50 Indoor Decorations That Take Halloween To The Next Level


Halloween is a chance for kids and adults alike to enjoy seasonal, spooky fun. In keeping with this festive atmosphere, millions of Americans choose to decorate their homes to celebrate. While many families spend a considerable amount of money on store-bought Halloween decorations for their homes, the holiday offers plenty of opportunities for families to make a variety of decorations. For anyone who is willing to get creative, Halloween decorations can work in almost every room of the house. And by using common household items to make these creations, kids who are old enough can work alongside their parents to make these exciting decorations.

October 31st Is Coming: Get Ready With 50 Must-Have Halloween Decorations

Indoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

Because it falls on October 31, Halloween is the perfect time to take advantage of the cooler weather and the falling leaves to create a seasonal vibe throughout your entire home. Scary, whimsical, and fun decorations can be easily made at home. And while it’s always fun to carve a pumpkin to make a Jack-O-Lantern, there are plenty of opportunities to make home decor that is unique and interesting. Themed decorations for each room can be a challenge, but the projects below are fun and enjoyable and will leave you with a fun feeling throughout the entire house. Best of all, do-it-yourself Halloween decorations will impress visitors with your creativity, design savvy, and festive spirit.

1. Spooky Ghosts and Paper Bats

Spooky Ghosts and Paper Bats

An awesome way to celebrate Halloween is with decorations that flow to create the right atmosphere. This spooky, yet fun setup of floating ghosts and flying bats can do the trick. You can add your paper bats to the wall in various ways, making them seem like they’re taking off or perhaps preparing to swoop on unsuspecting victims. Meanwhile, the ghosts can hang from the wall, across the fireplace, or wherever else you want them. It all comes together in a cool, entertaining way that doesn’t detract from the Halloween spirit.

2. Dark Creepy Halloween Table Setup

Dark Creepy Halloween Table Setup

Are you throwing a party or simply want to decorate a table for your own entertainment? Then check out this amazing Halloween themed tablescape. There’s plenty you can do here so you’re limited just by your imagination. For instance, using a lace spider web table cover over a white tablecloth can help make everything pop and stand out more. Depending on the size of your table, you can add numerous decorations to suit the occasion like fake skulls, spiders, candelabras, and more. It’s the perfect setup for a dinner party or just as an area to point out to any houseguests.

3. Chic and Sophisticated Halloween Party Décor

Chic and Sophisticated Halloween Party Décor

So, you find yourself in a situation where you want to decorate, but you don’t want to go too spook-tacular with everything. In that case, consider a more modern approach to Halloween décor. The 3D bats going up in a pattern creates movement in your décor that can instantly capture attention, while the bold spider web in a single area makes enough of a statement on its own without going overboard. If you find the section for it, this could be a fun way to incorporate unique fake skeletons like different animals.

4. Fun Floating Cheesecloth Ghost Pals

Fun Floating Cheesecloth Ghost Pals

Welcoming ghosts into your home has never been cooler than with this easy cheesecloth ghost project that the whole family can do. The end results give you ghosts that have a far more distinctive, realistic appearance than other decorations. Also, you can make them varied in terms of size depending on how far you blow the balloon up, and these can wind up working well if you want to scatter them around your home to make it seem like your house may very well be haunted with these fun pals. Feel free to draw faces on them if you’d like.

6. Seasonal Chest and Flying Bats

Seasonal Chest and Flying Bats

A cool and different way to celebrate the season is with this festive wooden chest. It seems simplistic, but it says a lot in a small space. Even better is that you can use a mixture of Halloween-themed items as well as general Fall items like pinecones, leaves, etc. A faux spider web gives it more texture as well as a slightly spooky-like feel. If you wish, think about decorating the wall behind it too. Paper bats are always a nice go-to for something quick and effective.

7. Ghost Rock and Mini Terrarium

Ghost Rock and Mini Terrarium

A mini terrarium is always a great way to decorate your home as they can fit into smaller areas, making them ideal to add to a larger decorative piece or for use in a minimal space setting. You can fit a variety of Halloween items inside, but a ghost can be a great choice. All it takes is to paint a nice-sized rock. Another cool factor about this is that you can use the terrarium for every season by merely switching out the decorations inside.

