Design?

With a lot of imagination. This being said, here are easy steps to creating a miniature fairy garden design:

  1. Decide on the container that you’ll use.
  2. Sketch out the layout of your garden with a stick, or draw it out on a piece of paper.
  3. Pick a tiny tree as a focus point for your garden. You can also use woody herbs like sage, rosemary, or lavender.
  4. Add the tiny accessories, and there you have it!

Now, let’s take a look at our top 50 miniature fairy garden displays, their descriptions and the creative approaches that will stretch your imagination to the max.

Take Your Pick! The Top 50 Mini-Fairy Garden Designs

1. Summer In The Adirondacks

Summer In The Adirondacks

Source: plowhearth.com

Simply made with a one planter base and nine tiny fairy accent figurines of hand-painted resin, you’ll long for that special place to get away from it all! With a beautiful, heart-warming tone, your miniature fairy garden comes alive right before your eyes. A perfect fit for a small-size to medium-size outdoor coffee table, you’ll have a hard time stopping your little excursion into the fantasy world of your own creative making. An adorable miniature cottage, fish pond, stepping-stones, fire pit and of course, a couple of Adirondack chairs make this a perfect home decoration anywhere–inside or outside your home.

2. “Come To My Tree House!”

Come To My Tree House!

Source: mymodernmet.com

Don’t let broken pots keep you from being creative in bringing to life your beautiful mystical tiny garden. Give your home decor accessory the illusion of climbing up to that childhood place of safety by using each and every broken section to help visitors reach your imaginary abode. Fairies will especially enjoy reaching the top of your miniature garden and looking down at your uniquely beautiful creation. Easy to assemble, simply use every available open space in your broken tiny garden pot and fill it with small plant cuttings and pebbles. A couple of inquisitive fairies will add a sense of enchantment as well.

3. “Fire Up The Grill, Guys!”

Fire Up The Grill, Guys!

Have you ever wondered what to do with that old, rusted barbecue grill in the backyard? Well, just paint it, gloss it and then go to work with your fairy garden ideas. Yes, you’ll use plenty of furniture figurines and pieces, but your centerpiece will end up being the life of your barbecue event. For instance, you can even have tiny ice chests, miniature corn on the cobs and lots more. Really enjoy building this one! You’ll be helping eliminate your carbon footprint by recycling an old piece of junk and making it into something beautiful.

4. Have A DIY Fairy Garden Tea Party

Have A DIY Fairy Garden Tea Party

Charming and exquisitely beautiful are words that best describe this enchanting garden. The perfect piece to go in a corner of your fairy garden or on your kitchen window sill, this one piece of home decor goes with just about any home design or style. Be aware, however, that little fairy garden designs such as these require a good size tea cup. Having gotten one, let your fairy garden ideas and imagination run wild with tiny figurines of furniture like a chair or tiny mushrooms to accent the rest of the tea cup.

5. A Garden Within Your Garden

A Garden Within Your Garden

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Make an enchanting prototype for your backyard area with a mini-garden display such as this one. A tiny outdoor backyard shed centralizes the basic design for this home or outdoor piece. A tiny greenhouse and accompanying umbrella-style clothes hanger lend to the authenticity of this design. Simply mark off your chosen herbs in respective aisles, and you’re set to start using them in your favorite salads. While you’re at it, don’t forget to wrap your garden hose tight, so it won’t unravel to the ground.

6. Hit The Road Jack!

Hit The Road Jack!

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

One of the cutest fairy garden ideas is this unique camp setting with a tiny RV waiting for you to step inside. Along with a folding picnic table and food stuff on top, you’ll soon be planning your own road trip. Be sure to pack your lunch in the two tiny picnic baskets, and take along your portable swing for the youngsters. Accenting your camp setting with natural succulents will add to the allure of your little RV campsite.

