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19 Incredible Hand Painted Window Ideas to Fancy Up Your Home

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-03-13

The best hand painted windows are an ideal way to decorate your home in a more creative and artistic fashion. Sometimes, it can get a bit stale looking at the same windows every day in your home. This can be true even if you have an incredible back and front yard. Sometimes, we crave something more artistic. This is where hand painted windows come into play. These add something more to your home, something compelling and innovative. Depending on how the painting is, they can even offer you privacy, blocking out anyone from seeing inside the room while still allowing you some lovely sunlight during the day. Alternatively, you can even seek out a hand painted window that isn’t attached to your home. Rather, it is the perfect wall art to hang up.

19 Stunning Hand Painted Old Window Projects that will Push Your Creativity

You may wonder then: what do you paint on a window? Well, you can push your creativity as far as it will go. Find something that fits with your specific style in the room. For instance, perhaps flowers are your thing. You can aim for a gorgeous floral look on the glass whether in color or a white style that still stands out. Or you can even use the faux stained-glass design, bringing in all the colors and giving it that sophisticated appearance.

If you haven’t decided what you’d like to do, then check out the list of our favorite best hand painted window ideas. These should give you some inspiration so you can start adding some creative decorations to your home.

1. Geometric Faux Stained Glass Window

Geometric Faux Stained Glass Window

Need something fun for the whole family? Then this is a nice hand painted old windows project the kids would love. It is an easy way for kids to add some of their personality and flair to their bedroom or playroom windows. Also, the geometric, triangular patterns instantly pull attention, making the work seem more exciting. This is even a cool way for kids to play around with numerous colors, seeing what works best with each other so that they can fully come into their own style. They can make several of these too, filling up windows with their incredible works of art.

2. Intricate Floral Delight Painted Window

Intricate Floral Delight Painted Window

There’s no better way to show off both your creativity and your adoration for all-things flowers than with a beautiful floral window painting. Whether you freestyle it or opt for a stencil, you will leave behind something that is truly eye-catching and inspirational. The bold white coloring effortlessly stands out against the window, ensuring that you can easily admire this from the inside and the outside. The blend of different flowers, leaves, and branches allows this piece to have a good deal of flow so that the attention isn’t rooted to just one section. Plus, the way it climbs from the bottom up without overtaking the window is a good use of negative space that makes it even more appealing.

3. Washable Stained Glass Window Painting

Washable Stained Glass Window Painting

A good activity to do in the house that is safe and rewarding is to let kids actually paint on windows. This is best done, of course, with washable items. However, what you are left with is a good duplicate of the beauty that is stained-glass. You can create just about any pattern that you can think of. Filling the individual sections with different colors is a lovely way to go about learning these colors, more with kids while also letting them better express themselves. It is a unique way of hand painting windows even if it is only a temporary method.

4. Stained Glass Window Chalk Craft

Stained Glass Window Chalk Craft

Stained windows aren’t something that always has to stick around. Rather, this is a design that is great for use as a temporary craft project. This gives kids enough time to play around with their artistic side, freely recreating a style that is stunning and always appealing. Whether you give them a large surface to work off of like a windowed door, or if you decide to keep things small-scaled on the bedroom windows, kids have more than enough room to show off their work. The liquid chalk leaves a rather bold impact too, giving it that glossy, stained look that makes this style of window art so beloved.

5. Multicolored Faux Stained Glass Idea

Multicolored Faux Stained Glass Idea

If you want to bring some traditional art style back into your home, then you can try your hand at this faux stained-glass window design. It is the perfect way to add some color to any room you apply it to while also highlighting your individual style. Opting for the traditional route of painting the entire window in these block-styled patterns merely elevates it all. The use of a variety of colors is handy too as it further helps draw the eye of anyone who sees the window. Consider not just using the various colors, but also going the route of different sized and shape sections. This makes certain that the design isn’t static.