8. Trick or Treat Kitchen Vignette

Trick or Treat Kitchen Vignette

The kitchen is a perfect area to decorate as there are usually a number of different ways you can go about it. A good consideration is to create a creepy vignette if you have the counter space. Candles are a wonderful way to set the atmosphere, especially when used with the right candle holders. Additional miniscule decorations like skeletons can accent the candles wonderfully. Also, the fun “trick or treat” sign further marks the occasion if you have children in the house.

9. Upcycled Halloween Book Creepy Transformation

Upcycled Halloween Book Creepy Transformation

This is a cool project to do with kids, but it works well enough on your own as well. Take a few old books and keep them around by transforming them into Halloween-themed masterpieces. You can create whatever books you’d like. Some good ideas include witch-based books like something for spells or potions. Anything that brings the Halloween spirit to life works out well, and you can set the books up almost anywhere in the house.

10. Exciting Mercury Glass Poison Bottle Setup

Exciting Mercury Glass Poison Bottle Setup

Do you have some areas in your house that just crave poison bottles? Trick guests into thinking they’re the real thing with this intricate, creative glass bottle setup. You can use a variety of tall bottles from oil containers to wine bottles. The best part is aging the bottles so they look like they belong in some witch’s lair or an old shop. Halloween-themed labels are easy enough to find to complete the scary aesthetic. The more bottles you use, the more variety you can add so you can have a mixture of different poisons and toxins.

11. Easy Fairy Skeleton Graveyard Centerpiece

Easy Fairy Skeleton Graveyard Centerpiece

When you don’t have much time for anything too grand, this small centerpiece is the perfect choice for any table. The fun scene inside is a great balance of spooky and child-friendly, making this project fun and quick to do with children. Beyond the skeletons and tombstones, you have room to add other miniature items to create the Halloween spirit. The moon can also light up, shining down, and emphasizing the scene.

12. Decorative Tin Can Halloween Lanterns

Decorative Tin Can Halloween Lanterns

Reusing common items and elevating them into something more spectacular is a wonderful way to decorate for the season while on a budget. Also, this project adds a unique spin on the traditional Jack o’ Lanterns. You can paint the cans with any face you’d like, marking this as another fun experiment to do as a family. LED lights work well inside them as they’re no mess to clean up from wax. Additionally, if you want to show off the lights more, you can always poke some holes into the cans around the eyes and mouth.

13. Painted Creature Wooden Spoons and Holder

Painted Creature Wooden Spoons and Holder

The small things always matter when it comes to decorating, and these painted spoons are a great way to liven up the kitchen area, more so if you lack space for different, larger items. You can make monster faces, ghost faces, or anything else your creative mind comes up with. Simply set them in the right Halloween container. The spoons stand up well if you use floral foam so the décor doesn’t budge.

14. Glowing Candle Holder Crystal Balls

Glowing Candle Holder Crystal Balls

Crystal balls are cool Halloween-themed items, and you can allow yours to stand apart from the crowd with this design. The right cutouts combined with battery-powered tea lights, and you have yourself glowing crystal balls in which the images almost appear to be floating. Battery lights are not just good for safety purposes, but also for ease of use as you can leave them going all day and night. Remember to place these on darker, aged-like candle holders to really set the mood.

15. Hauntingly Scary Halloween Portrait Jars

Hauntingly Scary Halloween Portrait Jars

If you want to get truly creepy decorations in your home, try out these portrait jars. These aged portraits are the perfect pint-sized aesthetic. Once applied to the jars, they work even better if you compliment them with other things. Drape some spooky cloth over them and also throw in some other Halloween-based items like candles, faux spiders, or anything else you have on-hand to transform an entire area into an attention-grabbing vignette.

