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28 Versatile Organizer Products for Kitchen to Keep Your Space Tidy

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-03-13

If you are in the market for bringing a bit more life to your home, use these best selling organizer products for the kitchen in order to help you organize and de-clutter one of the most important rooms in your house. In cultures all over the world, one of the most important areas in the home tends to be the kitchen, where food is made and oftentimes consumed. Here, traditions are passed down to a new generation of cooks. Sometimes, cooks even begin traditions of their own, adding a little of this or a little of that.

28 Eye-catching Organizer Products for Kitchen Anyone can Afford

In order to help facilitate all of the magic that happens in the kitchen, you need to make sure that the kitchen is well organized. Without a well organized and clutter free kitchen, important items can get misplaced, utensils can be damaged, and items can start mixing when they really shouldn’t. All of this can easily lead to what should be the most beloved room in the home quickly becoming the most hated.

This list, while obviously not comprehensive, is created to help give you an idea of some creative organization and de-cluttering solutions that might fit your particular needs. There are a few things to consider before you begin looking through this list. Are you interested in wall mount storage units or do you prefer things remain in the cabinets? Are you more into looks or utility? Do you have size requirements that you need to keep in mind? It is important to know that not every item fits with every person’s style, budget, or kitchen. This list contains a few suggestions from a variety of different categories to help you get an idea of what you want. With your priorities in mind, let’s explore the world of kitchen organization!

1. Adjustable 5-shelf Metallic Mesh Organizer

Adjustable 5-shelf Metallic Mesh Organizer

When it comes to organizing your more heavily used rooms, especially your kitchen, the flashy and decorative storage systems might seem tempting at first, but if you are the sort of person who just wants your things to be visible and accessible, you may want a more utilitarian option. Enter this 5-shelf metal organizer! In addition to its nice sleek black look, the height of the shelves are adjustable and you can decide ahead of time if you want casters.

2. Hanging Pantry Organizer with Clear Pockets

Hanging Pantry Organizer with Clear Pockets

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes and some of those iterations includes layouts with nightmarishly little wall or floor space. In that case, this clear pocket hanging pantry could be the perfect solution. It can be hung over any standard door and helps to free up all of that precious floor space. The clear pockets are a great touch because, as the adage goes “out of sight, out of mind”. Is there anything worse than being half way through a recipe only to have to put things on pause because the ingredient you were so sure you had hiding in the pantry turned out to be a figment of your imagination.

3. Hanging Cabinet Storage Basket Organizer Product for Kitchen

Hanging Cabinet Storage Basket Organizer Product for Kitchen

Lurking in many of our homes is THAT cabinet. You know the one I’m talking about; a sacrificial cabinet where we jam in every cleaning supply you have every bought and just never get around to organizing, or keeping organized for long. If you’re ready to say good-bye to that shame, consider getting this storage basket organizer. It hangs over the cabinet door and it’s two level metal shelves allows you to organize your all of your cleaning supplies in a way that does not resemble a teetering tower. Plus, this could also find a home in the bathroom to help make sure your bath and shower supplies are always at hand.

4. Hanging Tool Holder

Hanging Tool Holder

Whether it’s brooms or baseball bats, anything with a handle can become the bane of a home organizer. No matter where you put these cumbersome items, they just look like awkward clutter. Enough is enough. With this tool holder, you can finally handle these handled menaces in a way that looks intention and organized. This holder has enough room for five handles and it even includes six hooks for some additional storage options. It is wall-mounted so you have ultimate control over where you install it be it in the garage or inside of the house.

5. Rack Organizer for Pots and Pan Lids

Rack Organizer for Pots and Pan Lids

Home cooking is great. From the aromas to the tastes, what’s not to love? Oh yeah, figuring out where to put all those pots and pans you just cleaned and dried. Seriously, how have we gotten to the point of WiFi-enabled fridges but are still stuck awkwardly jamming pots and pans in whatever corner we can reach. Rebel against that fate with this rack pan holder. It can be installed horizontally or vertically and stores up to 5 pans. It can also be used to store those annoying-to-stack handled lids!

