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29 Simple and Beautiful Natural Home Decor Ideas for Every Room

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-03-05

Bringing nature into your home with decor is timeless, chic, and soothing. Natural home decor ideas have always been stylish. With minimalist aesthetics taking front and center in today’s design trends, it is an especially elegant choice.

29 Timelessly Chic Natural Home Decor Ideas for Outdoor Lovers

Natural home decor comes in many forms. The most obvious is live plants, but that’s just the beginning. Incorporating natural materials such as wood into your decor scheme is another solution. You can also add natural fiber textiles and prints inspired by nature.

If you tend to fall short in the “green thumb” department, then not to worry. There are plenty of ways to incorporate nature into your home without live plants. But if you are one of those lucky humans with a knack for caring for plants, then live greenery is a wonderful addition as well! Small succulents are a wonderful choice for tabletop vessels and floating shelves. Leafy plants with some height are great to act as columns and make a room appear taller. Air plants that are full and green are wonderful for high shelves to take up space and contrast with light-colored walls. The possibilities are truly endless.

Another way to bring the outdoors in is with your color schemes. Using colors found in nature such as green, brown, tan and blue contrast beautifully with crisp white. These combinations are incredibly pleasing to the eye and create a sense of peace and balance in your home. If you love bright colors, then a natural color scheme can create a fabulous backdrop for a statement piece. The simplicity of natural home decor makes a bright, bold, colorful work of art, throw pillow, or even table setting really pop.

Whether you’re updating your entire home with more natural decor or just a room or two, you will find plenty of design inspiration here. These 29 unique and beautiful ideas are full of natural beauty and easy to boot!

1. Textural Sand and Sunshine Bedroom Decor

Textural Sand and Sunshine Bedroom Decor

Who wouldn’t want to wake up in this bedroom every morning? The simple, light-colored wood bed frame, natural fabrics, touchable textures and a bit of leafy greenery here and there add up to a perfect combination. When you keep the color scheme this simple, then you can go crazy with texture! Just look at this bedroom. You’ve got thick embroidery on the pillows and throw blanket, a woven floor pillow, a faux fur rug, a wooden floor, and cozy bedding. The simple palette keeps this bedroom simple and chic – a combo that will stand the test of time.

2. Sleek, Modern Dining Room with a Natural Twist

Sleek, Modern Dining Room with a Natural Twist

You will be looking for any excuse to entertain with a dining room this gorgeous! This is a wonderful example of how you can combine various types of wood in a single harmonious design. There are four types in this dining room – the cherry redwood floor, the sandy wood table, the light wood on the chair legs and the medium finish wood in the wine rack. These create their very own natural color spectrum that’s accented with the gold light fixture and crisp white walls. Metal goes especially beautifully with wood and white – just look at how those copper tumblers beam from the built-in shelving!

3. Cozy Bedroom in Warm Neutral Colors

Cozy Bedroom in Warm Neutral Colors

Pulling off natural decor at home doesn’t require a huge budget. Need proof? Just take a look at this simple design. Focus on quality pieces with impact. The bedding here is a linen blend in a bold natural color that creates a presence in the room. The white woven lampshade adds interesting contrast without any color. For artwork, go with a large framed photograph. It’s a budget-friendly option that will take up ample space on your wall. The finishing touch on this arrangement is the vase with a bouquet of dried flowers. It pulls in every other color in the room and adds a lovely focal point.

4. Clean White with Natural Fibers, Wood and Plants

Clean White with Natural Fibers, Wood and Plants

An airy, white room is refreshing – like sleeping in a soft, gentle cloud. This particular design uses only four colors: white, black, green and tan. While simple, this palette is all you need to create a sophisticated room with a natural feel. All of the white elements are kept soft and flowy, like the draped bedding and the gauzy window dressing. The tan colors are primarily found in the wood floor and furniture, but brought up vertically with the bedside table and woven planter. A subtle hint of black can be found in the striped blankets draped and rolled in the shelving.

5. Deep Colors, Natural Textures, and Plenty of Plants

Deep Colors, Natural Textures, and Plenty of Plants

This living room is proof positive that natural surroundings can blend perfectly with other design themes, like warm industrial. Green (non-flowering) plants are the best for this type of decor. One of the keys to pulling off an indoor garden is to choose low-maintenance plants that require minimal watering and partial sun. The woven baskets and ottoman are a subtle nod to the outdoors that help to blend the natural elements with the more structured, industrial ones. Lastly, the simple tribal print rug in neutral tones adds movement and lightness to the room.

