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21 Elegant Handmade Wire Crafts to Add a Unique Touch to your Home

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-03-17

With the best DIY wire craft ideas at your side, you can soon fill your home up with some cool and versatile works of art. There’s nothing new about wire craft, but it is crafting that has stood the test of time for several good reasons. For one thing, wire crafting doesn’t hurt the wallet as much as other types of crafting. This is perfect for anyone who wants to dive into some DIY projects at a more affordable pace. Secondly, wire crafts are diverse. It is just so much you can do with some wire on hand. You can go smaller and simpler, creating little baskets to stash things in like apples or bananas. Or you can push bigger, making an entire door-like item in front of a cabinet, allowing you to see through yet keeping everything inside where it should be.

21 Incredible DIY Wire Craft Ideas for Your Next Project

Did you know that you can even make your own stylish lampshade with some handmade wire crafts? Plus, wire crafting can simply be a joy to do. It’s remarkable to see how far your creativity can stretch when given the right tools and enough time. We’re here to help you show off those skills not just to yourself, but to anyone who comes into your home. We discovered dozens of incredible homemade wire craft art pieces that are worth any DIYer exploring. With such a diverse set of options, we hope you have enough to find the perfect inspiration to build a beautiful work of art.

1. Decorative Chicken Wire Cloche Art

Decorative Chicken Wire Cloche Art

Cloche is a good way to decorate with chicken wire. It is a nice shape, not too loud or too underwhelming. Rather, it balances the décor out well as you can show off anything you’d like to have underneath the cloche. Something else stands out with this art piece too. Rather than use a standard little handle, the cloche instead makes tremendous use of a decorative handle piece instead. This gives it such a lovely appearance that makes it look more elegant than anything else. It is a level of sophistication so that you can proudly show off a shabby chic style.

2. DIY Chicken Wire Dress Form

DIY Chicken Wire Dress Form

When you’re creating clothes or accessories, it helps to have a dress form on hand. But let’s face it, dress forms can get costly. You don’t have to pay those prices to get what you need when you can use wire crafting to build up the shape. The wire looks incredible and as though you purchase it right from the store. It is simple enough to accomplish too that you may be tempted to create more than one if you have enough materials. Alongside that, the dress form even looks good as some interesting décor in any room you place it in.

3. Tall Planter with Chicken Wire

Tall Planter with Chicken Wire

A towering planter is always a sight to behold. You can combine that feeling with some handmade wire crafts. It’s straightforward to use the wire as a backing for this piece, giving it a stronger farmhouse style. You can consider hanging up some cool décor along the chicken wire too since it can add more sparks of creativity to the piece overall. It wonderfully looks over the plants, giving your little garden even more attention than it already has. Use the box as you see fit too, adding more plants and flowers to continue to brighten the land by man.

4. Charming Wire Blanket Bedroom Basket

Charming Wire Blanket Bedroom Basket

It is surprisingly easy to find yourself overwhelmed with throw blankets. No matter how cozy they are, they can pile up fast. So, you need a place to store all of them, but why not also ensure that it’s done in a way that’s stylish and fits along with the theme you have going on in your bedroom? That’s where you can use a wire basket. It’s straightforward, yet bold. This provides your room with functional décor that you won’t be shy about leaving out to add to the overall feel and mood of the area. The basket can look just as good out in your living room as it can in your bedroom too.

5. Small Rustic Wire Farmhouse Cabinet

Small Rustic Wire Farmhouse Cabinet

A great way to save when you’re working on home projects is to upcycle various items you planned on just throwing away. Not many people find use in CD towers these days, so it is the perfect item to transform. Also, it’s on a smaller scale so you can stick this on the floor or stand it up on a dresser, allowing it to blend in however you need it to. With a new paint job applied, this quickly gets the farmhouse appearance. The wire cabinet doors are stunning as well, more so thanks to the simple pattern the wire creates.

6. Fun Wire Basket Side Table

Fun Wire Basket Side Table

A wire basket is a simple little item you can give a quick makeover with some paint. You can use the wire basket to create a modern and stylish-looking side table. The wire basket adds such incredible texture to the piece, and anyone will give it a double-take as it looks like a fancy and artistic side table you could have purchased at the store. This table is a good choice for anyone who is seeking that shabby chic theme as the wire itself can give it a rustic appearance while your choice of paint can elevate it to new levels.

