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27 of the Best Sea Glass Art Projects to Bring the Beach to You

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-03-01

Are you looking for some of the best sea glass art projects you can do at home? Sea glass comes from discarded bottles and jars dropped into the sea many years ago. Over time, the ocean salt and the force of the pounding waves wear down the glass and reduces its shine. Excellent sea glass will be completely frosted over with no shiny spots.

27 Beautiful Sea Glass Crafts that are Perfect for Summer

It takes at least seven years for a shard of glass in the ocean to be weathered and frosted over until it becomes sea glass. And since we now use plastic for packaging instead of glass, the source for sea glass is finite. This makes sea glass unique and precious in addition to simply beautiful.

Sea glass makes for a beautiful decoration for any home. With its soft blue and green color, frosted appearance, and pitted texture, it’s no wonder these “gems” are sometimes called mermaid tears. People have been turning sea glass into all kinds of crafts for decades. Although it’s often been most popular to use sea glass in jewelry, there are many other ways you can use sea glass to create cool sea glass crafts.

It’s easy to use sea glass to make amazing and unique crafts. If you’re interested in adding a mysterious and elegant element to your home decoration, sea glass might be the perfect craft material for you.

You can also imitate the appearance of sea glass in any number of designs simply by using paint. If you don’t have access to genuine sea glass, don’t worry. Here are 27 of the best sea glass art projects anyone can make.

1. Frosted Sea Glass Chandelier Light

Frosted Sea Glass Chandelier Light

To add a touch of soft light and beautiful color to any room, try a sea glass chandelier like this. Sea glass is strung along the wires of the chandelier to create a cool and soothing lighting effect, while the texture of the glass creates an interesting visual surface for the eye. If you’re looking to add to the island feeling, make sure you complete the look with white and brown accents. The white cord strung around the sides of the lamp lends an extra nautical flair that will turn a plain bathroom or dining room into an elegant beachy paradise.

2. Simple Blue Beach Sea Glass Vase

Simple Blue Beach Sea Glass Vase

This beautiful and simple vase makes for a perfect burst of color and a sea-glass look without the extra steps. This craft is perfect for anyone with plain glass vases hanging around at home. Simply use a little glue and food coloring to paint your vase, and combine it with other beach decorations like shells and driftwood. Vases like these are great for holding flowers and driftwood, but they’re also beautiful when empty as a shelf or table decoration.

3. Mini Sea Glass Succulent Planter

Mini Sea Glass Succulent Planter

If you’d like to add a sprinkle of plant life to your office or windowsill, there’s no better way to do it than by making this easy planter. Using sea glass (faux or genuine), just glue pieces to a bowl to create a decorative planter that can beautifully hold a small plant like a succulent. You can use all one color or combine a few for a more vibrant look. This simple project will lend a creative and nautical feeling to whatever room it’s in. As a bonus, many succulents resemble seaweed, so you’ll get an extra boost of ocean vibes.

4. Beautiful Sea Glass Table Decorations

Beautiful Sea Glass Table Decorations

By gluing pieces of sea glass to polystyrene balls, you can create a versatile and beautiful home decoration. These decorations can be made in any size you wish and placed on any surface you like, making them perfect for filling spaces that feel empty or adding a pop of color to a plain tabletop. Change the feel of the decoration and the entire room by switching up the colors of the sea glass you use, or paint the polystyrene ball before you glue the glass on. This is the best sea glass art project that takes just a few minutes and a few materials but produces something unique and beautiful.

5. Small Sea Glass Flower Garden Ornament

Small Sea Glass Flower Garden Ornament

Sea glass ideas like these are perfect for creating a small and intricate outdoor decoration. The irregular shape of the sea glass “petals” gives the whole thing a natural and stylish feeling without ever looking ragged or too homemade. Glue sea glass to a metal can lid of whatever size you like in the pattern of a flower, and place it wherever you want to add a colorful and interesting decoration. You can glue some wire to the backs of the flowers to give them “stems,” or just glue the flowers to a signpost or other wooden object. Either way, you’ll create something special that will transform your sea glass into a precious garden ornament.