7. Spring Time In The Rockies

Spring Time In The Rockies

A tiny wooden bird house, miniature figures and peat moss are all that you’ll basically need to create this delightful mini-fairy garden. Miniature flowers, pieces of twig and pine cone shingle tiles will help decorate this mesmerizing scene. Whatever you do, remember to add plenty of color to your Rockies display–you know, fairies love flowers. A beautiful piece of accessory in any home style, this springtime in the Rockies goes well either outdoors under an awning or inside a back porch area. If you run out of roofing materials, then try using pieces of dead leaves glued on the roof top. Actually, any natural material will do the trick.

8. Relaxing In Central Park

Relaxing In Central Park

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

What city doesn’t need a designated park area to refresh its residents? Well, if New York City needs one, then so do you. An easy to make and easy to display presentation, this little miniature garden is waiting for a visit from fairies and visitors alike. Smaller in size than other displays, it’s a perfect fit as a centerpiece or a corner piece on a picnic table. You’ll have to get some tiny accessories like the lamp post and little park bench, but it’ll be worth it as visitors stop by for ice tea and ask about your Central Park mini-garden.

9. Weirdly Strange Fairy Garden Idea

Weirdly Strange Fairy Garden Idea

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

You’ll be wondering if there are fairies, or warlocks, living in this spooky shack. After a while, you’ll see it’s all in fun. This fairy garden design is not typically the best piece to use in a design filled with exquisite Victorian home decor. However, for rustic, outdoor settings, it’ll blend in just right. What can you decorate with? Well, just about with anything; moreover, nothing has to really match. What can you call this home design? How about a weirdly strange magical junk yard?

10. A Quiet DIY Fairy Garden Wishing Well

A Quiet DIY Fairy Garden Wishing Well

Source: hobbylobby.com

“Oh, I wish I were a wishing well,” goes the nursery rhyme. Well, wish no longer as you can create your very own beautiful, fairy garden design. Using a tiny wishing well easily bought at any hobby supply store, and painting a string of match sticks attached together with dental floss to make the proverbial white picket fence, you’ll have your own DIY fairy garden to wish for all that you ever wanted.

11. Beach People

Beach People

Source: joann.com

You couldn’t get it much more easier than this–or more laid back and casual. A variation on our number 6 in fairy garden ideas, this one is even easier to put together as you simply gather a metal rim container from some device or metal wash pan, plant a tiny palm tree and string out the beach lights across a piece of thread or dental floss. An old, toy van or yellow school bus adds the finishing touches as you get your porch ready for an all day fun-packed trip to the beach. Put in tiny, shimmering, turquoise marbles, and you have a beautiful ocean front design for your DIY fairy garden presentation.

12. Some Enchanted Evening

Some Enchanted Evening

Creative, alluring and totally mesmerizing, this creation for your fairy garden is something you can use during all the seasons of the year. Once Christmas time arrives, simply substitute the tiny blue flowers for striking red Poinsettias, and put some cotton on top of your roof for some faux snow. During spring and summer, leave the landscape as originally shown, and let your imagination do the rest. Fill your miniature fairy garden with pebbles, larger size stones or coffee beans if you have any handy.

13. Great For Outdoor Garden Sales And Bazaars

Great For Outdoor Garden Sales And Bazaars

This arrangement of your magical fairy garden can be easily presented at your local garden show or church bazaar. The best part of all is that it lends itself as a perfect gift item. Many exhibitors of fairy garden ideas don’t hesitate when asking those interested in buying, “Just what kind of a theme would you like? You can pick this item later during the week if you’d like.” Later, buyers simply pick up their custom-made garden, and off they go to deliver their uniquely prepared gift item.

14. Your International Fairy Garden

Your International Fairy Garden

With an obvious touch of Bonsai and another touch of something Mediterranean in mind, your home design won’t suffer from any identity crisis. This miniature fantasy garden concept goes well in almost any place you display it. With a tiny flair of a Japanese garden setting, a blossoming fruit tree and Spanish clay pots alongside a wooden park bench, you can see how this creative design touches all of the bases regardless of your home style and design. For a more dramatic flair, paint the container base with contrasting colors to the surroundings you’ll be placing the display in.