6. Faux Stained Glass Window Painting

Faux Stained Glass Window Painting

Who doesn’t enjoy the beauty and sense of wonder found in stained glass? Well, you can bring that right to your home with this gorgeous faux stained-glass painting. This allows you to transform any window in your home into an artistic piece. The only limit you’ll meet is your own creativity. So, feel free to have fun with this one, drawing up incredible designs like a floral layout. This can give you the freedom to use numerous colors, allowing the stained-glass design to truly shine. More so, this is something you can take the entire window for as the stained-glass look works well in both large sizes and smaller sizes.

7. Temporary Mondrian Painted Window Art

Temporary Mondrian Painted Window Art

A nice way to bring some art into your home with the kids is to lean into the more modern style of stained art such as the Mondrian style. This is in-your-face and loud with the use of vibrant colors in a blocky design. It is a nice way to approach faux stained-glass art, and it is a wonderful project to spend with kids to keep them busy. Even if it does not last, it is a nice way to give your windows a little bit of love and attention with a fresh new paint job.

8. Faux Leaded Glass Window Design

Faux Leaded Glass Window Design

You don’t have to shell out a lot of money to get that appealing leaded glass look in your home. Rather, you can do it all yourself with the right tools and a little bit of creativity. Even the leading strips have a wonderful authenticity to them. This stands among the best hand painted window ideas to make your windows appear far more expensive and fancy without the investment. Also, this easily gives you a nicer view to admire from your home while also making it appear just as stunning on the outside. There is even a nice sense of privacy offered by a window design such as this one.

9. Hand Made Custom Painted Old Window

Hand Made Custom Painted Old Window

If you need some ideas or inspiration for painted windows, then check out these beautiful old windows with hand-drawn paintings on them. They completely renovate a vintage window, breathing new life into it without getting rid of that appealing retro vibe they still offer. This makes them more shabby chic in terms of style. However, you can custom order something that is able to best fit your individual style. So, you will always get something that blends effortlessly into the décor you already have in your home so that this stands out without overshadowing everything else.

10. Pink Rose Hand Painted Stained Glass

Pink Rose Hand Painted Stained Glass

The stained-glass look is one that never seems to go out of style, especially when you can get a faux one that looks like the real thing. This beautiful painting places the focus all on the pink rose, the color alone vibrant and daring. It blends well with the use of green throughout the painting too. Coupled with the border, this piece looks anything but hand painted. There are so many ways you can decorate with this, making this more versatile than anything else, and a great way to add some more color to your room.

11. Hand Painted Vintage Floral Window

Hand Painted Vintage Floral Window

Add a touch of something unique with something vintage with this gorgeous hand painted window. This works wonderfully for those seeking hand painted old windows too as the layout gives this a nice rustic feel that looks well in a farmhouse-styled setting. The floral design on each of the four panes further cements the style too. Meanwhile, the use of different colors and types of flowers sells the piece as something intricate, stylish, and attention-grabbing. You can personalize this too, requesting different flower varieties or even fruits if you wish. This way, you will get something that best fits in with your home style.

12. California Poppies Faux Stained Glass

California Poppies Faux Stained Glass

California Poppies are beautiful on their own, but paired with the faux stained-glass effect helps them really stand out. This is an intricate hand painted window art design. There is special care granted to not just the poppies, but also to the geometric pattern that hangs in the background. It travels around the entire glass and behind the flowers, blending everything together into one cohesive piece. Also, it is easy to become enraptured by it all, starting from the bold green stem to the larger drawn poppy near the top of the glass. The contrast given to everything further helps with this movement as the art almost looks three-dimensional.

13. Cool Custom Old Windows Painting

Cool Custom Old Windows Painting

If you want to maintain a vintage style in your room but you also want some color, then consider this custom old window painting design. There are several floral designs to choose from here, and all of them stand out in their own right. Some opt for numerous colors, others go for a bold white approach. They all effortlessly capture attention. What makes these old window paintings so appealing is that they can work out well when hung in numerous rooms throughout your home. This way, you can transform any style with ease just by hanging something like this up on the wall.