6. Sea Glass Suncatcher for Indoors or Outdoors

Sea Glass Suncatcher for Indoors or Outdoors

One of the most popular sea glass crafts is wrapping pieces of sea glass in wire (usually copper). It’s not hard to see why! The shiny bronze color and intricate swirls and lines of the wire contrasts beautifully here with the smooth and frosted texture of the sea glass. Suncatchers like these will look beautiful no matter where they’re hung, but they’ll shine when they’re placed in a window. When the sun shines through the glass fragments, it’ll create an amazing effect that will mesmerize anyone who passes by. If you use high-quality wood for the frame, you can create a decoration that will amaze people for years to come.

7. Frosted Multicolored Sea Glass Vase

Frosted Multicolored Sea Glass Vase

While real sea glass is limited to mostly green and blue, you can create pink, yellow, or purple “sea glass” vases with the help of a little food coloring. This is one of many sea glass ideas that needs no actual sea glass! To achieve a perfectly smooth, sea glass finish on your plain glass vases, paint the outside with a very thin coat of glue and food coloring. This is one of the best sea glass art projects because you can create any color you like and still achieve that frosted, mysterious sea glass look. It’s also easy to do on vases of any size and shape, so the final product is completely up to you.

8. Blue Seahorse Cut-Out Candleholders

Blue Seahorse Cut-Out Candleholders

If you need something to remind you of the cool ocean during the hot days of summer, try this beautiful project. Spice up your plain candle holders with this awesome idea to create a cutout of a seahorse on a beautiful blue background. Using nothing but paper, tape, and spray paint, you can create a unique design that will catch everyone’s eye and make them wonder how you did it. Finish it off with some sand or pebbles and an LED candle inside. You’ll love the feeling of sand, surf, and summer this project will give you.

9. Easy Sea Glass Jewelry Pendants

Easy Sea Glass Jewelry Pendants

Are you looking for easy and beautiful sea glass designs you can use as a gift? Just use copper and sea glass to create amazing necklace pendants you can string on any necklace chain. These pendants make perfect gifts for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or just because. You can use silver, gold, or copper wire to thread around your sea glass pieces. Whatever you choose, the shine and swirls of the wire will look incredible against the textured and frosted glass. You can also glue two pieces of sea glass together before you wrap them in wire to create even better color contrast and dimension.

10. Sea Glass Sculpture to Catch the Light

Sea Glass Sculpture to Catch the Light

Sea glass is incredibly versatile. Since every piece is unique in shape, color, and texture, there are infinite possibilities when it comes to sea glass crafts. Sculptures like these are one of the best demonstrations of this versatility since you can create a sculpture in any shape you like. As long as you use heavy-duty glue, the sea glass will easily stick together in whatever shape you decide. Place your sculpture up against a sunny window, and you’ll be amazed at the hazy colors and cool reflections. You can use other beachy objects for the base, such as rocks, driftwood, or sand dollars.

11. Encrusted Garden Sea Glass Decoration

Encrusted Garden Sea Glass Decoration

This project is an awesome sea glass idea for using all kinds of bits and bobs you have lying around the house, including sea glass. You can use any materials you like, including sea glass, gems, marbles, shells, and pebbles. This project is great because of how easy it is to adapt to whatever you have already. Whether you use a hypertufa sphere or a more irregularly shaped rock from the garden, you can create a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art that will sparkle in the sun and lend a magical, cozy feel to your garden.

12. Subtle Sea Glass Ombre Clock

Subtle Sea Glass Ombre Clock

For a beautiful nautical addition to any room, check out this cool upcycled clock. Featuring a natural ombre of sea glass colors from white to dark green, this clock will subtly enhance any room it’s placed in for a dash of ocean beauty. It’s finished with a soft white cotton rope to give it extra texture and the feeling of an oceanside dock. The clock is 9 inches across, making it easy to place in any space around your home. Each piece of sea glass has been carefully chosen from the beaches of the Isle of Wight.

13. Adorable Sea Glass Seahorse on a Jar

Adorable Sea Glass Seahorse on a Jar

Source: diyagogo.com

This DIY kit comes with a mason jar, sea glass, sand, seashells, glue, a candle, and a small bead to create your own adorable seahorse candle holder. If you don’t have access to it at home, sea glass idea kits like these are a great way to create beautiful sea glass art. The kit also comes in small, medium, and large sizes, so you can decide what size you’d like your candle holder to be. The seahorse you create will be one-of-a-kind, with beautiful texture and glimmering color that no other material could produce.