6. Where Pastel Colors and Natural Textures Meet

Where Pastel Colors and Natural Textures Meet

Sometimes natural decor comes in unexpected forms. Take a look at this geometric pastel beauty. While they can be found outdoors, pastels are not traditionally used in “natural” decorating themes. The soft ethereal pastel hues like this dusty blue and pale pink connect with the natural world through materials, textures, and a hint of richer color for contrast. This wall has a texture of vertical lines that add depth and make the color feel like ripples of water. The pale pink comes in the form of a wooden floating shelf structured into a hexagon. Nestled into the shelf is a curio collection, including a warm golden yellow glass vessel that beams like sunshine.

7. Ultra Cozy and Plush Rustic Bedroom

Ultra Cozy and Plush Rustic Bedroom

Have you ever seen a bed this inviting? It makes you want to dive under the covers and curl up with a good book. Nature is all around in this beautiful menagerie – from the rustic distressed wood platform bed to the smattering of leafy air plants across the floating shelf to the woven jute rug and basket to the leaf print artwork. The simple Mason jar cluster light is a perfect choice for the theme. If you’re looking for some DIY artwork for your natural-themed room, then pressed leaves are a genius solution. They’re incredibly affordable and look so chic. All you need is a thin frame, a big leaf, and a white backdrop.

8. Modern Natural Oasis for Kids and Grown-Ups

Modern Natural Oasis for Kids and Grown-Ups

Functional, modern, and natural styles all come together with stylish perfection in this living room. The neutral colors open the door for a broad collection of mixed patterns. You can see this in the throw pillows, blanket, and area rug. Mom and dad can kick back on the couch or in the hanging chair while the kids play or do homework at the table. The heavy design of the wooden table lends itself to the modern minimalist of the room which ties in with the ultra-modern light fixture. Big floor-to-ceiling windows are the finishing touch that allows you to gaze out into a canopy of trees. If you have this kind of view in your backyard, then this is a wonderful way to incorporate it into your living space.

9. Natural Winter Wreath Made of Snowy Branches

Natural Winter Wreath Made of Snowy Branches

You don’t have to take a natural theme throughout your home – you can use it in your seasonal decorations instead. This pretty wreath is made of found branches and whitewashed to give it the appearance of being covered in snow. You could easily dress this up with holiday ribbons and lights for the holidays, then keep it simple for a festive touch in the new year. Hang a wreath like this indoors or outdoors for an organic touch.

10. Leaf, Flower and Branch DIY Wall Art

Leaf, Flower and Branch DIY Wall Art

You’d be amazed at the stunning works of art you can create with a few simple elements from the outdoors. A piece like this can be made easily with a branch, some natural cord, and a few bunches of dried herbs and flowers. Choose aromatic herbs and flowers like lavender and eucalyptus for some aromatherapy benefits. A wall hanging like this would look gorgeous in a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or anywhere you have a small section of a wall that’s feeling a little empty. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, you can make this a functional work of art and use it to dry your live flowers and herbs for a constantly changing rotation of beautiful greenery!

11. Surprising Bouquet of Cotton Blossoms

Surprising Bouquet of Cotton Blossoms

Who says bouquets have to be made of flowers? This unexpected bunch of cotton blossom stems is a gorgeous alternative that won’t wilt. The simple mahogany and white color of the stems are modern and minimalist – making them perfect for this simple glass vase. This simple, elegant solution would add a natural elegance to nearly any style of decor. Farmhouse? Use a ceramic vase. Eclectic? Try a vessel that’s more colorful? Industrial? Choose a metal vase or one that’s more geometrical.

12. Indoor Wood and Wreath Home Sign

Indoor Wood and Wreath Home Sign

Oh, how we love a good piece of lettering art. This sign welcomes you home with farmhouse sophistication and a festive wreath of vibrant leaves. The wooden shiplap backdrop adds a rustic touch. Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays. They can be used for every season to bring a sprig of fresh greenery into your home.

13. Simple Arrangement of Dresser and Artwork

Simple Arrangement of Dresser and Artwork

Part of what makes nature so magnificent is its simplicity. Take a cue from mother nature in your decor to achieve the same kind of beauty in your home. This is a lovely example. A clean white wall. A weathered wooden dresser. A simple sign. A stack of books. A single plant. All of these small treasures arranged together are design perfection. If you do not love sign art, you could easily swap that out for something more your style. The takeaway is that you can’t go wrong when you keep things simple and organic.

14. Amazingly Easy DIY Pinecone Door Decor

Amazingly Easy DIY Pinecone Door Decor

Are you a DIY newbie? Do you consider yourself design-challenged? Well, then, welcome to the project for you. This is a simple project that looks fancy. Yay! All you need for this door decor inspired by nature is a few pinecones and some jute twine. Tie a bow onto the pinecones and string them at various lengths so you get a nice arrangement. Wrap the ends together into a bow at the top and hang up your creation! This could work on an interior or exterior door. Hot tip: Add some essential oil or cinnamon spray to make these aromatic.

