The 50 Best Pumpkin Decoration and Carving Ideas for Halloween


24. Caterpillar Pumpkin Stretch

Caterpillar Pumpkin Stretch


Caterpillars can be cute when they are transformed to butterflies and pumpkins, and the right sized pumpkins can help create the perfect caterpillar characterization. Kids will love this easy to assemble insect pumpkin. Use smaller pumpkins painted in just the right color of green and apply colorful adhesive backed felt circles to complete the decorative body. Place googly or jiggly eyes on the front pumpkin and insert colorful pipe cleaners on the head area for antennae. Display the pumpkins in a squiggly or S pattern shape on a front yard area, porch or deck. Another cute idea is the placement of the display on a long picnic table for an outside Halloween party for kids.

25. Ghostly Welcome

Ghostly Welcome

A welcoming chalkboard is the perfect framework for this candy door hanger. A white half pumpkin with ghostly characteristics as well as an open and happy expression gives Halloween party guests and trick-or-treaters an easy way to retrieve candy, plus read a welcoming message. This fun to assemble pumpkin decoration idea is great for those who have to be away from their home on Halloween night. Kids can simply take a piece of candy and be on their way to their next destination. Local craft stores have the necessary materials and cutting tools, which entails cutting out the middle to bottom half of the pumpkin for the smiling candy receptacle, painting the black and white eyes, and affixing the pumpkin half to the board with screws.

26. Ribbons and Speckles

Ribbons and Speckles


Ribbons and a feather-like stem topper are best used with an elongated type of pumpkin. The ribbons showcase the pumpkin’s length, plus the wider and narrower ribbons give the pumpkin a fuller appearance and add texture and focus to the design. The feathered look around the area of the stem draws attention to the top of the pumpkin and adds a touch of glamour as well. It is an easy project that entails finding a taller pumpkin, different patterns and widths of ribbons and feather-like filler. The pumpkin stem is painted with a contrasting ribbon color, and the body of the pumpkin is speckled with black paint accents. Draw the ribbon from the bottom up to the top of the pumpkin and affix with craft glue. Fill in with the topper material.

27. Electrically Charged Buggies

Electrically Charged Buggies

Bugs, spiders and other creepy crawlies fit in nicely with pumpkin decorations and when they are electrically charged and raring to make their home in a trio of pumpkins, watch out for the sparks to fly. Once they have found a place to call home, there is no telling what will happen with this colony of arachnids. To create the pumpkin trio, spray paint foam pumpkins in white. Then, drill holes to fit the light tips into the pumpkins. Cut an opening in the back of the pumpkins that is large enough to accommodate the string of spider lights. Take off the spiders from the light strings and insert the lights through the drilled holes. Finally, reattach the spiders to the lights and place double sided tape or sticky dots onto the back of the spiders and place them onto the pumpkins so they lay level. Plug into an outlet and watch those spiders illuminate their pumpkin homes.

28. Crown Jewels

Crown Jewels


Using crystal-like jewels with this elaborate pumpkin decoration idea brings on thoughts of dripping jewels and sophisticated bling. The design is both regal and elegant and can be duplicated with a faux or real pumpkin, though a faux pumpkin would last longer and provide continued years of use. The deep metallic paint effect with jewel-like colors brings the pumpkin into focus, and the addition of another metallic paint color to the stem provides contrast. Several coats of metallic paint may be required to achieve intensity but once dried, the pumpkin is ready for the application of the bling. The jewels are the piece de resistance with this pumpkin, and they can be utilized with adhesive backed bling or glued on with hot glue for the finishing touch.

29. All Dressed Up in Tulle

All Dressed Up in Tulle

Tulle, ribbon and a little bow tying can take a pumpkin decoration idea to another level. Simple tulle netting and Halloween colored ribbons entwined in one another and tied around the stem section of a pumpkin can complete a wrapped package look in a matter of seconds. Utilize either real or foam pumpkins, though foam pumpkins do make a longer lasting decoration. Tulle can be purchased at most fabric and craft outlets as can patterned and printed ribbons that add texture and touches of accent colors. Buy enough tulle to cover one or two pumpkin forms with sufficient fabric left over to go beyond the stem and bring height to the finished look once the ribbon has been tied.

30. Thumbtack My Pumpkin

Thumbtack My Pumpkin

Thumbtacks are making the rounds these days with pumpkin decorations and they certainly bring an industrial yet regal look to any gourd out there. The thumbtacks are available at craft and dollar stores, and styrofoam pumpkins can be found in the same places. Purchase at least three boxes of thumbtacks as most average sized pumpkins will require about two and a half boxes to finish the look. In addition to gold thumbtacks, also pick up a box of darker colored thumbtacks for the stems. Simply place the tacks in a circular motion starting with top of the pumpkin and stem area. Continue circling around the pumpkin pushing in the thumbtacks until reaching the bottom.

31. Criss Crossing the Web

Criss Crossing the Web

Drawing lines with a magic marker or sharpie is a quick crafting task and the same process can be applied just as easily to a white foam or hollow pumpkin. The look is plain and simple but has a punch to it, particularly when a large spider is added to the picture. It takes just a few minutes to draw vertical lines in the pumpkin grooves and then switch and draw horizontal or circular lines around the pumpkin to complete the look of a spider web. Complete the project with a free hand drawing of a spider or find a spider pattern and trace it on the pumpkin. Paint the spider with flat black paint or a shiny paint for an eye catching Halloween motif.

32. Dual Personality – Inner Face Outer Face

Dual Personality – Inner Face Outer Face

With this pumpkin decoration idea, an inner and outer pumpkin have been joined together to conger up scary thoughts, and this Halloween pumpkin creation portrays just that with its dual personality appearance. There are two sets of pumpkin carvings that require both an outer orange pumpkin that is split wide open to accommodate a white inner pumpkin that has been transformed into a terrifying skull with wide hollow eyes and a mouthful of clenched teeth. The evil skull outdid the brave pumpkin with this duo. Orange and white faux hollow pumpkins are easily carved with a craft knife blade and the two are attached together with crafting or hot glue.

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