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30 Charming DIY Moss Wreath Ideas to Spruce Up Your Front Door

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-03-17

Grab a seat and check out this incredible lineup of the best DIY moss wreath ideas taking up residence on planet Earth! It’s perhaps one of the greatest innovations to front door decor since the grapevine wreath wrapped itself around America’s heart. Since wreaths are the front runner in front door decor, it’s about time we’ve discovered a wreath that spans all four seasons! Yes, it’s finally here. Drumroll, please. Introducing the moss wreath!

30 Best DIY Moss Wreath Ideas for Amazing Porch Appeal

As moss takes the design world by storm, let’s celebrate its meandering onto the wreath scene. Using moss as a covering for your front door wreath enables you to finally have that go-to wreath that works, no matter the season.

What’s not to love about the rich and deep green color and the over-the-top velvety texture? It’s honestly such a beautiful choice: it’s surprising that it’s taken so long to become the dreamy wreath covering it now is.

Plus, the shape and style of your moss wreath are endless since faux moss can be applied in so many ways. Its versatility is incredible! Choose boxes of it where you pick and choose your favorite clumps or roll it out in its ribbon form to completely cover your form.

No matter which moss you use, you’ll be pleased with its practical beauty. Grab some supplies at your local craft center and get busy this weekend creating one of these homemade moss wreath ideas and let your front door be the star of each season!

1. Mushroom Lichen Reindeer Moss Wreath Creation

Mushroom Lichen Reindeer Moss Wreath Creation

Wow, the neighbors with this interesting and unique handmade wreath moss that hangs on your front door. The terrific textural elements shine through with the varieties of moss used upon a double-backed wreath foundation. This wreath is so much more than simply a door hanger. It can easily accommodate your dinner guests while being used as a one-of-a-kind centerpiece on your table. Add a warm vanilla candle in the middle and you’re all set! Or it can be hung on the interior of your home instead of your front door. Above your mantel, this moss wreath is a fabulous spring decoration for your home to welcome the season of re-birth. Or you can place it in front of a mirror for extra drama and flair.

2. Gorgeous Green Moss and White Peony Wreath

Gorgeous Green Moss and White Peony Wreath

Greet the spring breeze with a fresh new moss and peony wreath. The combination of rich green moss and soft white peonies signals the gray winter days are far behind. Featuring a neutral flower like this pair of white peonies keeps the entire creation a neutral piece that will work in nearly any style of decorating preference. Create one to give to the family member responsible for hosting dinner this year or give one to a friend just to let her know you’re thinking of her. The contrast of the soft white and rich green color combination infuses such elegance into this wreath. Say hello to spring when you hang this gorgeous piece in your home.

3. Lots of Marvelous Moss Nature-Loving Wreath

Lots of Marvelous Moss Nature-Loving Wreath

Choosing the right decoration for your front door has never been easier than by selecting one of the best DIY moss wreath ideas that work for every season. Forget the fret of changing up your look as each season ends. Using this moss creation is the ideal solution. Its natural elements make it a beautiful option any time of year. The light and vibrant green hues either blend in with warm weather landscapes or bring out the beauty in the drab days of winter. So no matter the time of year, this marvelous moss goddess is the right way to decorate your front door.

4. Heart Shaped Succulent and Moss Wreath

Heart Shaped Succulent and Moss Wreath

Using simple moss and succulents on a heart-shaped wire wreath, you can create this incredible decoration in little to no time at all. The shape of the wreath itself adds some heartfelt comfort to your creation that makes a nice gift for a hostess at your next friendly gathering. The wreath is completely filled with a moss foundation that provides the perfect place to arrange your favorite succulents to show off. Even if you’re not a craft guru, this project is simple enough for a beginner. Hang this heart of succulents and moss in a window, on the wall, or out in the backyard garden.