16. Chilling Embroidery Spider Web Hoops

Chilling Embroidery Spider Web Hoops

Did you ever think how far you can transform embroidery hoops? When the right tools are used, they turn into excellent spider webs. It’s a simplified take on Halloween decorating, but it works well nonetheless. You can use a single spider or multiple ones. The wonderful thing about this is that the hoops give you enough room to play around in terms of what else you add to them.

17. Eerily Cool Crow Halloween Silhouettes

Eerily Cool Crow Halloween Silhouettes

If you are in the mood to change up common Halloween decorations, then these crow silhouettes might be the right choice for your home décor. This project takes on the iconic use of the blackbirds in terms of all-things Halloween and brings them to the forefront throughout the house in a distinctive way. These are simple enough to make that you can create dozens of them if you’d like. This works out great if you wish to place them all around your house, leaving no place untouched from the scary birds. It may not seem like it at first, but glitter spray is a good way to help these silhouettes pop a bit more.

18. Creepy Cloche Halloween Table Display

Creepy Cloche Halloween Table Display

A cloche is such an incredible way to decorate a table. You can take something that is beautiful, and you can transform it into something that’s both attractive and scary. The dark rose stands out rather well, but if you want it to really make a statement, then consider placing this cloche alongside other items perfect for the festivities. This can serve as a proper tablescape to emphasize your home’s adoration for all things Halloween.

19. Sign Carrying Cheesecloth Ghost Design

Sign Carrying Cheesecloth Ghost Design

Source: diyvibes.net

Cheesecloth ghosts never stop being fun since they look so much like floating ghosts. You can easily add eyes to make them more expressive. Or you can opt to leave them bare if you want more traditional, faceless ghosts instead. Create them in a way that makes it looks like their hands are raised so that they can hold a fun, festive “boo” sign. It combines a slightly scary vibe with something that’s more child-friendly. If you wish, you can make numerous cheesecloth ghosts to place along with a table or anywhere else in the home. Thanks to the material used, they hold their design well so that you have more durable decorative pieces.

20. Skeleton Hands Smoky Wine Glasses

Skeleton Hands Smoky Wine Glasses

A hand holding onto a goblet or glass is such a cool aesthetic that it’s no wonder so many use them for Halloween décor. You don’t have to buy the ones in the store if you want to make a more personal, unique item for your home instead. Simply take some wine glasses, and with the right paint, you can give them a wonderfully spooky and smoky appearance. The creepy factor is raised even more with these incredibly painted skeleton hands that look like they are indeed rising up to grip the wine glasses.

21. Haunted House Theme Witch Window Silhouette

Haunted House Theme Witch Window Silhouette

If you love the scary factor of Halloween, then you will just adore this spooky window silhouette. Whether you are getting ready for trick or treating, making a haunted house, or simply just want to bask in the Halloween spirit, this window silhouette can snatch the attention of anyone who drives or walks by your home. Make anyone think there’s a witch (or any other creature you like) is lurking about preparing to strike.

22. Tin Can Hanging Jack O’ Lanterns

Tin Can Hanging Jack O’ Lanterns

Ornaments are not just for Christmas anymore. You can make some pretty awesome pumpkin ornaments to hang up where you can inside your home. This is a good upcycling project too as it repurposes tin cans. Once they are painted, you and anyone else who comes to your house will never believe they used to be common cans. They turn into wonderful, miniature jack o’ lanterns. If you have some kind of Halloween-themed small tree placed in your house, these can hang well off of it.

23. Towel Based Halloween Themed Pillowcases

Towel Based Halloween Themed Pillowcases

Sometimes you just can’t find the right pillows or pillowcases in the store to create the Halloween theme you’re going for. But maybe you’ve found an awesome design on some towels. If so, then it’s time to undergo a crafting project and turn those towels into cool Halloween pillowcases. These pillowcases can be either sewn on or placed with hot glue. They are an easy way to add some festive excitement to your living room, bedroom, or sitting area.