6. Over Cabinet Shopping Bag Holder

Over Cabinet Shopping Bag Holder

It happens to the best of us: we wind up in possession of plastic shopping bags and we assure ourselves that we will definitely use these bags some time soon! That is a very noble goal, but in reality, most of these bags just end up in random places in the kitchen. You can combat this encroachment by using this handy over cabinet shopping bag holder. This smart storage option can hold an impressive fifty shopping bags! Even has a hole towards the bottom that will let you grab a bag from the bottom so that all of the bags in your accidental collection get their time to shine!

7. Stackable Clear Kitchen Storage Bins

Stackable Clear Kitchen Storage Bins

The best organized kitchens tend to emphasize two common qualities: visibility and compaction. From packets of taco seasonings to cans of soup, every kitchen has these small items that somehow manage to end up in the oddest of places, forever unused. Make the most of your kitchen stock by investing in these clear plastic kitchen storage bins. They are the perfect size for holding cans and small boxes. Best part? They are stackable! Combine that with the fact that the plastic is clear and you have a recipe for perfection!

8. Expandable Under Sink Organizer

Expandable Under Sink Organizer

It is hard to organize your kitchen without running into a thousand different shelving options. The biggest hurdle then is trying to figure out what shelves fit your kitchen. It isn’t uncommon to find a great shelf, but it is either too big or too small for what you need it for. Counter this heartbreak with this under sink organizer. Not only do the two tiers allow for you to store a ton of cleaning supplies or other items, the shelves are actually expandable so that you can adjust the shelves to the space you have available. Considering the weird configurations sinks tend to take behind closed cabinet doors, the adjustability is helpful.

9. Wall Mount Plastic Bag Holder and Dispenser

Wall Mount Plastic Bag Holder and Dispenser

Some of us struggle with what to do with out plastic bags, but we are in the market for something more visually impressive or maybe more readily accessible. This stainless steel wall mount bag saver not only looks sleek, it can be mounted where you need it most so you don’t forget you have it when it comes time to figuring out where to put the plastic bag in your hang. Like all good bag holders, it also has a convenient area towards the bottom to allow you to grab bag as needed. It helps to ease your inner conservationist by holding up to 18 plastic bags.

10. Lazy Susan Spice Organizer

Lazy Susan Spice Organizer

What would cooking be without spices? Pretty bland, that’s for sure. Why not spice up your kitchen with this two tier lazy susan designed specifically to help you make all of those aromatic and flavorful spices available to you at a moment’s notice. Whether you are putting it in the cabinet or setting it out on display, this organizer is a great way to make sure all of your spices are always accessible while also doubling as eye-catching decor. It is made out of durable stainless steel and includes a brushed finish so that you don’t leave any fingerprints behind.

11. Organization Rack for Plastic Wrap and Foil

Organization Rack for Plastic Wrap and Foil

There are many kitchen staples out there and some of the more common are things like aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and parchment paper. These items are incredibly useful, but the issue is they all come in these long cardboard boxes. Some of us struggle figuring out just where to put these things. Instead of jamming them all into a single drawer you could have used for something else, this organization rack is a great way to help stack all of those unusually long boxes. This one has three tiers and holds about three standard sized rolls on each tier.

12. Plastic Food Packet Bin Caddy

Plastic Food Packet Bin Caddy

After a hard day, few things sound more pleasant than sitting down to a warm cup of tea or maybe even hot cocoa. Trying to figure out where you put those packets, though, can just add to your stress. Enter these food packet caddies. These plastic organizers can help you displace your food or drink packets in an orderly and easily accessible manner. If you’ve got a kitchen overrun with odds and ends and just want a place to store them, these caddies are also stackable. Each one comes with two dividers to help organizing easy.

13. Wall Mount Wire Spice Rack

Wall Mount Wire Spice Rack

Some people like their spices tucked away into nearly organized drawers, but there are some home cooks out there who like to let their spices do double duty as rustic decor as well. For those people, this chicken wire spice rack is an amazing way to store your spices, eliminate cabinet clutter, and give your kitchen a bit of personality and charm. There are four tiers that easily mount right onto your kitchen walls. You can also put this rack in pantries if you prefer to use it to store condiments instead of dry spices.