15. Castle In The Sky

Castle In The Sky

Source: soycarmin.com

Whether it’s a castle in Spain or on the Rhine, this design is another wonderful way to put broken pottery or broken planters to good use in a tiny garden. While it’s not too demanding of accessories, with the exception of the castle itself, it does use bits of greenery and plant life to help accent the stone walkways and stone steps. Almost minimalist in design, other accessories used might be pieces of blue marbles for the illusion of waters surrounding the castle and a small draw bridge expanding over a moat. You may use this tiny garden design anywhere.

16. It’s Almost Easter

It's Almost Easter

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Basically looking like an upscale and polished Easter basket, this styled design is best seen against a background of contrasting colors. Plain, yet charmingly striking, this miniature garden makes a simple statement about not only the Easter season, but springtime in general. Setting the stage for the Easter bunny using tiny, polymer bunny figurines throughout the fairy garden display, you can easily add a child, a fairy or two and landscape details from your very own garden. Nothing has to be fancy by any means, and it’s a delightful home accessory item that can be used over and over again each year.

17. Spring Time Blossoms

Spring Time Blossoms

Using collections of tiny daisy flowers, this design, like illustration number 16 above, is most appropriate once winter fades and spring time begins to bloom. A miniature bird house gaily painted and a simple plant or tree branch strategically placed will make visitors stop and look more closely at your beautiful home decor. Always remembering to insert a little fairy figure in the scene, be sure to blanket the ground with covering such as daisies, perennials and other natural items. The additional of little pebbles leading to the house is your focal point in your creative design.

18. The Magic Mushroom Garden

The Magic Mushroom Garden

What garden would be complete without at least one giant mushroom popping out of the ground? In a magic DIY fairy garden it becomes a must. Here’s one that not only Mom will enjoy making, but the little munchkins in your family can also have fun decorating with their beautiful, over-the-top imaginations. “Mom! Has anyone seen my Darth Vader lately?” A simple wooden barrel or wooden bucket would serve well in this design. Your local hobby shop is sure to stock little wishing wells as we’ve already seen in illustration number 10 above. Extra furniture pieces, such as chairs and tiny birdhouses, help make your tiny garden complete.

19. Follow Your Dream!

Follow Your Dream!

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Whether it’s an enchanted cottage of your own, a tropical vacation or a houseful of little ones, let your fairies lead the way to your destination in your fairy garden spot on earth. Simply made, an arbor or trellis adds much to the setting of your cherished dream. Perfect for a circular garden section in itself, this circular fountain-like structure is an easy one to put together. Multi-pastel color pebbles lead your pathway right up to the little house with an accompanying bird house for your feathery friends. Naturally, a thoughtful fairy kneels in the presentation as it waits to see your next step.

20. Popsicle Stick Roof Cottage

Popsicle Stick Roof Cottage

If this darling DIY fairy garden doesn’t win you a blue ribbon, then nothing else will. Whatever you need in this garden setting you can get by eating plenty of fudge Popsicles and then setting aside the wooden sticks. Just kidding. You can, however, get a pack of wooden sticks in your local hobby craft store. Door entrance ways, broadwalks and the roof itself are all made from those little sticks. Sprinkling glitter on the roof or pasting on neon-colored stars add a magical touch you’ll soon not forget. A larger than life faux butterfly will finish things off just right.

21. Meditation Walk

Meditation Walk

Source: parents.com

Very simple to put together, this garden of meditation is an ideal place for you to think things over or for fairies to come gather for a little social chat. Using a clear glass, pedestal bowl, terrarium, simply fill with gravel on the first level and then top off with moss. If you place a 3-inch rounded mirror, then you’ll have a beautiful pool reflecting the fairy’s image or even an ice skating ring. Fairies love some R & R in this DIY fairy garden! Long, hanging, leafy foliage and a small contingent of baby snails complete the effect of the garden used by fairy beings for relaxing and thinking of their next adventure. Be sure to put out cork toadstools and a little bark bench as an added home accessory.

22. “Follow Me!”

Follow Me!