24. Orange Jack O’ Lantern Tea Lights

Orange Jack O’ Lantern Tea Lights

Who knew that oranges could make for some awesome tea light holders? Once they are all hollowed out (don’t forget to save the inside as they can be used for orange juice or simply for eating), they are easy enough to carve into different jack o’ lantern faces whether spooky or fun. Not only is this a unique way to decorate for the holiday, but it can also leave your home with a sweet citrus aroma that can help give off a Fall vibe as well.

25. Adorable Child-Friendly Burlap Designed Scarecrow

Adorable Child-Friendly Burlap Designed Scarecrow

Halloween doesn’t always have to be scary as you can keep to the spirit by making this cute burlap scarecrow. It may not be actually scaring anything away, but it certainly leaves an impact that your home is ready for the holiday. This is cool enough that you can leave it out all season long thanks to the use of Fall colors and items colorful leaves.

26. Light up Halloween Crescent Moon

Light up Halloween Crescent Moon

A moon is another favored Halloween symbol, and you can bring that to your home through some clever artwork. The crescent moon in particular looks absolutely wonderful on its own, and it gives you more room to really push your artistic skills. However, if you want it to stand out more, add on some LED lights to the moon. This way, it can properly shine in the dark.

27. Spooky Fireplace Crackles with Fun

Spooky Fireplace Crackles with Fun

The fireplace is the perfect place to put seasonal decorations in any home, whether it is stockings at Christmas or this spooky twist on Halloween. For this Halloween indoor decoration idea, all you have to do is find a few common household items and throw them together around your fireplace to create a ghoulish look that your friends will find exciting and interesting. All it takes is a few leftover Halloween decorations, a few LED lights (just like the kind you might keep away in the attic for Christmas), and some fabric to create a spooky look. Because they offer a unique twist on what all of us expect from a fireplace, the lights combine with these other items to create a particularly nice aesthetic in a living room.

28. Spooky Witch Leg “Chandelier” Shines

Spooky Witch Leg “Chandelier” Shines

Everybody has a few pairs of striped stockings, old shoes and an umbrella. But how many people would consider throwing the three together to make a “chandelier” that fits Halloween perfectly? This cute hanging object is a perfect way to deliver a shocking surprise to house guests. This clever project allows you to create the allusion of two hanging legs and – if you choose to customize it with LED lights – actually produce light for a living or dining room. And what could fit Halloween better than the ghoulish idea of two hanging witches’ legs producing light that delights?

29. Super Spiders Invade

Super Spiders Invade

Alongside witches, spiders are one of the themes most associated with Halloween. Having a gang of magnetic spiders invade your home, and cover a few of your doors, is one of the easiest ways to create a fun Halloween surprise. By taking a few of the black spiders sold at every convenience store around Halloween and attaching magnets to them with hot glue, you can turn any metal surface into a surface that spiders have invaded. And this fun project is perfect for kids, who can rearrange the magnets into any number of fun patterns that let them explore their creativity with your creative DIY project!

30. Glass Pumpkins Still Shine Bright

Glass Pumpkins Still Shine Bright

By Halloween tradition, almost every family carves a pumpkin that sits outside their house. But what about creating a different kind of “pumpkin” lantern? This clever piece of decor utilizes the kind of glass block that you can find in any craft store. Add just LED lights and pipe cleaner, you can create a beautiful orange light that is perfect for the season and adds a fun, slightly spooky feel to your home. You could even make a few of these blocks and use them to light a stairwell or use a slightly larger block and make this glass “pumpkin” the centerpiece of your dining table!

31. Stylish Letters Sweeten Pumpkins

Stylish Letters Sweeten Pumpkins

If creating your own shining glass pumpkin isn’t your style, you can still brighten up your home with real pumpkins and a bit of creative placement. This classy project is simple: using high quality, stylized lettering and attaching them to real pumpkins. The color is key: Instead of using the orange pumpkins that are so familiar, try a different colored gourd that is sure to be a conversation starter. And by placing these pumpkins – and the letters attached to them – on cake stands, you can spice up your kitchen with seasonal style.