14. Expandable Cutlery and Utensil Drawer Organizer

Expandable Cutlery and Utensil Drawer Organizer

Most kitchens have a drawer intended for utensils and most people begin using those utensil drawers with the best intentions of remaining organized. Most people eventually succumb to distraction and the utensil drawer eventually becomes the odds-and-ends drawer, featuring some utensils. This beautiful bamboo drawer organizer aims to fix this by giving every utensil its permanent home. It features an impressive seven sections, but if you need more, the sides are also expandable for your longer utensils.

15. Sliding Basket Cabinet Organizer Drawers

Sliding Basket Cabinet Organizer Drawers

For those of us with limited space, baskets and boxes tend to be the preferred way of organization. Stackable solutions are even better. The biggest drawback of these kind of organizers comes in the unstacking. If you’re the sort of person who gets annoyed with cycle of stacking and unstacking, this two tier sliding cabinet baskets is for you. These baskets are made out of a durable metal mesh and are large enough to fit spices, condiments, or containers of food. They can be placed directly inside of cabinets, but they look nice enough that they could fit in with more modern kitchen decors right on the counters.

16. Large Over Cabinet Basket Organizer

Large Over Cabinet Basket Organizer

Cutting boards are great. Cupcake and muffin pans are fantastic. But, when you’re all done and ready to put them away, where exactly should they go? Some ingenious people wind up using the oven drawer to store these useful, bulky items. A much better solution is this large basket organizer. It can be hooked over any cabinet and it is wide enough to safely store your cutting boards and various other trays. You also have the option of using this storage solution as a wall mount.

17. Refrigerator and Freezer Organization Bins

Refrigerator and Freezer Organization Bins

When it comes to the kitchen, the good old fridge can be both friend and foe. It keeps all of our delicious foods and drinks at a nice and cool temperature, but because it is so large, with so many shelves, it is easy to lose track of food, especially left overs. Eventually, when you discover your mistake, you’ve got a pretty gross mistake on your hang. This set of six organization bins is perfect for helping you organize everything from fruits to drinks to condiments. With these bins, there is no chance of losing track of food again.

18. Stylish Chrome-plated Steel Dish Drainer

Stylish Chrome-plated Steel Dish Drainer

Once your meal is done and all the dishes have been washed, you could always try to dry them that instant. But, if you’ve got other things you’d rather do, feel free to lean on this dish drainer. You set your dishes into this drainer and let gravity and evaporation do most of the hard work of drying your dishes for you. Then, when you come back later, your now cleaned dishes can be returned to your equally clean and organized cabinets. It can hold up to 8 dishes and it even includes a handy detachable cutlery cup so no forks or spoons wander off while they dry.

19. Plastic Tea Bag Display Organizer

Plastic Tea Bag Display Organizer

Foolish is anything that tries to stand between a tea lover and their preferred drink of choice. Unfortunately, in the moment, it can be hard to locate that one flavor you’re craving, especially if you’ve built up quite the collection. This tea bag organizer not only include 12 clear, removable bins to help you organize your favorite teas, it also double as a very appealing display case that you can put on your counter or table to help give your kitchen a more cozy feel. All of the bins in this organizer are removable to help you better curate your collection.

20. Wall and Door Mount Wrap Organizer

Wall and Door Mount Wrap Organizer

For those of us questionably blessed with small kitchens with smaller storage areas, it can be a juggling act trying to find places to store dishes, cutlery, spices, and a million other things. This wall or door mount wrap organizer could at least help you solve the question of where you should put your bulky roll and sandwich bag boxes. It is made out of heavy gauge steel and it’s impressive 3-¾” width means that it can hold up even the heaviest of freezer bags. The simple design also means that it can go with most any design if you decide to use it as a wall mount.

21. Classic Large Silverware Organizer Product for Kitchen

Classic Large Silverware Organizer Product for Kitchen

Thanks to the Internet, you’ve got a plethora of storage options to pick from, but sometimes you’re in the mood for a return to the basics. This silverware tray is a mixture of both the old and the new. The design is simple and classic, but has some modern luxuries like soft-grip lining and convenient non-slip rubber feet to make sure there isn’t any unwanted slipping and sliding inside of the drawer. There are six convenient compartments to store everything from forks to chop sticks.