Add an inviting tiny door hidden by foliage of various little plants and a walkway made of little beads, and you’ve set the stage for a fantasy world experience of a lifetime. Make the pathway even more interesting by selecting various shades or colored beads, and outlining them with swirling swashes of contrasting shades. A couple of comfortable, miniature chairs by the side of your tiny garden path serve as rest stops for your little fairy visitors. Be sure to put a sundial on your opposite side of the path so that visitors will always know what time it is. Plain, easy to make and visually pleasing, welcome into my miniature fairy garden.

23. “Have A Good One, Mommy!”

Have A Good One, Mommy!

Even if Mom’s adding one more year to her life experiences, she’ll be happy to receive this birthday gift from her brood: a simple to make and to maintain miniature fairy garden. A terra-cotta piece of walkway or red brick path adds to the charm. With the addition of little bistro chairs and a piece of gingham cloth for a picnic table covering, the afternoon is set for your Mom’s special day. Oh, don’t forget the little cupcake and a candle set on top. Next surround your garden design with various natural pieces such as small pieces of woody twigs and green leaves. Tiny polka dot mushrooms and a bird house with an accompanying fountain make it all complete.

24. Swing High, Swing Low

Swing High, Swing Low

Source: tinkerwhims.com

If there’s one thing that fairies love to do, it’s to swing underneath a mystical branch during the cool of summer evenings. Plain, simple to do, all you need is a bent over piece of woody branch, some twine and a couple of screws to secure the twine to the leaning branch in your mini-fairy garden. Now decorate to your heart’s content with greenery and tiny flowers, and don’t forget to mount everything on a platform covered in peat moss. Hey! If you save the green, plastic grass from your Easter baskets, that can do the trick too!

25. Getting Back To Nature

Getting Back To Nature

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

With so many resin or plastic accessories for your DIY fairy garden, it’s a real refreshing change to make a fairy garden with only natural materials. Be sure your container pot has a drain hole before filling it with your pot soil. A word of warning: don’t expect this miniature fairy garden arrangement to last for reuse in another season. After the season is gone, they’ll start to deteriorate. Now, start with your largest plant first as your focal point. You’re free to use whatever natural plant you want, but be prepared to throw them all out. However, if you prefer, once they start to grow, plant them in your backyard.

26. Stairway To Heaven Tree House

Stairway To Heaven Tree House

If you’ve got a tree in your front or backyard, then you have most of what you will need to start your “stairway to Heaven.” An old wheel barrel, some wire fencing around the perimeter of the tree, a fairy doorway and a flexible wooden ladder make up the rest of your fairy accessory line. Since this is a DIY fairy garden design, don’t leave out the twigs, branches and green cuttings that you’ve salvaged from your yard. This garden doesn’t necessarily have to be miniature in size; however, medium-size accessories are more appropriate when used along side or in front of a large tree.

27. Around My Twiggy Orb

Around My Twiggy Orb

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

One not too common mini-fairy garden design is the twiggy orb. Found in many hobby craft stores, this rounded structure will give your design a bird-cage sphere-like illusion when you accent it will tiny figurines of fairies and terra-cotta pottery pieces. Fill the design with peat moss, and the scene shifts into a charming atmosphere perfect for willowy fairy spirits. This design can easily be exhibited on a flat surface such as a corner table or even hung from a backyard tree. White lighting on it would make it look even better for that evening cup of hot tea.

28. Serenity’s Place

Serenity's Place

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Although typically viewed best in a rustic backdrop, this design goes well in almost any setting it’s displayed in. Making it more outstanding is the fact that whatever surrounding foliage you’ve chosen, elements such as flat stones, rocks and one single cottage are all that you really need to make this charming presentation jump up at you. Sparingly using tiny furniture pieces and limited flower colorings, this unique, beautiful display blends well outdoors, in the corner of an inside porch or even at an entrance hallway. Letting your imagination and creative talents flow freely will surprise you with what you’re capable of doing.