32. Make Magic with Halloween Optical Illusions

Make Magic with Halloween Optical Illusions

The United States isn’t the only country that celebrates a rather morbid holiday in the fall. Many Spanish-speaking countries celebrate the “Day of the Dead.” This Halloween indoor decoration of a witch crashing into a wall comes from Mexico. While it may seem a bit intensive, all you need to create this optical illusion an old pair of shoes, stockings, a broomstick and a few pieces of craft paper. To make this sophisticated design even easier, consider attaching everything to a posterboard and then attaching that to the wall with easy to use hanging tape.

33. Apothecary Jars Add Panache to Everyday Decorations

Apothecary Jars Add Panache to Everyday Decorations

Source: joann.com

If you’re like many of us, you have some old Halloween decorations laying around the house that are crying out for a creative use. Instead of simply displaying them on a table, you can easily repurpose them with a neat solution: apothecary jars. These stylish containers can be picked up nearly anywhere. Filled with Halloween decorations like pumpkins, they can be cute. With skulls and bones, they can be creepy. Pick up some replica Spanish moss at a craft store to make these decorations stand out even more.

34. Bats Fly with Paper Cutouts

Bats Fly with Paper Cutouts

The fall – and Halloween in particular – always seem to remind us of bats flying through the sky. With this easy project, you can create a flock of bats as a decoration for interior walls. A very simple endeavor, all you need to do is make a template and cut out paper bats from black construction paper. When you attach them to the wall, you can create any number of designs. This is a particularly great project to do with kids; many of them will enjoy making the bats and using them to decorate a wall or walls in their room!

35. Break The Jack-O-Lantern Mold

Break The Jack-O-Lantern Mold

Pumpkins are a staple of Halloween, but you can do more than just display them with a cute carving and a candle. In this Halloween indoor decoration idea, you can carve small holes in a series of pumpkins and connect them with small LED lights. While it looks labor intensive, it’s a fairly easy project. You can also use a variety of gourds, not just pumpkins, to add pizazz to the look. And the result is a much more creative decoration than the traditional pumpkin. It’s also perfect as a centerpiece or on a side table.

36. Soft Lights Bring Spiders to Life

Soft Lights Bring Spiders to Life

Mason jars are all the rage these days, and these nifty, spooky spider lights are perfect to take advantage of the trend. Easy to make, you simply fill a Mason jar with spider web material and black spiders – found at almost every major craft store. Adding a battery-powered white light creates an inviting soft light that accentuates the slightly wicked nature of the spider inside. It’s a perfect light for a party and can also be used as a centerpiece. Smaller Mason jars with the spider and lights also fit perfectly on a mantle or coffee table.

37. Bewitch Your Dining Room with Table Leg Covers

Bewitch Your Dining Room with Table Leg Covers

While centerpieces can always help with a cool look, it can sometimes be hard to think of other creative Halloween ideas for a dining room. These creative tab leg covers, which can be easily made with some leftover curtain fabric and old shoes are perfect for adding a fun, innovative look to any dining room or kitchen table. Combined with a centerpiece that fits with the Halloween theme, these witches’ leg table leg covers are perfect to help you celebrate the holiday in every room of your home.

38. Scary Spiders Make Spooky Rooms

Scary Spiders Make Spooky Rooms

Perfect for a Halloween party, creating these big spiders is easy and fun. Simply using a balloon and some crepe paper, you can build spooky spiders that stick to the wall or the ceiling. Adding three or four to a room, especially if they are on the ceiling, can create a perfect holiday vibe. In fact, a room with these spiders on the wall is the perfect Halloween mix of unsettling and fun. Plus kids love the opportunity to blow up balloons – and maybe even pop them come November 1.

39. String Makes Scary Skull

String Makes Scary Skull

Different from the traditional types of Halloween decorations, this relatively easy item looks and feels like the kind of art you’d pay big bucks for. Starting with just a small piece of wood and an attached piece of black fabric, you can use a few nails, string and twine to create the image of a skull. This is perfect to display above a fireplace or positioned in your home’s entryway for a Halloween party. Your friends will probably even ask what gallery you got such a haute piece from!

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