14. Frosted Bohemian Sea Glass Vase Filler

Frosted Bohemian Sea Glass Vase Filler

These frosted white sea glass pieces are super versatile and an awesome idea to add a little something to vases, candle holders, and any other decorative container you might have. Whether you use them to accent candles, floral arrangements, or just by themselves, these sea glass pieces will lend a sense of history and elegance. Great as part of a bohemian, shabby coastal chic, or modern decorating scheme, the pieces can be used to accent any indoor or outdoor space for an extra flair of nautical style. They’re also perfect for any wedding with a coastal theme.

15. Island Sea Glass Picture Frame Mirror

Island Sea Glass Picture Frame Mirror

As a beautiful addition to any bathroom, bedroom, or hallway, this 6×6 mirror is covered with various colors of sea glass, making it a completely individual decor piece. While many sea glass decor items are best suited to specifically coastal themed rooms, this mirror is versatile and will fit any style of decoration thanks to its gorgeous pastel colors. The rope edging gives the piece an extra textured flair and helps it stand out from the wall. Whether you’re looking for a functional mirror to hang above your bathroom sink, or a piece of wall art to hang in the hallway, this mirror is a beautiful and useful item that will add charm wherever you hang it.

16. Green Ombre Sea Glass Chandelier

Green Ombre Sea Glass Chandelier

This gorgeous chandelier is meant to imitate the appearance of breaking waves with its ombre from white to dark green. The delicately strung individual pieces of sea glass are combined with clear crystal beads to create an amazing piece of art as well as a functional light fixture. A larger clear glass prism hangs from the bottom as a finishing touch. The illusion of water is completed with this raindrop prism and, combined with the skillful choice of white, blue, and green sea glass pieces, creates an oceanic feeling that’s impossible to ignore. This chandelier is suitable for any space in which you want to add amazing color and strong aquatic touch.

17. Hanging Sea Glass Sun Catcher Mobile

Hanging Sea Glass Sun Catcher Mobile

For a dash of brilliant color and nautical whimsy, these sea glass suncatchers are a wonderful choice. The mobiles come in a variety of colors, from royal blue and green ombre to plain white and seafoam. Purchase a matching set or mix and match for an incredible touch of beachy atmosphere. Each suncatcher is topped with a real starfish, making each one completely distinctive from the next. These mobiles are an awesome idea for a wedding, birthday, or housewarming gifts, and are sure to be adored by all the beach-lovers in your life.

18. Beautiful Seahorse Sea Glass Magnet

Beautiful Seahorse Sea Glass Magnet

Even your fridge can be a place for stunning sea glass art! These aqua seahorse magnets are covered with many tiny pieces of sea glass that give the piece incredible color and texture, excellent for complementing an ocean theme or just to liven up an ordinary kitchen. A heavy-duty magnet on the back of each seahorse makes these little guys functional as well as beautiful. You can use these with any metal surface and combine them with other nautical decorations like seashells and driftwood to create an amazing ocean mood in any room.

19. Beach Festival Sea Glass String Lights

Beach Festival Sea Glass String Lights

Are you planning on having a beach-themed party, wedding, or another event? 40 LED lights strung on the wire will lend a fantastical and colorful feeling to any indoor or covered outdoor event. These lights are rated for light rain or water spills, so you can use them outside as well as inside. Each small, bright light is encased in a piece of sea glass that will radiate blue, white, and amber wherever you hang them. These lights also come with a convenient remote control ability as well as a built-in timer, so there’s no need to place them awkwardly for access to an on/off switch. No matter if you’re having a grand event or just want to lend an extra oceanic feeling to your bedroom, these lights will brighten your day — literally and metaphorically.

20. Large Pastel Mosaic Sea Glass Mirror

Large Pastel Mosaic Sea Glass Mirror

The mosaic of sea glass collected from the Isle of Wight enlivens this large 18-inch mirror and gives it a subtle marine feeling that’s suitable for any room. This mirror is large enough to serve as your main bathroom mirror, but can also be hung in a bedroom, living room, or any other place for an oceanic suggestion. Its delicately textured pastel arrangement of sea glass has been solidly affixed and grouted to the mirror, so there’s no need to worry about pieces coming loose. The mirror is edged with rope for an extra nautical edge that will help the piece stand out from the wall and make an impression on everyone who sees it.