29. Stream of Dreams

Stream of Dreams

Surely at some time you’ve had a dream like this one. Serene, tranquil and everything flowing harmoniously. An enchanted cottage to give you and your little friends a respite from whatever storms you encounter, this is one creative display that truly lets your imagination flow alongside the little pictured stream of dreams. You’ll only be limited by what you want to put in this little exhibit. Perhaps a little gnome would look appropriate with little fairy friend companions. Whatever you choose, enjoy the journey into a world of fantasy.

30. Gillian’s Fun Island

Gillian's Fun Island

You’ve seen them around, now make one yourself! A large, glass bowl half filled with white sand or even table salt, miniature flip-flops and a tiny beach chair will make this day at the beach complete. That said, a miniature garden doesn’t always have to be situated in a dreamy, forest-like setting, this is one that you can use to imagine that dream vacation in Hawaii you’ve always wanted. You can limit the amount of greenery here. A tiny palm tree or beach-like shrubbery will do. Don’t forget the ice cooler filled with tiny beer cans and your hand-painted picket fence to ward off intruders.

31. My Blue Heaven

My Blue Heaven

There’s not much to build with this delightful presentation. Charming and tranquil in nature, it’s the perfect place for your little fairies to gather and chat. All that’s really needed is a lot of bright, green-colored moss, a tiny rounded door painted in blue and little accessories. Some accessories can be a garden sun hat, a small blue treasure chest with surprises that only a fairy would know and a small fairy front window that’s also painted blue. All of them add to the charm of this DIY fairy garden design for years to come.

32. My Favorite Cup Of Tea

My Favorite Cup Of Tea

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

An amazing cup of tea or java, you’ll need an extra large tea cup or small size soup bowl for this one. But, considering that fairies drink tea too, it’s well worth the search for the right size cup. Fill your cup of whatever with soil on the bottom, making sure there is some drainage provided either by a hole or by layers of pebbles on the bottom. Then fill the rest of the way with clean, white pebbles. Three or four tiny green plants, a miniature park bench, some stepping stones and a string of lights will help the fairies come to your park setting in this miniature garden setting.

33. Cottage By The Sea

Cottage By The Sea

This tiny garden design is the perfect mini-garden to place in a summer cottage by the sea. It’s striking, imaginative, simple and delicately beautiful. With a touch of Asian Bonzai technique, this is one design that will turn heads and attract those fairies who travel the Seven Seas. All you really need is any medium or large size sea shell, a miniature Bonsai tree, hand-painted resin grass, a few small rocks and rocks large enough to support the whole miniature garden design.

34. A Pearly Delight

A Pearly Delight

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

If there’s one thing fairy spirits adore is a pearl-laden merry-go-round. If the seats are made of sea shells, all the better. This tiny garden design is the ideal touch for almost any spot it’s placed. Either indoor by itself or outdoors on a rustic table spread, this exquisite display is unique, charming and lends itself well as a piece of home decor. Two woven basket tops fashioned together as the top and bottom of the merry-go-round are supported by a cylinder cardboard box in between. Pearl-driven, this fairy garden design with its sea shell seats will appeal to any fairy looking for a day of fun.

35. A Minimalist Tree House

A Minimalist Tree House

Minimalist is the word to use for this tree house that any child or fairy would love to explore. A bare branch left over from winter, a swinging miniature rubber tire to hang from the tree top and a little wheel barrel finish the touch to this little kid’s delight. A few artificial or natural pieces of greenery add to the realism of what could easily be found in any backyard. If you run out of tiny things to add, a weekend trek to local garage sales may help. As always, any size container will do for this miniature garden.

36. Orchids At Noon

Orchids At Noon

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Here’s one creative design that’ll especially appeal to young ladies and fairies alike. Giving the ambiance of polished, discriminating taste, this display lends itself well in an area where making a good impression is needed such as a master bedroom, a master bathroom or a buffet table spread. Elegance is the tone conveyed here. Made by using a basic twiggy orb and several plant cuttings, this beautiful mini-garden design is a favorite hangout for little spirit beings observing all things.

37. Only Believe!

Only Believe!