14. Cubism in Motion Stained Glass Window

Cubism in Motion Stained Glass Window

When you want to add something more compelling to your home décor, this is a unique way to go about it. The stained-glass design takes over the entire windowpanes. This way, you leave no area untouched as the whole thing is transformed into a work of art. The cubism style rings true too. There are several different designs and sizes happening, giving this a more creative and expressive appearance. This is all aided by the wonderful use of different vibrant coloring patterns throughout. Since this is made to order, you’ll always receive something that is distinctive.

15. Floating Bubbles Stained Glass Design

Floating Bubbles Stained Glass Design

This is one of the best hand painted window ideas that take something classic and adds a more modern twist to it. The stained-glass look is, of course, still here. It successfully utilizes a variety of colors too to keep things interesting. However, it is the pattern that is incredible and inspiring. The “floating bubbles” provide that much-appreciated movement to it all so that your attention doesn’t remain fixed on one area. Everyone who sees it is encouraged to look further at the piece to examine each perfect circle or “bubble”. As it lets light in, you may even catch a rainbow thanks to the many colors and the layout of the design.

16. Hand Painted Vintage Farmhouse Window

Hand Painted Vintage Farmhouse Window

Known as lead plants, these stunning flowers will pop in any room you hang this in. The coloring and contrast make them seem more alive than anything, making anyone eager to take a closer look. They will readily add the brightness you may need in the room, making your decorations appear more vibrant in return. These wildflowers along with the vintage window work well at elevating your country-styled home décor. As this comes with the hardware you need, you can hang this up right away to give an instant makeover to your room.

17. Recycled Old Window Screen Painting

Recycled Old Window Screen Painting

Add some art to your rustic setting with this remarkable old window screen painting. The regular piece alone features some beautiful hand drawn paintings of birds hanging out in a gorgeously drawn tree. There is a good use of various colors that work well together. Even so, you can request something custom instead. Regardless of what you want, you receive a hand painted window screen that looks great when used in a farmhouse-styled home or even among a décor that leans more rustic than anything else. It is a good piece to show off inside and outside of your home.

18. Frosted Bird Privacy Window Design

Frosted Bird Privacy Window Design

Source: kaysmar.com

Are you in the market for something private, yet stylish when it comes to your windows? Then this frosted bird privacy window design is a great choice. The artwork alone is absolutely captivating, and it is a wonderful choice for all nature-lovers out there. As for the privacy aspect, you can’t see through to the other side. This ensures your security and the security of your loved ones (especially children) from prying eyes outside. As a bonus, you get a gorgeous nature sight to witness at all times. Even with the privacy aspect, the window design is made so that light still gets in. This way, you aren’t sacrificing anything to install these. Rather, you’re simply elevating the style in the room.

19. Hand Drawn Beach Chair Window Design

Hand Drawn Beach Chair Window Design

Want to be transported to a sunny beach? Well, there is a simple way to do it with this beach chair window design. The hand drawn work is one of the best hand painted window ideas for those of you looking for something more laidback and fun. This readily fits in with any beach or coastal theme you might have going on in your room. Also, thanks to the material used, this is something that really shines when the sun hits it. So, you can bring this hand drawn painting to life during the daytime while simply admiring the artwork and the stunning colors at night.

Unique Hand Painted Window Projects to Elevate Your DĂ©cor

Hand painted windows are a wonderful way to dress up any room in your home. This is true whether you are changing your windows directly, or if you are instead hanging a separate window up on the wall as a work of art. No matter which approach you take, hand painted windows serve as a great source of decoration. They can completely change the look of a room, giving you and guests something to talk more about. Alternatively, they can even act as a way to privacy, making some of these a good choice for an office, bedroom, nursery, or child’s room.

The only difficulty you might face is deciding what kind of hand painted window you want. Once you figure out where it is going to be, that decision may seem clearer. You can opt for general painting of different themes like a floral theme. Or you can decide to bring in the beauty that is stained glass into your home without using stained glass. That is why we hope our list of the best hand painted window ideas spurs you into action to decorate your home.

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