22. Perforated Steel Cabinet and Counter Shelves

Perforated Steel Cabinet and Counter Shelves

With so many storage options available for organizing inside of cabinets, it is nice to have some options for appealing counter top organization as well. These beautiful dark colored shelves are made out of a very eye catching perforated steel. They are very versatile. They can not only be stacked, but their unique design also allows for them to be combined in order to create a single expandable shelf. These, of course, are also incredibly useful shelves inside of the cabinet as well, essentially giving you an extra cabinet shelf. The more space, the merrier!

23. Spice Organizer with Universal Drawers

Spice Organizer with Universal Drawers

There are a lot of spice organizers out there, but this one is for those who aren’t big fans of constantly seeing the different shaped and colored bottles just sitting around. To a lot of us, no matter how organized these spice actually are, they still look cluttered! This spice rack is a great solution to this issue because it can store up to 30 standard sized spice bottles in three sliding drawers. The drawers can be pulled out and each drawer has individualized compartments so there’s no risk of bottles clicking against each other or rolling around.

24. Minimalist Spice Bottle Gripper Clips

Minimalist Spice Bottle Gripper Clip

When it comes to decluttering, some people worry that the storage units they pick up may be adding to instead of minimizing the clutter they already have. These spice bottle gripper clips provide a storage solution for your collection of spice bottles that is not only a space saver, but is itself very minimalist in its design. These clips attach directly inside of your cabinets and, as the name implies, they clip around the bottles, keeping them suspended on the cabinet door. The clips come in black or white and they detach so you can organize and group the bottles however you like.

25. Over the Sink Drying Rack

Over the Sink Drying Rack

This over the sink drying rack could potentially be the solution to more than just the problem of how to dry dishes. It includes hooks to hang cooking utensils, there’s a spot for knives and cutting boards. There’s even a basket for cleaning supplies. All of that is in addition to the large area available for actually drying your dishes. It has two tiers so you could cook for a small army and then dry all of those dishes above the same sink you washed them. While it might seem a bit bulky, it could be just what you need if you find yourself generating a lot of dishes often.

26. Wall Mount Pot and Pan Rack

Wall Mount Pot and Pan Rack

Kitchen decor is as wide and varied as the people who use them. Some of us prefer hiding our pots and pans in any available cabinet, but there are others who adore the rustic look of hanging up their pots and pans like trophies. And why not? Those pans were expensive! This square wall mount pot and pan rack is not only utilitarian with its 8 utility hooks, it also provides additional decor potential because those hooks are attached to a grated shelf where you can also store pots or other decorations.

27. Simple Pot Lid Organizer Product for Kitchen

Simple Pot Lid Organizer Product for Kitchen

One of the first tricks any DIY kitchen organizer learns is “if it can stack, try to stack it”. Those same organizers quickly develop a deep hatred for pot lids. These things are not only curved, but they have various styled handles in the middle that made stacking impossible. No matter how carefully you try to construct your tower of lids, the slightest gust of breeze will bring it tumbling down. The better way to store these stubborn lids is through this rack organizer. You can store up to four lids upright and the metal supports mean that they don’t need to rely on each other for stability.

28. Large Capacity Plastic Bag Dispenser

Large Capacity Plastic Bag Dispenser

Plastic bags are pretty ubiquitous and for those of us who care about the environment always worry about throwing these bags away after just a single use. This wall mount grocery bag holder is a great way to store all of those odd shopping bags you wind up picking up. Unlike other shopping bag storage solutions, though, this one is covered in access holes in case you don’t just want a shopping bag, but very specific shopping bag. Despite having all those holes, this dispensers design allows for it to hold dozens of plastic bags.

The world of kitchen organization is an intriguing one full of a variety of interesting tools to help you along the way. This list was just a sample of 28 of the most popular kitchen organizers currently on the market. Many of these items were wall mount and others were over the cabinet. There were many kinds of materials and finishes to choose from. More importantly, there was a varying scale between form and function.

28 of the Best Selling Organizer Products for Kitchen that Fit any Style

While this list is not the most comprehensive list in the world, every item contained on this list offers something new and eye-catching so that no matter what your unique style may be, there is something on this list for everyone! So, now that you no doubt have a flood of ideas you’d like to try in your own kitchen, what are you waiting for? Grab your chosen storage units and make your kitchen the envy of the whole neighborhood!

Best Selling Organizer Products for Kitchen

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