5. Pretty Springtime Moss and Flower Wreath

Pretty Springtime Moss and Flower Wreath

Update a wall or door for spring with a fresh moss and flower wreath. What’s not to love about the lush green goodness that naturally comes from moss? I mean who doesn’t love touching this stuff during a walk in the woods or while sitting under a tree in your yard? Bringing this green goodness into your wreath making is a fabulous idea, especially to welcome spring! To complete the look, add a complete circle of light-colored flowers to rest on top of this beautiful bed of moss.

6. Sprigs of Spring Flowers on Moss Wreath

Sprigs of Spring Flowers on Moss Wreath

Say hello to spring with this refreshing moss wreath that’s accented with some lovely peach and pink spring flowers. There’s even a dainty birdcage for added appeal. At the center bottom, you’ll discover a quaint sign announcing the formal greeting for this season of rebirth. The contrast of the softly colored flowers amid the rich green moss is captivating. Hang it on your door to welcome each guest that enters your home.

7. Personalized Sign Moss Wreath Door Decor

Personalized Sign Moss Wreath Door Decor

Make it personal by featuring your name front and center in this green moss front door wreath. Patches of moss wind around this wreath form to create an interesting choice that’s full of texture and fun! Secure it at the top with a thick ribbon for even more beauty. Inside this circle, show off a cute frame that has your family’s name written on it. This makes a wonderful gift for neighbors or a friend that’s recently moved into a new home.

8. Cinnamon, Berry, and Pinecone Moss Christmas Wreath

Cinnamon, Berry, and Pinecone Moss Christmas Wreath

Gather some Christmas goodies to accessorize this simple and stylish moss Christmas wreath. Some pieces of pine along with some festive red berries are a great place to start! Of course, a handful of cinnamon not only adds a rustic cabin look but makes the room smell amazing as well! And nothing says Christmas cabin better than adding some pinecones to the mix. Hanging from a red plaid bow, this moss Christmas wreath has all the right accessories without overdoing it. Hang it from your front door to take your family from the season of Christmas through the entire winter months.

9. Happy Hearts Moss Covered Valentine Wreath

Happy Hearts Moss Covered Valentine Wreath

Grab a heart-shaped base in your choice of size and get to work creating this incredible handmade moss wreath. Whether it’s wire or wood, you can use moss to cover it up and transform it into this happy heart wreath. The rich green moss shows off the shape of the heart so nicely. To hang it, choose a romantic color of ribbon and hang it from the center of the top heart. This hanging style really emphasizes the special shape of love synonymous with the heart. For extra embellishing, go with a ribbon bow to complete your look.

10. Shaggy Moss Heart Shaped Wreath

Shaggy Moss Heart Shaped Wreath

This shaggy moss heart is a fun spin on a traditional round moss wreath. Using a wooden heart frame, this moss is applied and spills off around the edges for extra character and charm. Hang it on a thick satin ribbon for added appeal. Suspended on this creamy ribbon, your shaggy moss heart will be the center of attention. Place one on the inside of each window of your home for Valentine’s Day to mimic the window wreaths often seen during Christmas time. Depending upon the size and girth of your moss heart, you might be able to dangle it in the center of a larger grapevine wreath for more of a focal point.

11. Simply Chartreuse Reindeer Moss Ring Wreath

Simply Chartreuse Reindeer Moss Ring Wreath

Soft and simple, this chartreuse green moss wreath is certain to turn heads. Featuring such a lively yellow-green hue, this is a bold way to update your decor for spring. To further emphasize the beauty of this reindeer moss, stray sticks have been inserted to add a natural and beautiful embellishment. Soft to the touch and on the eyes, this handmade wreath moss creation really pops by using the true hue of green that emerges every spring. Use it as a tabletop decoration or centerpiece. All you need to do is add a glass hurricane vase in the center and fill it with your choice of stones and maybe even a few flowers sprigs that pop out of the top.