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Completely charming, this mushroom-focused fairy garden design just calls out to those passing by. Complete with tiny windows that only a fairy could look through, the fairy door and irresistible cottage house-top make this a truly magical experience–if you’ll only believe. Eclectic styles and colors add to the magic as does the pebble pathway with multi-colored flowery stepping-stones. Surround your little garden with your preferred plant cuttings, and you’ve set the stage for a whimsical experience.

38. “I Was Waiting For You!”

I Was Waiting For You!

Terrariums are never really out of fashion as you can appreciate with this glass or plastic encased terrarium bowl. Using a two-tier, diverse color pebble foundation, you can now securely position on top multiple plastic cuttings, or real ones instead, to surround the area occupied by your fairy friends. Make your tiny garden more even more delightful by using small hanging lamps with their accompanying lamp stands.

39. A Barrel of Summer Fun

A Barrel of Summer Fun

Typically, kids can’t wait for summer to let out, and the same thing goes for little spirit beings. Summer is when all the summer starts and nowhere is this better seen than in this beautiful design. With a happy, sun-shiny face popping up in the background, you’ll jump over the hand-painted picket fences and over the small bridge as you head for your favorite fishing spot. Flying white doves and a little fairy imp sits waiting to see what you do the rest of the afternoon. Miniature blue kettles and a long, winding pebble road promise to make this a summer for you, your kids and your fun-filled fairies to long remember.

40. A Gorgeous Gourd Garden

A Gorgeous Gourd Garden

Using a hand-painted pumpkin gourd as a focal point along with your fairy cottage, you can give this charming piece life with few other needed accessories. Basically using pebbles for your walkway and a beautiful blue stream on its side, your cottage sits in its container waiting for its spirit being visitors. Add to the scene small bushes or plant cuttings, and your gorgeous gourd garden design is ready to put in almost any outdoor setting. While you’re at it, don’t forget to put some small, colorful mushrooms or flowers in your presentation.

41. A Fairy Wonderland

A Fairy Wonderland

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Fairy garden ideas galore will pop up in your mind with this enchanting display. Better suited for areas that can give you additional space, a backyard setting is best for this charmer. This landscape will take up three separate sections beginning with the front view entrance, a middle section and the rear. An adorable canal runs through the piece from front to rear, and a little bridge helps make it all the easier for spirit beings visiting the property. If you further decorate with tiny and larger size miniature pieces, such as a gazebo, arbor or trellis, your fairies will stay longer than expected.

42. Enchanted Door To Nowhere

Enchanted Door To Nowhere

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Using a circular base as a container, this mini-garden design calls out to the inner child in all of us. Not even the fairies know where the door leads to as there’s no house on the other side; however, it does open. Be it as it is, that doesn’t keep four little fairy creatures from waiting outside for visitors. There is just one furniture piece here: a wire fence bench. You could also add other pieces such as a garden can and perhaps a surrounding picket fence made up of painted Popsicle sticks. Enhance your tiny garden now with plant cuttings and peat moss.

43. In The Cool Of The Day

In The Cool Of The Day

You’ll want plenty of ice tea on hand to quench the thirst of your little spirit beings in this fantasy garden setting. A blue-tinged focus will make it all the more refreshing for visitors as they sit under a miniature umbrella. A metal fence for a sense of privacy and a tiny Adirondack chair make this spot all the more inviting. Further decorate with a fairy statue, a resin butterfly and a wise old hoot owl observing the garden as it sits on top of the chair. Naturally, you can paint the little items to add even more colorful charm to this display.

44. Pondering Precious Moments

Pondering Precious Moments

This beautiful mini-design does not take much to assemble and can be created with any size container. A simply painted white park bench, a little side table for one coffee cup and a morning devotional book is all it takes for a lasting fantasy moment in the garden. On a breakfast nook table or in a sun room, you’ll want a fairy being to enjoy this special spot with you. Dried mulched leaves and larger size pebbles add to the whimsical appeal as white daisy flowers compliment the white park bench.