15. Fabulous Macrame Headboard for Open Studio Floorplan

Fabulous Macrame Headboard for Open Studio Floorplan

Does your studio apartment need some boundaries? A well placed curtain can do wonders to section off and create “rooms” within an open floor plan. This beautiful macrame curtain is a simple, natural, and elegant solution. Combined with the cozy white and cream bedding, a structural bedside table, and some well placed greenery, you’ve got yourself a perfect little oasis in the corner of your cozy studio. This is a stylish minimalist solution for those who keep their mattress on the floor.

16. Distressed Wood Frame and Metal Gallery Wall

Distressed Wood Frame and Metal Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is always a hit, and this nature-inspired version is no exception. Distressed wood is a reliable way to bring a rustic feel into any home. This heartfelt poem printed on quality paper is a wonderful way to add a sentimental touch to your artwork. Since it comes in a pair, you only need one or two other pieces to complete your gallery wall. The geometrical wire elements are a nice touch that makes the gallery wall a bit more modern. As with nearly all natural decor, using a palette of neutral colors helps you keep things simple and chic.

17. Beautiful Black and White Botanical Bedroom

Beautiful Black and White Botanical Bedroom

Source: loomwell.com

Wallpaper is a fantastic – and easy – way to incorporate bold design into your decor. Although floral patterns can be a little old fashioned, this black and white line drawing version is thoroughly modern. When you have a simple palette like this – black, white and tan – you have a lot of leeway to mix patterns. For example, the throw pillows are a mix of black and white tribal prints that perfectly tie in with the wallpaper. The wooden bed adds warmth and balance, keeping the white bedding from getting lost in the wall. Love it!

18. Julia Child Quote for the Kitchen

Julia Child Quote for the Kitchen

Simple colors, organic materials, and a kind message are all ingredients that are welcome in kitchen decor. The original celebrity chef, Julia Child, famously said, “people who love to eat are the best kind of people.” Bon appetit, Julia! This adorable sign is framed in raw wood and would complement any natural kitchen or dining room decor flawlessly. This sign is a combination of farmhouse, minimalism, and rustic decor styles. The combo is particularly versatile. Set this art on a mantel or floating shelf alongside a vase with plants or flowers for a yummy, inviting design.

19. Delightful Holiday Handwritten Sign with Whitewashed Wood Frame

Delightful Holiday Handwritten Sign with Whitewashed Wood Frame

When the holidays come around you can hear carols and seasonal music everywhere you go. This beautiful handwritten text art features a refrain from “Oh Holy Night” – a classic Christmas song. The simple design and whitewashed wood frame make this a perfect choice to go with a natural design theme. Just look at how seamlessly this artwork fits in with sprigs of evergreen. Simplicity and classic Christmas tunes will never go out of style, making this a perfect choice for timeless holiday decor that you can enjoy for years to come.

20. Macrame Wall Hanging and Gallery Wall

Macrame Wall Hanging and Gallery Wall

A big part of pulling of the “natural” look is to use organic materials and those that come from nature. Cotton, clay ceramics, wood, and metal are all consistent with this design theme. When you combine these materials with colors from nature, then the result is stunning. This macrame wall hanging is made from cotton and wood. The color is the same as the wall it hangs on, but the texture and design add depth and beauty without needing bright, bold colors. It goes perfectly with a couple of simple works of art and a shelf of a simple vase and works of art.

21. Elegant Wooden Napkin Rings for Place Settings

Elegant Wooden Napkin Rings for Place Settings

These reusable napkins rings are an elegant solution that can be customized to match with your flatware and dishes. The “Give Thanks” message on the tags are laser printed on natural wood, making them perfect for natural decor. To customize these for your table place settings, choose a ribbon color that ties in the other colors on your table. We love that these can be re-used and the versatility of changing out the colors of the “ring” part of the napkin ring made of ribbon. They are so cute and festive!

22. Beautiful Simplicity – Dark Wood Bed and Wreath

Beautiful Simplicity - Dark Wood Bed and Wreath

This arrangement of elements is truly a work of art. It is good to remember that you do not need a lot of stuff to achieve gorgeous home design. Just a few simple pieces arranged well does the trick! In this bedroom, a strong wooden headboard and footboard add deep, rich color and structure to the room. The bedding and elements like lamps and window dressings are all crisp white. This makes the room open and airy. A single, simple a-symmetrical hoop wreath with eucalyptus leaves is the proverbial “cherry on top” of this lovely arrangement.

