50 Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations for 2023 🎄


24. Gingerbread Family Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Gingerbread Family Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Source: Pinterest

There are plenty of holiday cakes, cookies, and desserts baked and distributed around the holidays. This gingerbread family is a calorie-free delight. Made from cardboard attached to a stick that is pinned into the ground; decorate your gingerbread people to reflect the composition of your family. Use paint or other objects, like candy and ribbons to style your gingerbread and identify your family members. This example shows mom, dad, and the two kids. The gingerbread house, long associated with the holiday, is a treat. Add other family members, pets and friends to create a perfect family.

25. Planter Full Of Christmas Ornaments

Planter Full Of Christmas Ornaments

Source: Pinterest

Normally, at this time of year, the flowers in a planter would be dead from the cold. Here they are full of life with colorful Christmas ornaments arranged like a gorgeous hanging flower plant display. Place Christmas ornaments in different shapes, sizes and colors inside the planter to fill it and create the illusion of hanging flowers. The top of the planter is filled with ornamental shrubbery giving the display much needed height. Simply glue the ornaments together to create this sculpted look. Use plastic ornaments or shatter-proof materials to avoid messy and dangerous cleanups.

26. Deck The Doors NOT The Halls

Deck The Doors NOT The Halls Outdoor Christmas Decoration Idea

These uniquely shaped square wreaths use moss as the green element in this classy interpretation of a pair door wreaths. Particularly in areas with moderate winters or temperatures, the moss plant is easy to maintain. Simply water the mold and re-hang. The festive red ribbon is used to hang the wreaths and as decoration – secured safely on the inside of the door. The ribbon can be any color that puts you in the holiday spirit. The three lanterns hanging over door frame are a nice touch providing extra illumination and placing a spotlight on the wreaths.

27. Repurposed Wood Shavings Wreaths as a Christmas Decorating Idea

Repurposed Wood Shavings Wreaths Christmas Decoration Idea

Many of you collect logs to use in your fireplaces over the winter. Displaying the logs pose a design challenge – because of the function the logs serve. In this example, the logs are collected and placed inside a large ceramic pot by the door. Style and function merge. Some of the logs produce wood shavings naturally. You can take the wood shavings and place them around a wreath ring and add cranberries and bells to complete the wreath. The wire basket of large pinecones connects the three Christmas decorations to create a repurposed holiday display.

28. Potted Christmas Boot Plants

Potted Christmas Boot Plants Outdoor Decoration

These homemade Christmas decorations use red rubber boots as the pots to display seasonal plants. Grouping the red rubber boots together on the entrance steps creates a lively display. Like an ink-blot test, if you look at the display long enough, you will see the outline of a Christmas tree. Simply place two boots on the top step and four boots on both the middle and bottom steps. Mix the boot sizes up and fill it with seasonal green plants. To elevate plant and hide pot, place a tall box or cans inside the boot.

29. Paper Bag Lanterns

Paper Bag Lanterns Christmas Decoration

Source: decorcus.com

Providing nighttime illumination is a great way to keep the spirit of the holidays alive. Because the sun sets earlier in the day during the winter months, by the time you return home from work or errands, it’s dark outside. This idea helps keep you in the holiday mood by illuminating your home’s walkway. Simply decorate brown paper bags with a favorite holiday image, like a Christmas tree as seen in this idea, put a battery operated candle inside the bag, turn the candle on, and place bag on the ground. Voila, a paper bag lantern!

30. Snowman Wreath

Snowman Wreath Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Source: Pinterest

Incorporate this snowman in your Christmas decor. To make this DIY Christmas decoration collect three wreaths in two different sizes. Use one size for the head and the other size for the snowman’s body. Arrange the wreaths vertically with smallest wreath on top followed by the larger wreaths. Make sure your snowman stays warm by placing a scarf around his neck and gloves for his hands. Simply take two sticks, put gloves on, and secure in the middle part of the snowman. Complete the snowman’s look with a classy top hat easily available in party supply stores.

31. Grand Holiday Entrances

Grand Holiday Entrances Christmas Outdoor Decor

The entrance into this home is grand and sophisticated. This idea uses several outdoor Christmas decorations to complete the overall look. First, the garland on the door frame is made using multiple holiday ornaments in various shapes and sizes held together by an equally colorful assortment of holiday themed ribbons. The garland perfectly complements the display on the door embellishing the wreath with the matching ribbons and color schemes. The pair of urns by the door are filled with holiday fruits and ornament. The poinsettia plants in front of the door complete this Christmas holiday look.

32. Potted Pine Comb Glory

Potted Pine Comb Glory Christmas Decoration

A wonderful craft idea is to fill large dormant planters with seasonal items. Make as many arrangements as you have pots. In this DIY Christmas decoration idea, pine combs, green pine tree branches, and red shiny ornaments are placed inside the potted plants. Particularly if the pots already have dirt in them, you will not need many materials to complete this holiday decoration idea. All of the materials used in this idea can be found in your home. Simply scour the yard for pine combs and pine tree branches and use old Christmas tree ornaments.

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