21. Sea Glass Upright Window Display

Sea Glass Upright Window Display

Perfect for the avid collector of sea glass and other beach treasures, this window display is designed to hold up to 30 pounds. If you have a collection of sea glass, seashells, or polished pebbles you don’t know what to do with, this display will help you show them off in the best way possible. It’s especially good for displaying next to a sunny window, so the sunshine comes through the sea glass and creates a gorgeous reflective effect. The window is available with a natural rough-cut cedar or white composite frame. Excellent as a beach souvenir or as the beach house decor, this display will flaunt your sea glass collection like nothing else and catch the attention of anyone who sees it.

22. Driftwood and Sea Glass Tree Art

Driftwood and Sea Glass Tree Art

For a simple yet gorgeous piece of wall art that can be displayed in any room, this tree made of genuine sea glass and driftwood looks excellent no matter where you put it. Both the sea glass and driftwood were gathered from the beaches of Nova Scotia, giving the materials and the art piece itself a mysterious and historical feeling. Each piece of glass has been carefully chosen and is completely one-of-a-kind. No matter where you prefer to hang it, this art will amaze your visitors and lend a gentle and colorful ambiance to your home.

23. Encrusted Sea Glass Mason Jar Light

Encrusted Sea Glass Mason Jar Light

This intricately encrusted mason jar comes either with or without lights, making it versatile as a container or a nightlight, depending on your preference. Whether you fill it with candies as a gift, use it as a centerpiece for your living room, or place it in the bathroom as a nightlight, this jar will wow and impress. The delicate pieces of sea glass give it a special texture and a feeling of mystery that anyone will love.

24. Framed Sea Glass Banner Wall Art

Framed Sea Glass Banner Wall Art

Are you looking for wall art to go along with your natural, shabby chic, or nautical themed decor? This one-of-a-kind piece is made from genuine sea glass and driftwood from the Isle of Wight. The subtle colors of the sea glass and the rustic quality of the driftwood give the entire thing a marine quality that will bring back memories of the beach. The slightly-worn white frame lends a sense of history and vintage beauty to the piece.

25. Textured Sea Glass Sea Star Ornament

Textured Sea Glass Sea Star Ornament

This starfish sea glass ornament is suitable for hanging on the tree at Christmas as well as decoration year-round. The gentle seafoam color brings to mind the ocean without being too bright or loud, making it easy to decorate with no matter the color scheme. Delicate pieces of sea glass adorn the wooden base, giving it texture and character, while a metal starfish charm provides the finishing touch.

26. Unique Sea Glass Magnet Set

Unique Sea Glass Magnet Set

These individual sea glass magnets are each made from one large piece of sea glass glued to a strong magnet. They are each completely singular and unlike any other, and come in green and amber colors. Not only are these magnets highly useful for their strong magnetic backing, but the vivid coloring and beautiful frosting of the sea glass give them a gorgeous oceanic character that’s instantly recognizable.

27. Multicolored Mosaic Sea Glass Tray

Multicolored Mosaic Sea Glass Tray

The mosaic of multicolored sea glass on this tray makes it ideal for either decorative or functional use. Whether you use it as decoration, to display and hold other beach treasures, or for serving, this tray will delight you and bring incredible color and beach whimsy to your home. Each tray is made to order, so you can decide what color scheme you’d like: white and blue, green and blue, or all colors.

27 Easy Sea Glass Designs for Beautiful Home and Garden Decor

Sea glass is one of the most adaptable crafting materials out there. No matter what you add it to, you’ll probably end up creating something beautiful. With its frosted appearance, endlessly unique shapes, and sense of history, sea glass is used by crafters and jewelers all over the world.

You don’t even need actual sea glass to create the beautiful color and frosted texture that real sea glass has. It’s easy to paint plain glass vases and other containers with glue and food coloring, and you’ll end up with gorgeous, translucent vases that make perfect containers for flowers, or simple decoration by themselves.

If you have some sea glass you want to use as a gift, turn it into a homemade piece of jewelry with nothing but a little wire. Take advantage of the individuality of each piece of glass and don’t worry about it looking “perfect.” Instead, just enjoy the process of crafting and you’ll find that creating sea glass designs is as relaxing as it is rewarding.

And if you don’t want to craft them yourself? There’s plenty of options to buy sea glass art already made. From mirrors to magnets to mobiles, sea glass is available in all kinds of forms. You can buy sea glass products from artists around the world.

These were 27 of the best sea glass art projects. Hopefully, you’ve learned something about the amazing versatility of sea glass, and you’ve got some new ideas for home decorations or gifts!

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