12. Moss Covered Wreath with Rustic Stick Frame

Moss Covered Wreath with Rustic Stick Frame

Bring some of nature’s beauty right into the comfort of your living room with this rustic stick frame and moss-covered wreath. This is one of many fantastic homemade moss wreath ideas that creates an original and natural home decoration. A front portion of a regular wreath is completely covered with self-sticking moss to create a gorgeous green ring of the soft and lush forest favorite. Adorning it within the confinements of a simple frame of sticks further adds to its rustic appeal. Hang this on the wall to welcome spring or to accent your modern farmhouse or shabby chic home decor.

13. Rustic Monogram Moss Wreath Design

Rustic Monogram Moss Wreath Design

A cool way to make a standout wreath is using moss to create a monogram design. This won’t look out of place in a home that boasts a farmhouse theme either, but it is still a welcoming sight for autumn decor. There is only a small use of moss with this wreath, but it is used in such a fun way that it is instantly attracting as it makes the monogram letter appear that much more appealing. Since it is the only moss in the piece, it does well at acting as the centerpiece to the wreath and pulling in attention. Everything else around it helps it maintain that rustic and rural look.

14. Moss Covered Autumn Theme Wreath

Moss Covered Autumn Theme Wreath

There are many ways to use a wreath to decorate for the season, and this moss-covered wreath is absolutely perfect for fall. It has a nice warm feeling to it that combines well with the outdoorsy feel that the moss brings. Using burlap for the bowtie is another amazing touch to bring a more rustic look to the piece that blends well with the rest of the theme. The use of the small craft pumpkins further cements the look to fit with the fall season. This will be a nice addition to your front door to help decorate the outside of your home. It keeps your decor a bit closer to nature without going too overboard with it.

15. Two Turtle Doves and Moss Christmas Wreath

Two Turtle Doves and Moss Christmas Wreath

You’ll be singing “The Twelve Days of Christmas” all winter long when you add this turtledove Christmas wreath to your home. Starting with a large wrapped mossy wreath, a pair of white turtle doves are quaintly nestled together and set below a beautiful satin bow. Send some love to a friend by giving them this wreath complete with love birds included. Even the grandparents would enjoy this pair of lovebirds perched in this moss wreath as a sweet anniversary gift to celebrate their many years of wedded bliss.

16. White Butterflies and Green Moss Easter Wreath

White Butterflies and Green Moss Easter Wreath

Set your heart on the true meaning of Easter with this “He is Risen” gorgeous green mossy wreath. Featuring a flurry of white butterflies representing innocence and rebirth, this is the perfect unique wreath for spring. With an interesting picture frame shape, this wreath begins with a custom look design. As it’s wrapped in moss, the crisp white butterflies, ribbon, and sign really stand out. Including the “He is Risen” sign hanging from the center of the wreath adds a cool touch and a layered look to this pretty new wreath idea.

17. Understated Beauty Moss Wreath with Rope Hanger

Understated Beauty Moss Wreath with Rope Hanger

So often less really is more and that’s overwhelmingly true with one look at this incredibly beautiful moss wreath. A boring foam ring is effortlessly transformed into this amazing creation with just a light covering of moss. Now that you’ve created such a simple wreath concept, adding the right hanger is the only step remaining. To affix it to the wall, a creamy crocheted rope makes a great choice. Its soft and plush contrasts perfectly with the rugged and rich natural texture of the moss.

18. Square Frame Moss and Fern Spring Wreath

Square Frame Moss and Fern Spring Wreath

As the snow melts and the grass begins to reappear, reciprocate the vivid green with a moss wreath for your front door. No color says spring like the rich and vibrant hues of green that pop up everywhere! From yellow chartreuse bushes to lush velvety soft moss, honing in on this color for your spring wreath is the right choice. Tuck a small fern sprig into a corner to add a sweet touch to this simple, yet elegant spring wreath idea.

19. Great Greenery Moss Wreath with Ribbon Hanger

Great Greenery Moss Wreath with Ribbon Hanger

Here’s a wreath that works year-round making your door decorating so much easier. The foundation is a foam wreath with the front covered by moss. And, prepare to be wowed as this moss makes such a cool texture and medium for a wreath as opposed to traditional straw or grapevine varieties. The great thing about this piece of greenery is how versatile it is. You simply swap out some red berries for robin eggs and you’ve transitioned from winter to spring just like that. Make the most of these homemade moss wreath ideas with this creation that easily hangs from a gorgeous ribbon.

