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23 Exciting Living Room Wall Art Ideas that will Instantly Brighten Your Day

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-03-05

Art is an important part of any living room design. It can complement existing furnishings or even define the rest of your decoration process.

Choose living room decorations based on the aesthetic you want to communicate. A playful painting will completely change the tone of an otherwise neutral room. You can use edgy geometric designs to get a modern look or go with a soft floral design to bring a sense of warmth and cheer.

23 Colorful Living Room Wall Decorations to Spruce Up Your Interior Design

Colors are particularly important when you select your decor ideas. If the painting features strong colors, try to match them in the rest of the room. You can also display flowers or plants that bloom in matching colors.

If you own your home, consider decorating your living room walls with a painted or stenciled mural. These designs enhance the living space without adding texture. You can also use removable wallpaper or decals to get a similar effect.

From wallpaper to paintings, these wall decorations will all add personality and excitement to your home. Choose several art pieces to create a complete and fulfilling design.

1. Hanging Geometric Winter Snowflake Cutout

Hanging Geometric Winter Snowflake Cutout Wall Art, Room Wall Decor Ideas

This living room captures the feeling of a bright winter day. The roaring fireplace, plush white rug, and adorable sled-shaped coffee table all come together to create a playful setting. The geometric snowflake hanging on the wall enhances the theme while adding a bit of modern texture. The warm yellow paint on the wall shines through cutouts in the decoration, making you wonder if you’re looking at a glittering snowflake or a brilliant sun.

2. Colorful Local Map Art

Colorful Local Map Art

Source: babasouk.ca

A map is a great way to bring a little bit of the outside world into your home. This bright and colorful map stands out against the white wall and fills the room with excitement. Boldly patterned pillows draw out the shades of pink and orange and help tie the room together. You could choose to hang either a map of your home country or a map of a place that you’d love to travel to one day.

3. Funky Squares Wall Decor

Funky Squares Art Design for Living Space, Living Room Walls

Many great examples of the art take advantage of the colorful paint underneath. This set of patterned squares stands out from the plain green wall; the space between each square becomes a new part of the design. The swirling combination of black and white is interesting but not too busy, which makes this a great choice for living room decoration.

4. Rainbow Ribbon Hanging Wall Decoration

Rainbow Ribbon Hanging Wall Décor

Who said curtains have to be for windows? This lovely piece uses a curtain rod to hang away from the wall. Each ribbon matches a color somewhere else in the room. The ribbons flutter with every slight breeze, adding a bit of motion to the room design. Consider hanging some string lights behind it to create an enchanting glow.

5. Moody Blue Abstract Floral Painting

Moody Blue Abstract Floral Painting Living Room Decor

This colors in this painting go perfectly with the brightly painted coffee table. The painting itself is subtle but busy; moving lines and varied colors give the impression of flowers in the rain. The simple room design works well with the complicated piece of art to create a modern and moody feeling.

6. Elegant Golden Wall Decoration

Elegant Golden Living Room Decor

This piece of art is delicate and ornate. Simple gray lines and shimmering gold paint combine to bring out the image of beautiful flowers. This kind of art wall adds class and luxury to a room design. Pair it with other golden decorations to really bring out the color and shine.

7. Colorful Art Piece

Colorful Abstract Wall Art Piece, Living Room Wall Decor

This room has white living room walls and a white couch, which means there’s nothing to distract from the gorgeously colorful painting. The design is abstract but brilliant; each splash of paint draws forth mood and emotion. Flowers and plants have been placed on either side of the painting to frame it with natural color.

8. Patterened Paper Chain Curtain Design

Patterened Paper Chain Curtain Design

Did you ever make paper chains as a kid? This unique piece of art takes a classic technique and brings it to an entirely new level. Each chain has been cleverly strung with different colored links. When hung next to each other, an art pattern emerges. This decoration has color, motion, and curiosity.

9. Simple Stencil Living Room Decor

Simple Stencil Living Room Decor

Sometimes art is hung on bare living room wall spaces. And sometimes, the art is the wall. This design takes advantage of a simple geometric pattern to create something visually pleasing. The triangles point away from the corner, making the space appear larger than it really is. Try using different shapes or colors to match the vibe of your living room.

10. Three Panel Thematic Print Art

Three Panel Thematic Print Art

Source: elleseal.com

A triptych is a piece of art expressed in three panels. These artistic prints all fit the same delightful pineapple theme. Matching golden frames bind the pieces together and add a touch of class to the gallery wall. A neutral couch features throw pillows that have been chosen to match the printed colors; the result is warm, fun, and decidedly modern.