7. Cute White Chicken Wire Cloche

Cute White Chicken Wire Cloche

Source: homeroad.net

Spruce up your springtime decorations with this adorable white chicken wire cloche. The wire itself naturally looks great and provides your décor with a cool rustic vibe. Meanwhile, it being in white connects it more to the season at hand. More so, it’s eye-catching and refuses to lose your attention. This is a good way to add more to your seasonal decorations, hiding away any little trinket you wish underneath the cloche so people will be encouraged to take a closer look at what you’re tucking away.

8. Wire Lampshade Frame Plant Stands

Wire Lampshade Frame Plant Stands

Those wire lampshade frames can look so much better with a little extra attention. You can maintain their incredible vintage look as this gives it a strong appeal. However, you can elevate them even more, using them to build some beautiful plant stands. Thanks to how different the lampshade frames themselves can look, you are left with some intricate and attractive plant stands that have various looks about them. You can even place something underneath like a candle since there is just enough room to hold an extra decorative piece.

9. Wire Candle Wall Sconce Design

Wire Candle Wall Sconce Design

When you aim to create a farmhouse design décor for your home, simplicity is your friend. This candle wall sconce proves just that. It is small-scale compared to another DIY décor, yet it leaves a large and lasting impression on your living space. As an accessory, it can encase a candle well, giving it some more personality without detracting from it in any way. Also, it can create such a stunning and eye-catching effect once the candle is lit, the wiring providing some nice shading for the firelight to shine through. It still looks just as lovely without the candle being lit too.

10. Unique DIY Wire Lampshade DĂ©cor

Unique DIY Wire Lampshade DĂ©cor

Some of the best DIY wire craft ideas take something mundane and turn it into something sweet and full of style. Take lampshades, for instance. Rather than buy some decorative shade, you can instead create something that is simple and just as fashionable. The wire gives off a beautiful, industrial-like look that is especially fitting if your home matches the theme. This is also something that should be able to last you for years to come, letting you create a piece of wire art that you can always admire. It doesn’t even need a paint job as the natural silver of the wire works well with the theme at hand.

11. Farmhouse Style Handmade Pantry Idea

Farmhouse Style Handmade Pantry Idea

Do you have an old dresser lying around? Rather than get rid of it, give it some new life by using it as the base for your new farmhouse-style pantry. It is incredible how much you can completely transform this dresser with this upcycle project. There is a beautiful weathered look applied to the paint too that connects it more to the farmhouse and rural theme. The wire comes into play by helping you create a see-through door for the pantry. It works out better than glass since it also contributes to the cozy homestead-like style you’re aiming for.

12. DIY Chicken Wire Light Fixture

DIY Chicken Wire Light Fixture

Is it time for your light fixture to get a new shade? Well, you don’t have to cover it completely if you create a DIY chicken wire cover for it instead. The chicken wire has this bold look about it, more so once you add more to the piece with the embroidery hoops. These accent pieces give the wire light fixture cover more flow and useful contrast. It is a nice way to breathe some new life into your home’s décor without doing too much and overwhelming the light fixture. If anything, it serves to elevate it even more.

13. DIY Wire Basket Coat Rack

DIY Wire Basket Coat Rack

No longer will you have to deal with family and guests tossing their coats and jackets anywhere or going off in search of the closet. With some wire baskets and hooks, you can create a fun place for them to hang their coats instead. It’s simple to make several of these to hang across the wall. Plus, the basket aspect gives people that extra bit of storage space for items like keys. These are such cute decorative pieces for your wall to fill up some of that empty space too. So, they can look just as good without anything hanging on them at all.

14. Wooden Handle Wire Cloche Design

Wooden Handle Wire Cloche Design

A wire cloche is a unique way to lean into the whole wire art craft trend. The pattern is lovely, while the wooden handle adds some good contrast to the cloche besides being a necessary addition to easily use the cloche. Create several of them so that you can stash some cool items underneath. Use them for holiday-specific décor, or you can decide to use them on a more daily basis. They are such interesting and distinct ways to highlight the likes of succulents and other plants, adding some more of your personal style to your décor.