20. Plain and Simple Green Moss Wreath

Plain and Simple Green Moss Wreath

For a large set of double doors, bring some green onto the scene with a set of charming moss-covered wreaths. The simple circles are completely covered by the goodness of this cool moss to highlight all of the emerging greenery in your front yard space. As your tulips burst forth, these lively green wreaths will be a wonderful complement. Hang them using a piece of burlap ribbon to incorporate another textural element into the look.

21. Magnificently Monogrammed Moss Covered Wreath

Magnificently Monogrammed Moss Covered Wreath

Classic and stylish is a fabulous way to describe this one-of-a-kind moss wreath. To get one of the best DIY moss wreath ideas you’ll need to begin with a monogram ring foundation. Such a ring can be found at your local craft/hobby store. The large initial will fill the center of the thin ring and is generally made of wood. Next, you’ll simply need some moss and glue. You can find a variety of “mossibilities” from ribbon moss to pieces of moss and they are every hue of green you can imagine. Adhere them onto this monogram frame and you’ve created a gorgeous and elegant new greeter for your front door.

22. Round Ribbon and Moss Chair Decoration

Round Ribbon and Moss Chair Decoration

Making your wedding a unique day starts with careful planning and preparation. Try a new spin on reception chair decor with this lovely moss ring to use as a wreath tied onto the back. Featuring a moss wreath in this manner adds so much interest to your guests’ tablescapes. And these lovely chair decorations need not be reserved for formal affairs. Use them in the privacy of your own home. Make everyday meals more classy with these ribbon and moss chair decorations as part of your dining room scene.

23. Square Moss and Bird Egg Wreath

Square Moss and Bird Egg Wreath

Greet spring with some iconic season beauty as you include this moss and bird egg wreath in your home decor. Hang it on the front door or place it on the wall in your living room to add some of spring’s favorite pieces. The lush green creates a cool foundation for the cute nest with a trio of robin eggs accompanied by some white berry sprigs, fabric flower buds, and ribbon. You’ll love the beauty in this spring wreath that creates a casual and natural look without feeling feminine. Make the most of the emergence of springtime with this pretty decoration.

24. Captivating Book Page and Moss Covered Wreath

Captivating Book Page and Moss Covered Wreath

Think outside the box when it comes to embellishment ideas for your handmade wreath moss creation. Using some pages of an unwanted book, you can easily create flowers, a background to frame out the moss wreath and to cover a plain letter. Incorporating an initial onto a wreath makes it personal and a fantastic gift idea for a newly married couple. The layered look of the flower petals adds so much texture and dimension to the entire design. Finishing the book components with some mod podge makes this a practical piece for outdoor use as well.

25. Moss Ribbon and Burlap Bow Wrapped Wreath

Moss Ribbon and Burlap Bow Wrapped Wreath

Celebrate the awakening of spring with simplicity as you show off this gorgeous, yet plain moss and burlap wreath. Starting with a plain wreath, wrap some moss ribbon around its entirety to create a perfectly cool mossy foundation. To finish it off, gracefully add a burlap piece to the bottom and top it with a bow. There is something to be said about the artistic beauty in such a simple concept of the colors and textures in this wrapped wreath. Green and yellow hues are ideal for springtime, while the lush moss contrasts nicely with the rough texture of the burlap for the perfect combination.

26. Shapely Shamrock Boxwood Door Decoration

Shapely Shamrock Boxwood Door Decoration

Allow the luck of the Irish to fill your home with this decorative clover creation. Created with the lush greenery of a boxwood plant, this door decor is a cool way to celebrate Saint Patty’s Day. It’s a cheerful way to add some festive decor to your front door for the month of March. Not only does this shamrock beauty look great on the porch, but it would also be equally pretty inside the home or nestled outside in the garden. Adding a few blossoms or sprigs of seasonal spring flowers would be a nice way to add another color to the lovely shade of green already seen in this gorgeous shamrock wreath.