11. Watercolor Painted Living Room Mural

Watercolor Painted Living Room Mural

These soft brush strokes and blended colors give the impression of watercolor, but this mural is actually made from printed wallpaper. The color palette is cheerful yet soothing. This single accent wall brings the entire room together; green wall paint, playful pillows, and a bright pink throw blanket each match a color within the design.

12. Natural Flower Art Frame Decoration

Natural Flower Art Frame Decoration

A decoration made with everlasting artificial flowers has turned this set of paintings into a bright and fun piece of living room decor. The hanging paintings each feature a muted color palette of blues and purples; the flowers draw out the colors and add to the playful effect on the gallery wall. This kind of decoration could be used to dress up any existing piece of art.

13. Flowering Cacti at Sunset Painting

Flowering Cacti at Sunset Painting

This warm desert scene really brightens the neutral tone of the room and turns your blank wall into something truly special. The art is simple yet evocative; the bright green cacti stand out against the pink of a desert sunset. These two colors are beautifully complemented by the flowers on the table. The painting also features brilliant purples, yellows, and magentas, meaning any set of flowers might have the same effect.

14. Geometric Pine Wooden Art

Geometric Pine Wooden Wall Art

This gorgeous piece of art uses both color and texture in a stunning visual design. Each block of wood has been soaked in color and carefully placed to create a cross between a painting and sculpture. Light plays off the angled blocks to really draw out the color inside. You can order this geometric art in several different colors and patterns.

15. Sentimental Living Room Decals

Sentimental Living Room Wall Decals

What better way to decorate your living room than with a welcoming message? These simple decals convey love and emotion. The dark color is easy to read and complements the surrounding environment. Each decal applies smoothly and looks like it was painted on in perfect handwriting. Place them over your couch or in another meaningful living room location.

16. Easy and Colorful Flower Wall Decals

Easy and Colorful Flower Wall Decals

These adorable pastel flowers are a simple, no-mess solution that will brighten up any room. Removable decals are a quick way to add color and interest to a living room design without damaging the wall. When you’re done with the decals, simply peel them off; you can even use them again. The soft and cheerful colors of the flowers create a relaxing and peaceful tone.

17. Romantic Two-Part Artistic Panel Prints

Romantic Two-Part Artistic Panel Prints

Each of these prints carries half of a loving and romantic message. Hang them next to each other to evoke a feeling of mutual independence. Because the art comes in two pieces, you can hang them in any way that suits your room layout. Choose a frame that matches your other furnishings to really tie these prints into your decor.

18. Golden Tree of Life Wall Hanging

Golden Tree of Life Wall Hanging

The tree of life is an ancient and meaningful symbol. Whether you believe in the symbology or just like the design, this piece of art makes an excellent addition to an ornate living room. The etched metal panels are simple yet elegant and help emphasize the other golden elements of the room. If you would prefer another design, you can also order a custom etching. Hang this piece in the center of the room where everyone can appreciate it.

19. Mountain Range Reclaimed Wood Art

Mountain Range Reclaimed Wood Wall Art, Living Rooms

This environmentally-friendly wall hanging honors the environment it helps to save. Clever use of geometry has turned these wooden blocks into snow-capped mountains. Several different designs and patterns are available to match your living room. High-quality craftsmanship means this art will be in your family for generations.

20. This Is Us Custom Printed Sign

This Is Us Custom Printed Sign, Living Rooms

Your living room should look like it belongs to your family. This custom printed sign shows your family’s last name and the date it all started. Choose your wedding anniversary or the day your first child was born. The simple print fits well with nearly any living room and brings forward a feeling of legacy and togetherness.

21. Colorful and Emotional Abstract Artwork

Colorful and Emotional Abstract Artwork

Abstract art is a great addition to any modern living room. This emotional piece fills the space with energy and class. Each unique painting uses a similar set of colors in a personal and custom piece of art. Ask the artist for something specific or be surprised by their creative vision. Either way, you’ll appreciate having a simple yet soulful piece of art to hang on your wall space.

22. Charming Hand-Painted Hanging Ceramic Plates

Charming Hand-Painted Hanging Ceramic Plates

Each of these delicate plates is hand-made and hand-painted in Hebron, Palestine. Bring a piece of history and culture into your home with one of these traditional designs. The intricate floral patterns make the gallery wall feel playful and romantic. You can hang a single plate as an accent piece or use several plates to create a larger display.

23. Bright and Brilliant Removable Floral Wallpaper

Bright and Brilliant Removable Floral Wallpaper

Many of these living room decorations rely on a quality paint job. But when the paint isn’t an option, removable wallpaper certainly is. These fun and exciting designs will completely transform your gallery wall. Choose from flamingos, flowers, or another bold pattern. Cover the whole room or simply paper over an accent wall. There are wall murals available to suit any color palette and make your blank wall a thing of the past.

Living Room Art Designs for Wall Space

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