15. Vertical Chicken Wire Outdoor Planter

Vertical Chicken Wire Outdoor Planter

When decorating outdoors, it’s hard to go wrong with a planter near your garden. With some pallet wood, you can easily hang one up. For the planter itself, some chicken wire can make for an excellent base. You are able to make something that is more distinctive. Additionally, the wire allows you to see everything your planter has to offer. All the greenery and flowers show through clearly, readily brightening up the space and encouraging anyone to take a closer look at your setup. It’s also easy enough to hang these on the pallet wood.

16. Chicken Wire Frame Wall Art

Chicken Wire Frame Wall Art

With chicken wire and some old frames, you can create something that is much more original to hang up on your wall. This works with picture frames or art frames. The chicken wire has a lovely look about it that pairs well with a rural or rustic decorative theme. From there, you are also given so much room to hang a variety of items thanks to the chicken wire. This allows you to push this decorative piece even further, creating some homemade wire craft art that you can constantly add more to as time goes by.

17. Chicken Wire Basket Kitchen Design

Chicken Wire Basket Kitchen Design

Chicken wire is such an excellent tool to use to create little baskets. This basket, in fact, is just wide enough and strong enough to be used in the kitchen to support numerous items. Use it as an area to house apples, bananas, or other fruit. Or you can use it to hold some other food like onions and fresh eggs. This keeps everything you need right within grasp and in such a nice and appealing way. Also, this can help you transform something functional into something that looks stylish and charming. It fits effortlessly into a countryside home with a bit of a modern look about it.

18. Gorgeous Chicken Wire Flower Wreath

Gorgeous Chicken Wire Flower Wreath

It is always fun to make a wreath. These hang so well all year round depending on the decorations you use for them. With this chicken wire wreath, it is versatile so that you can blend it with ease alongside any of your other décor as well as from season to season. The chicken wire and wood along the wreath give it a nice rustic and outdoorsy feel. Meanwhile, the flowers add some much-needed color to the wreath as a whole. Opting to focus the flowers on a single side is such a good idea too as it gives the wreath more movement.

19. Massive Chicken Wire Wall Design

Massive Chicken Wire Wall Design

Let’s take decorating with wire crafting art to a new extreme level by tackling an entire wall. It can take some time and plenty of chicken wire, but the result is absolutely stunning. This is a unique way for you to set up a variety of decorations along the wire. So, the wire decorating itself allows you to branch out, even more, giving you the freedom to take your decorations to new heights. This also makes it easy to interchange your décor whenever you see fit since you can simply pull stuff off the wire and replace it quickly with something else.

20. Elegant Chicken Wire Wrapped Lampshade

Elegant Chicken Wire Wrapped Lampshade

Create a snug and sweet chicken wire-wrapped lampshade with this design project. Thanks to the shape this lamp is already made in, it is an even easier project for you to manage since you can allow it to form directly on the lamp itself rather than use something else to shape it. This makes this project fitting for people who are perhaps new to all this. The result is something that is simple and still compelling enough to keep attention. There is a nice, eerie-like look to the piece as well as something modern and fresh that the pattern of the wire leaves behind.

21. Framed Chicken Wire Vase DĂ©cor

Framed Chicken Wire Vase DĂ©cor

It’s not difficult to stumble upon some old, vintage picture frames. When you do, you can use them along with some chicken wire. This creation frees you to add even more to the décor as you can hang various works of art or another décor within the frames. So, it’s a never-ending decorative piece that you can hang up to style your home.

21 Beautiful Homemade Wire Crafts to Personalize Your DĂ©cor

Wire art is the perfect way to push your artistic and creative skills to new levels. The amount of versatility alone that wire art offers should be a big enough incentive for DIYers. There is almost no limit to what you can create. You can make baskets, wall art, and even lamp covers. As long as you can think it and have the time to do it, you can set up wire-based creations all around your home. And once you start, you may find it hard-pressed to stop.

Not only is wire easy to work with thanks to how flexible it is, but it is also a more affordable way to add some custom décor in your home. Also, it makes for some fun practice. You can start out small as you get your feet wet, so to speak, and work your way up to creating more elaborate and intricate works of art. Regardless of your skill level, we do hope that our list of our favorite best DIY wire craft ideas inspires you to start playing around with the versatile item.

Best DIY Wire Craft Ideas

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