27. A Walk in the Woods Natural Wreath

A Walk in the Woods Natural Wreath

Nature enthusiasts will embrace the natural beauty in this stunning wreath that winds a path from a walk in the woods into a complete circle. There are so many hues of green to entice the eye from the varieties of moss used in forming this natural winding path. A few twigs stick out to add some dimension and drama for an even more incredible look. Pinecones in several different sizes further accent this natural beauty like no other faux accessory could ever do! Hang this on the wall or use it as a centerpiece for your springtime Easter dinner.

28. Plant Lover’s Succulent Moss Wreath

Plant Lover's Succulent Moss Wreath

Not every plant lover needs a green thumb and including faux plants is the perfect way to support this! Here’s a great example that uses faux moss and succulents to create this amazing greenery for your hanging pleasure. A nice-sized wreath is covered with faux moss to create the perfect place to hold a few faux succulents. Arrange several of your favorite succulents at the bottom for the perfect touch to make this unique moss wreath that’s sure to welcome spring to your home.

29. Mossy Mounds Nautical Shell Wreath

Mossy Mounds Nautical Shell Wreath

Two worlds collide in this mossy mound’s nautical wreath. From the forest floor to the shells from the sea, this wreath blends the beach with the woods for a unique and interesting wreath creation. At the top, the wreath features even more texture with a large oversized burlap bow that’s adorned with a few choice shells too. Lots of round mounds of moss come together to form the foundation of this one-of-a-kind creation that will turn heads as it is hands-on your front door in the suburbs or along the sea.

30. Gorgeous Country Dried Flowers and Moss Wreath

Gorgeous Country Dried Flowers and Moss Wreath

Jump on the moss wreath bandwagon and add this trendy wreath to your collection. What sets this moss wreath apart from the rest is the beautiful arrangement of dried flowers nestled throughout. The pops of color from the yellow to orange-hued flowers add just the right vivid burst that makes this rustic country wreath come alive! Use it as a hanging piece of wall art or place it on the table for a lovely circle to complete your centerpiece. It would be a gorgeous addition to a modern farmhouse or a cottage, but look equally beautiful in a contemporary or traditional home.

30 Beautiful DIY Moss Wreath Ideas You Can Make on a Budget

Now for the hard part- choosing which of the best DIY moss wreath ideas to use on your door. Some might say to the sentimental side and dream up some love with a heart-shaped version. These are perfect to swap out for Valentine’s Day but can be used for any occasion or as a nice gift of love. For a little customization, select a style that includes an initial for a monogram design. A wooden frame with a large letter inside makes a fabulous choice that’s cute and custom at the same time.

Some designer stores feature their own moss wreath creations at a pretty hefty price tag, but as you’ve seen here you can make your own version for a fraction of their cost. And the best part? Well, let’s face it- the best part is the money saved! Although having the wreath you love is also pretty swell. While some wreaths feature several types of moss in neutral white tones or really vibrant greens, you can choose to mix it up or keep it consistent with the same moss throughout. Using a foam base makes so much sense with its easy to craft nature and low price tag.

For special holidays like Easter and Christmas, it’s super simple to add a festive touch too. Christmas beckons a little sprinkling of pinecones, cinnamon twigs, red berries, and a nice plaid bow that can easily be removed after you ring in the new year. As spring approaches, bring some Easter joy to your moss creation with a tiny nest filled with a few robin eggs.

And don’t forget that most wreaths double as incredibly gorgeous centerpiece rings. Simply place them on your table and voila! You’ve got an instant centerpiece for your special dinner. Make the most of your moss wreath by choosing the shape and style that speaks to you and you’ll enjoy a fabulous front door decor that lasts all year long!

Best DIY Moss Wreath ideas

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