23. A Stylish Way to Display Jewelry, Naturally

A Stylish Way to Display Jewelry, Naturally

You buy jewelry because it is beautiful. Don’t hide it away in a jewelry box – turn It into art instead! These driftwood jewelry displays are the perfect way to transform that collection of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets into a display worthy of an art gallery. Arrange your driftwood displays to balance the length of the pieces, similar to how you would balance elements on a gallery wall. This fills out the space and keeps the arrangement symmetrical. Driftwood is a beautiful, rustic medium that has a place in any home taking design cues from nature.

24. Natural Wood and Cord Hanging Shelf

Natural Wood and Cord Hanging Shelf

You know about regular shelves and floating shelves, but this is a lovely alternative to both. These shelves hang like a work of art. As a result, they take up presence like a wall hanging while providing the functionality of a shelf. The natural wood is suspended by black cord from an elegant silver ring. Arrange books, ceramics, potted plants, or anything you love on these shelves. The black, wood, and silver design works perfectly with the rest of your natural decor.

25. Get a World View from Your Bedroom

Get a World View from Your Bedroom

Most maps are printed on paper, but this is not most maps! This map of the world is large enough to fill a wall with each country beautifully displayed in a different shade of wood. Along with a simple bed with organic linens, a distressed wood bench, a soft tribal print rug, and a minimalist hanging light, this design has everything you need for a spectacular bedroom design. Artwork like this is wonderful for anyone with wanderlust and a love of the outdoors.

26. Modern Minimalist from Mother Nature

Modern Minimalist from Mother Nature

Did you know that contemporary design and natural elements could go together this perfectly? If your living space is an open format, then a shelving solution like this would work perfectly. The free-standing wooden design is customizable – the possibilities are endless! You can go beyond shelves, just look at how the pegs are used to hang a triangular mirror. Just get creative! The vases with tall dried greenery on each side add fullness and dimension to the overall design. One last note – if you do not have a budget for framing artwork, turn to simpler options like that chrome gold paperclip. It gets the job done in style!

27. Grayscale Natural Bedroom Full of Texture

Grayscale Natural Bedroom Full of Texture

There is so much goodness in this design that it is tough to know where to start. The key to this fabulous design is texture. Lots and lots of texture. Let’s start at the floor. A modern shag rug in organic white cotton sets the stage. The woven basket on the floor can hold your laundry, blankets, or other odds and ends. The distressed wood bench holds a few blankets and a collection of ceramic vases. The bedding is a linen blend and the pillows add contrast with a bold geometric print. Last, but certainly not least, the black and white wall art draw the eye up and open the room.

28. Desert Oasis Open Dining Room Design

Desert Oasis Open Dining Room Design

Everything about this dining room is so utterly stylish. The rockstars of this design are the woven pieces. The macrame table runner is a wonderful alternative to standard fabric. It adds pattern and dimension to the entire room. The simple clay vases with succulents anchor it on the table. If you have a hanging light, then changing out an older shade for something like this woven beauty is a wonderful way to update the style. The entire room looks bigger thanks to the crisp white walls and tall plants – from the beautiful greenery to the cactus reaching upward in the background.

29. Playful Wooden Zig Zag Floating Shelf

Playful Wooden Zig Zag Floating Shelf

Need a little whimsy in your natural decor? We’ve got you. Floating shelves can be put to good use in just about any room of your home. This version is crafted of pressed wood, providing a delightful combination of wood grain and a striped pattern. Place your potted plants, artwork, or other items on each shelf and enjoy the view!

29 Professional Natural Home Decor Ideas to Bring the Outdoors In

Interior decor can take cues from nature in its color, materials, patterns, and artwork and design. Natural decor can be incorporated into a minimalist, traditional, farmhouse, industrial, or modern themes. It is truly all about finding the shapes, colors, and styles from Mother Nature that blend well with your own personal style. Since elements from nature are neutral and rustic, they are exquisitely versatile!

You can certainly dive right into this type of style, but you can also keep things simple. Just like a beautiful scene from nature, design inspired by the outdoors can be the most stunning and complete when in its simplest form.

If you want to start with something small, then try a wall hanging or incorporating natural textiles into your home. If you want to go full force into natural home decor, then you can start with the rug and work your way up to the light fixtures – taking care to use natural materials and colors from floor to ceiling.

A fun way to make this style choice personal is to incorporate natural elements from your favorite outdoor spot. Frame a photo of your favorite tree, or use plants that are native to your neck of the woods. As with all design, the most important criteria is that you love it! How will you bring nature into your home decor?

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