45. Hunnicutt Lane

Hunnicutt Lane

One secluded spot in a garden is all that many fairies need. This spot is especially alluring and so easy to assemble. A real twig arbor, a hand-painted, white, picket fence made with match-sticks, and a tiny patio chair and table set are all you’ll need. That said, be sure to have a good assortment of tiny plant cuttings, succulent plants and a miniature terra-cotta pot standing in the corner of your beautiful mini-garden.

46. Simplicity Place

Simplicity Place

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

You can’t get it simpler than this fairy design. One good size soup bowl, a centered tree focus, bright lights, green, peat moss and several colorful glazed, glittered stones make this one charming home accessory. If you further fill in with miniature mushrooms, a bird fountain and an accompanying singing bird, your design is now complete. A little “welcome” sign and courtesy bicycle will do wonders to encourage little fairy beings to stay for a nice visit. This design goes especially well in an area that has little space or room for expansion.

47. Way Down Memory Lane

Way Down Memory Lane

Source: 1001blocks.com

This fairy’s house may not have room for a lot of fairies, but it sure lends itself to memories of times past. With tiny clothes hanging down from a clothesline and a tiny clothes basket underneath, you’ll think you’ve stepped into your Mom’s own backyard. A confetti colored walkway with little mushrooms to the side create an even more fantasy-like atmosphere for your little spirit beings. A candy-like, pastel-colored roof adds the finishing touches to this brief walk down memory lane. Be sure to place a couple of lamp stands on both sides of your candy-like walkway in your miniature fairy garden.

48. A Real Mini, Mini-Garden

A Real Mini, Mini-Garden

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Five terra-cotta planters are all that you’ll basically need with this display. You can also add to this arrangement several succulent plants, faux gravel paths made with bits of tiny pebbles and pieces of broken terra-cotta laid about as stepping-stones. Small figurines of little polymer gnomes or sundials add to the design as do additional pieces of whatever your imagination conjures up. Your miniature garden consisting of five planter pots can be placed on a shelf, a table top or just about anywhere.

49. A Lakeside Cottage

A Lakeside Cottage

Your fairies will really enjoy this piece of real estate! An old rickety bridge leads right over the blue glass gems that give an illusion of shimmering water. Naturally, this fairy garden design does need a tiny dock and boat to go fishing from while a fairy sits dipping her little toes in the lake. A small barking dog, a seagull, a slow-moving snail, tiny tea set and sand castle are all made from polymer clay. A picket fence surrounds the cottage in the back, and two big rocks on either side of the cottage add to the charm.

50. Old Victoria

Old Victoria

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

You’ll think you’ve stepped into another era with this miniature fairy garden design. Using a blue-stressed container background, contrasting white picket fence, lawn furniture, bird bath, a miniature trellis and a delightful little statue of St. Francis of Assisi will have people and fairies alike marveling at this center of Victorian charm. Always using an upright tree crafted from a small branch or plant cutting, visitors will focus on its surrounding area with the garden accessories and blue stepping stones combinations. This is an award winner, so let your creative fairy guide you.

50 Top DIY Mini-Fairy Designs For Your Garden

Growing increasingly popular, a fairy garden goes a long way in providing an enhancement to almost any area in your home. Whether it’s in a master bathroom, living room or even sun-room, these enchanting, beautiful models present the finishing touch when charm is wanted. With today’s increase of hobby and craft retail stores, both online and brick and mortar, women have no difficulty in selecting what best describes their state of imaginative creativity.

Miniature furniture pieces, from tiny tea kettles to entire ocean cottage Wicker piece, are just some of the most popular selections offered buyers of a DIY miniature garden. The really neat thing is that a mini-garden can be as small or even as large as fits the place that it’ll be put in. Another appealing aspect of a fairy garden is that the whole family can join in as well in their community creation.

Even Dad can fashion a golf course and invite little spirit beings to help him putt a hole in one. Whatever your mind can imagine, that’s what you can put into your own little garden space. All the world is a stage when your little winged friends drop by for an afternoon in your enchanted miniature garden.

Miniature DIY Fairy Gardens

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